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Andrew Bynum reports same soreness in right knee after Monday's practice

Naturally, any item featuring an Andrew Bynum injury update heightens worries that he'll never escape the injuries that follow him. That's why when Bynum revealed that he felt soreness in his right knee after the Lakers' 120-110 victory Sunday over the Toronto Raptors, plenty of people shared predictions and perhaps even wagers on when the next Bynum injury would happen. And the same activity will likely resume for two reasons: Bynum revealed he felt the same soreness and a "sharp pain" in his right knee during Monday's practice at the team's facility in the El Segundo and Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Bynum felt a "little stiff," prompting him to shortly remove him from practice .

In fact, the revelation regarding Bynum's admission that his knee felt sore appeared surprising to Jackson.

"Who said it was sore?" Jackson said. "Did Drew say it was sore? I didn't hear any report about it so that's news to me."

Bynum is coming off a 16-point performance on four-for-six shooting against Toronto, but Bynum and Jackson acknowledge the conditioning level is behind enough that he won't appear in the starting lineup anytime soon. Bynum also added that the team's training staff told him not to worry about any pain as long as the swelling remains minimal. Jackson echoed that sentiment saying, "That's going to happen when he's coming back to game conditioning."

But is Bynum's soreness going to limit him in any way on the floor?

"I think you're going to feel it more when you first start than down the road when you're getting back into game shape," said Bynum, who's averaged 7.3 points on 35% shooting in 16.5 minutes per game in four contests while wearing a knee brace. "I'm going 100% as much I can because I need to get back into game shape."

-- Mark Medina

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The New NBA Champs your Miami Heat

Lakers...Trade Bynum while you can. He's medically flawed and will never be able to compete throughout an entire season. Admit you were wrong and cut your losses while there's still time.



Troy- I agree, now send him to the Heat. What are you waiting for....NOW.

Troy- I agree, now send him to the Heat. What are you waiting for....NOW.
Posted by: JUSTA HATER | December 20, 2010 at 02:32 PM

We can trade him for LeBron and DWade. Both can off the bench just like Bynum does for us.

@MM... Welcome back, Mark. As usual, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. We missed you even though we know you deserved the time off. Kudos also on your decision to ban ouchhhhhh. That’s too bad but it was obvious that there were too many times when his “art” just plain got out of control. I know his constant barrages were keeping regular bloggers away. Let’s hope that Utz and Mamba will now return in their critical roles for the blog. ..................................
@HOGAN... Congrats on the Friedman award, Hogan. Very well deserved. I have to say that I find myself shaking my head in unanimous agreement whenever I read the sage comments you post. Great to have another strong voice of reason anchoring the blog. Keep up the good work.


@CORNER J... I agree completely with your comments about the Miami game. I also have no problems with Phil and the Lakers taking their time and allowing Drew to get his physical conditioning back not to mention overcoming the obvious reluctance and doubt he has to be feeling about his injured knees before returning him to the starting lineup. There is no way that he cannot be worried every time he jumps that he will get injured again. At this point, I trust Phil and the Lakers to manage bringing Drew back. The key is having him fully healthy when we hit the playoffs. In the end, Christmas day is just one of 82 regular season games. Drew’s presence for the 15 to 18 mpg that he is playing is alone reaping great benefits for the Lakers.


Catching up. Couple of things i wrote last night but fell asleep before I got them posted;

Jon K. I suppose. He seems to be able to psychologically handle the pressure, and if opposing players were going to target his knee, they could have figured that out by now. I just worry about his learning curve...

Hogan- ‘that’s what we were missing last year?’ we should be missing so much every year. Won the title, yes?

RE People being banned. I am all for forgiveness, and I think that we are better off teaching people how to behave with a modicum of social skill on here than just kicking them off and letting them wander off to abuse other blog's comment forums. On the other hand, if nobody sets limits on what is acceptable speech, then nobody who practices this kind of personal attack will ever learn that it's not ok to do it.

I (and I don't think I'm alone on this) like to mix it up a bit with some zingers, some jokes, and a bit of a wacky persona. I don't self edit all that much. But if I do go over the edge and really sink to attacking people personally, nobody is doing me any favors by making a couple of snide comments about my rudeness, I would appreciate it if there was a policy in place that could ban me temporarily so I would know what is ok by the blog and what isn't. I wouldn't have a problem with that.

I like to think that nobody is mad at me at the current moment because of anything i said about them personally, to be honest, I don't know anybody that much personally. I think people like Jon K, myself, Utz and LEW are a bit more vulnerable to attack because we share stuff about our lives on here. Others never mention anything beyond their opinion of the Lakers.

I can't say which is right, but since we do have a tradition of support for the members of our community that are going through personal struggles; like Utz and his daughter, Nemaia and his mother's passing, Rick and his (undetermined), and me and my father, and of posting blogger profiles, I do think it behooves us a little bit to keep the personal attacks to a minimum. I don't think it helps if anyone is afraid to share for fear some guy may get his panties in a bunch, if you'll pardon the expression, and lash out at somebody's family because some other person said that their opinion of Andrew Bynum was incorrect.

So I'm gonna try to remind you guys again that while we disagree with each other's opini0ns and may even think the other guy is a couple of nets shy of a basketball court, we don't bring his family or his personal stuff into it.



@Tom: Did you read my post earlier today. I never left.

That is why I can't stand LeChoke fans...a lot different than Chowder least I respect the Greenies...for they know what it takes to win a championship...

Heat have won 21 games...whoohoo...yep the NEW NBA champs...roflmfao...

Same old thing the last 2 years...all season long...they crown themselves champs because of the hollow King...all happy and ecstatic during the regular season...

Then comes the last rounds of the playoffs and finals...and the King has already gone fishing...for Kingfish of course....


Maybe we could have a 'blogger rehabilitation program' with some sensitivity training and some form of community service?'


you wrote: are your "issues" (as I believe you have referred to them) any better? I am curious, due to the fact that I think you said there were some hindrances on your ability to perform escrima (if "perform is the correct word).

my response: funny you should mention that. I'm staring at a bandage on my
off hand. 13 stiches waiting to come out.

psst. I got a secret for you. SHARP KNIVES CUT GOOD!!!


Also; "soreness' is good. Soreness is what I could have predicted he would feel after playing real basketball after a major surgery. I expect the rest of him is fairly 'sore' too. I am not going to freak out over that.

When it goes to 'lying on the ground clutching his knee and screaming in pain' then I will be happy to go into full panic mode.

And it makes no damn sense to trade Bynum. If he is healthy, we need him. If he isn't healthy, nobody will want him.

If we make some kind of fantasy trade based on the calculated chances of him being hurt to set his relative value, then trade him for a player whose value matched that, we won't get anybody worthwile. As a fantasy manager I would be happy to trade a possibly injured center for a mid range PF, but I can't see that happening in the real NBA. Front offices plan on known quantities, not playing the odds.

Also; "soreness' is good. Soreness is what I could have predicted he would feel after playing real basketball after a major surgery. I expect the rest of him is fairly 'sore' too. I am not going to freak out over that.

When it goes to 'lying on the ground clutching his knee and screaming in pain' then I will be happy to go into full panic mode.

And it makes no damn sense to trade Bynum. If he is healthy, we need him. If he isn't healthy, nobody will want him.

If we make some kind of fantasy trade based on the calculated chances of him being hurt to set his relative value, then trade him for a player whose value matched that, we won't get anybody worthwile. As a fantasy manager I would be happy to trade a possibly injured center for a mid range PF, but I can't see that happening in the real NBA. Front offices plan on known quantities, not playing the odds.

@UTZ... I know there was an issue over how Oucchhhh had responded to your daughter’s problems, Chris, and just assumed that you were not giving game day prayers because of his rudeness. As you know, I was also a constant target of his “art.” At any rate, glad you didn’t leave and glad we won’t have to scroll by Oucchhhhhh’s “art” any more. LOL


Dang, I got double posted. I haven't done that in forever. I must be off my game.

WOW 13 stitches...hope your hand heals soon...

You don't get a cut that bad slicing onions...were you using a meat cleaver on some chops or something...

Some really shouldn't be thinking of MVP888 while cooking in the kitchen....j/k


Phred - thanks for the lesson in FBB last week...I can't believe I had you down 8-1 at one point...and then you edged me out in blocks and 3ptm and left me in the dust during the week end...congratulations...and once again...thank you for being commissioner...twice...


The stitches should come out in a couple of days. Nothing serious. just ...

"oops. That's gonna require stitches. Where'd you say that ER was ? "


Favorite part of ER: "Nope. Didn't hit anything vital."

Second best part of ER: "Excuse me. Could you go get me another package of
thread? One won't be enough. "

Both Andrew and Coach Eleven Rings sound fine to me on this "issue."

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!


re: how I got the cut. Ummm .... Can we just say that "Sharp Knives cut Good!"
and leave it at that? *chuckle*

"Maybe we could have a 'blogger rehabilitation program' with some sensitivity training and some form of community service?'"

Wouldn't work. The first step, as everyone knows, is admitting YOU have a problem. With this situation, EVERYBODY was the problem but him. MM with those gosh darn blog profiles, Dan not censuring comments, me and my fake prayers, Jon K and his whatever, Justa and her whatever, Phred and all his love, etc.

WE were the problem...not him. Victim's mentality.

@Lakerholic – I’ll give you three reasons why Drew should start….
1. Back to Back championships with him starting
2. So Pau can matchup with PF’s
3. Set the tone for early inside domination

@Lew – Lady Marmalade – 2000 style… a pretty steamy selection for MM…whoa…are you suggesting he…a…a…never mind. Yep I caught a break with Rondo being out, but I also had JWall and Noah out. But you’re an expansion team in this fantasy league so don’t be too tough on yourself. It took me a year to figure things out

Also nice Christmas Classic - I wonder if anyone knows anything else Bobby Helms made.....hmmm.

Utz- maybe like a sobriety tester in a car that won't allow you drive if you've had to many, we could reallow ***kkkkkkk to come back in if he installs an &^%((#$ tester on his keyboad.'


I hope you heal quickly. Let's start the new year with a new approach before the new year even gets here. I hereby withdraw the "REAL fan" comment and issue a sincere apology.

P.S.- Did you notice that I'm afraid of someone wielding a sharp knife? I kid! I kid!

Some things never change.

Hobbit -

Please make sure to *never* hit anything vital. We don't want anything tragic happening.

Interesting article on Ron Ron...mainly about how the counseling helped him.

@Phred: If they invent one of those, it will be the end of the Blogging industry as we know it.

Well it looks like tomorrow night is going to be even more of a scrimmage than I originally thought it would be. Brandon Jennings out 4-6 weeks with a broken foot and Corey Maggette out with a concussion. Let's hope our boys aren't thinking ahead to the Christmas Day game.

Why are we making such a big deal of the Christmas day game? Miami will come in with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. I hope the Lakers come out with the same attitude, but based on experience I wouldn't come on it.

Let's just say Lakers decides to trade Bynum next week. What are your trade scenarios.

Bynum for Brook Lopez.
Bynum for Scola.
Bynum for Al Horford.
Bynum for Lamarcus Aldridge.


apology accepted. thanks!


re: hitting vital things. You *really* try and avoid that. I can't think of any of
my teachers who haven't been in the ER for something. It it what it is.

As I said before, "Pain is the coin of the realm."

note: People who indulge in "dubious" activities tend to have a certain
calmness when the brown storm arrives. I aspire to that type of calmness.

note #2: If you haven't jumped out of a perfectly good airplane ... I highly
recommend it. If nothing else, the videos they show you are AWESOME!

favorite video: Guy has his lines crossed deforming his chute. He's in a "wicked"
spin. He *CALMLY* unzips his suit. Stuffs the ripcord inside and then
re-zips, before he starts to deal. I'm thinking his heartbeat couldn't have
been more than 80. Just as calm as you please .....

My prayers go out to Willie Green (New Orleans Hornets guard) and his family. His sister and cousin died in an automobile accident last night/this morning after attending the Pistons-Hornets game.


That's what I've been saying about the Heat game. Other than the year before last, when was the last time we won this thing. They HATE playing on Christmas Day. Can you blame them? The reason last year turned into such a fiasco was because season ticket holders either give their tickets away as gifts or sell them at a huge profit to pay for playoff games. Season ticket holders don't behave that way as a general rule. The game has little meaning at most.

Hey all. Playing some catchup...

Decided to step away from the blog for a few days until MM's return, Dan does a fine job but things really spun out of control for a time there. Happy to be back and a big:


- - -

I've gotta say that this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the blog:
THANK YOU LTLF for devoting that hour of your life, it was WELL worth it!

Love ya ricky, but you really took the Pau-love to some insane lengths...

- - -

My 2 cents, Ouchhhhhhhh really didn't know how to draw the line of civility. Aside from his disturbingly great ability to remember or document personal life things written about on the blog, then attempt to spin those things into attacks, he really went off the deep end there. Dan was unwilling to put his foot down, and for a few days there it was literally a Kobe Black Op's commercial shoot.

Edwin, perhaps you should go back and re-read some of the trash Ouchhhhhhh was spewing mid-week, I respect that you stand up for him but like Jon K said, he was adding little more than insults to the blog, really almost single-handedly dragged the blog down.

Glad to be back although with the wife home for the next 2 weeks will be busy on the fixxer-upper (my goodness, no worries from writing a personal thing and having ouchhhhhhhhh try to turn it into an insult in some fashion. lol, although it did provide some sort of twisted/perverse humor seeing how he would weave such things into his insult-filled ranting posts...)

- - -

Laker J, sorry missed your trade from a few days back, at this point I couldn't have pulled the trigger waiting for how Baron will respond back at home to those Sterling taunts. But how 'bout those Raidah's!

OK now, mostly caught up with reading...


What Brandon Jennings is out now too...arrggg...

Finally Bynum and Boozer to finally came back...

Now Jamal Crawford, Rondo, Jennings, Noah, Milicic and even Durant for a couple of game, all injured...

I can only imagine what GMs go through now...

Bynum is the most injury prone big man in the league.

He is only 23 and has had 4 knee surgeries within the last 3 years. Its not like he is 30 and has tons of mileage on him from carrying his team.

If he is like this now, the lakers are screwed for the future with that much money committed to him. Picture bynum as he gets older.

The DUMBEST thing bynum can do, and he did it, is to gain more weight and muscle. Yet every year he does just that. He justified it as "being able to hold his own against the other big centers". The added weight is just messing up his knees faster and faster. The lakers trainers allows him to do it.

Utz, what Phred suggested was praiseworthy. He was attacked yet it gives allowance for rehabilitation. The other guy could be sick.

Shall we continue crucifying him after he has been banned? What is the worst punishment you can think of, being banned in a blog under a democratic society that government should be of laws rather than of men. Suspension for a limited time is appropriate action. Put the blog law or legal spiel in the open so that all posters are clear with their posting behavior.

Staples- On the trade scenarios- Assuming the other GMs would accept; Maybe in Brooke Lopez's case. His offense is close to Bynum's, but his defense is extremely suspect. Doesn't give Pau enough to fall back on and I don't see him doing our 'rotate the big men to help out the guards' defense.

Scola- Interesting, he can play almost good offense and defense, but nothing spectacular. I don't think he is a true center, really. Doesn't know the triangle. Not sure why Houston would do the trade.

Horford- I'm not sure how his learning curve works. If he can do the triangle, it might be a nice 'Bynum has better offense, Horford has more solid rebounding' It might even be a push. But unless Bynum is healthy, Atlanta won't do it, and if Bynum is healthy....see above

Lamarcus Aldridge- That gives Portland three or even four C's with Injury problems, counting Przbilla, Camby, and HA! Oden. We could get any of those guys for a trade, i'm sure.

Aldridge? Probably not, plus it just gives us another PF, not a C. That would probably give us three of the four or five best PF in the league, but not really any good Cs. Also I'm not sure why Portland would do that for the reason's listed above.

Let's focus a little less on trades here. IF BYNUM IS HEALTHY (medium size if, he has taken his time coming back) We already match up great with the Heat or the Celtics. No trade will fix that. If Bynum is unhealthy and has a reduced or nonexistent trade value, we won't pick up anybody that can give us any extra advantage come the playoffs.

This might be my idle speculation, or it might be close to what Mitch is thinking. I don't know. But that's what i've got right now. I don't see us benefitting from trading Drew.

Bynum is the most injury prone big man in the league.

Posted by: Jon J | December 20, 2010 at 03:53 PM

I think we can all agree that Bynum is prone to injury. However, he did go to battle for the Lakers and was an important player in Phil Jackson's rotation for 2 NBA championships. That cannot be overlooked, although some people disagree with his importance in those two championships. I simply say: SCOREBOARD!

In our little world called Lakerland, things get magnified. Nene was out for two years with injuries. Greg Oden? Toast. Chris Kaman is injury prone. Yao? Likely through. Tyson Chandler? Injury prone. Kendrick Perkins? ACL and chronic shoulder problems. I'm sure there are others. Birdman, Kenyon Martin .. both injury prone. Marcus Camby and Antonio McDyess were both a mess earlier in their respective careers, but they both have had nice long careers despite it.

Bynum's left knee doesn't require a brace and I'm pretty sure that the right knee MCL is 100%. He's healing from surgery to a repaired meniscus tear. At his size, that will take time. Yes, he will likely have arthritic knees, scar tissue and probably a somewhat shortened career, but I think the extent of his injuries are magnified a little.

Two rings and counting, baybeee!

I'm sure that most that saw the game noticed when Bynum winced coming up court in the second half, and then grabbed his knee on the next defensive assignment. If the doctors aren't concerned, then neither am I. Rehab isn't all about smooth sailing - but let's all hope Drew's is relatively smooth from here on out...

- - -

regarding the great Kobe Lower Merion tile work: Daniel, fine if you want to criticize that tile piece, but as someone who has worked with tile before, I found that piece to be masterful, truly outstanding work.

Of course, unlike criticizing a professional athlete, who truly do things most (all, in Kobe's case) can only dream of. However, you can make your own artwork and submit it to MM for consideration to merit a blog-entry.

"As a professional artist, I have to say this is totally amateurish."
How about you put your money where your criticisms are and show us...

- - -

LRob, 888: Yeah, we do make a big-deal over the x-mas game (which the Lakers usually don't show up to do more than go through the motions) - but I find myself always getting wrapped up into it like it was a playoff game since the Shaq return to L.A. in '05. The good thing about it, if the Lakers win it's great, but a loss can always be explained away. Win-win! lol

- - -

hobbit, I would say that knife was sharper than your posts - JUST KIDDING!!!

Seriously, take care, hope you have no lingering effects from your cut. Get well man.


About Drew, I think Lakers have only next season invested with a Team option the following year (same year Big Dwight is a Free Agent). That could be interesting.

888 or anyone, does anyone have tickets (and actually plan on going, lol) to the x-mas game?

I'm not sure I'm really on board with the talking animated characters anybody can turn into a sort of movie. It's not that cool.

Wow, Edwin said I was praiseworthy....[cries a few tears of LOVE]

Well, i do what I can. I want to be fair to everybody. But yeah, we got to have some standards of behavior around here.


"Edwin, perhaps you should go back and re-read some of the trash Ouchhhhhhh was spewing mid-week, I respect that you stand up for him but like Jon K said, he was adding little more than insults to the blog, really almost single-handedly dragged the blog down."

I know what he posted are no-no against good manners and downright hurting to Lew and Utz. I felt their pain. The fellow apologized and he was also lambasted by Noah. As I explained to Jon K, we have worst posters than Ouchhhh before, some are said in another language but we were able to overcome. I have problems in banning posters especially under that mitigating aspects, it doesn't fit the crime. Where is the law? Who are we to dictate what should be the punishment? Like what I said to Jon K, I'd like to ask you, have you been fair in all your posts against others? How do we know that you are always right and others are always wrong? It is a give-and-take world. Ouchhhh has been acting in that manner because he was also assaulted by many and under such provocations we could not avoid unfairness for any rebuttal. I was accused as being a preacher, lecturer but my point is to maintain harmony by sticking debates on NBA or with the Lakers, don't go beyond that realm personalizing by calling someone stupid, crap, bum, half empty, dam-dam etc. just because he lambasted Gasol. After all, this is Lakers Blog, where all kinds of Laker fans meet not only a blog for the few.

Agree to disagree, Edwin.
It was MM's call. What's done is done.
Can we PLEASE move on.


I suspect most are, at this point, probably tired of the ban-don't ban discussion, but I would like to add a final (from me) comment on the issue.
MM and the LA Times of course can set whatever standards of conduct they want and can ban at will or not at all. And they don't need to be consistent if they don't want to, they can pick and choose as they like.
But it would be helpful if they would publish the guidelines and state what will result in banning.
Is one personal attack acceptable before banning? Two? Three?
Is it ok to attack another blogger personally but not their family?
This may seem silly to some, like it should be obvious, but sometimes things get heated and people say things they may later regret in a back and forth exchange. Some people may post while under the influence and go overboard. Some write things in the heat of the moment. It happens.

There have been plenty of personal attacks from one person to another, and that person comes right back atcha.
Are both to blame or only the first person to initiate?
Is it ouchhhhh's fault that no one representing the LA Times did or said anything to stop him? Not one word of caution from a Times rep.
Now, of course, most people know better than to go that far off track, but look back at prior postings. There has been plenty of bashing each other from a personal standpoint by more than just one or two people.

Someone needs to step in and say enough is enough, knock it off or you will be banned or suspended for a week or whatever time seems appropriate. Otherwise it can be deemed to be acceptable.
Should any bans be a lifetime ban? Even criminals get out of jail after a few years for doing much worse things than name calling.
Maybe suspensions could also be a tool, a week, a month...

Obviously, the bloggers themselves cannot police the blog nor should they be expected to.
If it's going to be moderated, then moderate in a fair and consistent manner.
Also, what's good for geese is good for ganders.

re FAKERS- SO, y'all see my point?

DJ- I still say the 'if healthy, if not healthy' point holds true. If Bynum is healthy, I would not trade him for Dwight Howard. If Bynum is not healthy, Orlando will never trade Howard for Bynum.

I don't think that speculation leads anywhere.

ART in FL, Edwin- Your faith in humanity does you credit, but what about the post by "FAKERS' above? We need a real policy to control abuse of the free speech the internet anonymity offered by this blog. If the powers that be at the Times can do it, I will not second guess their decisions. If they don't, then the member of the blog should eb able to do what they can to police their own.


I don't mean trade, I'm wondering why we couldn't sign Dwight (Free Agent) and just not exercise Drew's option year? Oh, and don't misunderstand me, about Drew. I HOPE he's healthy for years to come! I like him fine, just food for thought the year after next?


I have noticed that you always slant your reporting on AB. It is good that you tell us how his health is faring, but it is remarkable that there is not even a hint on how AB contributed to the team success during the past few games. This is glaring because--if I am not mistaken--this is your first report on him since you came back. Are you trying to play to your AB critics once again? It is readily apparent to a casual reader of this blog like me that your reporting on AB is narrowly one-sided. You have the power through your keyboard to shape opinions here; it would be right if you use it responsibly.

Art-FL Laker Fan,

You summed it best and I would completely stop from there (unless there are other provocations, huh! there is a new ouchhhh. lol)

What are the things to do in order to win on Saturday. I'm tired of losing on Christmas Day and explaining to my visitors or extended relatives the excuse why we lost the game? How many Lakers fans do we have in Florida? Are they talking of this game or the new Magic players?

Edwin: I hear what you're saying.

I don't want to point any fingers, but the fact is a little more had to be done at the top to keep things from getting out of hand. MM was away, the mice were playing but nothing was being done about it. I think a warning early-on might, which MM has done a few times in the past, might have sufficed. What we saw was the result of no supervision whatsoever, the inmates were running the asylum.

I respect you for standing up for him Edwin. I also respect Utz for being the better/bigger man and accepting his apology.

I've said my 2 cents and then some, I'll listen to Utz's call to let it rest now.


BTW just finished watching NBA TV's new True NBA show - it's great stuff. Especially the first segment on the first show that discusses the 1960 Minneapolis Lakers near-tragic plane landing in an Iowa corn field. Must-see TV!


My son says he really doesn't want to watch Christmas Day because if we lose it ruins his day (Wow, what a serious Laker fan, reminds me of me years back, ha, ha). I remind him that a Christmas Day loss usually means another Championship season, ha, ha.

Lakerholics- It's nice to see that you've accepted the LOST on Christmas Day, have a little faith in your team. They may keep it it close for 3 quarters, before getting BEATDOWN. I like the Lakers, their my second best team. It's just that the desire is not as strong, like the Heat, the Celtic and San Antonio. It's only one lost, not the end of the world. And this talk on trading Drew is completely RETARED, save your energy.

Go Heat


~~thanks but no thanks because it comes from your handle, faker so it is a fake!~*$# Perhaps, you change your handle and suggest something substantive so that we will win on Saturday.

Fakers - That All about the love crap is a FRAUD.

@phred, CCX, Art

I have noticed that people that get banned come back. I seem to recall that Justa Hater was banned (I think?) as was Justa Laker Fan (pretty sure on that one).

They return and they play nice afterwards. I'm pretty sure that they just change their IP address and presto, they are back.

For my two cents, I like the suspension idea better than a trigger and permanent ban whenever MM has had enough. That being said, I will add that as in Basketball, some fouls are flagrant and are a high level offense (flagrant 2).

Edwin, I admire your tolerance and consistancy on this topic. phred too has a commitment to a greater good and his fellow man.

JohnnyV - Well....actually NO, I was not Ban. Is their a problem with me being HERE?

JuSTA- if you really want to get into this

Sounds like FAKERS is an old voice around here, but refuses to learn.

Not much I can do about that.

FCM- Gotta enforce those bans all the way to the hilt if you are ever gonna get the message across.

Hater- I told you it was all about the love. You think i don't love you as a person? If i didn't I'd let you say whatever you want and you would just go and be banned and bitter. I would like you to be the best person you can be and be an asset to the blog.

Are you afraid of somebody accepting you as a person who deserves respect despite the mistakes that you have made?

You think about that.


I'm tired of losing on Christmas Day and explaining to my visitors or extended relatives the excuse why we lost the game? How many Lakers fans do we have in Florida? Are they talking of this game or the new Magic players?

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | December 20, 2010 at 04:33 PM

My wife and I are now the only Laker fans left in FL.
Whoever doesn't love the Heat here now thinks the Magic are magical.
The rest have been deported.


Well, yes, some of us are really sick of cleaning our ears out with all of the bullish that you are spewing out of your mouth.

I hope you start to enjoy your hateful and depressing life someday.

JohnnyV - Well....actually NO, I was not Ban. Is their a problem with me being HERE?

Posted by: JUSTA HATER | December 20, 2010 at 04:51 PM

Ooops, my bad. Sorry about that. I perssonally have no problem with you being here. You are a troll, and we have plenty of those. Just because the Lakers are your second team, doesn't change that you are "Trolling".

If the Lakers win on Christmas day will it change your mind about who will win the championship this year?

JohnnyV- no, JLF was a real laker fan and a real blogger. He lost his temper over Justa's using his name and felt offended. He has since been reconciled. Justa Hater is an unrepentant troll. He gets allowed to post here because he doesn't break the rules of polite society egregiously, but he has a loooong ways to go.

Personally, I would be happy to blast him from the surface of the earth for what he has said to justa, but I believe that even he deserves a chance.

******kkkkkkkk keeps coming back, blaming other people for his problems.

Honestly, if that was going to turn him into a real person who could help others and be a productive member of society, I would be fine with that. But mostly it seems like the turtle giving a ride to the scorpion- i'm not afraid of what he says, but near as I can tell who he is is not changing to anything trustworthy. If it is really worth anything to him, maybe it will eventually.

phred- I actually like reading your post about the LOVE and insights you have on the Lakers.

But sometime you get on the RANT that maybe it's just your strong opinion that's doesn't appear to be much love there.

Maybe I'm wrong...hell it want be the last

Question Justa Hater: If and when the Lakers win on Christmas Day, will you come back and eat crow, or are you goibg to disappear like a few Celtics Fans did after Game 7? Ill be here to take my lumps if they lose, but it would really improve your status on the blog if you man up. ill just wait and see what.

Like the old Spanish Saying states: " Perro que ladra, no muerde" "A Dog that Barks, Never Bites"

It's Pretty Obvious that "afraid for my safety" "Fakers" etc etc is just Ouuuchhhhh getting around the security features to try and continue his tirades on the blog. Im not in favor of a permanent ban on any poster, more like a week long or month-long ban depending on the offense. Still, the desperate attempts to try to sneak back into the blog under different names, like these recent post, is just a sad example of why MM permanently bans posters. Id rather he remove one bad apple than having it spoil the whole group....

do believe the Christmas day game with the heat is not that big of a deal to the lakers also.And i also don't think it will live up to hype as do most over hype games.
I would hate to see that kind of showing in a game like this with all the hype surrounding the heat and them acting like they won the championship.So with that said i expect lakers to show up a play big and show these paper champs from miami who's the real champs.
For me been a laker fan down here in miami where they think their gona be so unstopable now their winning.Lets give them a reality Check even though our pieces aren't healthy this is when our dept should show up once again.
And me i'm also a mavs tonight lets make it 14 in a row.

Go lakers!

CCX - hey just realized we are matched up against each other this week...

Good luck to you...I always start great in the beginning of the week...but seem to fade during the weekends...

Man that picture of Al Davis on your avatar is

Yes the Cheats will be very motivated to play our boys on Christmas...

Then again what team is not pumped up to play the back2back champs...

Every night teams playing us get their moment of spot light...having a good game against the Lakers is a great accomplishments for many, some their glory moment of the season...

Mean while, you have our champs, who have to deflect this concentrated effort, every time they play a regular season game...

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...yes...I'm sure if our boys had a fast forward button to the would have been pressed after the second game...

So do I want to win on Xmas...OF COURSE I do...but I would be happy for an entertaining game, with no one suffering any injuries...If we win...great...if lose, not the end of the world...

If I can stomach a 4 game losing streak...then what is one loss at won't be the first or the last this year...

Saying all that...I hope we kick the living $#^* out of them...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


thanks for the well wishes. I'll pull the stitches on Wed. or Thur.

nothing vital was hit. I still suck at guitar. :)

Hey Art - FL Laker Fan ,your not the only laker fan in florida i'm here in south fl, ft lau and we have quite a few laker fans here more haters than any of course.But thats what made winning the championship so sweet.

And me being from the Bahamas Mycheal Thompson country, and having family through out the carribbean.The lakers are well represented man.

Enigma - I couldn't disagree more. I've defended Bynum lots of times over his injuries and his production. I point out at the top that it sounds like another setback, but I point out that the team thinks this is just a natural part of rehabbing. I also mentions his averages through four games. Not sure what else you want me to say....

regarding the banning, I've warned oucchh numerous times over the past year about going over the line. It's definitely been a back and forth. But what he did while I was gone was unacceptable and he was taking advantage of the fact I wasn't there. Dan also tried banning him but he used several IP addresses to get back on. To say we didn't warn him before is just inaccurate. It may not have been recent but I've warned him over the previous year when he went too far out of bounds

Justa you go to sleep at night, with visions of lebone dancing in your head, remember one thing. Their are only two real teams in the league right now. One wears purple and gold and the other green. All others are imposters. The heat are a fundamentally flawed team, without any true size to compete with the true champions. The christmas game means nothing, except perhaps in Miami ,where fans get delerious over regular season wins.
Of course, Andrew Bynum's status is a more troubling matter. I hope Phil can limit his minutes and keep him upright. He seems to be the key this year



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