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Andrew Bynum debate: What to expect upon his return

Bynum_300 Andrew Bynum says he's ready to play. The Lakers say they're ready to activate him and turn him loose Tuesday night against the Washington Wizards. Lakers fans and NBA followers worldwide have debated and followed his progress from this summer's surgical repair of his right knee to the precipice of his return.

And nobody knows exactly what to expect. Not even the Lakers. But if there were ever a game for him to debut following his rehabilitation, this match-up against the Wizards in Washington would be it.

The Wizards happen to have three 7-footers and two more forwards at 6-11. Yet none are physical specimens who will require endless minutes of physical play in the post. Bynum's agility will be tested because Washington starts JaVale McGee at center, an Amare Stoudemire/Tyson Chandler-type center who is active in pick-and-roll plays and crashing the boards at both ends of the floor. Fans will get a good look at how Bynum moves on the court and reacts as the Wizards' plays unfold, particularly against the lightning-quick John Wall, who will test the Lakers' guards and interior defense with his slashing moves to the basket.

Is Bynum really ready to come back? Are the Lakers rushing him into action to take pressure off power forward Pau Gasol, who seems to be wearing down game by game as he battles in the middle? It's hard to believe the team would put Bynum's recovery in peril. It seems more likely they would simply cut back Gasol's minutes even at the risk of losing games in December to inferior opponents.

Bynum has primarily participated in three-on-three and four-on-four scrimmages, from what I hear. That's likely because the Lakers don't have enough healthy and rested bodies to scrimmage full court between games. One would have to believe he's ready to go Tuesday night. The Lakers have been careful to bring him along slowly this fall and make sure he's fit to withstand the rigors of practice and now an NBA game.

Which brings us to Tuesday night. Coach Phil Jackson said Bynum was likely to play about 15 minutes. Whether he starts or comes off the bench -- supposedly that's Bynum's decision -- expect the 15 or so minutes of playing time that Bynum collects to greatly benefit Gasol and Lamar Odom. There's no denying that cutting back on Gasol's and Odom's minutes is just as important as Bynum's methodical return to full playing shape.

Speaking of which, don't expect Bynum to be a big contributor on offense. He's going to need a few games to get his wind and timing back. If he's been primarily scrimmaging in half-court sets, no amount of treadmill and agility work is going to get his cardio into game shape. Once he does, expect him to return to his 15-point, eight-rebound average of last season before he was injured.

Bynum's biggest effect will be on defense and rebounding at both ends of the floor. His offensive game will come around in time, as will his conditioning. Until then, clogging the lane, altering and blocking shots, helping on defense and providing some relief for Gasol and Odom will be most important.

-- Dan Loumena

Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol and center Andrew Bynum chat during their visit with President Obama on Monday. Credit: Michael Reynolds / EPA

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Holy Crap, are we really starting the day with this? DAN! Say it ain't so! LOL.

i always thought that we already have 2 turtles in our pet collection.

now we r adding a big old sea turtle too

the game will be played i Slow Motion

compared to 7 seconds d'AhhhhhhTony offense, Fisher needs 7.5 seconds just to cross the half court line. but we still have more than 14 sec for the offensive play.

but, but, but Baby Bynum will need 20 seconds to shuffle ( no, not a Harlem one, he's from Jersey) across the same line … but when he gets the ball, nothing than greatness, elite, all star and other MVP171717 moments


Gassy needs you. no more rag doll thrown in the mud moments

Morning All!

Just wanted to drop a quick line before I get started with my day.

CyberCosmiX and LEWSTRS - I was in transit back to the states, so I didn't get to respond to your posts earlier, but thank you for your kind words. I greatly appreciate them.

Justa - You should have received an e-mail from me by 8am PST.

I'm looking forward to being on the live chat and watching the game at a "normal" time for the first time this season. It's really nice to be back in SoCal.

Hope you all have a good start to your day!

sorry 4 4-getting the ********** for the turtles

they r called " The Warrier" and "El Presidente"

looking forward to the LO and Killer B'sssssssssss play - hope LO really becomes THAT leader of the bench.


so we can beat the Blazers in the 1st round. :-)

is the picture ABOVE taken is South Africa???????

Let's try this again:


I'm going to try one more time:

Are you telling me that as a psuedo journalist you didn't actually bother
to read either of these articles and make some sort of informed
decision as to whether or not you disagree with the articles?

And just so we're clear about this:

Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Society's principles and standards of practice.

I'm guessing this doesn't apply to you CyberCosmix ...

Furthermore, are y'all once again going to blow a gasket about Pau being
considered one of the best Lakers big men of all time?


I love how y'all have glossed over Pau being in the Lakers' top 10 just so you
can continue to spew venom at me.

To everyone *NOT* named KobeMVP888 or Cybercosmix,

I've got an interesting exercise for you.

Go to one of your non-Laker fan friends and ask them the question:

Is Bynum a top 50 center in the history of the NBA?

If they look at you in shock and say: "No ... Why on earth would you think
that? and of course immediately start talking about people who were better
then you know that KobeMVP888 & Cybercosmix are having nothing more
than an emotional response because *I* posted it.

If they immediately start frothing at the mouth .... slowly back away. I'll pay
for your rabies shots after they bite you.

Here's a second exercise if you survive the first:

Ask them: Did you know that Pau was considered one of the top 10 Lakers
bigs of all time? If they immediately pick up a chair and try to brain you,
I promise to come visit you in the hospital. If they say, "That's cool. I hadn't
thought about it" then you know that KobeMVP888 & Cybercosmix are
having nothing more than an emotional response to me.


I'm tryin' to be nice about this. Just between you, me and the lampost
[ where justa is selling percocet ] ... watching these guys loose their frickin'
minds is actually starting to become fun.

Good morning crew!

What to expect from AB? I am keeping my expectations purposely very low. It's going to take a couple weeks for him to be game/battle tested.

My only hope is that we start to see the beginnings of team defense. It's been lacking for a while and driving me nutty.

Cheers all - Shannon

@ Jamie Sweet. …. You make great points that both sides of the Bynum wars can hear. My thanks

Posted by: JohnnyV | December 14, 2010 at 07:17 AM

"Bynum wars" it has to be the 3rd one, the 4th one from the Post-Calves Period?

but there is a new Bynum. 2, like in TWO good knees??????????

this is a seminal piece of music/performance:

David Byrne - Knee Plays (1 of 10) - Tree (Today Is an Important Occasion)

(Today Is an Important Occasion)
(Today Is an Important Occasion)
(Today Is an Important Occasion)
(Today Is an Important Occasion)
(Today Is an Important Occasion)

(Today Is an Important Occasion)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Strange Overtones"

on this blog????????????

Brian Eno & David Byrne

i really prefer this one

David Byrne & Brian Eno - Qu'ran

from "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"

Typically when players come back, Phil Jackson says that they will play limited minutes and then they usually play longer than his pronouncement. There is every reason to believe that Bynum has been brought along slowly and cautiously with the big picture in mind and that the Lakers would not have allowed him to return unless his knee was 100% ready to withstand the rigors of an NBA game. This is not to say that Andrew won't be rusty, not in game shape and somewhat limited with certain things he does on the court, especially on offense, but the effect on the team of his presence in the paint is not exactly something new to the Lakers or their fans.

San Antonio, Dallas, Utah ... your 15 minutes are up.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

I expect Drew to grab some boards, and allow Pau to be more comfortable back in his natural role, give it about 3 weeks before we see Andrew be a big pressence on offense

Google is my friend:

(A) A member shall not intentionally, recklessly, or repeatedly fail to perform legal services with competence.

(B) For purposes of this rule, "competence" in any legal service shall mean to apply the 1) diligence, 2) learning and skill, and 3) mental, emotional, and physical ability reasonably necessary for the performance of such service.

(C) If a member does not have sufficient learning and skill when the legal service is undertaken, the member may nonetheless perform such services competently by 1) associating with or, where appropriate, professionally consulting another lawyer reasonably believed to be competent, or 2) by acquiring sufficient learning and skill before performance is required.

So .... you would expect any practicing lawyer to be diligent, skillful, pursue
learning ...

I seem to recall that KobeMVP888 was actually an attorney ...

Can one be diligent if one doesn't bother to read articles before making a

hmmm ......

Go to one of your non-Laker fan friends and ask them the question:
Is Bynum a top 50 center in the history of the NBA?

Posted by: hobbitmage | December 14, 2010 at 07:35 AM

sorry, no friends who know BB, but on many other sites, Bynum and Oden are considered one of the biggest BUSTS in the history of the Game

ask Dan Loumena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to a less dramatic topic, like ....

Does Kobe shoot the ball too much? *chuckle*

fascinating article. some math is shown. it's along the lines of

Bynums return brings lots to the Lakers, the lob ins, perhaps even a follow on the break will help. offensive spacing improves, no fronting the center. He will more than anything plug in the defense.

The word to describe Bynums return is presence. Now Kobe has the big kid looking over his shoulder, The Master has his Blaster. The big green, looks a little pale now....Blake and Barnes go to a new level. Everyone will try to box out AB, and complimentary players will excell...guys like Barnes with active feet get more lanes. Artest will start hitting threes, lots of good things will happen. I hear lots about turtle pace, but watch the break get loose with AB blocks, and stops...

Its so gooad....can anybody say, "Let's go now!"


unix/linux - LOL. personally i refuse to have anything Microsoft on my computer

finally i'm getting the real voice of: the defense rests.

but i will defer to …

For me, with Bynum back my questions are
Does this help Fisher's and Artest's game or are they beyond help?
Will he help the bench play?

hey Justa

you always wanted some kind of T-Shirt that all the members of this blog will enjoy

i can design one, something like


i'm not sure if the English is proper, but I'm sure that Caliphilosopher will pitch in for the good of the Blog Family. it's Holiday sharing Spirit

let me know!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are about to see the real Lakers- full squad. Feel sorry for the rest of the league. All the teams that beat them so far, let's see if they beat them again now that Bynum is back.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Good to see Drew coming back. Like I said yesterday my short term expectations are for Drew to provide a few easy baskets on O, protect the paint on D and provide Pau and LO a little relief.

With Pau running on fumes I think Drew is coming back just in a "Nick of Time" - - - Bonnie Raitt

Cmon Ouchhh,

I like your posts, to me they're funny, but after a certain point.
You're posting so much so fast it's like you're talking to yourself.

@ Ouch, that was a cool clip of Kraftwerk. Was that pre-Devo? Pioneers of electronic rock. Interesting!

Art -FL Lakers Fan,

you wrote:

my response: I actually read that article. I *HOPE* it's true. I *think* I
quoted part of that article before and asked some questions like: "How can
Bynum make the 3-point shooters better? "

Posted by: hobbitmage | December 13, 2010 at 07:33 PM


The article did not state that Bynum would make the 3-point shooters better, so it's a point that isn't relevant to my post.

You wrote:

"It's along the same question I asked earlier, a couple of years ago, about
Kobe making his teammates better. The *FACT* is that Bynum can *NOT*
actually shoot for the perimeter players. They *ARE* getting clean looks.
They're not making their shots."
Ok, so Kobe can't make his teammates better either. Using your logic, no one makes their teammates better, which technically may be true.
I believe people understand that what is meant is that players like Kobe, by drawing double teams, gives his teammates more open looks. And Drew may also give some of his teammates better looks.

While you addressed your comments to me it appears that you meant them more to the blog as they didn't really pertain to the Bleacher Report info that I posted. But since you wrote it, I'll respond.
you wrote:

"Go ask Phil Jackson if Bynum is a top 50 center of all time. Go ask Bill
Russell, Pat Ewing, Shaq, DH. Oh, paleeze! Stop it. I'm going to hurt myself
from laughing at such silliness."
As for Bynum not being a top 50 center of all time, so what. I didn't say he was, and actually, I don't know who has said he is.
Numerous times others have pointed out the benefits that Bynum brings to the team. But as far as I know, no one is saying he is a Wilt or Kareem. And if they are I would challenge you to produce the posts as documentation. And if you find them, direct your thoughts to them. I don't mind communicating with you but would appreciate comments being a bit more specific to what I wrote, not what others may think or write.

It appears you also recognize those benefits Bynum brings as you have stated you want Bynum healthy and playing. If you didn't think he added any benefits to the team then I would conclude you wouldn't want him healthy and you wouldn't want him on the team, but you have not said that so evidently you, too recognize he brings value to the team.

And FTR, that's what I am saying (he brings value to the team) and I believe that's what most everyone else on here who supports Bynum is saying also.

You wrote:

"Do any of y'all recall the PHX series of last year? "Kobe passed me the ball.
He actually passed me the ball. And I shot it. And it went in. I could hear
him tell me, "Ron don't shoot. pass the ball" and I was like ... Whatever! And
I shot it and it went in! " [ paraphrase ]

However, here is the MOST RIDICULOUS part of the whole thing today.
Not one of you sorry misbegotten Lakers fans actually got mad at the
writer who said these things. *giggle* *chuckle* *guffaw*

Not one of you took umbrage at the writers, but instead immediately
accused me of being antagonistic."


Hmmm, well, ok. I have no clue what this has to do with the Bynum Bleacher Report article that you were responding to me about but no matter.
Yes, I remember it happening and the quote is pretty close to accurate, but it was during game 7 against the Celts, not the Suns.
Anyway, why get mad at the writer who wrote those things? It was funny.

Can someone pass me a tissue? This is priceless. I wish I had used my MasterCard.
Posted by: hobbitmage |

Hope you found some tissues and the CC!!

Hmmmm just caught up - and I'm really sorry I did.

Y'all are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats - puffing out your chests and posing.

What ever happened to NO PERSONAL ATTACKS????? It's proper etiquette, people. Whether on a blog or in real life.

There's too much freaking testosterone in here for me. Catch y'all later.

Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator

but because all this blog is about LOVE

i want to send some LOVE to PHRED (who got a job just in the nick of holidays) and especially BYNUM:

Kraftwerk - Computer Love





cali - sorry - nothing came through...

phred - yes - I missed you. Do you really need to ask?

Anytime you get one of your pieces back it's bound to be better.

Looking forward to the game tonight!

And now, as always, GO LAKERS!!!

What ever happened to NO PERSONAL ATTACKS????? It's proper etiquette, people. Whether on a blog or in real life.
Posted by: justanothermambafan |

Was that a personal attack towards those who are doing the personal attacks?


Just kidding around.
Anyway, I suppose it was more of an impersonal attack...
Oh, nevermind.


re: Dan Loumena [ sp? sorry dan. ]


re: the defense resting. I tell you I'm giggling over this latest episode.
down right giggling.

Hey watch this:

"KobeMVP888, Pau Gasol is one of the top 10 Laker Bigs of all time."

[ KobeMVP888 starts pulling his hair in distress. "Noooooooo!" ]

Can we get a youtube of this:

"Cybercosmix, In 3 seasons of limited play, due to injuries, Andrew Bynum
has only made it to player #75 in the 1000+ centers to ever play the game."

[ Cybercosmix, in a nerdy suit with the poindexter glasses: "Well actually
hobbit, He's much better than that. The first 3 years of his career, he was
the personal student of Kareem Abdul-Jabaar & although he didn't play due
to being immature & unskilled, he was rapidly soaking up knowledge from
the Cap. By the time he went on vacation to Italy, he had already surpassed
50 or so Centers who had played in all star games. Yes, I'm quite certain
that when he plays all 82 games this year, he'll be awarded season MVP
&& the Bill Russell finals MVP. All of you bashers will then be forced to admit
that's he's better than Bill Russell ever was. He's the best that's ever been."


just got in the mail one of the best shotgun microphones for VOICE OVER

i have Final Cut pro for editing video. we can do anything you want. we can find some people in San Francisco to play the part. if not, we can look around: Mill Valley?!

HOBBIT! LOL, you are something. I do love a guy that can keep his head about him while everyone else loses theirs. Maybe it's you Martial Arts training showing itself.

I suspect that at the bottom of all the "Beefs", you are simply a guy that needs to live in "the truth". Not optimism, not hopes and dreams, not the newest trend. Simply the truth as you see it.

Combine that with your appreciation of Kobe's skill, will, determination, single minded focus, "No excuse" way of being, and his intent to play and win even when hurt, I can understand why Bynum falls short of your admiration.

I will add that I have never seen you say that Bynum doesn't have worth. It appears you simply don't and won't stand for the overblown hopes and dreams of what Bynum CAN be and what he CAN bring. I can see at the base of all the beefs WHY you fight the good fight.

I get it.

JohnnyV | December 14, 2010 at 08:13 AM

in the poor country were i grew up we had lots of Kraftwerk. and i remember Gary Newman. and that guy in black - can't remember his name - also german

but, also from like 1978 i was mostly on jazz and classical/contemporary - so my memory is refreshed by some of the posts on this blog and fro UTube looking on the right column at similar music

Devo - i'm not sure, maybe. at the same time if i'm correct, Kraftwerk were the pioneers, kinds, of this genre of music. i'm sure some on this blog r more pertinent with their info.

funny because after Knee pPlay and David Byrne, i remembered, tangerine Dream, Fripp and Eno,

and especially my favorite band from that time, the one and only

King Crimson

followed by

Van Der Graaf Generation (old Pink Floyd like Umma Gumma and other bands in that style)

but "The Court of the Crimson King" and especially "Larks Tongues in Aspic" will be forever in my teenage DNA.

We have been told not to expect a return date, or to have any expectations. But alas, I think the Lakers would never rush Bynum back, never have, and I doubt they ever will. That being said, Drew's ready yall. Bring It. LAKESHOW!

That's pretty cool stuff Ouch. The first thing I thought of when I was watching was the band (duo) Soft Cell. I wondered if they were inspired by a band like Kraftwerk.

cali - sorry - nothing came through...

Posted by: justanothermambafan | December 14, 2010 at 08:20 AM

was that a Post- It note or just a morning mushy comment?!

because "Girls Just Want To Have Fun "

'Morning all,

I for one am a student of history. Typically, Bynum is at his best for the first week or two after he returns from injury. Today, I expect nothing less. I've noted several times that it is these games that he looks like the next coming of Wilt-a-Snaq.

This does not bode well for the rest of the teams on this trip.

Also, I would like to once again that being the victim of freak accidents does not make one injury prone. Just unlucky. Though, just to be safe, just in case Karma was real, I wouldn't play Bynum and LO at the same time -- at least for a little while.

As "injury prone" Bynum has been is equal to how "accident prone" LO has been. Only his "accidents" usually injure someone else. Don't want to mess with that volatile mixture on the court just yet...

Mark my words. I prognosticate rarely, but I'm usually proven correct.


BTW, didn't I mention that Kobe's shot would start to look more Kobe-ish right about the same week that Bynum returned? That is because the actual healing time for these types of surgeries is about the same (they both had surgery right around the same time). The difference is that Kobe plays through his rehabilitation.

I say this again, this does not bode well for the rest of the league. Bynum back and Kobe with his springiness back at the same time?

I'm giddy with anticipation.


PS: Put that in your Googler if you don't remember! And SMOKE IT!

You're posting so much so fast it's like you're talking to yourself.

Posted by: Magia32 | December 14, 2010 at 08:13 AM


yesterday Cyber "Tenerife Beach Report" ComicX questioned/implied my contributions to the blog.

so yeah, i have to do some work. i'm payed 14 millions/year!

I think Drew's going to take awhile to gel. His timing will be off and he'll try to get his offense going more than his D at first. He's an okay rebounder (not a natural like LO) but I think he'll be just a bit hesitant to bang for them.

Eventually (knock on wood; no injuries) he'll be giving us his normal good stuff, which will change how teams defend us, will open up Pau to use more of his skill-set, and let Kobe have another body to dish to on his drives.

I'm hoping (but only time will tell) that:

If not, then we're going to have to send him:

And I must say, I TOTALLY hate it when mom and dad fight! Can't we all just:


and yes, i'm posting and talking to myself. i do not expect LakerTom or MVP888 to tell me that

CARRY ON sir …

when is this blog going to start looking like a blog where laker fans can share their support if the lakers and it not sounding like we are at the donner party?

@ 63 Footer

sorry to be so vulgar but,

the sacred

is always in dialectic with the profane

but we all go to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ouch! Hahahaha! And speak for yourself about this heaven stuff; in my next life I'm coming back as a front row season ticket holder! Karma rules!!!

we r playing in Washington

yesterday we visited with the President

there are no Bullets anymore (no pun intended - re:Arenas)


can we have at least some fireworks when Andrew Bynum enters the court?
will that become a National Moment for the Best Center Ever?


you wrote: HOBBIT! LOL, you are something. I do love a guy that can keep his head about him while everyone else loses theirs. Maybe it's you Martial Arts training showing itself.

I suspect that at the bottom of all the "Beefs", you are simply a guy that needs to live in "the truth". Not optimism, not hopes and dreams, not the newest trend. Simply the truth as you see it.

my response: Actually, that's pretty accurate. You forgot working in the IT

Here's an anecdotal story that will shed light:

Ok. I've got this die gig doing security for a small firm in the south bay. It's
just a 1 nighter. No big deal. So anyway ...

They say we need you to configure these machines to work on X ports so, we
can get through the firewall.

No big deal. Yawn. Iptables ... yada yada yada and bingo. On to the verification.

ssh works. telnet fails. we're working .... woo. [ take the $$. ALWAYS
TAKE THE $$! ]

the IT guy comes in the next day and says ... "why'd y'all do this? Those
machines aren't behind the firewall at all."

And *THAT* is why I bust my butt to find out what is *true* versus what
somebody tells me is *true*. Yes, there are actual facts in life.

Crazy busy at work these days, but just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome Andrew Bynum back into the fold and to wish him all the best as he makes his 2010-2011 season debut. Finally, the Lakers planets are back in alignment! As far as I'm concerned, the season starts TODAY!

The Bynum news is the best I could ask for...except for maybe Phil replacing DFish with Superfly.

@hobbit – Like Art said I don’t think anyone has a beef with AB not being listed as a top 50 center all-time. He doesn’t have the accomplishments to justify it thus far. However, reading the list I did take exception to a few things.

Mark Eaton being ranked higher than Ben Wallace, Bill Laimbeer and Jack Sikma. Shaq being ranked higher than Wilt. Any list that starts dipping into the likes of Shawn Bradley, Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan is too long.

As far as Pau being a top 10 all-time Laker big man…that’s a no brainer. However, on that list it had Kareem listed 4th…go figure.

@63 - please don't talk about Karma - i got a tip that i'm coming back as a piece of towel for the Spanish National BB Team and Gassy'son will wipe his behind with me.


I'm liking the voice over thing....

@ JustaLakerFan,

Are you a closet InfoWarrior?


@ Tom,

Buying gold and silver is, in some circles, in preparation for the fiat currency breakdown induced by the Fed's continuous devaluing of the US dollar. Printing money that is not backed by a precious metal, then printing more and more, reduces the actual value of that money... or so I've heard.


Anyone going to see Tron Legacy this weekend?


Posted by: Don't Blame Del Harris! | December 14, 2010 at 06:41 AM

No I am not a closet anything :-)), I openly support Alex Jones and yes 911 was an inside job. I am also openly heterosexual so no closets for me! Wake up and smell the coffee if you (as in everyone) think the government will not lie to you (everyone).
As for the gold and precious metal buy up as dollar won't be worth squawt. Yes it is only paper and illegal income tax lets you pay for the interest the Fed charges to loan us our own money.
Go Lakers.


Do you know what I have running and/or use on a daily basis in my home and work:

Solaris 10
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 7
Palm OS

I really dislike all the Windows, but find it difficult to stay away.


ouch - bud, you can still do something about that. If you practice your Slovene real hard, you might come back as Sasha's towel. Or, with enough work, you could come back as the hitch in Matt Barne's jumper. And, if you REALLY do the work, you might come back as one of Kobe's special signature shoes (probably the left one). That's the nice thing about karma, nothing is set in stone.

As for the gold and silver, I like to have all of my precious metal invested in coins, which I keep in a vault, where I swim in them every day.

63 Footer

if i work really hard, can i come back as Kongo Kash??????????? and i will solve the gold, silver, diamond problems too.

Hmmmm just caught up - and I'm really sorry I did. . . .

Posted by: justanothermambafan | December 14, 2010 at 08:18 AM

JUSTA!, OK, I'm not admitting you're funny, but that was pretty funny.

My scrolling finger is getting a workout today.

LRob, I agree, Shaq over Wilt was like WTF? Why did his rationale for discounting Wilt's dominance not apply when it came to evaluating Russel. Those rankings had major flaws. I think he had Bradley and Eaton on the list, but no Clifford Ray? I have to call BS. You could do a top 50 problems with that list, list.


Dan L, nice job of baiting the Hook. I like the Evil streak.

Welcome back Drew! Is it possible that the addition of one player can right the ship? Hope so!

I'm hoping that after a few weeks of shaking off the rust, Bynum will be back in beast-like form:

I think his presence will immediately help our D and give Pau some much needed rest from pounding with the bigs down low. Maybe he will bring some defensive toughness that will rub off on the rest of the team.


ouch - that's the ticket! Keep positive!

Mark G & LRob - yeah, some severe evaluation problems there. Next thing you know that kid in India'll be #5. Sigh. It's the same with Top 100 music lists... the more recent songs get more heavily weighted because, well... they're recent.

Here's Wilt's response to that listing... REJECTED:

@ JustaLakerFan,

I'm not trying to get all Gerald Celente on you, but the "InfoWarrior" comment was a term of endearment! Where do you think I learned about that gold stuff? AJ gets a little loud sometimes, however entertaining (and educational) his crusade is. How else would I have known about your "alternative media" references and overall concerns regarding the fat cats in charge? I support you, sir! Eyes wide open.


@ 63,

You rule!


@ justa, cali, phred, rick f, LRob, FEARless, and PLG...

What up?!


As for the gold and silver, I like to have all of my precious metal invested in coins, which I keep in a vault, where I swim in them every day.

Posted by: 63 Footer | December 14, 2010 at 09:33 AM

do you SPLASH?????????????????

Does anyone really care where Andrew Bynum is ranked as a center in NBA/ABA history? All I care about is 2-0 (and hopefully 3-0) with him as the Lakers' starting center in the NBA Finals where he was unequivocally needed both times, whether he played 10 minutes or 35 minutes. For the guzzillionth time, he's a role player on this team.

Bynum's job is to be a low post presence in the offense, to rebound, to cause mismatches with Pau at the power forward position, to rebound, defend the rim, alter shots and dissuade players from entering the paint. He's a back-to-the basket center with unusual length and coordination for a player his size and gives the Lakers a legitimate player to defend the likes of Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan. He also allows Gasol and Odom to play much more manageable minutes so that everyone is fresh, thus giving the Lakers the best, most versatile 48 minute, 4-5 combination in the Association.

Andrew Bynum was drafted #10 in the 2005 draft as a raw talent and was drafted because he is a true center, the likes of which don't come along too often. The Lakers knew they were taking a risk on him and, in this fan's opinion, that risk has already paid off. He will be the Lakers' center of the future if he can manage to get and stay healthy. If not, there's a team option on him for 2012-13. I have faith that whatever transpires between now and then, the Lakers will do the right thing.

ouch - here's what I do with my gold and silver coins:

Was there different B ball rules back in the day?

Alot of Wilt's blocks on 63's link, the ball was on it's way down.

@Ouch – . Ben Vereen…yes sir! Nice Kraftwerk…true innovators. I used their Trans Europe Express album in advertising class in college and got a 4.0…my classmates didn’t have a clue who they were. Tommy Dorsey’s, who penned “Walk Over God’s Heaven”, a truly great songwriter.

@Johnny V – Kraftwerk had influence not only on groups like Depeche Mode, New Order and Soft Cell but also on Hip Hop. Afrika Bambaata sampled Trans Europe Express on Planet Rock. Plus Jay Z, MC Lyte are a few of the others have sampled them. They also were very influential in the whole Techno scene which really blew up in Detroit and now is huge in Europe.

@63 Footer – A little Alicia is good for the soul.

LRob - good for the soul... and the eyes. Hey, I AM the lowest common denominator incarnate!

Magia - the rules were the same, but when you look at most blocks (now or then), a lot are just at the apex, and the calls go both ways.


you wrote this:
Like Art said I don’t think anyone has a beef with AB not being listed as a top 50 center all-time. He doesn’t have the accomplishments to justify it thus far. However, reading the list I did take exception to a few things.

my response: then please explain KobeMVP888's comments.

Did you hear one person actually say: Hobbit, Bynum is not a top 50 center
of all time and we know this?

Did you read anyone say: Congrats to Pau for being in the Lakers top 10 ?

Nope. Just "let's string up hobbit by his heels for his constant blah, blah, blah"

@ mclyne Nice choice, hadn't heard that in a while.

@ 63, way to stick up for Wilt! Wilt, Kareem, and Russel should always be in the top 3 at this point. I'm tempted to put the Dream ahead of Shaq but I might be biased.

@ LRob, getting all Spiritual!

"For the guzzillionth time, he's a role player on this team." KobeMVP888

i'm running with this one to carve it in marble. one can't trust anymore these virtual archives.

do you guys/gals think that Bynum will like Carrara marble? maybe that's why he went to Italy the past (2009) summer?

this was written:

Does anyone really care where Andrew Bynum is ranked as a center in NBA/ABA history? All I care about is 2-0 (and hopefully 3-0) with him as the Lakers' starting center in the NBA Finals where he was unequivocally needed both times, whether he played 10 minutes or 35 minutes. For the guzzillionth time, he's a role player on this team.

my response: Then why have you been losing your mind??? Have you had
your blood pressure checked recently? That photo has you a little round/soft
on the edges and with Bynum starting to play again ... I just don't want you
to go to the hospital.

Still on a Graham Parker kick, this seems appropriate today for the Blog.

hobbitmage - "Nope. Just 'let's string up hobbit by his heels for his constant blah, blah, blah'"

I think it's just cause you're so string-up-able; not many people look good upside-down. (I kid! I kid!) But I do agree that no one congratulated Pau for his placement (though the list is suspect).

Mark G - Yeah, Wilt, Kareem, Russell are the Big Three. Shaq was a force, though, like Dream, Moses, and a few others. But the top 3 are the top 3.

Right now, Drew Bynum should be the n. 2 option in Lakers offense, Kobe first, Bynum 2, Odom 3, Artest 4 and Barnes 5. Pau Gasol should rest and play 20-25 m. game coming off the bench. That should be the new Pecking order:

1.- Kobe
2.- Drew
3.- LO
4.- Ron Ron
5.- Matt Barnes
6.- Pau Gasol, as the "6 man"


It's really good to be back in California, although I am (still) up to my neck in things that I have to do while I'm here. Looking forward to the game tonight, since I don't have to wake up extra early to catch it. And as an answer to Dan "The Man" Loumena's question, I expect a bit of rust from Andrew. I hope that his return (at the very least tonight) lifts the spirits of the other players.

How's your day going so far?


My comments at 09:58 AM were clear, non-controversial and self-explanatory. If you feel they deserve futher explanation, please enlighten us or the blogger who wants further enlightenment.

I haven't weight in on the "Top 50" discussion because it is not designed for discussion; it is designed as a tool to bash Andrew Bynum. For those who choose to go for that bait, enjoy!

Mark G - more Graham, dedicated to the Lakers tonight and Drew's return:

Then why have you been losing your mind???

Posted by: hobbitmage | December 14, 2010 at 10:14 AM

Because I can't figure out Google Analytics. It'd driving me crazy!!


I believe you've given Bynum a fair shake since I've been part of the blog. I agree with Johnny V's summation of your viewpoint from 8:42am.

A lot of folks want someone else instead of Bynum. That reminds me of the Tempts classic that says...

I may not be the one you want
But I'm sure the one you need

Big props to Richard Street and Damon Harris on this one. Yep the Tempts were still rolling strong after David and Eddie.

looks like Mamba24 is begging for any of you to BEG for the ROLL CALL:


Andrew Bynum the missing piece returns.
I hope he brings joy and focus to the team.

This was written: Because I can't figure out Google Analytics. It'd driving me crazy!!

my response: All Right! Finally, we're on the same page.


Here's hoping:

The Lakers win.

Bynum has a good game.
Pau has a good game.
Kobe has a good game.

Artest stops off at the store and buys a shot.

Luke Walton gets some playing time and has a good game.
Sasha makes an appearance and has a good game.

[ Gasp! I used Bynum's name in a post. I can feel the Bynum supporters
circling in for the kill. Any second now, they're going to accuse me of hypocrisy
and call me a basher. TAKE COVER!!!!! ]


That's one of my fav GP tunes. Let's hope Drew has that effect.

@ Cali,

Today is going great! Lakers game on tonight, a home-cooked meal from Mrs. DBDH, and a troll-packed blog! What a great Tuesday indeed!


Just released, Bynum twists ankle, severe sprain, out until January.

Rest of the story:

63 - footer,

you wrote: I think it's just cause you're so string-up-able; not many people look good upside-down.

my response: See, I think it's my legs and butt. They're jealous because I'm in
the gym & on on the mat. They're trying to rip the skin off to see if I'm flesh
& blood or machine.

Fools! Cowards! Don't they know that Hobbits don't like ropes? Now whips &
chains on the other hand .... oh. I'm sorry. Did that slip out? Nevermind.

@63 Footer – Alicia...good for the eyes? I never noticed :-)

@Mark G – Yep, can’t live on bread alone...or hoops alone for that matter. Oh yeah...and nice Graham Parker also, but after losing four in a row, bringing back Mbenga would’ve even got us excited around here.

@MVP – Very concise comments @ 9:58am. I concur!

hobbitmage - "Artest stops off at the store and buys a shot."

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Can't buy me love, but maybe a shot....

Mark G - my favorite album from that year if I recall correctly. Hard to say, it was sooooooooooooooooo long ago.


i love when one uses those trans-cultural/continental references and many don't get it: i guess has to be

thanks for the references. i kinda knew that the Werkers were the pioneers.

i like the following versions of their work with Balanescu Quartet:

this record version sounds better:


read the comments on this one

and when you mentioned Tommy Dorsey, for a moment, because of the style of music i read Thomas DOLBY. time to go to sleep. there is a game to be played at 4PM

read the comments on this one

Hmmm, I'm suprised no one has commented on Cuban calling Miami the best team..."right now"...

JUSTA!, I've been meaning to post this for you, it just reminds me of South OC.


Brother, I can so relate, LMAO.

LRob - you made the miscalculation of assuming that anyone here gives a flying rat's hindquarters about anything Mr. Cuban may have to say. Now if it were Dan Gilbert....

I kid! I kid! Well, maybe only a little.

We have to go the ULTIMATE electro-warrior:

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