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Andrew Bynum reports same soreness in right knee after Monday's practice

December 20, 2010 |  2:19 pm

Naturally, any item featuring an Andrew Bynum injury update heightens worries that he'll never escape the injuries that follow him. That's why when Bynum revealed that he felt soreness in his right knee after the Lakers' 120-110 victory Sunday over the Toronto Raptors, plenty of people shared predictions and perhaps even wagers on when the next Bynum injury would happen. And the same activity will likely resume for two reasons: Bynum revealed he felt the same soreness and a "sharp pain" in his right knee during Monday's practice at the team's facility in the El Segundo and Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Bynum felt a "little stiff," prompting him to shortly remove him from practice .

In fact, the revelation regarding Bynum's admission that his knee felt sore appeared surprising to Jackson.

"Who said it was sore?" Jackson said. "Did Drew say it was sore? I didn't hear any report about it so that's news to me."

Bynum is coming off a 16-point performance on four-for-six shooting against Toronto, but Bynum and Jackson acknowledge the conditioning level is behind enough that he won't appear in the starting lineup anytime soon. Bynum also added that the team's training staff told him not to worry about any pain as long as the swelling remains minimal. Jackson echoed that sentiment saying, "That's going to happen when he's coming back to game conditioning."

But is Bynum's soreness going to limit him in any way on the floor?

"I think you're going to feel it more when you first start than down the road when you're getting back into game shape," said Bynum, who's averaged 7.3 points on 35% shooting in 16.5 minutes per game in four contests while wearing a knee brace. "I'm going 100% as much I can because I need to get back into game shape."

-- Mark Medina

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