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Andrew Bynum participates in five-on-five scrimmage in Saturday's practice

The latest on Andrew Bynum's rehabilitation efforts for his surgically repaired right knee: He participated in full-court and half-court five-on-five scrimmages during Saturday's practice.

He said earlier this week that he's eyeing a return at some point during the Lakers' nine-day trip beginning Dec. 10, but Coach Phil Jackson didn't provide a definitive timetable, adding that it's hard to make a definitive assessment because he wants to see how Bynum's body responds the day after practice.

"He said he's tired, which is natural," Jackson said. "It's going to happen. He said there was one moment that he had a little twinge, but other than that it was OK."

The Lakers plan to take a day off Sunday, but Jackson said he wants to have Bynum participate in more five-on-five drills Monday to improve his conditioning and timing.

"We're not going to have many practices before this road trip," Jackson said, "so it's important we get these in."

Meanwhile, backup center Theo Ratliff ran on a treadmill and completed an elliptical-machine workout; Jackson reported he experienced swelling around his surgically repaired left knee.

-- Mark Medina

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to the guys who are trying to heal those bones

Dit da jow, liquid sea minerals, essential fatty acid, and vitamin D supplementation.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Bynum is a loser and will always be one. No man up for that one. He doesn't belong on the same team as Fish and Kobe and Ron.

Hopefully Andrew comes back on Dec. 7...

That would be the best birthday present I could get...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Ducks are going to the BCS Championship! Hope they represent the Pac-10 well against Auburn.

Congrats 63,

In celebration here's a little Jimmy Johnson, a great Chicago blues guitar player but maybe not as well known as he should be:

- the dreaded re-post from earlier this morning...
MM, I hope you'll be front and center at Laker practices over these next 72hrs as this should mark the first real litmus test of the season insofar as Andrew Bynum's return to the fold is concerned.
He is set to begin full contact practices over these next three days, beginning with some 5-on-5 drills and scrimmages today.
This is the moment I believe we have all pretty much been waiting for.
If he looks as good as I hope he will over these next few days, and there are no setback, I suspect we will see him make his '10-'11 debut at some point during this upcoming 7-game east coast roadtrip.
Please be sure to keep us posted on how Drew looks coming through these next 72hrs.

Sagittarius. 1 week behind ya.

Hey sagittarius i'm on the 7th also.Big ups would be a great B-day present also.

My birthday is 12/7 too. That make 3. Pearl Harbor Day.


Good news on my b-day!

Glad to hear Bynum is up to 5-on-5 drills. Don't like hearing there was even a twinge, but if his knee doesn't swell between now and Wednesday, it sounds as if we have our center back.

Theo's swelling probably means more downtime for him, so getting Andrew back before long will help Pau's minutes drop to **hopefully** under 40 a game.

sportsguy - wrong. Injuries have nothing to do with heart, motivation, determination or skill level. He's a veteran Laker and a vital member of the team, one we need healthy for the games that count - the playoffs.

As Jon K. posts, "What do we play for? RINGS!!!"

Signing Ratliff was a mistake. Period.

But before the mistake of signing Ratliff, there was the mistake of letting Mbenga go.

I agree. Letting Mbenga go, was the bigger mistake. Perhaps NO will trade him back to us?

When Bynum come back there is going to be an adjustment period. We will lose a few games before he settles into the rotation

@GDUB – Thanks for the intro on Julie Dexter.

@63 Footer – congrats on RCOTD. Don’t worry we’ll keep Tiny Bradshaw under our hat. Really Mountain?…haven’t heard that one in years…good one.

@mclyne – Fool for the City – always loved that one. Little Richard doing the intro for Aerosmith…lol. Nice clip of Perry in his prime. Way to give Uncle Ted some love.

@frmkt – ba ba ba Bad !

@Mark G - Cold Cold Feeling….Excellente!

Halftime and the Kings are clinging to a one-point lead against Dallas. Funny how a humilating beatdown can rile up even the lowliest of teams.

sportsguy - not sure how you quantify a guy who hasn't played in 5 months as a loser? Personally, I'm looking forward to his return and am relatively certain that Pau feels the same way.

From the be careful what you ask for department...

Martin Gortat was disappointed when Orlando matched Dallas offer sheet last year because he wanted more minutes and to show what he could do against the big boys (that's a good thing). Well with DHoward out today he matched up against Bogut and here was Gortat stat line:


It's only one game...but I'm just saying.

Looks like Boozer is getting back up to speed. 3rd game back tonight 25pts/9rebs in 30 minutes. The Bulls will be ready for the Lakers on Friday. It should be fun.

Mitch's bigger mistake is he is not signing another big man with two injury prone centers on the Lakers roster.

Sacs came short again...sad...Cousins had 2 chances and zip. Morale is fairly down upstate...

Tough loss for the Kings, but I was impressed by Cousins. A good bounce back game for him.

Hey all! I was so excited about the Friedman, I had to go out and celebrate with much alcohol and playing of music (jammin' with some friends, though I'm so bad, mostly I just watch everyone else play good).

Great news about Andrew; can't wait to see us gel for real. This next month is going to be a bumpy ride, but by New Years, I see us rollin' like a big wheel.

Great music today, Trower, Thorogood, Tull (the killer T's) and some Jimmy Johnson, boy, haven't heard him since his accident, though I know he's recorded a bunch since. Now I have to catch up with his recent stuff. Great stuff all around.

Hi 63 Footer,

Congrats on your RCOTD.

Amidst all the other traffic here, I missed what instrument you play. When I see you note George Thorogood and Jethro Tull, I can tell you're into some serious rocking out! The Delaware Destroyer is bad to the bone!

Rick - first, I was noting musical selections that others had put up yesterday here on the blog, not what I was playing with friends.

That being said, I play bass badly and guitar even worse (but I'm fairly good on the shakers). But I can hold my own in the blues (on bass), and the other day much Hendrix, some Band, Beatles, some West Coast jazz kinda jamming, basic jangly indie pop with 12-string Danelectros instead of Ricks, a Kinks song, much original material by various players, and some weird southern pickin' was played. Oh, and a long jam with Xmas carols as the underpinning. I sucked on all of it, but I looked good while sipping my vodka and wearing my sunglasses.

Mitch and Bunym are holding our team Hostage! Either trade for a big man or get Bumyn on the Court Or get the hell out of L.A.!!!!

Trade Barney Mitch and Video Game Baby NOW,




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