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Caught in the Web: Lakers preparing for San Antonio


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details the Lakers' current dysfunctions.

--CBS Sports' Ken Berger reports that Lakers forward Ron Artest suffered a cut below his right eye after colliding with Shannon Brown.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding highlights Artest's frustration with not playing in the fourth quarter.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky previews the upcoming week.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin wonders if the Lakers' recent slump will serve as a wake-up call.

--Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich says he believes reports of the Lakers' demise are greatly exaggerated.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford details the Lakers' "feisty" practice on Monday.

--AOL Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson details Andrew Bynum's problems with injuries.'s Mike Trudell previews the Lakers-Spurs match-up.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz wonders how the team will respond to Kobe Bryant cracking the whip.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore breaks down the Lakers' poor defense against Miami.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano explains what the Lakers can do to turn things around.

--48 Minutes of Hell breaks down the Lakers-Spurs matchup.

Tweet of the Day:"Is there anything fun to don in bakersfield? not that im goin to do anything out here, but im jus curious?????? lol" -- DevinEbanks3 (Lakers forward Devin Ebanks)

Reader Comment of the Day: "The same thing that makes this Lakers team great is the same thing that drives a true Lakers fan nuts and terribly disappointed. That thing is their propensity to turn it on and off, which seems to happen at the right time at least in the last three years. However, one will find it hard not to question this team's sense of pride as far as losing back to back games in their homecourt and in front of their fans who pay a premium to see them play. They just give you the perception that they do not care. I have been a true and long-time Lakers fan and will always be. Nonetheless, I will not hesitate to say that such lackadaisical and complacent attitudes are not something we saw on Jordan and the dominating Chicago Bulls." -- ElCid94

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs shoots the ball during a game against the New Orleans Hornets on Nov. 28 in New Orleans. Credit: Chris Graythen / Getty Images.

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Congrats on the Friedman ElCid94!

Great comment El Cid 94.

Today is a new day, it would help our players if we say a prayer of thanks for the bounties in the past and a little luck in the future. Go get the Spurs.

Aside from the congratulatory remarks, we like to welcome El Cid 94 to the blog. I believe you have Spanish heritage to choose that noble and courageous warrior. We wish Pau Gasol receives that heart of a true warrior in the lineage of El Cid.

Hey Pau, we are cheering for you. Courage amigo like El Cid, you may be the best European player in NBA but if you lacked courage then these brutes will intimidate u, trample u and most of all mock u till you lose respect at your own willpower. Have courage to fight back but don't let the zebras catch u. You can do that u have played a rough game before.

A welcome and a history lesson at the same time. Damn that Edwin is Good! Yes ElCid94 welcome to Lakers Blog!

Game day, YEA!!!!!!!!! I do believe we will get back on track. Ron Ron will want to get another ring and will be less distracted since that hoopla is over, and when The Black Mamba talks,the team will listen. I do agree with one of the posts that Phil paces the team and doesn't really push it until the time is right, and who does it better than Phil? We've been to the finals the last three yrs, which other team has done that? Hi Mamba24, hope your day is going well. GO LAKERS, Back to Back to Back!!!!!!!!!

Hey NewMexicoLL how are you today? Yes my day is going very well and will be Outstanding after this huge Lakers win tonight. Hey double game day for you! Lakers & Vikes!!! least the Vikes wear Purple!

I'm really excited about tonight's game. The disappointment of the Christmas massacre is but a speck in my rear view mirror. I don't expect our boys to do a complete turnaround from their bad habits by tonight. Habits take a while to form and likewise take time to be changed. But hopefully, this is the turning point where they begin to take games more seriously and do the little things that matter. I have avoided reading all the negative coverage about the Lakers, call it living in a bubble, but I want to have my faith intact when I log onto the chat tonight and root for our team with other members of this blog. See y'all later!

Hey guys, I just got out of General Hospital where I have spent the last two and a half days trying to get word of the condition of a family member who was assaulted by gang members. I won't be on the blog for a while as his condition is serious. He's not a gangmember and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Please please keep him in your prayers. I'll be back as soon as I can. Thanks Posted by: Cap's Goggles (83-79) | December 27, 2010 at 11:41 PM
(01) utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER – CHAPLAIN - Lord, please be with Cap's Goggles & family. Restore the health to the family member hurt in that SENSELESS act of gang stupidity. Bring the culprits to justice and manifest Your healing to the one who is hurt. You are a Healer. Please manifest yourself as such to this family.
(02) PSYCHEDLAKERGIRL – OWNER - Cap's Goggles - prayers out to your family member.
(06) MAMBA24 – Stay strong my brother you know you got all the Laker Nations Prayers!
(09) LAKERTOM - @CAPS GOGGLES... Our prayers will be with your family, Felix. Hope all ends well.
(10) LAKERSRULE(AMIT) - Cap Googles - Sorry to hear about your family member.Hope you find the courage and strength to help him pull through.Take care man.
(11) MCLYNE - My family will be praying for your wounded loved one. Some things in this world just don't make any sense.
(12) LROB - Caps Goggles – Your family member is in my prayers.
(13) JUSTALAKERFAN - My prayers go out to you and your family member. Gang violence is so stupid especially if your own kind do the shooting. Senseless just senseless waste of life. Hang in there bro.
(14) CYBERCOSMIX - Cap's Goggles: Take care in your time of pain. I pray that everything goes well with your family and he can make a full recovery. Looking forward to your return, the blog will be a lesser place until you return but the important thing is the healthy of your loved one. Hang in there, we're all pulling for you!
(15) D(EREK) J(ETER) - Our prayers are with you Cap.
(16) MARK G. -GL Caps googles



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