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Andrew Bynum: 'I'm definitely playing tomorrow'

Bynum_300 Andrew Bynum finally went through another practice. It went well, apparently.

“I’m definitely playing tomorrow,” said the Lakers’ center, who has not see game action since undergoing knee surgery last July.

The Lakers, on a 9-7 skid after winning their first eight games, have been waiting for Bynum to return, though there was no timetable for how many minutes he might play Tuesday against Washington.

“I don’t know how long," he said Monday after practicing with teammates before they met with President Obama. "The practice felt very good. Obviously I’m not myself yet, but I can definitely go out there and help the team, and I’m going to go do that.”

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Bynum might play only about 15 minutes. Jackson had repeatedly said that the big center would start in his first game, but changed his mind after conferring with Lakers' trainers. Bynum will determine whether he starts or comes off the bench, Jackson said.

“We’ll just live with what happens,” Jackson said. “It may hurt the team, but we’re willing to do that at this point. It’s a big effect for us, hopefully.”

Bynum averaged 15 points and 8.3 rebounds in 30.4 minutes a game last season.

Pau Gasol, who moved from power forward to center while Bynum was out and had worn down in recent games, seemed happy that Bynum would return.

"We’ve been pretty short-handed as far as rotation on the interior game," Gasol said. "For 20-some games, it’s been that way. It’s a difference when you have somebody like Andrew in the rotation.”

The Lakers met with Obama for a second consecutive season, part of their reward for winning the last two NBA championships.

-- Mike Bresnahan, reporting from Washington, D.C.

Photo: Andrew Bynum works out with a knee brace Dec. 12. Credit: Kirby Lee / US Presswire

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Unleash the BEAST!!

unleash the KRACKEN!


Welcome back Drew! SOME OF US are actually HAPPY YOU ARE BACK =)


All hail the beast. Welcome back, Bynum.


how about you pau?last the lakers is short handed in the middle when your out due injury why didnt complaint but not it seem ur hard and ur included in history as threeeeepeat..go lakers

Thank god! Now we shall dominate again!

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Bynum might play only about 15 minutes. Jackson had repeatedly said that the big center would start in his first game, but changed his mind after conferring with Lakers' trainers. Bynum will determine whether he starts or comes off the bench, Jackson said.

“We’ll just live with what happens,” Jackson said.
“It may hurt the team,
but we’re willing to do that at this point. It’s a big effect for us, HOPEFULLY.”

Laker Nation, this does not seem hopeful!

Bumyn is now the one who decides when and how much he plays! Lordy, Lordy, we are in BIG Trouble!!

Showcase him Dominating against Obama and the local scrubs at the YMCA, then trade him for the TRON Light Cycle,

It Really Lights Up,


Bynum was strong at the start of last season when Gasol was recovering from his hamstring injury. This season, Gasol played very well when Bynum was recovering from his surgery.

Gasol has shown he can play very effectively in the center position. The job he did against Dwight Howard in the 2009 Finals was outstanding.

We really need Bynum's average of 15 points and 8.3 rebounds in 30 minutes a game. Since our 3 point shooting has become inconsistent again, and Artest is in a scoring slump, we really need a player that can give 15 points a game.

Welcome back Andrew!!


Bynumite is set for tomorrow...tune in for the BOOM BOOM baybee!!!

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

This could be our measuring stick if we can 3-peat or not


Big day tomorrow. Big day.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



We Really need that TRON Light Cycle,
It is so much more dependable than any Bumyn who hasn't been close to playing a full season in Five Freakin Years!!

First of all It is environmentally friendly,
IT uses NO Batteries,
Can you say Green/Eco Friendly three times fast before Bumyn breaks another Video Game Record or pulls another Hammy!

That Rip Cord used to Power the Cycle is Awesome! That thing will outlast any of Bumyn's knees.
That thing will cut through trees and even through your Grandma's FruitCake!

I bet we can afford to get a fake Chinese/knockoff one for Every Laker Fan in the Universe with Bumyn's 57.4 million dollar Contract!

Finally, did I say, "It Really Lights Up!"

Trade Bumyn for the TRON Light Cycle, NOW!

It Is Really Cool,


Note to Kobe, wait until Bynum sits down before you drive the rim

i think it's time to make some trades around FEB for a better center. if bynum plays, i think he will re-injure his knee again and there goes our chance of getting a 3-peat. bynum is injury prone folks, face it. should have traded him for another center and power forward.

Going against the Wizards will be a good return for Bynum. They're not overly physical but they will test his mobility and lateral movement. I'll have more on that later in a post overnight.

I've asked Brez and Brad for a little scouting report on what they've seen of Bynum in practice and some behind-the-scenes talk. Regardless of how many minutes Bynum plays, how much of a load he takes off Pau Gasol's back, etc., it'll just be good to see the young big man back in action.

And with a 4 o'clock Pacific time start, I'll get to watch most of the game before going to play in my Tuesday night softball league instead of having to record the game and watch it later. Bonus!

These so called fans that want to trade Bynum are either Andrew Bynum bashers/haters, ignorant, or just making trouble...

1. Who would you trade him for to give us that big man presence that both our offensive and defensive schems hinge on...

2. It is just not that easy, that to formulate a trade that any other team will consider, would have to include another one of our core players...

3. So in essence you want to break up a unit who has been to 3 consecutive finals and won 2 back to back...because of an injury...

Or maybe you are a band wagoner, who just jumped on recently, for you post like you don't know how this team plays or disappoints during the regular season...

Dan the play was playing 3 nights a week for awhile...

What position do you play...what is your league...Men C or D...Co-ed...or are you on the sponsored Silver Bullet Team...(Coors)...


I pitch and hit in the middle of the order (because of RBI consistency, not power). We play C League right now but have played C+ in the past. We don't have any tournament players, mainly a bunch of 35-50 year olds with a couple of late-20s power hitters to help make us competitive.

Used to play ASA unlimited-arc open division against teams like the Silver Bullets when I lived in the Northwest. Man, those were the days . . . a long time ago.

Do you guys have any opinion on Hasheem Thabeet of the Grizz??? There are rumblings that they are willing to unload him, and I know he's raw and all that, but he is HUGE and you cannot teach that..I say we get him and store him away, maybe have Kareem come back on a trial basis and work with him, get him some strength conditioning and see what happens?? I dunno. That size is appealing to me, maybe he can be groomed.....

Any thoughts?

I, for one, am happy to have Big Bynum back. Pau and Lamar can only do so much in holding down the fort during his absence. Both men played well in the early part of the season, but the high number of minutes and the banging, especially for Pau, is starting to show its toll. It's been hard watching the Lakers' last few games. Although the next few games will probably be just as hard since Bynum won't be producing the 15 points and 8 rebounds he averaged on his good days, it's still something to look forward to. Hopefully, the team will pick up on his energy and enthusiasm as well and lift their game. Subsequently, this team will play better and this slump we went through will be nothing but a speed bump we put behind us!

Socks, is it true, is it really finally true? I'm not hoping to see the beast unleashed, I just want him to ease back in. There's a lot of conditioning, timing and strength work ahead.

So called fans always badmouthing our player. I am sick of those fools. They need to go root for another team. They bring a bad vibe everywhere they go.

I just watched a bunch of Bynum Youtube video compilations. Let's hope the guards throw the ball to Bynum, and that Pau & Ron-Ron realizes that Bynum is not going to pass back out so he had better go for a rebound. Fish lets see your assists avg. go up!

I just wish every game from now on starts off featuring Bynum getting 6 to 8 touches during his time on the floor in the 1st and 3rd qtrs. Definately nice to set the tone, that the Lakers are a force to be reckoned with.

The Pau, Kobe & LO passing can be featured when Andrew sits down. And I hope Kobe saves his post-up offense for the playoffs, if Bynum starts to click, there is no reason for him to work so hard. Let Artest post up instead.

Why is one a "so-called Lakers Fan" if you want to have Bynum traded? A Lakers fan is one who wants to see the Lakers succeed. Obviously, the guy is prone to injury. It is what it is at this point. How much longer are we going to wait for his "potential" to come out? Not only is he injury prone, but he doesn't seem to have the warrior mentality that guys like Kobe and Fish have. I don't mean to discount his injuries or surgeries, but he seems take longer than expected whenever he is recovering. Phil has called him out this season if you recall on this issue. I for one would like the Lakers to consider trading him for a shooter and a rebounder, both areas the team should focus more on.

Sol - I disagree about the warrior mentality comment. Drew is very competitive, just soft spoken and honest about how he is feeling physically. Remember when he dunked on Shaq when he was 19 years old and went ballistic. I think we’ll see a lot more of that. He also played through pain that none of us weekend warriors could ever do last post season and punished and jawed with opposing bigs throughout. I really believe that he will surprise a lot of people once he gets back into game shape.
Now the injury thing...That's another story. Please Lord, please let us have a healthy Socks through the end of the year.
What irritates the hell out of me right now is the lack of urgency team wide. Every game we win now means just as much as it does down the stretch and HCA is a huge factor in us 3-peating IMO.

Thats what was missing right there....11 days until Christmas....Miami...cuidado!!!

Perhaps we need to give AB another chance to show how he is made off. Although I am of the opinion that the big man is truly injury prone. If he again suffers injury even before the playoffs, then perhaps the Lakers should re-think of their option. I could not remember any season he completed without any injuries.

I don't usually post, just read, but sometimes the lunacy is too much.

Trade Bynum? Really? Okay, sure! *snaps fingers* Done!

Wait, who'd we get? Let's see ... someone wanted a shooter and a rebounder. No problem! An injury-prone $60 million man? Why, who wouldn't jump at a chance to acquire THAT? We'd be fielding 500 calls a day!

I'm not even going to get into salaries. I've seen calls for 1) a center and a power forward; and 2) a shooter and a rebounder. I love these generic comments. Know any teams who are looking to give up either of those combinations for a limited-time-only, high-risk big? Yeah, those deals happen all the time.

Oh, I forgot. Every other GM in the league, with the exception of the evil Celtics and, weirdly, the Timberwolves, are secretly Laker fans who are eager to gut their teams, disrupt their chemistry, and put their organizations into cap limbo for the next 3-plus years so they can make the Lakers better.

Give me a break.

If you want to trade him, fine. No one should ever be untradeable. But put your money where your mouth is. Propose a deal. Better yet, propose a deal that makes sense FOR BOTH TEAMS. Because, in case you missed the fact that the preceding paragraph was sarcasm, no other team out there is going to be eager to make the Lakers better out of the goodness of their hearts. I challenge you to propose a deal that won't get you laughed out of the blog altogether. (No, New Orleans is NOT going to give up Chris Paul and David West for Andrew Bynum. Not even if you threw a few Laker girls into the deal.)

Believe it or not, the NBA is full of intelligent people -- they see the same things you do. They see what an injury risk Bynum is. You're not going to get anything but end-of-the-rotation filler guys until AB proves he can play at a high level for an extended period of time. Period. End of story. Get used to it.

Don't give me the Bynum-for-Bosh idiocy, by the way. We would have lost Bynum -- pointlessly, as it turned out -- for a half-season run of a guy who then bolted. And no, we would not have all of that money left to spend. We would have had a mostly useless trade exemption, since losing AB's salary off our cap STILL leaves us in the luxury-tax stratosphere. You know what that would have landed us? Erick Dampier.

By the way, stop living and dying on every loss. The players don't care about the record, beyond having it be good enough to get into the playoffs, and that's a done deal. If at the end of the season best record is within reach, they might put forth an extra effort to go get it. Maybe. If they feel like it. In reality, the regular season is the same grind to them your 8-to-5 is for you. They do it because they have to. But the goal is to be playing their best in the playoffs. And they excel at doing that. If that means they have to win on the road, so what? They obviously believe they can. And since they're the 2-time defending champions, I think they've earned the right to that belief. So who cares if they flounder around now? They've done this the past two seasons. They're pacing themselves. While the San Antonios and Miamis and Utahs and Denvers put all of their sweat and tears into winning in the regular season, the Lakers pace themselves, so that when June comes around, they're the freshest, hungriest, leanest and meanest team in the league.

Gripe all you want about it: It's worked. Jon K. has it right: Only the Rings matter.

I forgot. There is one deal the Lakers could request and do tomorrow:

AB for Greg Oden.

Care to guess why?


Jeff you are correct

i cant wait to see andrew bynum tonight. 7.00pm start means 12 midnight for me but its still going to be the highlight of my day


Lob from Kobe to Bynum...slam dunk

Now we are about to see the real Lakers- full squad. Feel sorry for the rest of the league. All the teams that beat them so far, let's see if they beat them again now that Bynum is back.

Big B! Welcome Back! Lets hit the road to our three-peat baybeee!

Big B! Welcome back! Lets hit the road to our three-peat bay-bee!!!

What are the odds he goes down again before the end of the season?

Troy Murphy for Sasha and Luke. Getn it done Mitch!!!!!!!!!



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