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Phil Jackson plans to give Derrick Caracter an increased role

The first sign that forward Derrick Caracter will assume a bigger role with the Lakers: Instead of Coach Phil Jackson ignoring the rookie, he's now zinging him.

"The rookie is still learning how to get around the court and where to go," Jackson said.

The second sign: the personnel around him during practice Saturday. Center Andrew Bynum continued rehabbing his surgically repaired right knee. Forward Pau Gasol limited his practice to various rubber-band exercises. And forward Lamar Odom appeared to be absent altogether. With the Lakers' 108-103 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Friday requiring heavy minutes from Gasol (43) and Odom (39) while Bynum remains sidelined, missing practice served as a temporary solution to offset fatigue.

"We're trying to get through that today," Jackson said.

Six games into the season, Jackson doesn't see giving so many minutes to Gasol and Odom as a long-term strategy because of his fear that they will burn out. He openly wondered how he could limit the Lakers' front-line minutes when he has to deal with Theo Ratliff's limited mobility and Caracter's inexperience. Becoming a backcourt team seems like a possibility, but Jackson has insisted all season that the team's strength lies in its inside game.

For now, Jackson has grudgingly decided to enhance Caracter's role, possibly as early as Sunday against the Portland Trail Blazers. It's not exactly what Jackson envisioned when the Lakers drafted Caracter out of Texas El Paso this off-season with their second-round pick.

"We didn't expect this situation to be like this, obviously," Jackson said. "We expected these kids to be in the D-League."


Instead, Caracter made enough of an impression during the Lakers' summer league games to receive a two-year contract worth about $1.1 million in which just the first year, at $473,604, is guaranteed. Caracter's life story involves the unpredictable. The highly touted recruit transferred from Louisville because of character and weight issues. He lost enough weight at Texas El Paso to become a second-round pick. And now he might become a regular in the Lakers' rotation, mostly out of necessity.

"I have more time to be out there to prove myself," Caracter said, "and with very little time to do it."

That's why any progress Caracter has made with conditioning, footwork, ballhandling, post moves and understanding the triangle offense all seems to be relative. Thanks to his continuous work at shedding weight, Caracter's 6-foot-9, 275-pound frame has given him a muscular yet mobile presence around the basket. But Caracter's ballhanding and decision-making prevent him from fully tapping that potential.

This concern is not the main variable affecting whether the Lakers can three-peat, but expediting Caracter's learning process could help stave off problems with Odom and Gasol lacking rest. It's a responsibility that Dan Barto, IMG's pro/college training coordinator, predicted Caracter would need to anticipate.

"He needs to mentally be prepared," Barto said. "Bynum is starting the year a little bit banged up. They have a history of guys being banged up. And Phil is obviously going to challenge him as a project anyway or possibly even ignore him. He needs to be prepared for all of that."

That time has come. Jackson said that "Derrick's going to have to find some time out there out on the floor" after Caracter averaged two points on 28.6% shooting in 4.6 minutes per game. Caracter concedes that he's still learning the forward and center positions, and he pledged to continue following his training camp approach.

"I just have to mentally focus in," Caracter said in September. "Mentally, I have to do the same thing that got me here and do the same thing now and even more. Focus in on learning the triangle and the different options out of it, and stepping in and being confident."

-- Mark Medina

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Cool article MM - the subtleties and complexities of running a back-to-back championship team going for that all-might 3-peat; insights like this are fascinating. Everyone's trying to anticipate for the un-anticipate-able.

I hope Caracter comes along; this is a great opportunity, but a difficult one. I hope his mind stays right, and he ramps up his learning curve. No one expected this, but if he starts to show any real progress, he'll be waaaaay ahead of his potential.

Oops - should read "all-mighty," not "all-might." I can only blame this on the fact that I'm not getting enough help from Dan Barto, who's busy working with Caracter.

63 - huh? You're not blaming that on Luke?

justanothermambafan - naw, Luke spells good. It's all the books he's been reading... sittin' on the bench with those injuries.

Without Big Bynum, the Lakers much touted "length and size" is more myth than reality. LO and Pau are the only two experienced bigs with size. Ratliff is not 100% and Caracter is a rook. And neither Pau or Lamar are wide-bodies. It would be great if the team could convert Sasha's expiring contract into another big body who could add some size and depth to the big man rotation. Some increased playing time for DC will allow the coaching staff to evaluate just what he can contribute. Throw him in the deep end and let's see if he can swim!

To those who question whether the Hornets are for real, all I can say is the addition of DJ Mbenga has turned that team around! LOL!

Seriously, NO looked pretty good last night in beating the Heat. Okafor went off. I think he was 12-13 from the floor. NO got off to a great start and had some clutch play to hold on down the stretch. Our boy Trevor Ariza hit a huge three down the stretch. An impressive win for the Hornets, who are enjoying the benefits of a healthy Chris Paul. NO has got a good squad.

Saw a lot of good and bad from The Show last night. Obviously defense and the defensive glass were problems. The team allowed too much dribble penetration. These seemed to be effort issues. The Lakers can play extremely well in those areas when they want and need to.

Loved the way Kobe was passing the basketball. The fastbreak dish to Pau over his shoulder was a bit of Magic! And how strong is Kobe? Two examples...the full court chest pass to Pau that caught the big guy for an easy layup. And...a cross court LEFT HANDED bullet of a pass to Steve Blake that caught Stevie right in the shooting pocket for a three pointer! Just beautiful B-ball!!

Some slippage, but a victory nonetheless. I'll take it.


I am all for it to increase Caracter's role unless the Lakers want to sign another big man. I'd rather Caracter playing more minutes than Gasol and Odom playing heavy minutes. I just want everyone (including PJ and the Lakers fans) to be PATIENT and give him a chance to develop even if he doesn't play well in the beginning. I'd also like to hear what Micth's opinion on this.


I am agreeing with you. I have stated before that the Lakers should trade Sasha for a big body. The Lakers need a "big wide body" to clog up in the middle to prevent the penetration and get some defenisve rebounds. The Lakers have best 3 perimeter defenders (Kobe, Artest, and Barnes) in the NBA. If the Lakers have big body in the middle (Bynum will assume this role once he comes back) their defense will be greatly improved.

63 Footer - Thanks for the love! Caracter could make this a big opportunity, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers eventually just become a backcourt team until Andrew comes back. No one has suggested it, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the next option if Derrick doesn't work

He should learn to crash the boards. That is the easiest thing he can do. He is too focused on offense. He should take a page from Blair's rookie season, no jump shots, no post moves, just crash the boards and you would have the confidence to execute on offense.

I checked my email way too late today. Apparently L.O. was at the Microsoft Store in the Mission Viejo Mall today from 4-6pm and I missed it!!!! I live less than 10 minutes from there. My wife was hoping to see Klhoe there, but oh well.

Is Eric Dampier still available? At this point, his service would not be too bad idea if he is willing to sign with minimum contract. Remember that the Heat declined to sign him when he was willing to sign with the Heat? That could motivate him to play better although I really don't know much about his memtal attitude.

I think Dampier signed for Houston.

And i doubt that Buss will be willing to spend more money. They would have to waive someone to sign a new guy.

I think Buss would not mind sign another player if he thinks it will help the team. But at this point, I think they are happy with what they have now. Is Mikki Moore retired or signed with anyteam? He impressed me at times when he played for the Kings.

I have been very disappointed with Ratliff.


So true about Bynum. His bulk and length are sorely missed on the defensive. Without him, the Lakers are more of an offensive team. With Pau having to play so many minutes, he takes a bit of a breather and paces himself on the defensive end. He knows he can't afford foul trouble. I'd love to see Pau send a message once in a while with a good, clean, hard wouldn't hurt. His opponents do it to him.

keen observer....

The Laker coaching staff have also talked up Caracter's prowess on the boards. You make a good point. I think the rookie is just a little nervous. You see it on offense with him when he misses some real easy, close shots. He needs a shot of confidence and some success in games to feel like he belongs.

MM - yeah, I think they'll just go with being a backcourt team... 'cause they have such a horrible backcourt, ya know?

Pau is not just that kind of "enforcer" player. He is skilled big man offensively and lengthy defender. Currently, the Lakers don't have any enforcer to intimidate opposing players or to change their shots. Unfortunately, I think Caracter is the closest player on the Lakers roster that could fill that role in my opinion.

Epi/Ricky: You guys are friends in real life? Good stuff! Barcelona I've heard is a great town, lots of youth and partying and a good time to be had. If I do go to Spain anytime soon, to Barcelona, I'll let you guys know and we can do a Barca game (soccer or basketball!) and paella.

By the way, I caught the end of the Regal FCB game today, disappointing game, Ricky Rubio still doesn't look like himself, has he been playing better? Pete Mickael looks like he's still doing great since his run-in with Kobe, that game against the Lakers seemed to have inspired him.

Epi, my grandmother is from Tenerife. My father in law went there a few years back, he says they were having a few days of very bad sandstorms that was coming from the Sahara in Africa, the wind was taking it over the water all the way to Tenerife. For 2 or 3 days they couldn't go outside without covering their faces from the sand. One day I will make a visit to her home town as well as Malaga where my grandfather was from.


MM: "The first sign that forward Derrick Caracter will assume a bigger role with the Lakers: Instead of Coach Phil Jackson ignoring the rookie, he's now zinging him."
That is some funny stuff, and oh-so-true! I guess when PJ ignores you it's a bad thing, but when he's sending jabs your way then he's thinking of you lol. After all these years, we can read PJ's methods pretty well...

I'm happy to see him get a chance though, especially since it will reduce the workload on Pau/L.O.'s shoulders.

I agree with LakerPeace, the Lakers might consider using their 'ace-in-the-hole' - Sasha's expiring contract - on a big. I know that they are just trying to get Bynum back and into the rotation and keep Sasha just in case an longer-term injury happens.

It seems though the Lakers already have depth at the other positions, less so in the frontcourt given the tenuous nature of Ratliff's tendinitis. Sasha has been pushed all the way back to the end of the bench given the off-season improvement to Shannon's game and the Barnes acquisition. I cold definitely seeing Mitch pulling the trigger on a Sasha-for-a-big trade if Bynum's return is pushed back.

- - -

Yeah, the Rockets picked up Dampier. The Blazers have got to be kicking themselves as yet another of their bigs went down when Fabricio Oberto retired a few days back. Damps was out there for the taking, and they took Oberto instead - and now he's out. They are a really snakebit organization, especially their frontcourt...


i'm watching the clippers game right now. 1 thought runs through my head. Vinny Del Negro is week. When your team is messing up. As a coach you say "FuC* it next freaking play!!!!! FOCUS!" And shut up as a coach after saying that. If you are a weak coach that weakness will seap through the ranks. Sorry but this is what separates good from great. Despair is the #1 enemy. It is, and will always be a coach's fault when there's lots of potential in that team. Take the Grizzlies for example. Look at their lineup. What have they done for their fans lately. I totally blame all the coaches of those teams. They don't have an ounce of calmness in their bones. CALMNESS IS THE GREATEST KEY TO A GAME THAT REQUIRES CONFIDENCE. So yeah, I would say that a loosing coach, in order to start a wining streak should tell his team after a loss " fuc@ it, we tried our best, and that's all the fans care about, we could go 0-82 as long as we try our best. Don't dwell on a loss, just practice hard during practice, and in actual games lay the fuC# LOW as a coach because the players need to focus( trust me, your voice is in their head from practice). STRESS THEM IN PRACTICE YOU LOOSER COACHES!!!

Forget it johnnydelnegro, it's Chinat- er, the Clippers.

johnnydelnegro: You ripping on familia? Your cousin Vinny?

63 Footer: I think it's the increased dosages of the medical marijuana that are keeping me from understanding 'it's Chinat- er, the Clippers'. That or just me being slow, maybe both...


ugh, i must be lame too, the 'dreaded double-post' grrr..... =P


CyberCosmiX - maybe the increased dosages aren't enough.... :)

Here's the reference:

Phil is always talking about how he's going to play this guy or that guy
and he never does.
He said he needed Walton last season, then never played him. Same with Sasha.

63 Footer: Here's the reference:

aaaahhh... LOL

But 63 Footer, you're not insinuating taking the entire Clipper organization to Chinatown? *gulp*

I really think that for every good thing that happens to the Lakers, an equally bad one happens to the Clipps. That is what they get for insisting on moving in with the Lakers, like a little brother that wants to share his big brothers apartment or something. It's kinda eerie, but since they became roomies the Clippers are rarely good when the Lakers are, only when the Lakers are down have the Clipps seemingly been good.

Yeah, come to think of it, maybe it is time to increase the dosages on the meds...


CyberCosmiX - "I really think that for every good thing that happens to the Lakers, an equally bad one happens to the Clipps."

Ah, the ol' Picture of Dorian Gray theory of trans-reversal anti-fortune. Gotcha. Their PF is big and bulky, ours is long and lean. Their PG is a rook, ours is a long term vet. Their center is German, ours isn't. They have someone at the two spot, we have the Mamba. Their coach has no rings, our coach has all the rings. Hmm, kinda makes sense.

63 Footer: Yeah! Perhaps they are even bizarro versions of each other. Donald Sterling the bizarro Dr. Buss. Baron Davis the bizarro D-Fish. Clippers the bizarro word for Lakers.

We can even look closer. Red and Blue are bizarro for Purple and Gold. Billy Cristal the bizarro Jack. Kaman's hair the bizarro Pau's doo.

My goodness, I think we've stumbled onto something!


CyberCosmiX - oh my God! Is there an inverse-36 Incher out there? The mind boggles.

the opportunity Caracter is getting, sounds like the opportunity he gave trevor ariza, who took full adgvantage of it.

are luke, sasha, part of a trade package potential?

we are really lucky to have this team,

I think Andrew will come back healed, and durable, and finally obtain some prime

More playing time for Caracter? It's like hoping your kid is mature enough to handle more responsibilty, but you know that's not the case.

Speking of Ariza, his former team the Rocket is 0-5 and his new team, the Hornet is 6-0, ouch! I don't see any team taking Luke. He still has 2 or 3 years of contract left and is not reliable healthwise. Luke is likely to be a Laker until the end of the contract (unless he decides to retire which is not likely to happen either.) We can only hope he is healthy enough to help the Lakers.

Profiles people...profiles. Send them to MM. Justa - that includes YOU!

63 Footer: "oh my God! Is there an inverse-36 Incher out there? The mind boggles."

I can imagine Vinny Del Negro telling the team twisted Phil mantras, like "to win we must have a better body than a strong will" and "You must live in the past and forget the present".

If only we could find out just why the Clipps are stuck in inverse bizarro time-space they are in we could reverse their fortunes - and possibly save humanity in the process, or at least make a few bucks selling the theory to Donald Sterling or Clipper Darrell...


That was a good game by the sewers of LA. Blake Griffin is the real deal. So is Eric Gordon.

Sad they play in the sewers that are a bunch of chokers as well.

Chokers (Clippers) suck today...Chokers suck tomorrow...Chokers suck forever!

Actually, it wouldn't be too diffucult for Caracter to contribute to the team right now because all the Lakers want from him is to just use his wide body to box out and get a few rebounds here and there, and occupy in the paint. Then he will be fine. But if he tries to do more than that, such as trying to be cute with his jumper and so on, then he could be in trouble.

CyberCosmiX - "If only we could find out just why the Clipps are stuck in inverse bizarro time-space they are in we could reverse their fortunes - and possibly save humanity in the process"

Just remember: "Don't cross the streams."

I think Caracter will be fine. The added minutes Phil will give him won't exactly be deep end stuff. He'll be asked to go in and do his thing, bang around a bit and get used to how it's done. This is the best time of year to give him some experience, it's early in the season and we're on a 6&0 run. As for trading Sasha for a wide-body, it's not going to happen. There's not a team out there right now that will send us a big with talent and experience.

Caracter - Daddy can I use the car tonight...

PJ - Son you only have your permit...wait till you have your license...

Caracter - So not fair!!! You always treat me like a kid...

PJ - Why can't you be more like you big brother Lamar...Keep it up and you will be grounded like your brother Ebanks...

Caracter - ARRGGG...I HATE my life...Kobe and Pau get their cake and eat it too...all we get are the crumbs...

PJ - That's right son...follow those crumbs, and one day you will see I was know Kobe use to say the same things to me...

Caracter - OK...I'll go to my room...can I borrow that issue of Playboy with Jeannie in it...

dave m - I gotta agree with you. If they're actually putting in extra work with Caracter, then it'll be for certain things to be accomplished. If he can do them, then it works, if not, no worse than now (that 6-0 you were talkin' 'bout).

I'm hoping he can hold his own for the given minutes, learn a little, grow a little, it'll only hasten his development, and if it works - we're ahead of the game. If not, we're not out much.

Blitz - Blake's a real fun player to watch. In a few years or so, he's going to be an across-the-board monster. His work on the glass is particularly nice, and his footwork is gelling. I liked the rook PG Bledsoe a bit, too. He's still young, but he showed some good thinking and lots of solid promise. If only it weren't the Clippers....

I always thought DC will get minutes with Bynum injured, Ratliff at 37 years old, it leaves only Gasol and Odom upfront. Derrick Caracter has a NBA ready body and his skills in the paint is advance for a rookie.

MVP888, I think we had this conversation before.

I thought it might be the Clippers day when EG threw down that vicious dunk in Milsap mug...and then Rasual Butler dropped back to back 3's. But it was all for nought.

Seemed like I was on a lonely island when I raised objections to Theo's signing in the summer, but after only 6 games we're clamoring for Caracter. Hmmm, go figure.

LRob - I was all for signing DJ back...but everyone has said he is an upgrade...and I bought into it myself...But I haven't seen any upgrade so far...He seems lost out there sometime worse than DJ was...Well he is a Laker now and I will support need to cry over spilled milk...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation....

#17 Coming Up!!!

Lebron just added the Nets Terrence Williams to his "mental notes" after receiving a hard foul for what Williams perceived as excessive celebrating:

"You’ve got to put your foot down somehow in a basketball game,” Williams said. “When people are going to the hole and throwing behind-the-back and dunking and stuff like that you’ve got to do something about it. It’s nothing against LeBron."

I always thought DC will get minutes with Bynum injured, Ratliff at 37 years old, it leaves only Gasol and Odom upfront. Derrick Caracter has a NBA ready body and his skills in the paint is advance for a rookie.

MVP888, I think we had this conversation before.

Posted by: Staples 24 | November 06, 2010 at 10:59 PM

Probably, but I'm brain dead. Thanks for calling me out though. I'm needy. My recollection is that Coach Eleven Rings will figure out a way to mix and match until Bynum returns, but because Philip can be so damn competitive, Pau has now logged in 2 consecutive 43 minute games. I will always defer to Phil Jackson, but I do think we would have won both of those games even if Pau had rested for 5 more minutes in each of them. Let's see if Phil can keep LO and Pau at about 38 mpg until Bynum returns. As controversial as the mere mention of his name is, Luke can body up against the 6'9" power forwards, so he's also an option to keep the offense flowing while Lamar rests. In fact, didn't Lamar play some center in the Worlds this summer? There's so much versatility with this team. So much fun!

LRob - Terrence Williams... old school! Yeah, baby! That's the way to play. Don't mouth to the officials, don't whine, just give that thar hard foul. And he did it with his body, too.

LRob - of course, you have to back it all up with play, and the Nets... nada. So the Heat figured it out (supposedly): get Wade & James in the open court. Ooookaaaaay. Let's see how that goes in the long haul and the post season. Can't wait to watch.

Reasons to like Flip Saunders...he admitted he mad a mistake by sitting their leading scorer for the last 9 minutes tonight. Wash lost to Cleveland 107-102.
With the game still to be decided, Saunders sat Al Thornton, who led Washington with 23 points, for the final nine minutes. Saunders went with a three-guard lineup of Arenas, Kirk Hinrich and John Wall.

After the game, Saunders admitted he erred by not playing Thornton.

"I made a mistake," Saunders told Thornton.
Reasons not to like Flip Saunders...for making the mistake in the first place!

I wonder where you have gone LTLF. Usually you are around to show good posts. I really do miss you man.

That being said...are you still bummed about Farmar? Yeah Mr. 29.6%, 31.8% 3pt% sure is making us eat crow about letting him go.

63 Footer - yep T. Williams has the right attitude. Easy for DWade, Lebron & company to yuck it up against the Nets. Maybe they should've did some of that Friday in N.O

Lew - My concern with Theo was not just the injury history, but the fact I watched him in the playoffs with the Pistons in 08 and he was disappointing. Then he played 12 minutes per game in the playoffs last year an only avg 2pts/1 reb/zero blks.

However, I'm definitely still pulling for him as long as he dons the P&G. Plus, its to early to write him off.

Hey all in PST - Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour...You might be late for the

LRob - "yep T. Williams has the right attitude. Easy for DWade, Lebron & company to yuck it up against the Nets. Maybe they should've did some of that Friday in N.O."

That's my new favorite line of the day!

LEWSTRS - But I set them back last year!

Blitz - and Avery is giving Jordan plenty of chances. Even playing him with Devin some.

What up Laker crew?! I hope Phil actually lets Caracter play for Pau's sake. I think he'll be fine. He has the skill and like others have said all he needs to do is bang and board. If he does that enough offensive opportunities will come to him rather than him trying to press.
All in all a great start and Drew hasn't even put his socks on yet! I hope we are at full strength for that Miami game so we can grind them into dust. What an obnoxious team they are. For being so damn ugly LeBron sure does have a lot of cute tricks. If he tries to pull that crap with us Ron Ron might eat him...

If he tries to pull that crap with us Ron Ron might eat him...

Posted by: Hogan | November 07, 2010 at 12:05 AM

Hate to burst the bubble but LBJ outdid Ron twice last year.

I hate to say this but I'm beginning to see even more slippage from Ron defensively. He looked gassed trying to guard Kevin Martin off the ball (and making Shannon Brown go to SG and Kobe slide to SF) and he couldn't handle Toronto and once again Brown at SG and Bryant at SF in crunch time.

I love Ron but it's beginning to be painful for him to not be able to handle his man most times. We'll see how he handles LBJ who had his number last year.


I was saying this the whole of last season about Jordan wasn't capable of being a starter and was attacked heavily by the Pro-Farmar/Anti-Fisher coalition.

I hope they liked their bubble being burst now.

KB - I'm not talking about defense, I think Ron might really eat him. That said, Ron did a great job defensively against the best forwards in the game this last post season. That is a better sample for me than the first few games in a very long season...

KB - I'm not talking about defense, I think Ron might really eat him. That said, Ron did a great job defensively against the best forwards in the game this last post season. That is a better sample for me than the first few games in a very long season...

Posted by: Hogan | November 07, 2010 at 01:15 AM

I'm not talking about Defense either. Lebron lit up Artest both games and the 3 games that Carmelo played against Ron only one game Denver game did Ron make an impact defensively. Otherwise Melo too went off against Ron.

Ron did an exceptional job though on Durant (though Durant is going to be better than he was last year) and did a solid job on Paul Pierce (Paul did worst against Lebron actually though Ron did better than Barnes and especially Vince Carter).

Plus Lebron is 25 and Ron's athleticism is declining at 31. He's not going to get any quicker.

And while Durant and Paul is one thing.....Lebron is another thing. I view that Ron to eat Lebron to be as wishful thinking as much as Bynum scoring 18ppg while Kobe/Pau are scoring 25ppg roughly and LO playing fantastic as well.

KB Blitz,

Ron's running with Kobe ... between them the lebron/wade tandem will work 4 their points against us and u can't ask 4 more that that ...

We've got a good squad and we're led by the black mamba ... i mean yeah they're good players but the hype that puts them on Kobe's level is just that hype or at best wishful thinking ... the wade/bosh/james tandem ... if u sum up their career accomplishments, they haven't done what kobe's already achieved in the league

So Ron will guard Lebron to the best of his abilities ... Lebron will get his ... but he won't get enough to beat us ... and that's the value of a guy like Ron Artest ... you know defensively he will compete ... Miami ain't got nothing on us ...

To Mitch Kupchak:

It's time to trade: Sasha (stupid & waste), Luke (waste), Theo, and Caracter

Mary B Chandler:

The lakers are undefeated, are ONLY six games into the season, and you want to trade people already? And by trade, do you mean "pull the wool over a team's eyes"?

*sarcasm font* I absolutely love it when people push the "trade players" this early in the season.


SASHA & Luke especially SASHA is just a waste.


This 2 has been with the Lakers forever and hasn't been doing anything BUT calling more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ DONE some of the Starters.... shall I say more?

To Cali:



This 2 (SASHA & LUKE) has been with the Lakers for tooo long and forever and hasn't been doing anything BUT collecting more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than some of the STARTERS...... shall I say more?

mary B Chandler:

Actually, you should probably say something more substantive. The only starter that is getting less money this year is Derek Fisher (

Players being with a team "too long and forever" is over the top. Sasha's contract ends this year, and Luke's contract ends after the 2012/2013 season.

Besides, it's not like another team is just going to give up Serge Ibaka for those players; the trade has to work out money-wise and there usually has to be a mutual need for a trade (unless you're trading with Isiah Thomas - who knows what that dude was thinking?).

Perhaps you should read the Collective Bargaining Agreement, or even better, use the trade machine on ESPN. Perhaps you can concoct a viable trade after you check out the trade machine?

mary B Chandler:

Also, let's not forget that injuries can happen to anyone at any time, and while our backcourt is strong, a freak accident or two would push both Luke and Sasha into the fray. Nothing wrong with them being essentially practice players at this point.

What does Ariza, Lamar, Fish, Farmar, Shannon, and PJ all have in common...

They all had to answer this question in the last few years...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Good morning LEWSTRS!

How are you doing today? Ready for GAME DAY? :-)

thats very swell phillip but how bout ebanks?

you gave your son luke 6 key minutes last game after a long layoff and he was barely mobile... barely broke a damn sweat??!!!

Good Morning Lakerholics!!!Mamba24... Where the heck is our Morning Game Day Bandwagon? My man, your slipping.LOL
Lewstrs... We all got off that Buss and can't seem to find our way back to Staples.. C'mon people, we need to support our 6 and 0 team!!!! Big game tonite, Let's go Laker's!!! Too much talk of getting rid of players...People were undefeated...Socks will be back in time for the much anticipated Heat game and will befresh and ready to kick some AZZ!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Fabulous JustaAnotherMambaFan(Head of Mamba Clan) & the Fabulous Morning
CRUE!!! : DJ LROB, LEWSTRS, NewMexicoLL, Fan Of The Mamba, PsychedLakerGirl,
Zaira, Faith, Wes, Rick Friedman, KB Blitz, Ouchhhhhh, DBDH, Caliphilosopher, LakerMike, Troy
KobeMVP888, 63 Footer, 2Phatt, MagicPhil, JohnnyP, JohnnyV, Noah, Complex_Brotha, Phred,
Jolly Rancher, Nemaia Faletogo, Jamie Sweet, CHICNSTU, Wallace, ZairaAmaterasu(Goddess)

Good LA Lakers Nation Game Day Morning; Yellow Fever, Lewstrs, Caliphilospher, Mary B. Chandler, Segeboy(Sheriff) KB Blitz!

hey bosssir . good luck today. gotta be better than last week. try usin this. my neighbor told me about it. everything is in one spot so it makes it easier. you'll c. ive been usin it since he showed me it . maybe it will help u. alright. ill tty after all the games

MM - Can you ban the IP address of the comment at 8:28 AM? It's a spammer who is trying to phish.


Trading Sasha + Bynum for Little Marc Gasol.

Every team is talking up he has max trade value.
As soon as he rejoins the squad....he will break apart again.
Unfortunately, that you can take to the bank.

Marc offers great upside when playing with his brother and Kobe.
Lakers will be much quicker with him, plus it will be fun to watch the Gasol brothers try to out-best each other on a daily basis.

I know how easy it is to second guess roster moves, but I never understood getting rid of Mbenga. He was a big strong physical force that gave a 100 % and never gave up an easy bucket. Affordable and willing to use all six of his fouls, he occasionally even made a shot. That is much more then Theo can give at this stage of his career. From what I hear, bottom line is that Phil just didn't like the guy. Whatever the case, maybe trial by fire will be just what Character needs.

without a dependable and capable inside presence - especially on the defensive end - the hint of becoming a backcourt team means we will have to morph into an up-tempo offensive threat and then keep our fingers crossed that we can have spurts of defense when it's really needed. that's just the way it is. i don't see caracter filling the void and theo was our last hope to keep things going defensively until bynum's return.

i'm a bit apprehensive about bynum's body's ability to stay healthy if and when he does return; in fact, i have a feeling mitch might be looking to trade him for someone more dependable and available to fill our needs at the 5. at this point, i would trade the youngster if someone was willing to take him, but i suspect that if a team is looking to win now, they would pass on him.

no one is taking away from his effort last year - that's what you're expected and supposed to do - and i'm not faulting him for his injuries - although the one where kobe fell into his knee could've been avoided by him if he wasn't so absent minded and lazy - but in most cases, you cannot control what your body does - unless you're a dedicated athlete like Kobe or MJ; bynum is not that type of athlete and it's no wonder kobe pushed for a trade early on. he saw something behind the scenes that we weren't privy to - it was a known fact that bynum's health was a concern during his h.s. playing days.

I often wonder if he feels guilty putting off his surgery and rehab which has caused this managerial nightmare, winning games and threatening the health of other players who have to compensate for his absence while he is getting paid; I know I would. instead, we have to hear his lame excuses about the dr not being available and how it was important to watch a soccer match in Africa because you never know when you’ll have that opportunity again, then the team backs him up by saying he’s young and isn’t very sophisticated in dealing with the press. Lets face it: the jersey chump just told the truth! Yeah, at 23 years old, I’m sure you would never have that opportunity again. Those opportunities are far more fleeting than having a winning season capped off by a championship. OK.. rant over now stop denying handing autographs; you should be flattered that some people still care!

anyway, that's the team's problems - defensively - so we all just have to wait and see what happens. as i've written before: i'd rather eat every single letter in my words than suffer a loss so i do hope that bynum returns better than ever, makes it through the playoffs, grinds both “supermen” to a pile of pulp, becomes FINALS MVP and is the player holding up the trophy.


All these ridiculous wishful thinking trades peeps are conjuring up. You can't suggest trades that other teams to not want. A trade has to make sense for both teams, or it won't happen. Nobody wants The Machine or Walton, and no one is going to give up quality players for the end of our bench. We make the best of what we have.

Ratliff has a sore knee. When the knee gets better, he will play better. It's as simple as that.

Mary B. Chandler, no one will give up the players you want for these guys, it's as simple as that. If you don't want them, what makes you believe someone else would want them? When and if Walton gets healthy, he gives us good minutes and the triangle offense is more fluid when he is out there. Sasha is not getting minutes now because Blake and Brown are playing so well. If for some reason we are forced to put The Machine on the floor, he may surprise us.

We are 6-0 and Caracter is a decent option to soak up some minutes. No reason to trade a third of your roster six undefeated games into the season.



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