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Lakers agree to deal Sasha Vujacic to Nets, acquire veteran forward Joe Smith

Sasha In a move to bolster their front-court depth and also save millions in salary and luxury taxes, the Lakers have agreed to trade Sasha Vujacic and a 2011 first-round draft pick to New Jersey as part of a three-team trade that will bring veteran forward Joe Smith to the Lakers.

The trade is conditional upon Smith passing a physical.

As the fifth guard in Phil Jackson’s four-guard rotation, Vujacic had seen his playing time reduced to almost nothing this season.

Vujacic, 26, is averaging only 1.8 points and 4.9 minutes a game. He played in 11 of the Lakers’ 24 games before Tuesday.

Smith, 35, has seen a downturn in his stats in recent seasons and played only four games for the Nets this season, averaging 0.5 points and 0.8 rebounds.

He possesses a decent mid-range jump shot and can provide a handful of minutes for the Lakers. He averaged 9.3 minutes a game last season for Atlanta, averaging three points and 2.5 rebounds a game.

The Lakers will save money on the trade, which also involved the Nets' sending Terrance Williams to Houston.

Smith is making a relatively low $1.4 million this season, almost half of which is paid by the league because it is a veteran’s minimum salary.

Vujacic is making $5.5 million in the last season of a three-year, $15-million contract he signed in the summer of 2008 to stay with the Lakers.

--Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Sasha Vujacic. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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On behalf of all Laker fans, thank God. What a waste of money....

I just hope that 35-yr old Joe Smith doesn't become Theo Ratliff, part II.

Hopefully he is healthy enough throughout the season to give a few minutes here and there and mop-up duty in blowouts...


Let's see, Farmar to the Nets...
Sasha to the Nets...

What's the over/under on how long it takes Mitch to work out a deal to send Luke to the Nets?

Perhaps this is Russian Mark Cuban's plan... buy as many players from championship teams as possible. So far he's got Jordan and Sasha. That's two more players with rings than most teams have.

It's so HARRRRD...
To Yesterdaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!

Farewell Sasha. Deep down, Lakers Blog will miss you...not nearly as much as Faith will.

really sorry to see Sasha go, but he did it to himself, welcome joe smith! snow if we can turn Artest and Luke into a speedy guard and Trevor Aziza Ill be happy. Go Lakers! in Nashville, Ten-A- Kee!

Joe Smith is as old as Moses, but he still will be able to contribute off of the bench more than Sasha.

Sasha isn't even looked at by Phil anymore during the games.



in mitch we trust.....gooo lakers!

Geez best news in a long time, finally Pau can stop beeezching and start playing like a man

>>>Joe Smith is as old as Moses

Well, let's hope he can do the OPPOSITE of Moses...

as in, STOPPING the parting of the seas when opposing point guards try to drive the lane.

Wow..that was long overdue.

Vujacic is horrible, and perhaps the most overpaid man to ever live. Smith is old and worse. I guess it's good to be released from Vujacic's contract but at the cost of a first round draft pick? WHY were we paying Sasha so much in the first place?

I can't see any negative in this trade unless one of the guards gets hurt. Lakers have need in the front court RIGHT NOW and are overloaded at guard.

>>>Vujacic is horrible, and perhaps the most overpaid man to ever live

How about the bankers who bankrupted their banks, had to be bailed out by the government, and are now giving themselves billions in bonuses? I'd say that ranks above Sasha.

How about Eddy Curry, currently making 11 million to play less than Sasha, and he's not even in good enough shape to play even if D'Antoni would play him? I'd say that ranks above Sasha.

You could say that Sasha is the most overpaid Laker on this squad, but the Luke haters and/or Fish haters may disagree with you.

There was a time when Sasha contributed a lot to the team... but that time is in the past.

He is now the Nyet-Machine.

So far so good for Bynum... 6 minutes, 2 blocks. I'm still at work, but will be leaving soon.

I'd trade Sasha for a hill of beans, because a hill of beans doesn't have a cap hit and will play the same number of minutes as Sasha. Essentially that's what Mitch has done. Don't expect anything from Joe "Hill of Beans" Smith.

Stephon Marbury,Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas... Most overpaid players of all time...

I thought they had traded Sasha for Barkley's Taco Bell commercial.

>>>Stephon Marbury,Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas... Most overpaid players
>>>of all time...

You can add Grant Hill. He made 2 or 3 times what Sasha makes when he was with Orlando and barely played. Sasha scored 20 points in an NBA finals game once to help win it. Grant Hill has never made it to the finals.

Actually, they traded Sasha for an Espresso machine. Smith was just thrown in to match salary. They thought the Espresso maker would be a more useful machine.

soon the Nyets will have the "Russian Bench Mob"

Oh no! Who will be our go to Slovenian now to match-up with Goran Dragic in Eastern Europe's most heated battle since WWII? Thanks for the memories machine, you will be missed... as much as Vlad-Rad? Hmm...

Saves 8 mil. Joe Smith will be of little use other then to give Caracter some D League time. He's the kind of player who doesn't need to be too warmed up to do a few good things while he's out there. Now we have a little more usable depth up front.

As for Sasha, thanks for your contributions. I'm glad you're joining Famar in NJ. Thanks for your 20 points in Game 3 in 2008 against Boston which helped keep us from getting swept. Thanks for the half tying 3 in Game 5 vs. Denver in 2009. Thanks for 2 of the biggest free throws in Lakers history in Game 7. That was ice you had in your veins for those!

Other than 2008, overall you disappointed us, but you were there for 3 great playoff runs and 2 championships. We won't miss you, but you won't be forgotten either.

now if we can only trade walton, i think we'll be alright.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Sasha I need you, I love you, why????!!!!!!!!

Hello, we just lost a first round pick.

I believe this to be the worst trade ever! I mean i understand that they need to save money , but don't bring in trash to the Lakers. WHy did we get rid or DJ Benga? JOE SMITH?

I'm actually going to miss Sasha. I think he always gave 100% and was a really good teammate. He will make the Nets a better team. Good luck Machine!!

Yes! This trade makes dollars and sense!

Oohh Man... I dont want to see Sasha go!!!
But that would be a great scenario for Sasha since he has no playing time in Laker land

Kudos Sasha!!!!

If the Lakers keep playing the way they have lately, that first-round draft pick could end up being a lottery pick. I sure hope we don't look back and say, "Which stunk more? The team or the trade?"

He did make those free throws ...

I don't think Phil was ever going to come to terms with the fact that Sasha got Maria. Jealousy is a tough thing to get over ...

But surely the Nets have to be thinking about turning around and trading Sasha again. They already have Anthony Morrow at shooting guard, and they must know that Farmar and Sasha hate each other.

Someone must be in the market for an expiring contract ...

Jerry B just took a salary dump. I kinda hate to give up a #1 but the Lakers's #1 is really like the first pick in Round 2. Besides we always have some hungry veteran players looking to take a pay cut to have the honor of being a Laker. The Machine is pretty rusty right about now, hope the Nyets have some WD 40.

Farmar 1-7 so far tonight. This is the last thing he thought could happen to him, and he's clearly shaken by the news.

ISNT JOE SMITH LIKE 40 yr olds ??

wow...only ! comment about luke? he's no better than sasha but I guess it's a start should have been gone from the kwame days instead of that big extension(luke).. o well these things take time I guess.. 2 championships in a row didn't hurt either, but damn when will the lakeshow stop looking like the charity club of the league?????? I mean brian grant,mckie,kwame,luke sasha,even Bynum(still overpaid and always injured thus far)...Some have turned out good obviously,but still...... and the beat goes on duh dum duh dum............

For Phil to have treated him with such obvious disdain and disrespect, it had to be something personal.

I mean, he didn't even treat Radmanovich like that.

Like I said last summer...the Lakers should've signed Shaq...if they did we won't have this need for a backup big man and Boston wouldn't be the beast in the east.

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey - goodbye!

Good bye Sasha. At least you are a player in women's tennis.

This is mostly about the Nets collecting first round picks to include in a trade for Melo!

Great trade for depth and a huge trade for financial reasons, and probably not a bad trade for chemistry of the WHOLE team.
Great job Mitch!

Lakerstyle...the problem with us re-signing Shaq is everytime we held a team to under 100, he would get all the free tacos. That would bite us back in the post-season and make for an uncomfortable atmosphere in the locker room. Let him stay in Boston and play the role of the Big Leprachaun.

sure sasha gonna miss in la uniform..why trade sasha?how about if guard injuerd?hope chemistry will not ruined?now to many useless center of lakers and players as will like luke and fisher..

"As for Sasha, thanks for your contributions. I'm glad you're joining Famar in NJ"

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 14, 2010 at 05:25 PM

Excuse me but those two did not get along for a long time, would not pass to each other, would not look at or acknowledge each other. KobeMVP888, are you implying sarcasm???

as a fan u hate to give up picks because you lose the opportunity to get young talent.. business wise it was a good move to soften the luxury tax

I don't like giving up the first round pick. We do it every year now. It's a way to save $$$, but the Lakers need youth with a bit more upside than Derek Caracter or Devin Eubanks.

As far as Kupchak kudos what about last year?...keeping Adam Morrison (an unused secret weapon???) all year long, actually for longer than a year...I think...that was alot of wasted money. I agree, I think M'Benbga and therapy would be just as good as Joe Smith. The deal with M'Benga was he was always getting rookie calls, because Phil never played him. Under Phil, a player does not lose that rookie stigma for about 4-5 years, instead of 1-2. JMHO.

Good move all the way around. Lakers get something for Sasha, unload his 5-Mil salary, and bulk up on the front line. Believe me, the Lakers are gonna need their big men in the playoffs, especially if the meet the hated Celtics in the finals, which seems very likely. I like it! Hope Maria Sharapova doesn't send him packing too.

Hey all,

Someone please explain this deal agreement to me.

1) Is this deal to mitigate the luxury tax? If so, why a guard and not a forward, like Luke? The forward position on the Laker rooster is more crowded that the guard position?

2) Is this deal to beef up the forward position? If so, why not trade Walton, who would not (or should not) get much play time?

3) Is this deal meant to help the Lakers free up some salary space to enable them to make another deal. If so, why not trade Luke?

4) Are all all these scenario I am positing not possible because NJ was not interested in Luke because they needed a shooter on their team?

5) I know these questions might be beyond the ken of bloggers, but can I get an educated speculation on these questions?


you are correct....who are Donte Green and Greivis Vasquez???? They are the 2008 No. 1 pick and the 2010 No. 1 pick, the Lakers gave up to to get Pau. In a few years, the trade will look more balanced talentwise, but not championshipwise. The Lakers better keep their eyes open for available guards that could give Kobe a breather here or there, or in case of injury....Cobi Karl??? LOL...


It's a pure salary dump and saves the Lakers 8-plus mil. Joe Smith is a serviceable big who we got in the deal and he'll be useful from time to time, but assuredly he wasn't the primary motivation for this deal. What I don't understand is how the deal worked under the CBA considering the disparity of the two salaries (Sasha: $5.475 mil; Smith: $1.352 mil). I'm sure we'll find out the details tomorrow.

Good trade...writing was on the wall for Sasha

Sasha making that meaningless three pointer to cover the point spread against the Spurs. Ahh...good times.

Kevin Ding on Twitter: "Everybody needs to understand that Lakers did NOT make this trade to get Joe Smith. That's far, far secondary to saving $9m."

i am going to miss sasha!!! T.T

48 comments before mine and only 3 people mentioned giving up the #1 pick. 90% of them are actually happy with this trade. Wow! What is wrong with you guys? This is one of the worst trades in history! Forget about Sasha -- you DON'T give up a #1 Pick for a 36-year-old who can't play anymore!! Horrible deal. Kobe's getting older and if we don't bring in some young players, we are going to stink for a long time. Mitch does a terrible job.

Lakers need a big man for a few minutes & 4-6 fouls per game period. At that price they could take 2 Joe Smith's. As far as the 1 st round draft choice that means nothing to this team .A second round is just as well and the $$ hit isn't so bad on the cap. They do not need to build they are built! just keep plugging holes & winning championships..

A real stupid move.
I know Sasha is a waste and probably not worth the money for a couple of free throws at the end of a final's 7th game.
But for Joe Smith?
That's a real upgrade, right?
Wrong. Smith days are way over, done.
Mitch might want to dump salary, OK, but also give up a #1.
For Joe Smith??
I say, better give up Luke, Sasha and the #1 directly to the Rockets for Luis Scola.
Artest and Odom to the bench.

If you are getting rid of the garbage... what is luke still doing on the team?! He's got to go! He shouldn't even be in the league, yet alone making the kind of money he's making

Remember, Sasha hit the FTs when Bryant couldn't throw the ball in the ocean in game 7!

LUKE WALTON is the most overpaid Laker by a huge margin, not Sasha.

Get rid of Luke.

Luke Walton is hard to move though. His contract is absurd and he is basically stealing money from the Lakers.

What I don't understand is how the deal worked under the CBA considering the disparity of the two salaries (Sasha: $5.475 mil; Smith: $1.352 mil). I'm sure we'll find out the details tomorrow.

Posted by: KobeMVP888

Agreed....this doesn't seem to work. Not enough info to run it through the ESPN trade machine.........

We wont forget what you have contributed to the team, we wont forget your FT(game 7 Lakers-Celtics game), we wont also forget that you almost cost us the game(Lakers-Suns game 6 i think). Go Luck Sasha this move is better for you than the team.


I agree with you that" he [Joe Smith] wasn't the primary motivation for this deal" and that we would know more about it tomorrow.


Jersey is under the it works. Also, if u recall, the Lakers sold their 09 pick for 3 mil, so 9 mil is enough reason to unload another pick..

Damn… I always liked Sasha. He was wild and unconventional on defense and gave the other guards fits – took then off their game. When he was hitting, it was amazing. He had some tough times over the last few years, but I think it was injury related. He got healthy at the end of last year and started playing pretty well. He hit two of the biggest free throws in the history of basketball - calmly, coolly, swished both of them.

This must be personal. It is the only thing that makes sense. Let’s see… What could have caused it…? He is dating one of the most attractive women on the planet (and one of the richest).

Yeah you have the hottest girlfriend but guess what - “You’re Fired.”

We are not getting the whole story. PJ stopped playing him. If we got a center, I could understand. Instead we got a 35 year old forward who weighs 225 and we gave up a first round pick…

This is not about the money…

Definitely personal…

I wish him the best of luck.

I am a Lakerholic.

I don't think this was a good trade and I think it was done because it is a contract year for Sasha and we're being charitable.

I wish Sasha the best, but I don't like giving up a draft pick.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


How does a MLE sound? $5.5 milli. We got Ron squared for one. Do your thang Mitch.

On To The Next WON.

We'll miss you Sasha !!



48 comments before mine and only 3 people mentioned giving up the #1 pick. 90% of them are actually happy with this trade. Wow! What is wrong with you guys? This is one of the worst trades in history! Forget about Sasha -- you DON'T give up a #1 Pick for a 36-year-old who can't play anymore!! Horrible deal. Kobe's getting older and if we don't bring in some young players, we are going to stink for a long time. Mitch does a terrible job.

Posted by: Glenn | December 14, 2010 at 07:27 PM

Glen, the pick the lakers gave up is not #1 pick.. it is "First Round" pick. big difference.. First round pick would probably be pick #30...

Sasha played on the Lakers this season ?

Good luck to Sasha. Not sure how much Joe Smith has left in him but another big body is another big body. It's a long season so I'm sure he will come in handy somewhere down the road.

sasha had problems with Shaw

or Shaw had problems with Sasha.

remember the "disrespect" moment last year??????????

Maria trains in Florida and plays most of the times in Europe and east coast. obviously for Sasha is not a good change, from Champions to Chumps.

heyyyyyyy, let's not forget that Maria Sharapova is Russian too. so maybe Sasha will get his extension. see, here is some "knowledge". :-)

now the Nyets have the "Russian Bench Mob"

i hated the Phoenix moment with Dragic, but after a month, during the summer i had the guts to re-visit the 2008 finals. remember when sasha was on the floor and tripped Pierce?????????? in the big loss at home????????? after he scored the 20? in the previous game?????

so he had some attitude moments when frustrated by Allen or Dragic (that was more personal - national pride)

if u r looking at the Presidential pic of yesterday, and also at the video of lakers/obama visit, Sahsa is the only one not happy - maybe he already knew about it. but he did not smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least it was a great memory for him to leave after the Obama visit and also with his 2 free throws in the Finals.

that was pretty cold, clutch and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and if you love Faith, have some ………………………………

wasn't Joe Smith the most over-paid, over-rated player when he joined the NBA?

remember when like 2 years ago, some of you wanted him as a free agent.

so, deal with iT

also, the LUXURY tax, for this NEW SEASON, kicks IN only in January. so indeed it is a 9 million saving for Buss.

he is one of the owners who want to help Stern, to give some money for the "unfortunate ones" and to avoid the lock-out

so Sasha's salary go towards #18 and saving another season with KOBE at the helm

good enough?????????????????

A FIRST round draft choice for WHO????? Mitch there surely must be a method to your madness.

...we could've traded Sausage away for a ball boy and a couple Laker Girls...hehe, but those game 7 free throws were pretty clutch...

bye Mr. Sharapova

This is another brilliant move by Mitch Kupchak. The Lakers will save almost 9 million dollars, and add some beef to the front-line for the rest of the year. Joe Smith is like Grant Hill. He is an ageless wonder with a nice mid-range jumper, and how great it would be for him to win a title in the twilight of his career. He is also a solid defender, he will make a nice role-player. Sasha although somewhat ineffective the last few years, will always be remembered for hitting perhaps two of the biggest free-throws in Lakers history against Boston. He will be missed.

Hard to play basketball when youre more worried about your hair.
Nope she will be happy in NJ or Brooklyn or wherever theyre playing

YAHOO ! Glad to see Sasha go, because I hate the Lakers. Bad move Mitch, you will be sorry cause Shannon will be a disappointment. Ha, Ha.

:( Gonna miss Sasha

They got the back up big they needed and instead of spending $70,000/week they are saving $9M. JB has to like this trade. Sure losing the draft pick ain't great but the way Shannon Brown is playing if we want him in the Lakers future then they better start throwing some money at him now rather than later.

Glen, the pick the lakers gave up is not #1 pick.. it is "First Round" pick. big difference.. First round pick would probably be pick #30...

Posted by: dice8up | December 14, 2010 at 08:45 PM

Mr. I stated, the picks that the Lakers gave up in the Gasol trade became names....Donte Green, and Greivis Vasquez, a guy who I believe the Lakers were trying to figure out how to get a hold of around the draft. Don't come back with these two guys are nobodies because right now that is quite obvious, let's wait and see after all their careers come to an end.

Remember giving away draft picks, got us Magic Johnson and James Worthy. It isn't something that should be taken lightly. Since there are only two rounds of draft, now, I think, that 2nd rounders are somewhat interesting. as teams can be more "daring" and risky, as they won't be locked into paying a 2nd for years as they would be with a first.

I used to watch Sasha shoot for hours, at the Honolulu training camps, before games, I wish him luck and I hope that his career fluorishes. Obviously his personal life is fine, so we don't need to wish him luck there. Oh well, it's gonna be said and done in a few hours, and I just want to say it was fun to watch the baby faced kid grow into the guy who could not stop fidgeting with his hair band. Sasha, thank you for all your contributions toward the 2 out 3 championships. People may say you did little, but it takes a team to win a championship, and you were a part of the team that took the last 2 out of 3. Thank you, and good luck and success awaits, (but Jordan still won't pass you the ball)....

sasha wasn't all that productive off the bench, let's be honest. but he HATED the celtics with a passion. wouldn't wear green. in my book, that counts for something.

thanks for ur efforts, sasha. they were appreciated, and you will be missed on a personal level.

Joe Smith is like Grant Hill. He is an ageless wonder with a nice mid-range jumper, and how great it would be for him to win a title in the twilight of his career.

Posted by: TNTLakerFan | December 14, 2010 at 09:37 PM

Assuming that the Lakers don't buy him out of his contract. But hey, at least we finally have a #1 overall pick on the team! I sure hope his contract is legal though. :)

People should realize this $9 million savings in trading Sasha is completely unnecessary. In exit interviees last season, the Lakers wanted Sasha to come back possibly at the point position because it was believed Faramr would go. The Lakers landed Blake for $16 million over next four years, thus, relegating Sasha back to the 2 spot. But who is a better athlete and defender? Sasha? Who has clutch playoff experience? Sasha. Blake has played on like 8 teams, is 30 years old, and is locked in to another $12 million (or $24 million if Lakers stay over cap and Blake stays on Lakers for following three years). No doubt Sasha could have re-signed for less at the end of the year. Bottom line is hat the mistake is Blake. Blake is undersized, not athletic, is not an asset on defense, is not a proven player in the playoffs (he shot 43 percent behind the arc last year...for the Clippers and the Blazers). So why trade Sasha? I think a couple of bloggers are absolutely rightwhen they say it's politics or jealousy. So rerrally, this $9 million savings is unnecessary because Sasha would easily be able to replicate Blake's numbers if given the playing time, while still having more of an impact on defense.

Oh, and speaking of politics, why not re-sign Mbenga? He knew the triangle, could have been re-siigned for what Mitch signed Thorpe for, who hadn't played for an entire NBA season. Mbenga had the most blocked shots per minute on the Lakers team ( twice as much as Pao or Bynum) lasy yeqr. Yet Mitch let him go, and now, Mitch has to cover for the mistake with Rickety Thorpe with Rickety Smith...and give up a first rounder in the process.

So, to be fair, the $9 million savings from Sashas contract assumes that Blake has filled the position ably, which I prognosticate here and now will come back to bite the Lakers later when, in the playoffs, the untested, slow footed, and undersized Blake will not be able to guard the likes of ginobili, dragen, etc.

What do Sasha and Farmar have in common?
Both were recent Laker first round picks when we picked late in the first round.
So that spot in the draft seems to produce players who aren't that good and we want to ship to the Nets anyhow.

Sad to see the Machine go. He played with passion and often had an immediate impact (good or bad) in only a few minutes, just like Kurt Rambis. On a team of all-stars with exceptional talent, Sasha had to hustle and the fans loved him for it. For all you Machine bashers, he was very young when he joined the team and Phil hates playing young players. Let's hope Sasha gets playing time with the Nets so we can see if he has skills to stay in the league.

The Lakers don't need future draft picks who will cost them more luxury tax. They are 10 deep and Phil now has his 5 starters and 5 bench players. This explains why Sasha hasn't played this year. They didn't want him injured to ruin this salary dump.

I am very concerned that the Lakers are now an old team that may run out of gas before the finals. The injuries are taking a toll already and if Blake or Shannon gets hurt, Kobe and Fisher will play too many minutes this year. The odds against a 3 peat are great, but that's what makes such an accomplishment even more impressive.

Alex V & Chad 721: Nice points.

He is one of the reasons I liked watching the games, man I'm goin to miss him. He is sooo cool. But u kind of knew they were goin to do this to him. He was one of my favs

Should we even CARE whether we lose a late-round draft pick? Damn right we should! Need we be reminded that the 2001 draft’s last pick in the first round was a kid named Tony Parker? Or that the 35th pick of the 2002 draft was a guy named Carlos Boozer? That Rajon Rondo was selected at #21, and Tayshaun Prince at #23? That Aaron Brooks and Kendrick Perkins were both #27s, Josh Howard a #29, Steve Blake a #38, Monta Ellis a #40, Matt Barnes a #46, Mo Williams a #47, Kyle Korver a #51, and Luis Scola a #56? Hidden gems all! THAT’S WHY YOU DON’T THROW IN A LATE-FIRST-ROUND PICK TO GET RID OF A SASHA VUJACIC!

CBAD721: "ad to see the Machine go. He played with passion and often had an immediate impact (good or bad) in only a few minutes, just like Kurt Rambis."

Son, Rambis played a total of 9 years with the lakers. Over his 13 year career, he averaged 18.5 mins per game, 5.6 rebounds, 5.2 pts, and shot 53% from the field.

I understand if you're sorry to see Vilasik go, but don't compare him to Rambis.

Sasha, that little minx, got paid. He also has a couple of rings. I don't feel sorry for him.

I will, however, cry for him if Maria decides he is a loser and dumps his a$$. Of course, he has plenty of Laker cache to live off of until is is very old and very hairy. Maria has the ca$h to live off until she is...never mind.

Drew is like a huge, gargantuan puppy who has no idea what is going on around him. Phil thought he was done with the newspaper, but he just might be putting it down on the floor once again...

...and loving it!

BTW - that will be a low first round draft pick


Of course I always cheered for Sasha. I AM a Laker fan. Now that he is gone I can honestly say... thank you basketball gods. Lot's of whiners whining about Luke. If only they could have put Luke's brain in Sasha's body, we would have had a player (at twice the salary).

I think we are still not done. There will be another move.

Sad to see Sasha go. Those 2 FTs in game 7 vs. the Celtics were clutch. Whenever he plays, I have a greater confidence in Sasha hitting his FTs than Kobe. Bye, Sasha... thanks for the memories!

I wish Sasha the best of luck. Sad to see him go. I hope the trade works for both sides.

Alex made some excellent points. I don't have a problem trading Sasha. But couldn't we have gotten someone better than Joe. I always thought an expiring contract was valuable for salary cap purposes. The Lakers better win it this year because we have become a very old team perhaps older than Boston. This one is a head scratcher. Over the summer I prayed that we resign Brown because he is young and athletic. Like Sir Charles said old people die.

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