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Caught in the Web: Lakers enjoy a day off

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan reports it's not guaranteed Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter will be back with the Lakers next season.

--Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin argues the Lakers need more from Ron Artest.

--Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe pins Shannon Brown as a pleasant surprise and Ron Artest as having a disappointing start through the regular season quarter mark.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin looks at how Artest has managed his new role.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford looks at how Fisher his managing his on and off-court responsibilities.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz wonders whether the Lakers will keep Andrew Bynum within the next 18 months. put together an extensive photo gallery highlighting numerous celebrities who attend Lakers games.

--Silver Screen and Roll's wondahbap looks at Lamar Odom's performances in the past week.

Tweet of the Day: "Chilling in bed watch the colts vs cowGURLS lol......ugh I dnt wanna pick @justinlaboy up from the airport :-/ sum1 else plz get my brother" -- DevinEbanks3 (Lakers forward Devin Ebanks)

Reader Comment of the Day: "A Shaq statue outside of Staples. No Fricken way!!! I think they should name a urinal in each bathroom of Staples after him. This guy has proven over and over again that he has no class and is never afraid to badmouth the Lakers. Yes, he was a dominant player for three years in a row, but remember what happened after that? Because of his glutoness, self serving attitute, he started coming into each succesive season fatter and fatter. He gave up on himself and his team. He became "Fat and Happy Shaq." Then, he and Kobe had their private and public fueds, almost leaving us with neither star player. On his way out of town, he ripped just about everyone in the organization who didn't have the last name of West. I can go on and on, but I think you remember the rest." -- mclyne

--Mark Medina

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In the wake of a terrible sports week, it's a dark day in San Diego. I now look forward to watching the only sports team that is worth my time. The Los Angeles Lakers.

The week started with some suckiness. AEG bought 35% of the Chargers, making a Charger move to LA seem inevitable. Then, my favorite Padre, Adrian Gonzalez, gets traded away because our team doesn't want to pay him. And yesterday was the icing on the cake with the hated Raiders absolutely destroying the Chargers. So it was suckiness all around for my city.

So I look forward to watching the Lakers. They are the only team that I can depend on. Thank you Jerry Buss. I'll always be a Padre/Charger fan, but it brings me much more joy to watch the Lakers and there is no doubt about that.

At least we have the great weather and fine girls here in SD.

Go Lakers!

mclyne with the win! Shaq ALWAYS says nice things about you though.

Rocky - sorry about the coming storm that is San Diego sports at the moment. San Diego's always a small bastion of sanity in the SoCal madness to me (and one of the best places to catch concerts... usually way better than LA).

Maybe they'll just put a bullet train in, call them the California Chargers and place them equidistant between SD & LA, so that it's just one big parking lot and people come from miles around to see the games. Probably not though.

@mclyne - Congrats on your RCOTD. A lot of folks agree your sentiments about the Diesel. But there's the other group that still feels he deserves recognition for 8 very successful seasons and making the Lakers relevant again. Definitely not a statue, but retired jersey would be cool.

@MVP - thanks for the link. I'm glad the Knicks are doing better.

@63 Footer - You're right about the Mavs self destructive DNA. I got a kick out of the Spurs destroying them in the playoffs last year after Cuban tried to talk up the rivalry.

@FEARless - It's a long season. You only need to make it in the top 6 to get in the playoffs so keep fighting.

The progress of Bynum's conditioning and Caracter's development Lakers have added TWO heavy weights with natural physical force to dominate the paint and help Gasol and Odom get all the rest they need.

I think Kobe should get some rest too and give more mintues to Barnes and Ebanks.

Regarding Bres article on Caracter and Ebanks possibly not being back with the Lakers next year...I'm sure that's a possibility, but I think Ebanks could be a good asset down the road.

LRob - Dirk's a pretty amazing player but he always feels like a stat miracle, but a winning nightmare. He's just such an odd fit to be built around. He can't power in the low post, so when the chips are down in a series, you can't go that direction (a la a Shaq), and he has to have the ball passed to him (unlike a Kobe), so you can't go that direction either. Wonderful shooter, but an odd fit to build a championship team around.


Congrats on the Friedman! I'm glad MM selected a post that was peppered with some colorful verbiage for a change. Niiiiice!

That's why they play the game:

Congrats to the players for workin' this one out for us. We were ready to jump up Miami / LA at the beginning of the season and up jumped some drama 'round the association.

Evidently there's some validity to those 82 games we have to wait through.
Hope our upcoming holiday win streak doesn't spoil the plot.

Thanks guys! It's my first Friedman and I will remember it forever!

I think both Ebanks and Caracater have a future with this team beyond this year. If Bynum is our Center of the future, then I think Caracter, in a few years, would fit in nicely with him on the front line. Ebanks is a great garbage man, kinda in the vein of Barnes, who will get increased minutes once his jumper becomes more reliable.

So, I watched some of the Spurs/Hornets game yesterday and the Spurs looked scary good. They are playing a more up tempo style of ball since Manu is 100% and Parker is still extremely hard to guard. As long as they stay healthy, they will be near the top of the west all season.

Gasol is taking a lot of minutes beacuse Theo Ratliff, the back Center for the rehabbing Bynum who was signed over the summer to fill up for Bynum's absence during the start of the season got injured. Lakers should have signed a mid-age veteran 28-32 (Diop) or a 2-3 yrs experience young developing big (Jason Smith) , than a ready to retire veteran at 37 in Ratliff. Well, Theo looked good in the pre-season, he looked like a real good free agent signing at that time. I guess it if just unfortunate he went down with injury.

63 footer,

Our city won't even vote for a new Charger Stadium. That's why the Chargers are leaving. The owners want a new luxury stadium paid for with tax money(which IS a ridiculous proposal considering the financial state of the city). If the people of San Diego aren't willing to sacrifice for a new stadium to keep the Chargers in town, I doubt they would be willing to fork some tax money over for a bullet train. This town is fickle.

Mclyne, nice RCOTD. Shaq lost his laker statue when he sinned and signed up with the Celtics.

Go Lakers!

Rocky - Naw, I was just joking about turning Orange County into a parking lot and put the Chargers right in the middle between LA & SD. No one wants to pay more money for anything anymore. Whelp, we'll see how it plays out.

I myself have no problems with Shaq other than his great waste of potential, but I believe if we're going to have a forest of statues in front of Staples, he's far down on the list. Of course, where the debate was whether Jerry should be in playing garb or GM garb, I guess the debate for Shaq would be should he be bent over presenting his backside, or being the one having a backside presented to him.

Heya Family :)

I'm happy after a really hectic week to get back and in my favorite web place ever...

Restored by snowboarding, by Lady Gaga gig (honestly... so much theatrics is like a 24/7 carnival ON stage and OUTTA stage... so much fun... regardless of your appreciation of her music or style, if you wanna live a good entertainment go check her... fun and carefree... totally worthy ;)) and ready to a wondeful two days break (tomorrow is Milan Saint Day and it means La Scala Theathre Première for me: it's Wagner this year and I really look forward to it... so yeah... Lady Gaga on Sunday and Wagner on Tuesday... talk about mixed taste ;)) I can finally check and read all that you've posted the past two days.

I haven't posted much past week because when I am not down with Lakers I risk to write things that aren't fair to them.
And I don't like being overcritical... especially when we are in the early stage of the season.
So I just read without writing, waiting for some sun to come back.

To be honest I don't believe Kings were much of a comeback... because really... Kings are so lame (sorry... they are) to win easily with them is nothing more than requested and doesn't say yet if we're progressing or not.

But at least that streak of pain was interrupted.

I was scared of what my calendar was starting to look like (I mark won game with a green "W" and the lost ones with a red "L" and although red is my fav color... well... I couldn't stand it anymore over that paper...) so I'm relieved Kings happened anyway.

Congrats to all RCOTD that I haven't cheered "live"... and let me say that among them all...

>>> Yes I am mostly...

> TEAM MCLYNE all day long : you just synthetized my sentiments about FatShaq perfectly- and more.
I would definitely not enjoy any tribute to somebody who has done everything to be a knife stabbing on our backs repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly.
Sure, he also made us win back in time...ALONG OTHERS... but after he lost all Lakers shine by losing all possible dignity in tricks and offenses.

Some maybe forgive... but I don't.

I don't have that in me.

I'll never have...

About incoming games... well, it's gonna be a very tough December.
I don't try to exercise foresight cos honestly I don't have clues at the moment.

I exercise patience and I rely on my faith and confidence we can make all dreams come true.

Right in time.

The rollercoaster in LakerLand is kinda due... so I'm used to the shake and rolls and I just try to be steady cold.

More or less.

Today I feel very PJ Harvey, so the song of the day is "Good Fortune":

A huge embrace... LLL Z. :)

Shaq still dominates...

Hey Z! Wagner and Gaga seem to me to work well together, especially if it's any part of the Ring Cycle.. (Without commenting on her music, I have great respect for Lady Gaga, as she works hard, understands what it is to be an entertainer, and makes the most of what she's got, which is all you can ask.)

Yeah, the Queens, not much other than finally getting a win. We'll see this and next week.

I'll come back from your PJ Harvey with some Tanya Donelly:

once again, EXCELLENT post Zaira!

I might be able to forgive Shaq if he had the talent, and humbleness to write a song, dedicated to us Laker fans, one, one-hundredth as good as this one:

I went to the La Scala opening night gala in 2000. What a scene!

It's like opening day in the baseball season. The President of the Republic shows up, and everybody sings!

mclyne - Great post...congrats on the Friedman...

LRob, 63 Footer - Wham and Rick reaction...

888 - I would love to get Ronny Turiaf back...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

RIP "Dandy" Don Meredith. "Turn out the lights, the party's over. They say that all good things must end." His life, indeed, is in the refrigerator. MNF was never the same after him and Cosell. He was 72.

Zaira - your selection brought back memories of one of my crushes in the 80s...

mclyne: Congrats on the RCOTD, I agree with 888 that it's nice to see some colorful language get the nod. I agree with your sentiments, think that as time goes by, the contributions Shaq made to those three championships goes more and more unnoticed. Shaq statue, no. Don't know about a urinal either, lols, but I'd be fine with a Shaq #34 hanging up in the rafter one day. For a couple of years he was as dominant an offensive force I have ever seen (having not seen Wilt in his prime I could imagine shades of what it may have been in seeing Shaq).

Zaira points out how he's been a jerk since he's left L.A., but that is who he is, a big kid that says whatever - usually to get a laugh. There is no doubt that of all the players he has played with, the only one he respects is Kobe, the one guy that always stood up for him, and didn't accept his lack of dedication to the game.

No doubt Mitch and Dr. Buss made the right call in which superstar to keep around though...

There is no doubt after The Logo gets his much deserved statue, who the next should be...

- - -

Rocky: The sad thing is, San Diego has done a poor job supporting the Chargers, but L.A. really doesn't want them either. However, it's taken the deep-pockets here 15 years to figure out that forking out their own dough is the only way a new stadium will get built (I'm one for seeing a Coliseum overhaul, guess I'm in the minority with that opinion).

Us Cali-folk have been pretty good in passing taxes that improve the environment or way of life, but have been proudly stubborn in passing bills to subsidize stadiums for billionaire owners to play their teams - rightly so in my mind.

Feel your pain for your other teams, lucky we all can unite around the Lakers!

- - -

LRob: Yeah, you're right about Rodman. I remember though maybe a year earlier that supposedly West turned down a C-Webb for Eddie/Nick deal, and we really were needing a power forward big-time at that time. I remember The Big Nasty saying that it was because of Webb partaking in the sweet leaf.

We also did bring in J.R. Rider and even Horry for throwing a towel at Ainge (LOL!) - but for the most part the organization hasn't sold it's soul, maybe it's left arm, but no more than that...


888 - yeah, that first couple Monday Night Football lineups were the best.

Lew - stop! Stop the madness!

right back at you with this one, although I never did have a crush on Cyndi:

As much as I love Ron Ron, I am disappointed with his season so far...

I thought he would have had better results with the hot preseason he had...

I can't pinpoint it...but he seems slow and one dimensional on offense...

Is he just pacing he not 100% healthy...or is he getting complacent...

I hope Ron puts my concern to rest, when we play the Bulls...let's see if he can contain Derek Rose...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


OK, this was the 70's and considering that we're responding to our Goddess, I'll focus on the crush aspect of this female vocalist. The song ain't too bad either.

Oh, we're going that way, eh? I guess we'll have to haul out Mrs. McEnroe:

And, of course, the GOAT of that sort of thing at that sort of time:

Here's my 2 cents worth on Shaq. He was obviously a truly great player. He also was crucial to the Lakers' ability to win 3 rings. But I'm sorry, that's NOT sufficient to be considered "one of the Laker all-time greats".

The key here isn't that Shaq became a "traitor" for playing for any other team, Celtics or otherwise. NBA players often get traded to other teams for any number of reasons. So you can't hold that against him. No, the thing that makes Shaq unworthy to be considered one of the all-time Laker greats is his total lack of appreciation for the history, organization, and "Laker-for-life culture" of the Los Angeles Lakers. In other words, by relentlessly bad-mouthing and demeaning that very culture, he himself (not us) chose to exclude himself from that hallowed pantheon of Laker greats.

NBA Hall of Fame? Sure. I fully support his inclusion there. Laker statue and jersey? Never.

If we're goin for boyhood crushed, this is mine:

LMAO with all the crushes...funny, everyone's crushes were mine too...

Could it be we were younger, and hormones were flowing more then...

Here is another one of those wet dream stars...

OHHHHH Appalonia!!!! Nice one!

Oh wait, Richard Marx was a guy! Ooooops!



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