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Lakers center Andrew Bynum plans to start Friday's game against Philadelphia

Lakers center Andrew Bynum plans to start Friday's game against the Philadelphia 76ers and reported no pain or swelling in his right knee after Thursday's practice, two signs he's making progress with the conditioning of the surgically repaired knee.

"It was fine," Bynum said at the Lakers' practice facility in El Segundo. "It was nothing."

The only treatment Bynum received on his knee entailed therapy and ice, two procedures considered fairly routine. The only limitations involve what he calls his "explosiveness," a quality Bynum says will improve with more repetition. It's been 15 days since Bynum returned to the Lakers' lineup after spending all of training camp and the first month and a half of the regular season recovering from the offseason surgery. But Bynum made particular progress this week and was the lone bright spot in the Lakers' 97-82 loss Tuesday to the San Antonio Spurs with an efficient 10 points on four-of-four shooting in 22 minutes, though he went two of eight from the free-throw line.

Bynum made his first start of the season in the Lakers' 103-88 victory Wednesday over the New Orleans Hornets, helping end the Lakers' three-game losing streak, playing an integral role on defensive rotations and post presence and scoring 18 points on eight-of-12 shooting in 30 minutes.

"We knew we would have to make this move eventually, getting Drew out there on the floor," said Jackson, who had originally estimated that Bynum wouldn't return to the starting lineup for at least a couple of weeks. "It would take a little bit of an experimental stage and getting-to-know-you stage again. Fortunately, we came through it with flying colors. I thought it would be a lot more clumsy than it happened to be."

Still, anything involving Bynum entails continuous concern over his health. Jackson said he is always curious how Bynum responds a day after activity, particularly on a back-to-back. But a night after testing out his jumping, including an alley-oop lob from Kobe Bryant, Jackson said Bynum told him before practice that he "felt OK."

"The only way to get in shape is to play game-time minutes," Bynum said. "You can practice and you can run on the court, but it's not the same. "The longer you're out there on the floor, the more comfortable you're going to be and the more in shape you're going to get. Everything just works itself out."

-- Mark Medina

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No pain no gain.

Just kidding haha. Good to hear.

This is fantastic news. Now, lets keep getting the ball inside and we should win our next 6 in a row!

Good to hear he's finally learning how to answer the media questions.

Now All the Lakers have to do is Follow last night's blueprint: Inside Out!!

Partial Repost:
Let's hope that Drew's mind is right and he is doing everything to keep his knees healthy. It's a time consuming process which means it will take him away from activities he enjoys doing more. Those knees need to be iced, massaged, worked out in rehab sessions, rested and ready for game day. All the work to keep those knees healthy happens after practice and the game. Just do it Drew and you just might find yourself with regular and finals MVP awards. Yep, he can be that good!

Posted by: frmkt | December 30, 2010 at 02:49 PM


Really glad to hear about the "no swelling." Hopefully it's the truth and he can stay on the floor bringing us HCA and the championship. No Bynum or a legit "5" spellls disaster for this team.

Laker Tom - just wondering if you have seen all those Bynum basher/doubters lately...I've search everywhere...and they are nowhere to be found...hmmm...strange, don't you think...;)

Wow, what a difference 24 hours makes!

This is a good and surprising sign because Andrew played on a back to back and PJ has always monitored how his body responds the day after going through significant activity. He considers the day after affect always to be a telling sign.

So is it me, or has this whole last month just been a way for Phil NOT to coach the All-Star game in LA?

LOL 63 - conspiracy theorists unite!

63 Footer, by all accounts all he does is sit there, so he would be perfect for the All-Star game. LOL!

Hey laker fans, the reason of these too many looses early in the season is for Phil not to be in the all star weekend....
Now LA lets fasten our seatbelt and go for the 3 peat ride starting now...Kobe just relax like Tim, playoff will be yours....

So here's our line up--


It was nice to see our real starting lineup out there this year for the first time...maybe we can put together a good string of victories and the universe will be back to normal.
GO Lakers!

I am yet to see MM give AB his much-deserved praise for his contribution and development since he has been back. His (MM) pieces are with nary a praise for what AB is doing. Instead, they are obsessed with AB's injury. This is MM pandering to his anti-AB faction on here. The most grotesque aspect of it all is that MM blithely shower gratuitous praise on Pau when he plays well. I know MM is going to delete this post, just as he has done for my other posts critical of him.

i'm a bit worried about bynum saying he wants to get back to his explosive jumping best. i think its best for his health to play within himself and not try to overexert himself. i notice a pattern the past few seasons that as soon as bynum gets really good he injures himself. what he did in the hornets game is all the lakers need from him for the season. we need bynum to be there but not necessarily be the best. might be hard for his ego but good for his health.

A few days ago, Phil asked us to be patient. With Drew seemingly back and the schedule as follows:
This should give the team ample time to have fully acclimated to Bynum's return, pad the W column and for Bynum to be getting right on track for these teams:
Those teams will be real good measuring sticks to determine if the team has finally become competitive again followed by the tune up game with the Kings before our game against the Celtics at the end of January. Remember: The Bucks were supposed to be a tune-up but we got tuned up instead! This next stretch of games should be different because now we have our starting line up again and arguably the best bench in the league now that Lamar will be running the second unit!

Again, another favorable schedule for January doled out by Stern & Co. to give the team an opportunity to continue racking up wins. Let's do this Lakers. There's a real opportunity to get another winning streak, lift the team's confidence and have another shot at an elite team of the east. Putting Boston to sleep on 30 Jan will more than let everyone forget about the X-mas day fiasco. I know, one game at a time and looking at January's schedule, we should have moved up in the rankings and have the ability to beat the Celtics.


At last a game that a Laker fan can watch to its entirely. I feel for all the fans who paid to watch them in Staple Center only to see them being kick in the They are 3-6 against teams with a winning record. They've been beaten by teams that is good but not supposed to be a title contender namely Utah, Denver, Chicago, beaten badly by supposed to be title contender like San Antonio and Miami and yet to face real contender like the Mavericks, Celtics,and the Magic. The longer the season goes the shorter the belief that this team will three-peat.

what we have seen recently in the past few weeks is an example of why we need to RESPOND and not to REACT! three weeks ago the idea of getting rid of drew was the battle cry of many,many people. because we were in a vaccum,knowing nothing, emotions took over. if there is anything is to be learned by some of those rather absurd statements, i guess it is to realize that is why pj is in the position he is. patience is a virtue

"what we have seen recently in the past few weeks is an example of why we need to RESPOND and not to REACT! three weeks ago the idea of getting rid of drew was the battle cry of many,many people. because we were in a vaccum,knowing nothing, emotions took over. if there is anything is to be learned by some of those rather absurd statements, i guess it is to realize that is why pj is in the position he is. patience is a virtue

Posted by: lance from da' bronx | December 30, 2010 at 04:11 PM "

Some people are too quick to find fault and some people are too quick to find answers.

After that 4 game winning streak with Bynum back, a lot of people were already saying everything was fine again, then they go and lose 3 in a row. Now they win just one game and people are saying everything is fine again.

@bronx – Thanks for the compliment. I do try to read most of what’s written. I appreciate your insight also like what you wrote about LO nice showtime move.

@NewMexLL – Thanks but actually Psyched Laker Girl deserves most of the credit for LO’s musical selection. I just gave her an assist. (Nice blog teamwork…lol). We haven’t gotten too much snow in Detroit. Nothing like what the Twin Cities gets or what the east coast got hit with over the weekend. Wifey likes Joe Webb, but she’s been kind of a fair weather fan once the bottom fell out. The Lions are playing good with three wins in a row…I can’t believe I’m even typing that. Happy New Year to you and your family.

@63 Footer - Jesse Ventura agrees and has documentation. didn't show up for soundcheck. What's up with that?

@mdomingo - Timmy has to take it easy...he doesn't have a lot left in the tank, while Kobe is still humming along.

Yes slowly but surely Drew coming back in spite of PJ's hacks. Drew needs to lose 10 pounds says PJ, instead of praise for Drew working hard to get back in game shape.

Enigma - I respect constructive criticism. But you need to do your homework. The only reason this post is "fixated on his injury" is because its simply a news post about his latest medical update. A quick Google search will show you several instances where I give Bynum his due

Why people need to be patient with Andrew's rehab

On having surgery after World Cup (

How Bynum matured handling his injuries

Bynum's improved chemistry with Gasol

How the Lakers missed Bynum's presence in Game 4 against Boston

How Bynum fought through NBA Finals and remained effective

How Lakers struggled without him last season

I think I rest my case

Also there's a new post up


My criticism was about articles you wrote after AB's return, not before it. Therefore, the first article (maybe like most of them) you cited is irrelevant. Even when you recognize AB's skill or whatever, you still will find a way to sneak in some comments that would undermine any good thing you said about him. I don't have time to read all your other articles, but it would be better if you give me an unqualified quote or explain one of those articles. But I know you have made you case, but it's not a persuasive one. At any rate, your point is well-taken.

Enigma - Your claim that you don't have time to read the other articles doesn't make any sense. Plenty of them I give him credit for how well he played during the playoffs and mentioned how much the Lakers missed him during his absence.

I've given Bynum his due when he played well, including Miami, San Antonio and New Orleans. Read any of those game reports and you'll see me praising him without any underhanded comment as you say it. I didn't write about him at all when he came back on the road b/c I was on vacation.

Thou I walk through the valley of defeats I fear no troll.



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