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Featuring the best tweets from Kristen Blake

December 9, 2010 | 11:30 pm

Whether it involves her son filling her purse with popcorn, her lack of sleep or the joy of watching a Laker game, Kristen Blake will tweet about it.

"I'm kind of addicted," said Kristen, who's married to Lakers guard Steve Blake. I really can't help it. Whatever comes in my head, I just put out there."

The jump below features some of her best ones in the past month...

How come every time we go to Boa there's tons of paparazzi out front and I don't know who anyone famous is? Haha. I'm clueless....And how come Steve and I can't get a table there?! Lol. We had to eat dinner on a couch outside last night. Haha. No love for us at Boa! =(

"Why is it that when Steves out of town the sh*t hits the fan? Lol. Good thing mama can hold down the fort with the best of em....One's recovering from strep and the other, in the middle of an upper respiratory infection, falls off the couch and is bleeding everywhere...Oh yeah and the baby is uber fussy today and refuses to be put down. Haha."

How many times have you heard Fisher's speech about "irresponsible and reckless play" bc I think I could repeat it verbatim at this point...Maybe I just listen to too much espn radio, read too many Lakers articles online, and watch too many Lakers games?...Or maybe there's literally nothing else for these people to talk about because the Lakers win everything. Pretty boring. Not much to say!"

I've been cleaning up massive amounts of my childrens' vomit all morning. Flu sucks. Someone else want to be my kids mom for the day?Jk. ;)... On the plus side I've almost thrown up several times. Maybe this can be a new diet? No not really. Still kidding."

"I got all 3 kids to sleep minutes before Steve came home which means..perfect time for me to sneak out while everyone naps! Gym time!!... 40 min into my hour workout I get a "come home" text. Naps have ended and the vomitted has commenced. It was a nice break while it lasted!"

"Behind on the game I dvr'd. Just saw Lamar's "flagrant foul" in the 4th. That's ridiculous. These refs are really starting to make me mad!"

"Oh my gosh all 3 kids are sleeping at the same time! And my 4 yr old NEVER naps. This is amazing."

"Oh geez, just had to explain tattoos to my kids. "mommy why does Kobe have stamps allll over him?" Haha. Um those aren't stamps honey."

"All 3 kids officially asleep. Time for bed for me! Don't worry, you won't have to miss me for long-I'll b up around 12, 2, 4, and 6am. C ya!"

"My iPhone just babysat my 2 & 4 yr old while I put the baby 2 sleep! Well technically my husband did via facetime but this phone's awesome!"

"My girlfriend and her 3 little boys is coming over to play with my 3 little boys. 6 boys under 5 yrs old + 2 moms. Bring it on. I'm ready."

"Me and my 3 boys are headed to church now. Yeah! Was so bummed we had to miss last week because of our flu. Have a blessed Sunday all!! =)"

"Thank u 2 the Good Samaritans @church 2day who helped this strugglin mom push Z's stroller, carry J, hold N's hand & try not 2 spill coffee"

"Haven't had a beer at a ball game in years and just couldn't resist it tonight. Oops. #theregoesmydiet #extrasprintstomorrow"

"In related news my jeans don't fit quote so well anymore. They are currently trying to unbutton themselves. Stupid beer."

"Nicholas just spilled his entire popcorn into my open purse. Guess it'll come in handy if I get hungry later?"

"For some reason my son thinks if he dances during a time out the camera HAS to go on him and he keeps getting SO mad when it doesn't. Haha."

""Mom!! The Laker girls r wearing underwear! And baby diapers! And underwear!" and that folks is how u know the outfits have become 2 short."

"I know I should be doing less tweeting and more game watching... but it's hard to focus when you're up by 30 points!! Oh well."

"I think I'm going to fall asleep sitting up in my chair. 2 hrs sleep last night + blowout game = sleepy Kristen."

"My 2 yr old handed me the remote and said "see daddy!" so I put on the dvr of last night's game and now they're happily watching daddy."

"Mom tip: give food a cool name & ur kids'll eat it! I make a smoothie w/banana, apple juice & spinach, call it "monster juice", they luv it! ... I don't think there's any other way I could get em to drink a bright green drink! Works like a if only that worked on husbands!"

"Trying to relax getting a pedicure and this girl next to me is blabbing SO loudly on her phone. Why doesn't anyone have cell etiquette?"

"Thank you @Starbucks for destroying all of my taste buds the day before Thanksgiving by serving me a BOILING hot cup of coffee. Ridiculous."

"Seriously never seen this many people at equinox...I think every single member is here today workin off that turkey and stuffing! ... Me? I've been here every day this week to work off my stuffing. ;) AND I'll be here tomorrow and the next day too!"

"Feeling so incredibly blessed on this Thanksgiving morning. God is good. =) Have a great day all!"

"No black Friday shopping for me. Can't imagine tryin to shop alone w/a 3 month old 2 yr old and 4 yr old. I think I'd lose one"

"I'm getting gas & some guy sees my OR plates and says "welcome to California!" Aw. How sweet. Who says there's no nice people in la? Not me!"

"Aw. I got my first hater tweet from a Laker fan. How cute. Ah yes basketball season is truly upon us. I forgot the players aren't human."

"Just bc someone has a twitter account doesn't mean u can be rude & classless. It just means you can talk to them. Nicely please."

"Just reached into my purse for my phone and pulled out...popcorn from the last game when my son spilled the whole box in my purse. Haha."

"Love the overweight balding middle aged man behind me yelling at the players to "wake up and stop playing like sh*t, thanksgiving's over" ......"umm you wanna give it a go out there and see how you do fella? ;)"

"At the park w/my babies while big boy's at school. My 2 yr old found another 2 yr old to play with. Their own little language is priceless."

"If the players aren't allowed 2 complain, the refs should @ least do better! He changed his mind on the call & changed it 2 a foul on steve?"

"When they play "everybody clap your hands" I literally can't stop myself from clapping. Anyone else....?"

"It's literally my first time going out in YEARS!! Can you tell I'm tired already?! Time for some red bull!! :)"

"Woooaaaahhh. Welcome to LA. The paparazzi and stuff are no joke out here. I'm currently blind. Goin home to SLEEP! :)"

"I'm missing my hubby and big boys who are all at a bday party right now while I'm home with our fussy baby! Hope they get home soon. :)"

"Why does my power have to go out the night before I go out of town and I need POWER to finish dishes, laundry, vacuum and LiGHT to pack?!"

"I know I'm late on trying "new twitter" but I hate it. Anyone else? ... I see timeline, mentions, retweets, searches, lists.....where the &*@# are my DMs??"

--Mark Medina

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