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Kobe Bryant suffers sprained right pinkie finger

Kobe Bryant suffered a sprained right pinkie finger Friday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

X-rays on the finger, taken after the Lakers' 93-81 victory, were negative.

Bryant was injured in the first quarter. He had trainer Gary Vitti tape the finger so he could continue to play.

"It was tough to hold the basketball, so it really affected it," Bryant said.

Bryant was three for 11 from the field, finishing with a season-low nine points. He was never aggressive, and said it was becasue of his painful finger.

"It was numb for about 20 minutes," Bryant said.

Bryant was asked how he injured his finger.

"Pau [Gasol] threw a bad pass," Bryant said, smiling.

Bryant  had problems with the right hand last season as well. He played most of the season with an avulsion fracture of his right index finger. But Bryant elected not to have surgery on the finger last summer, saying it would have taken too long to recover.

There were games last season in which Bryant was hit on the finger, and it left him in pain.

 -- Broderick Turner, reporting from Philadelphia


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Don't look now but the Magic just acquired Arenas, J-Rich and Turkoglu. Serious firepower right there! O_O

I think the Magic was getting tied of getting doubles and triples, and now they are going for home run..The Magic has been 2nd or 3rd best team in the East for last few years. Now they want to rule the East..All the players they are getting are still relatively young. It will also help Howards to extend his contract. It seems like one of the Florida teams will come out of the East for next few years.

Now that there is another new team to watch, what do we wish from the Lakers?

We wish Joe Smith, Theo Ratliff and Luke Walton could help the 4 & 5. They will only play three minutes the most per game but if they could contribute an average of 6 pts , 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks from each of them that will be a dream come true. We solidify the deep bench, not just relying on killer bees who sometime run out of honeys or the old Champs line up who are banged up and over exposed during the the off season. We need new resurgence of energies from somewhere that is unexpected. It is like when your digital camera's battery becomes dead and you're in an important scenery in the middle of nowhere what would u do? You need the help of lifesavers enough to get some picture and reach for the nearest outlet to recharge the old reliable. The worst situation if your reserve batteries are also dead since they remained idle for quite sometime. lol!

Now if they could just trade for a new coach (Van Gundy is such a no-plan guy - watching the Magic run their O and then realizing they DIDN'T HAVE ONE, made me love Phil all the more), they might stand a chance. Still, Van Jeremy could at least call Arenas on his crappola if necessary.

Laker J- Dude you need to put down the CRACK PIPE, why?...would the wolfes give you Beasley and the rights to Rubio for THRILLER? WHY...WHY...That just don't make sence. Maybe you need to stop posting till you really understand TRADING, or never comment on trading.

Maybe UPS shouldn't had a contest for a nickname, Or maybe we can call him "IN THE TANK", because his game is there.

Hater- Here's a comment on trading that perhaps you can understand. I'll trade you my crack pipe for your syringe, or whatever you're on. Why don't you take the time to educate me on the intricacies of NBA trades. After all, you are the epidemy of basketball knowledge around here, so I'm ready whenever you are.

Hey Laker J

Lets wait for the 4 peat to be achieved before we let Artest move on! When KG or Perkins elbows Pau in the face, or shoves Pau to the ground and then stares down Bynum, who is going to get in their grill or let him know the next time down the court what's up?

Playing the Celtics is like a war, who do you want to go into battle with? a gifted offensive player like Beasely, or a pit bull like Artest? Every team needs a Maurice Lucas type, Artest's bark and his hard picks (or fighting thru hard picks, while making it look like he's the one getting hit) are needed on this otherwise finesse team. I think we need Artest for defense to wear down the power 3's of the league.

I love that Artest is getting featured in the paint for the past 3 games. He is a good driver, passer and interior pick-setter. He can take the punishment and can get the defense in foul trouble. Its great to see Pau, LO, and Blake pass to him in the paint cause Kobe sure won't.

Having said all that Lakers def need to lock up Barnes for a few years, he is a natural for the offense and defensively is a sneaky pest like Bruce Bowen was (which I think does take skill)

I'm down with that taino. Artest needs to get off his therapy and be his old self once in a while. He,he.

NOw the competition for the Ring just keeps getting very interesting...

I say, whoever comes our of the EAST ... Bring It ON!!! Go Lakers!!!

Watching Clips vs. bulls on HD.. Man.. Blake Griffin is the Real Deal!!! Better offensive skills than Amare when he was young... 2-3 years down the road and he can be a mainstay MVP candidate every season.

To measure Artest impact, just imagine Artest is playing for other teams, such as the Celtics, the Heat, the Spurs, OKC, Magic. Isn't it kind of scary you have to play against Artest? I bet other teams feel the same way against Artest...a little scary feeling. That's what Artest gives to the Lakers...

Laker J, I think the lakers would pass on the trade

Boston won three ago, with pierce destroying us....that doesn't happen with Ron Ron around...

Rubio is far from Maravich, rubio is exciting, but I've got marivich coming off the bench for oscar, all time team...

the trade helps the Magic, turko blended well with d howard
arenas might just go off, i think orlando got a steal

Well, what do you know.. the Clips won at Chicago with DRose missing the last free throw to send it to overtime.

I know Pete Maravich. I watched Pete Maravich. I have the game on tape when he dropped 68pts on Clyde Frazier. And young man you're no Pete Maravich.

68 on clyde is one of the best games ever....clyde was argueably one of the top defenders at the time, watching pete made me want to practice....his drills will give you a better waistline than tae bo, or zumba dance

i wanna be pete when i grow up

naw...i wanna be kobe...

Laker J
Maybe Artest just hasn't been challenged yet on the defensive end so he hasn't had any battles to excite him. Mostly he's bee guarding smaller guys that are faster than him (and he is tasked to post them up now!) but Artest hasn't had any big 3's to bottle up. I guess this will change in January when the schedule gets harder.

12/25 game s/b a good gauge of how well Artest can slow down Lebron.
LOL about the therapist I wish more players would do that so they figure out what teamwork is.

Keep up the good posts!!

Right on LakerPeace

I shudder to think of Artest playing on another team guarding Kobe anymore or just slowing down the triangle passing. BTW when Artest was on the Rockets chasing Kobe around must have been hard for him as Kobe is listed at 205lbs and Artest was 250-260 last year. On the other hand Kudos to Kobe for mixing it up with an unstable maddog that outweighed him by 50 lbs.

Note to self check on Youtube: where was Artest when Fish took down Scola?
Quietly sitting on the bench

Anyway lets keep Artest on our team, he is a great bowling ball when he plays in the paint!

I'd prefer to keep Artest in our camp versus having to play against him. Although you gotta admit, he's been pretty docile as a Laker and his reputation as a "crazy guy you don't wanna mess with" has been dented somewhat. He needs to blow up once in a while on court to remind the opponents, "mess with me and my teammates and I'll kick your sorry @ss". Coupled with the slump he's going through on offense, I fear our opponents no longer give Artest the respect he deserves. Still, Artest is a formidable defender and tough as nails which we need on our mostly finesse team.

We definitely need to keep Barnes. The guy brings plenty of energy on defense and like Artest, seems to cherish that aspect of the game. I think one of the problems Orlando faces now is the lack of sheer guts on defense, especially perimeter defense. They shouldn't have let Barnes walk (but I'm glad they did, cos we got him) because the team they have now, even with the latest trade, is rather suspect on defense. With Pietrus gone (another pretty good defender) and Marcin Gortat the backup center also traded, the Magic is gonna run and gun, and Howard will be placed with the extra burden of being the last line of defense. This will risk putting Howard in foul trouble during games.

The Magic has the highest payroll now and yet the talent they have will face a massive challenge getting out of the East.

When IS, MM coming back? This blog doesn't get as much love without MM. I miss his post-game analysis and the Caught in the Web postings. His diligence and good-naturedness is often taken for granted until he goes on vacation. Come back soon, MM.

Seely_Iggy and the rest of you Lakerholics, MM returns tomorrow. Unfortunately, our bench doesn't run nearly as deep as the Lakers' bench, so when my vacation overlapped Mark's, we were down to Brez and Brad filing daily reports from practices and games. Indeed, we were missing the analysis and web meanderings to which you've grown accustomed.

Luckily for you, we've banned Mark from leaving again until the Lakers' season comes to a conclusion. Hah! I'm kidding. We might give him a day off here or there.

Hi Dan,

I don't mean to sound like I'm putting down the efforts of the L.A. Times Blog Bench (hey, there's a nice ring to it, the "Blog Bench"). You guys did what you could with what little you had and that is appreciated too. But it sure will be nice to have MM back. And thank you for the ban on MM ever leaving again *lol*. That should work.

The Magic trades have difinately lifted them back to the top of the east. They still are lacking the defensive players that Boston has. If Arenas and Turk can light it up from the outside on a consistant basis, then they will be scary in the playoffs.

The big question they face now is chemistry. Will all these new pieces fit, or will they only look like contenders on paper?

As for our team, I'm not too worried about Ron's drop on the offensive end. His shot will come back, but at the same time, he needs to stop bulldozing everyone on his way to the rack. I do like the fact that the rest of the guys are looking for him down low. I too would hate to see him wearing another teams uni.

The coaches better vote Lamar onto the Allstar Team. He is most deserving of this honor this year.

Barnes has been huge this year. His game fits PERFECTLY with the triangle, and our current personel. He moves without the ball, cuts to the open space when our bigs need help, plays tough as nails D, and gets a lot of offensive boards to keep posession. I think it's a no brainer to resign this guy, for whatever price his agent asks.

UPS has been a bit inconsistant this year, but I still give him a B+. His role is not to be a "go to guy," but rather to provide some energy on both ends of the floor. That being said, he definately has improved his stroke and decision making.

The BEAST is back! In limited minutes, Socks came up large during this morning's game againt Toronto. I can't wait for him to be back into true playing shape.

Dan L.. you did good...MM is the kobe of the blog, but you sure did a fisher type job....solid and not many also fixed the whatever that was...


10 point victory....bynum 17 minutes 5 offensive rebounds.,..he is a difference maker

Seely_Iggy, no offense taken. I agree with you. Not only did MM's and my vacations overlap, we were thinner than usual on the bench because a certain basketball editor who mainly posts about a certain EC team (neither names shall I mention b/c I know the reactions they elicit), was on a little R&R that overlapped ours.

i hearned that (I dig your handle, by the way), THANKS. In the summer, I have more time to fill in for MM with opinions and analysis since the workload is much lighter. From September through now, and then again from mid-March until the Lakers are done, we're crushed with workload in the office.

Just swooping through comments to see if all is well. Take care.

thanks dan, will look foward to your return....

the lakers have the quiet confidence of back to back champions & I actually don;t mind it that they are not playing their best basketball right now. the season is still far from over, what's important is playing your best when it really counts. & we all know that if this lakers team sets their minds to it, theyre the best team out there.

Oh man I just re-checked the Lakers schedule. They play the Bucks on Tuesday and the HEAT on SATURDAY.
That's a long layoff. If Lakers lose to the Heat on Christmas Day; no need to panic because the Purple and Gold won't be playing to it's potential. What is going to annoy and anger Laker faithful is ESPN's coverage after the game. If Lakers lose, the headlines are going to be that Kobe has passed the torched as the best player in the NBA for the 5th time by now, to LeBronze.
Or how the HEAT is the best team in the NBA.
AND how the Lakers wont 3peat because they didn't do something that compares to LBJ's stats.
Thats because ESPN always comes up w/ random stats to prove that their 'journalist' and their 'anchors' are correct.

X=mas day game on a Saturday. X-mas day game on a Saturday at 12 PM West? Doesn't sound good. If the Laker organization; and the players, were truly motivated by the Miami Heat 's offseason acquisitions. The Lakers should win by double digits.
Of course the Lakers have nothing to prove to the rest of the teams in the NBA because they are the 2 time defending champions.
Because they are the 2 time defending champions of the NBA, they need to prove to the Laker fans that they are truly motivated to beat the MIAMI Heat.
Talk is cheap.

Kobe should rest. Let Shannon and Sasha put some work in!

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