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Lakers' Andrew Bynum has 'sore' knee after feeling a 'twinge' during game

Lakers center Andrew Bynum played his best game since he returned from a right knee injury that kept him out of the first 24 regular-season games, but he did have a scary moment that left his knee "sore" after he felt a "twinge" in it during the game against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday.

Bynum finished with 16 points on four-for-six shooting, eight-for-10 from the free-throw line.

He also had seven rebounds.

But after Bynum missed a left-handed hook, got the rebound and scored on a put-back with 5:27 left in a game the Lakers won, 120-110, he felt pain in the right knee he had surgery on last summer.

"Actually, my knee is a little bit sore today," Bynum said. "I kind of felt a little bit of a twinge when I double jumped when I missed the layup and I went back up with the rebound. But it will be all right. There is no swelling. I'll just ice it all the way home and it should be good."

The Lakers left Toronto after the game and were flying back to Los Angeles, expecting to land sometime Sunday night.

Bynum, who had successful arthroscopic surgery for a torn cartilage in his right knee, said he wasn't nervous about the pain in his knee.

"I have to live with it," Bynum said. "It's not going to change. So, there's nothing to be nervous about now. You just have to expect that that's going to happen. But I can't wait to start working with my trainer when we get back home so I can get a little bit of my explosion back. I feel like I can't really jump right now...As of right now, I feel like I'm kind of glued to the floor."

 -- Broderick Turner, reporting from Toronto

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My man AB is a warrior...all well be alright...we got this...

Here we go again. Why we did not trade this guy when his market value was high, still beats me.

Here we go again. Why we did not trade this guy when his market value was high, still beats me.

Posted by: keen observer | December 19, 2010 at 03:10 PM

"we" ????

Good game by the Killer B's (including Bynum). The starters looked like they were running on fumes at times...especially LO. Overall a nice business like trip at 6-1.

Got this from SSR, figured wed all get a laugh

Lakers Win:

a bit of scar tissue breaking loose....

Here we go again?????? What do you mean again? This is a normal part of the recovery process from knee surgery. He won't be recovered from that at minimum, for a year.

The Lakers didn't trade him for the same reason there would be a market for him if they did. Talented, multi-skilled, athletic 7 footers are rare. There aren't too many holes in the Laker line up.... when they don't have Bynum, there is.

Thankx for the vid, Cap. Heckuva funny.

To rp, I agree with you. Bynum makes things so much easier for us. It doesn't always show in the stats, but he changes the game just by being on the court. I'm glad they they didn't trade him (especially given who we were going to get for him at various times when trade talk comes up). Plus, as you said, it's clear he's talented. There's folks who've been in the league a lot longer than him that don't possess his skill set and deft hands. If you think about it, it's not like Bynum is like Greg Oden or anything. He just had a bizarre situation where the same injury happened in consecutive seasons to both his knees. Thankfully, it wasn't the same knee cause it potentially could've been worse.

for the laker to compete against the top teams in the league and win another championship this year they will need Bynum healthy. He is not very durable but as long as Kobe and the Gang are going to make a run at championships the lakers must do everything they can to keep bynum on the floor. He is the key to there Championship runs. Be it another year or two or more.

The laker bench with Bynum in the middle is a good unit with lots of energy and did a great job today on the last day of a long road trip. Even Luke Walton had a nice game today except for the bad pass at the end of the 3rd quarter. Bynum must be near 100% for the lakers to 3-peat as the league is much tougher this year.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Johnny V – Thank you. I miss Mamba also!

@LTLF – Thanks for the ex-Laker update. I hope they thrive in Jersey.

@63 Footer – The Beatles and George – Nice!

@ms – On topic & location as usual…although it did take me a minute to figure out the Was Not Was tie-in (duh).

Cap’s – lol

The last time he got hurt that is exactly what he said. The injury that saw him limp throughout the play-offs.

Good job and sock it up Drew, even my foot hurts driving in this relentless SoCal rains. Everything aches during Winter. Get a little TLC massage from Rihanna. lol!

Pretty quiet night in Lakerland. I'm guessing everyone is re-charging and will come out firing away tomorrow.

Bynum's best game so far. Good job, Drew! Other than the twinges and soreness, I think Bynum also has to get over the mental hump when it comes to his knee. When he can play a full game without thinking about it, that's the time when he can finally say he's fully recovered.


We are in the eye of the storm before the blog combatants going postal again. Which environment do you prefer homer'ism or troll'ism? I think you should provide inspiration by your musical interpretation.

To Drew Bynum; please just by quiet about the knee, huh? Just say ‘no comment, it felt fine.’
- phred.

Let it never be said that I will never admit when I am wrong. I had us 5-2 on the road. Mea Culpa.

phred, I was wrong too. I had us 7-0. Mi culpa.

Drew says twinge and sore, everyone hears, injury and not ready.


I find Andrew's honesty to be refreshing if occasionally frustrating.

We need to let Andrew be Andrew. If he's truly a Great, it won't come from our criticism. It will come from his own maturity.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Edwin - Supporting your team is good as long as you're not sugar coating everything. Trolls can also be entertaining to a certain extent. Without varying opinions this blog would be pretty boring.

I'll give my musical input in the AM :-)

Nice bench! This is what we were missing last year! Once we get all the starters healed up and in game shape we will start developing scary chemistry. I know there are many who doubt Bynum, but he brings so much to the table individually and probably more importantly, he allows Pau to create a mismatch with nearly every power forward in the league.
I was hoping we would be hitting on all eight cylinders by Christmas and while we are not close to achieving that goal, we are still coming along nicely. Give it another month or so with everyone playing together and I think we will start to see what kind of a team we will look like in June.
@ Ouchhhhh, it’s almost as if someone hijacked your handle there for a while. You slammed my last post with some pretty ridiculous statements/arguments. Glad to see we are back to talking BB.
@ rp, I’m with you on Bynum’s knee. I’ve had knee surgery and you better believe that it hurts every time you suit up for a long time. How pro athletes (particularly football players) come back as soon as they do always amazes me. I also agree with phred that he should stop talking about it. Honesty is great and all Drew, but let’s take a page out of Kobe’s book and keep that sh*t to yourself!

Good to see Sasha getting quality minutes. He's too good of a player to waste away on the bench. I do miss him now that he's gone, but understand that he was the best option to trim our Federal Deficit like payroll!

im glad sasha getting more minutes than being a bench player in the lakers

Heyyy Ouchhhhhh

I can´t see Pau Gasol last game vs. raptors.. Can you tell me what he did???????


because u r asking me the same question after every game, i will need to help you, even if my English is second (4th) language. for the best of my knowledge:

"Pau Gasol last game vs. raptors" -- even if you don't have a genitive there, it can mean that it was Gassy's last game against the Raptors. because u asked me after the philly game the same thing, you don't have to use "last"

so the proper way, even if i did not study English in school, it will be:

I could not see Gassy's performance against the Raptors.


I couldn't see Gassy's …

you see Ricky, once I heard that Barnani is not playing, and also Wuuss, or whatever is his name and Reggie Evans, i figured that it will be a boring one. So, I preferred to watch Eagles vs. Giants. that is American Football. for the Eagles, there is a guy playing called Vick-tory. he was acused about abusing dogs. i'm sure you can relate to that because you guys are abusing bulls.

and that was an incredible game. i will say a Historical one.

ut also, if you are watching some highlights of the Lakers game you will see that Kobe had a long 2 from the right side of the court, that bounced, on the back of the rim, on the top of the backboard like twice and the ball got in the air:

i'm sure that while all the Lakers fans were gasping, expecting the ball to go behing the back board, or out of bounce, by the rule:

the prayers and the miracles from:

Santa Rita
Santa Llúcia
Santa Elena
Santa Eulàlia
Virgin of Montserrat
Virgin Mercè

directed the ball to go through the NET: what a miracle shot.

and now, after Utz's callings on me to embrace GOD, i started to look for the right one. and during my research, i discovered that out of the top 10 Catalonian Saints, Patrons and Virgins protecting the city of Barcelona, 6 are female.

i'm not surprised that with so much feminine energy, ot Yang, Gassy is so Soft, or how other are calling him sis… or …

see Ricky, i'm trying to learn more about the Leader of the Lakers and the Best center to ever play for this Franchise.

and becoming more educational and less confrontational.

have a great week, and don't forget to watch Tuesday's game against the Bucks and especially the match up between Gassy and Bogut. and if you can't watch that the following Tuesday, Gassy goes to San Antonio. i hope you can catch some real games, not only Gassy vs. Scrubs.

Ricky (correction)

sorry for: "with so much feminine energy, or Yin" - just talking about it sucked up all my Yang. now i have to do some breathing just through my right nostril, to catch up.


was this popular in America?

Leo Sayer - The Show Must Go On

A kindler, gentler ouchhhh?
I must admit, parts of what you wrote were lol funny.

A kindler, gentler ouchhhh?
I must admit, parts of what you wrote were lol funny.
Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | December 20, 2010 at 05:42 AM

I agree! The man is funny as he is smart. I thought he was gonna rip Ricky a new one. But he went easy on him. Breathing through his right nostril....LOL.

Bynum is a medical liability. He will never be physically able to play basketball effectively for an entire season. I don't know how obvious this has to be for people to stop relying on him.

I say trade him while he still has value.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

The Lakers had a successful road trip. An even the blog had a harmonious weekend. I'm sure both can keep it up.

A message of peace...


You're right about the Eagles-Giants game yesterday. Incredible.

Way to have fun with Ricky!

Yes, I'm familar with that one by Leo. Definitely a good song, but wasn't a big hit stateside. Here's one of my favorites by him...

An even the blog had a harmonious weekend. I'm sure both can keep it up.
Posted by: LRob | December 20, 2010 at 06:32 AM

Perhaps were all becoming...

@Art - lol.

Hey guys I'm back! Just wanted to let you know that a morning post is being edited right now and should be up shortly. Also want to thank everyone for the (mostly) kind words during my absence for the LAT staff to help pitch in while I was on vacation. I'm catching up with some housekeeping items such as reading over the comments. But in the meantime, expect a blog item up shortly

FCM is back. Lakers win. Short work week.

All is well.


Welcome back MM. Things are going well around here as you can see by the video of ricky and ouchhhhhh that Art posted.

MM! Welcome back! Your dreams were your ticket out!

Oh, wait... never mind. We had some good battles while you were away, and now... we ramp up for the All-Star again... and beyond.

Good morning blog team!

Nice win yesterday. Bench was hitting and seem to be in sync for the time being. I know we have the Bucks tomorrow but I love Christmas and am totally looking ahead. Hoping the team isn't...........

Welcome back FCM!

Cheers - PLG

Mr ouchhhhhhhh:
It`s the 2 time i write in this blog from MAllorca, Spain, despite that i am not a ricky fan, despite that your comment to Ricky is funny , i recommend you to go for psiquiatrist, probably Mr.Artest can help you. Your comments against Gasol, who help your team to won 2 champs, are not normal, maybe because you have some kind of Edipo Sindrome, probably you have some kind of love for your on sex, which i respect, but be honest, in 1er place with your on, is allright, just be honest with you, don´t try to hide your fellings.......

PsychedLakerGirl - there is something oddly satisfying when the Lakers bench takes over and sees a W home. It's like watching a whole new team play in a Laker uniform. I think I've been so used to the Bench Mob blowing leads and my blood pressure skyrocketing, that now it's like a warm comfortable vodka and percocet.

@MM - welcome back. Dan and the crew did a good job of holding the fort down. The natives got a little restless but cooler heads prevailed...sort of!

Any idea how Tex Winter is doing?

Ahhhh.... vodka/percoset....the breakfast (lunch and dinner) of champion bloggers everywhere....

MM - welcome back! There's a lot of clean-up that needs to be done after the wild "party" that was in here.... We'll be talking...

MM, welcome back..... it's good to have you back at our beck and call (I kid, I kid). The Blog Bench (LA Times staff who stepped in while you were gone) did a good job, but I personally missed your almost-immediately-after-game analysis and your web links.

From Justa: "MM - welcome back! There's a lot of clean-up that needs to be done after the wild "party" that was in here.... We'll be talking..."

Ditto from me. I'll be shooting you an email (hopefully) later today.

carlitose....hi to spain....I personally think that gasol is awesom....we don't win without him....he's made any and every adjustment asked....he's a proven winner on all levels....anything said about gassy should be in reference of high octane only....i've never heard kobe speak so highly of a teammate...

ricky rubio is going to be a goodie, great potential, but pete is on an island of his own, his play was as unique as his heart...

will joe play tonight? has mitch anything else cooking?

welcome back Mark,

This the beginning of Bynum going down for about 3-6 months because of the knee. I was the first to say Bynum would not come back until Feb 2011 and was surprised he played in two games. When he played he was not worth taking up space and tme. Laker management I hope you are taking notes on Bynum because he is not the savior. He is worthless as a player. Six years NBA experience and what have u got ?? NOTHING !!

This the beginning of Bynum going down for about 3-6 months because of the knee. I was the first to say Bynum would not come back until Feb 2011 and was surprised he played in two games. When he played he was not worth taking up space and tme. Laker management I hope you are taking notes on Bynum because he is not the savior. He is worthless as a player. Six years NBA experience and what have u got ?? NOTHING !!

Posted by: BEDO | December 20, 2010 at 09:08 AM

So much for the morning's bonhomie...

Welcome back MM! Hope you had a refreshing vacation. If Dan "The Man" Loumena is away, please pass along my compliments regarding his running of the blog.

Looking forward to your next post later today.

Cali - "bonhomie?" We'll need the Bonine soon enough. The boo-birds are already waking up, seeing a back-to-back championship team NOT undefeated, and ready to declare it all a waste! Sigh. Any other team in the modern age did a back-to-back, they'd be declaring them The Greatest Evah! But the Lakers, it's business as usual.

The twinge is normal, and for once, I thought Socks handled it pretty well. He said it was nothing... which it is. Coming back from injury is NEVER a snap of the fingers, the flip of a light-switch.

I agree 63....drew is doing well, and without him showing up hurt in the playoffs last year we don't win.....andrew will start having some shut there mouth games soon,

if the twinge is the worse of what drew is feeling, that knee is doing well,

Someone should do one of those animations where one person has a fixed opinion and the other person keeps giving them reasons why their opinion isn't true but they keep saying "I don't care".

like this one -

But the ignorant bear should be Ricky and the sensible bear should be any other person on this blog...

Ricky: Pau is the best Laker of all time
Whoever: But Magic Johnson led the Lakers to 5 titles
Ricky: I don't care
Whoever: And Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to 5 titles
Ricky: I don't care
Whoever: But Kareem is the highest scorer in the history of the NBA
Ricky: I don't care
Whoever: etc.

Oops. Forgot the link. Here's the kind of animation I mean:

63 Footer -

I thought things were going well for a while there. A nice game, an excellent road trip, and the bench doing wonderfully. Surprise contributions from Luke, and excellent cohesion that has the potential to improve with the addition of Joe Smith. I like what I see so far.

Like you, I completely understand that Drew will take a while to get back to being in game shape. I really liked the energy and synchronicity of the bench mob in Toronto - everyone pretty much moves the ball to get the best shot off. Add to that Shannon's improved shooting, and things are going swimmingly for the team.

Sometimes, I feel as if comments fall into roughly two groups - those looking for short term gain and those that are in the market for the long run (so to speak). With the results of the past two years, I will gladly take the long run view. :-)

long time laker fan....great observation....ain't that the truth

btw..which bear was I...the one on the left i

Cali - there's a third group that I don't understand: people who are just so unhappy with WHATEVER the Lakers do. It's weird. I wouldn't be here if it weren't fun. Nice conversations on b-ball, the Lakers, music, and some funny stuff. But if I were as pessimistic as some I see... I'd be gone in a heartbeat. I mean, this is entertainment via sports, in the end. Lighten up!

One of the best things I like about Drew (100% or not) is how him being in forces opposing teams to change their defensive schemes. It's fun to see. Off the bench or starting (since he is a starter, either way in his effect), the other team has to adjust. Which makes for mismatches all over the place. When he's up to speed... it's going to be even more fun.

Of course Drew is going to have some soreness and twinges, probably all season on and off.
Let's just hope he doesn't get injured. A semi-healthy Drew is better than no Drew.

" there's a third group that I don't understand: people who are just so unhappy with WHATEVER the Lakers do. It's weird."

Well said!!! I almost starting looking for a different blog to join after the nonsense that went down here a few days ago.

As for the team, I actually enjoy watching the bench a lot more than the starters. They play with a spark and passion that just isn't there amongst the starters. I'm sure it's due to the fact that they want to make their mark and gain more playing time. More importantly, Kobe and Pau look like they are just totally bored with the regular season.

Thank God for Lamar playing inspired ball on both ends!

I'm expecting every single player on our squad to be up for the Christmas Day game against the Meat. I just won't be able to stand another loss, in front of the whole world, on that Holy Day.

We should trade bynum!!!

I don't understand so called Laker fans that bash bynum and fish. they have been nothing but quality players that play an intricate role on the team. bynum is back, you would think Lakers fans should be happy and encouraging but instead there are so many comments that are sure he will be injured again or just a lousy player. Whats wrong with you guys. He is on OUR team. And as long as slowly comes back he is very valuable. This reminds me of just a few years ago when we had so my so called "laker fans" that would regularly bash Kobe. Where are you bandwagon riding naysayers now. You know who you are.

Sasha is performing with a very good all around game. 8 points per game, rebounds, steals, assists, and a very aggressive style of play. Why did we let this 26 year old go? Brian Shaw was harsh on Sasha. His new coach is playing him 25+ minutes And the quality shows well. He will survive Blake for many years. Shaw is going to be bad head coach.

Tony Sassi

@Tony Sassi
Sash had 6 years to prove himself as a consistant and dependable backup for Kobe.

He failed, case closed.

Many of us are greatful for his effort and those clutch free throws in last year's Finals. No one can take that away from him. The fact is, he's not half as good as UPS, Barnes, or even Ebanks.

let's put his knee on ice till february so we will have 100% assurance he can make any kind of real-game sudden manouver without reinjuring himself. dam this.

I had this surgery and You will always have twinges. You will have good days and bad days for many years after. You learn to live with it. GO Drew

all drew needs to do is dedicate his entire year to nursing that knee and remaining healthy. in the interim, his game will improve as his mind forgets about the knee. as "SamLL" posted: "I think Bynum also has to get over the mental hump when it comes to his knee. When he can play a full game without thinking about it, that's the time when he can finally say he's fully recovered."

the team is playing with a lot more confidence now that drew is back and pau appears relieved that he won't have to play 43+ minutes a game. i too am concerned about the soreness in bynum's knees and his ability to avoid injuries but it's still early in the season and we know for a fact that the Mitch is trying to figure out a way to reinforce the "5" before the end of the trade deadline. i'm not insinuating that a trade is forthcoming, but it's obvious the team plays better with a formidable center in the lineup. i mean, what team wouldn't, right?

we'll be able to gauge this team beginning tomorrow night vs the bucks followed by the heat, spurs and hornets. we win those 3 games then the league will be put on serious notice that we "ain't messin' round!" but i have a feeling that these wins are more important to the fans, coaching staff & ownership than they are to the team. if they lose to any of those teams, they'll say it was only 1 game and truth be told, they would be right! It's all about the playoffs folks and I don't think any of those teams can be the Lakers in a series, NO ONE!

I don't think any of those teams can be the Lakers in a series, NO ONE!

should read: beat the Lakers...
struggling with 27 stitches in my hand from a kitchen accident, but i've been readin' and following the live chats.



Sorry to hear about the kitchen accident. It must've been tough to not be able to type and participate in our chats. Reminds me of a fight I had with my sister when I was 16. We tussled over a pair of sharp scissors and I ended up with several stictches on my right hand - a week before an important exam that required a significant amount of writing. Bummer!

But yours sound more serious (27 stictches). Say, perhaps you could look into installing the software Dragon Dictate. Helps convert your spoken text into words.

sounds familiar, his knee or something may go at any time, maybe tonight against the Bucks. I have heard rumors of a trade Bynum for Melo, i would do it , if i were the Lakers.



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