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Lakers guard Shannon Brown: Give me a nickname

The suggestions are coming in as fast as Shannon Brown on a fast break. And I want to make sure you're a part of it.

Coming off an impressive fourth-quarter performance in the Lakers' 118-107 victory Tuesday over the Milwaukee Bucks, Shannon Brown is asking his Twitter followers to come up with a nickname for him. With enthusiasm growing for Brown as the league's most improved player, surely some of you have some ideas. Share your nicknames for Brown in the comment threads below with some explanation. I'll be sure to send the results to Brown's Twitter feed and also show him some of the ideas once the Lakers return from their three-game trip.

-- Mark Medina

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Shannon "Smooth Skillz" Brown

Jr. Kobe


Shobe! lol.. first thing that came to my head. sorry Shannon thats all i got lol. i just like yelling Kobe! while playing beer pong. always seem to make it.

My fave is Shan-WOW!

UPS & "Slammin' Shannon" are cool too (one of my former stomping grounds) ran a poll last year, here's the results:

Best Shannon Nickname is...
Go-go Gadget 10% [ 7 ]
TNT 22% [ 16 ]
Dunk Master Flex 20% [ 14 ]
Human Pogo Stick 4% [ 3 ]
Showtime Shannon 22% [ 16 ]
Uptown Shannon Brown 7% [ 5 ]
UPS 12% [ 9 ]

We can all agree to call him TALENTED!


I suggest "Cat-Daddy Brown"
By the time he progresses all the way to fruition, given his present course, he's gonna be daddy to many!

i suggest "Red Hot" is good one.

Shannon "Throw It Down" Brown in honor of Bill Walton.

Shannon "Downtown" Brown
"Shana-Roo" Brown

@MAMBA… I’ve always been a Shannon doubter but I have to give the kid mucho kudos for his great play so far this season. Please add me to his bandwagon and here’s hoping what we have seen so far this season is for real. Also, please add me to Zaira’s Get Well Bandwagon. Must be a hell of a fever to be able to keep Zaira down. That girl has a motor that never quits – very Kobe-esque in my mind.


will this become a BUST like the dunk contest?

Kangeroo Jack-Brown

shannon shotgun brown

We should nickname him Shannon Shotgun Brown

rythmn n brown

for 2 decades we had the "the MAILMAN delivers"

personally i like UPS and the Brown connection. and IF he really becomes a great player he will have more "PLAY OF THE DAY" moments than Malone ever had.

I've always been a fan of "UPS" (a.k.a. What Can Brown Do For You?) - works on so many different levels!

In my best Arsenio Hall as The Barber in "Coming To America"...

Da Blog call him UPS...I'mma call him UPS!

oops...that was supposed to say in my Arsenio Hall as The Barber in "Coming To America" voice. LOL

With all due respect to the many suggestions so far, I haven't heard anything that comes close to Shan-WOW! The name captures his mid-leap explosion, the fans' reaction, and the fact the dude soaks up a lot of Lakerholic sweat in tight games when he hits those 3s.

Sorry. Game over. It's gotta be Shan-Wow! Come on, MM, make it official.


Utah had "The Mailman Delivers Again" and now the Lakers have "UPS - What Can Brown Do For You?" Like Jefe101 wrote: it "works on so many different levels!"
Look, we're still wondering what else this extremely motivated, atheletic basketball professional can do for the Lakers; he's just beginning to answer the question.



Mickey Mouse Hands.


LakerTom: I think that now that the Lakers have a true 2nd unit playmaker in Blake it has enabled him and the whole Renegades/Killer B's to play their games. Seems like Shannon especially has been freed, Phil no longer has to put him in a facilitator role because they didn't have trust in Farmar.

I too was skeptical of Shannon at times, especially his indecision at time of just what to do at times on the floor. I'm very happy to see that his hard work has payed off - the Lakers are that much stronger when he's hitting his shots and making teams respect his jumper. He is charismatic too, I always think back to his ear-to-ear smile the first day the Lakers acquired him, it is very easy to root for him.

- - -

Laker J: Fran Vasquez? He couldn't be worse than what is out there, I'd be on board with it. The Magic do own his rights even though they drafted him 5 years ago, perhaps they are willing to take a future 2nd round pick or maybe the ol' 'cash considerations' for him? It's worth a shot since he does have that Euro seasoning and he's only 27. Pau could take him under his wing too...


How 'bout LAX? Dude's always flying around. isn't he?


It appears Kobe Bryant has taken an interest in the development of Shannon Brown's game, much in the way he had one in Trevor Ariza's. While there hasn't been any article discussing this, I suspect it will be revealed that Kobe provided Shannon with his off-season shooting drill routine. He did it a few off-seasons ago for Trevor and it made a big difference in Ariza's game. It now seems to be doing the same for Shannon's. Since Laker fans are all to familiar with the outcome, here is hoping Shannon doesn't allow his agent's greed to get in the way of his future as a Laker.

Nickname for Shannon, "Hops"..

payed? as in spayed? My bad lol, obviously meant to write pade!


I like UPS!

Asking for a nickname is a bad sign.

But I vote UPS.

I defer to …

"Brownie, you`re doing a heck of a job."

---George W. Bush praises the Director of FEMA during Katrina

The Brown Mamba.


Now that's funny!

Put me down for UPS, cause he delivers!

Shock N Awe - How his big plays affect Lakers fans.
The Silencer - How his big plays affect opposing fans.

Shannon "Stealth" Brown. No one saw him coming.

"Black Cobra" A spin off Black Mamba, and just as deadly.

The Brown "Express". Delivers when you need it.

Liking 'UPS'!

How about Bad Bad Shannon Brown?

Re: trading Luke/Sasha for a big or anything else of value. First, Luke forget about it. Not happening. The only way we'd ever get rid of Luke is to package him with a virtually untouchable player like Kobe, Pau, LO or Bynum and take back an equally awful contract in return - in other words - not happening. Stop wishing for it - Luke is ours until at the earliest the last year of his contract which I think is 2069, or 2070, I forget. Ask Justa, Luke's her favorite.

As for Sasha, we may be able to unload his expiring contract for a disgruntled contributor on a team looking to shed salary (Tayshaun Prince or similar), but the other team will demand at least one or both rooks, one or moreof the Killer B's, and draft picks. Again a deal I wouldn't make. Only if someone gets desperate at or near the trade deadline, maybe Sasha could get unloaded, but I just don't see it happening.

"Brownie, you`re doing a heck of a job."

---George W. Bush praises the Director of FEMA during Katrina

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | November 17, 2010 at 01:26 PM

LOL. sorry, but we can't mess with Texas. it will be sacriligious. that remains one of the most famous lines in political history like Potatoes/Patetos or reading the "Pet Goat" book. great TIMES.

Bush Sr. and Jr. were the real Killer BB's.

I defer to …

Posted by: d-ouchhhhhhhh-e | November 17, 2010 at 01:25 PM


See what BROWN can do for you!

I vote for UPS or LAX.

LAX is a really good one containing LA and X for X-factor or stealth. If this is truly an improvement, I hope it continues for another 87 games.

Larry O' baby!


I suggest two names:

Shazoom - name of race horse pedigree SI 120 know for speed horse and quick sprint.

Predator Drone Missile - Hit you hard at an unknown spots and coming from nowhere.

Well, UPS refers to last year's rock delivery when he was partnered with Farmar, compared with Farmar and became ineffective like Farmar. Now the original United Parcel Service is about to close due to insolvency. Let's bury that name. Warning: If he's again partnered with the known scrubs he could become again go back to T/O Mail etc. To maximize Brown's effectiveness, he should go with 2 B's, Kobe, LO, Thriller and Gasol.

SMH..A few good games and he is on Tweeter thumping his chests? Instead of focusing he is about asking for a nickname?


"Brownie" is remembrance of the Katrina catastrophe, that's Mike Brown's nicknamed by "W".


Very funny! Is there anything funny and sadder at the same time than politics?!

I'm not sure why and I know Lil Wayne repeats it often, but everytime Shannon shoots the ball or drives to the net my mouth spontaneously yells out:


I like U.P.S.

"’s hoping what we have seen so far this season is for real." LakerTom


Teams haven't really been guarding him but that's all about to change. We'll soon find out once defenses begin focusing on his play whenever he steps on the court. That being said, he sure is finding all of the right spots on the perimeter for those open 3's and we all know what he can do around the basket and he has huge "UPS" once he's in motion on the tarmac. We all know how atheltic he is and now we see him putting some "substance" to his game and he did it with "Practice man...that's right, we talkin' bout Practice!"

"The Silencer"

"The Butcher"

Phred brownington
Brown gueco
Brown k


@ D(erek)J(eter)

the daily stand up comedy. and it's free.

@ …efer…

did u had one today. prevents types of retentiveness.

"The Solution"

One more,
"Nighthawk"- That's the designation for the the stealth jet fighter F117 from the US Airforce.

"SMH..A few good games and he is on Tweeter thumping his chests? Instead of focusing he is about asking for a nickname?

Posted by: keen observer | November 17, 2010 at 01:41 PM

Agreed. Not a good sign.

Shannon Brown for the Triple Crown !

Shannon WOW !

Do you really want him to be known as "Shan-Wow?"

Dude has some serious hops (ups) and his last name is brown. No brainer to me ... U.P.S. along with the tagline "what can brown do for u" ... brown delivers ... etc etc etc

Shobe is kinda cool too though

i vote:

ShanWOW and The Brown Mamba...

Cannon Shannon!!

doo doo brown? ... lol

Yellowfever- I busted a gut! You forgot

LBrown, and why not....

Shannon the Cannon: The Big Bang

In my best Arsenio Hall as The Barber in "Coming To America"...

Da Blog call him UPS...I'mma call him UPS!

Posted by: utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER | November 17, 2010 at 01:11 PM

The Quick Brown Fox......GO LAKERS !!!!!


Eva Langoria filed divorce from Tony Parker, got tired of french fries and got back to taco menudo.

Lamar Odom filed custody suit against her former girl friend who refused to send the kids to reality TV. She's countering that LO's has not seen his kids for the last two years;

Socks Bynum was given a ticket last October of speeding at 110 mph, just plain speeding on the freeway.

Hoopshype reports that Dampier and Voskuhl are in Mitch scope as temporary replacement. The former wants a longer contract than just 2 weeks while the latter may not be NBA ready but known to be active defender. The main problem is Laker salary at $95.6M plus $ 25.3M luxury taxes. (I guess that is the reason why bloggers are always talking of non-working asset players, they hurt the Lakers physically and financially.)

Amendment. . . Shannon the Cannon: Big Bang Brown

"SHA-DUNKA-DUNK"... nuff said!

We all know how atheltic he is and now we see him putting some "substance" to his game and he did it with "Practice man...that's right, we talkin' bout Practice!" Posted by: frmkt | November 17, 2010 at 01:45 PM

And now that he has practiced he is: Who We Thought He Was.


Rihanna really laid into Andrew Bynum. She seems to blame him for the internet rumor that she and he were a couple. She said, "They made it seem, and HE made it seem like we were a couple and we talked and we never even met."

Andrew needs to shut up and focus on basketball. He does stupid things when he sees pretty woman, like hoisting centerfolds on his shoulder when he's supposed to be rehabbing for a championship run.

Lets go Lakers.


On the subject of Shannon Brown, 4 Lakers rank in the NBA's top 13 in 3-pt %: Odom (4th, 59%); Fisher (5th, 58%), Blake (12th, 52%) and Brown (13th, 51%).

I'm not sure if Coach Eleven Rings likes these numbers or wishes these guys wouldn't fall so in love with all the threes. Then again, when multiple players collapse on Kobe and/or Gasol every time they touch the ball, there are bound to be some wide open looks.

And I say, "Shannon the Sea Monster."

Then he can have this as his soundtrack:


Is the spacing different again? Or am I just crazy...


AI, is there a better Press Conference than that one? So much talent and ability and seems like a trying good person down deep, just never really got it.

"Downtown" Shannon Brown.

as in... From Downtown! Shannon Brown.

I will be short and mainly just cheering you because I have a BIG fever and gotta rest a while
if I want to make it for tonight chat.Not even fever can stop my Lakerholism, no matter if I
have to wake up at 2 am ;) Forced home by fever (I'm getting better LRob and Larry... you cuties :)
Thanx for the shoutouts ;)), PS: today sun shines and it's an amazing day in Milan. *sigh*... just
when I cannot put nose outside... Oh well... rest isn't bad after all ;) and still blessed by an only
Beatles playlist (oh, that surely is healing!)
(02) FEARLESS – DRIVER – Get well soon Goddess Zaira
(03) LROB – RIDING SHOTGUN - @Zaira - get better. Rockin to the Beatles you're bound to get
better soon.
(04) CALIPHILOSOPHER – RIDING SHOTGUN2 - Please put me on the
"Get Better Zaira" bandwagon.
(05) MAMBA24 – Get well soon Goddess. When you hurt Laker nation hurts
(06) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – Zaira get well soon
(07) LAKER LASS – Get well Zaira
(08) FAN OF THE MAMBA - Shake it off Goddess and get well soon!
(09) PHRED
(10) RICK FRIEDMAN - Get well, Zaira!
(12) DON’T BLAME DEL HARRIS - Best wishes and better health to Zaira.
(13) 63 FOOTER - Zaira - I hope you're feelin' better:
(14) CORNERJ - put me on the "Let's all help Zaira with her healing" bandwagon. Oh
wait... (Seriously, Z Lady, get well soon.)
(15) CYBERCOSMIX - Zaira: Glad to see that your Lakerholism is winning over your fever, nevertheless get well as we need your beautiful prose of reason to stay strong!
(16) JEFE101 - Z - feel better!
(17) C.RIVER - amurasa (the lady from italy) - you are gorgeous
(18) LEWSTRS - zaire - like we discussed in the chat...Tea with lemon and honey did wonders for me over the weekend...Hope you feel better soon...
19) MCLYNE - Please add me to the Zaira bandwagon. I'm sending some prayers of healing your way!
(20) LAKERTOM - please add me to Zaira’s Get Well Bandwagon. Must be a hell of a fever to be able to keep Zaira down. That girl has a motor that never quits – very Kobe-esque in my mind

No one on the Lakers is happier for Brown's emergence then Bryant, who took Brown under
his wing as soon as he was traded to the Lakers two years ago and has mentored him into
the all-around player he has become this season." "He's a worker," said Bryant, who called Brown
his little brother. "He's talented, physically gifted, but he puts the work in."@ Arash Markazi
(01) LAKERTRUTH – OWNER - WOW, Shannon Brown was unbelievable. Great to see Phil play
him and Blake to close out the game
(02) PSYCHEDLAKERGIRL – CO-OWNER - Shannon's my name and he's got the game! Woohoo!

(28) OCISMAMBACOUNTY - agree that Shannon continues to impress me this season and I can't
wait to see how he preforms against Boston, Miami, and Orlando. I think the added motivation will
push him even further, especially with Kobe's drive feeding the rest of the team.
(29) FRMKT - No doubt... Another Laker who made me eat my words this year and it sure was tasty! He's definitely a legit MIY candidate and I believe he has the genuine desire to continue improving his game. He just might be able to fill in for Kobe when he retires! Shannon knows that the Laker organization will pay for excellence and I think Shannon has that potential. Ahhh, the power and seduction of money.
(30) LAKERTOM - I’ve always been a Shannon doubter but I have to give the kid mucho kudos for
his great play so far this season. Please add me to his bandwagon and here’s hoping what we have
seen so far this season is for real.

A previous suggestion was just off, the correct name is

Downtown Shannon Brown

shanno..big air..brown

How about, "Shan-da-Man!"

Dunkin' Brown

Another classic would be
The Brown Bomber

'Get Down' Brown

shannon..the shannonator..brown

Congratulations Shannon Brown for your great performance!

My nickname pick: *** Neon Tiger ***

Enjoy the music...

Shannon WOW

im gonna keep saying it until you all do

His nickname should be " Suga" as in sugar, cuz shannon is always bringing something sweet when he comes into the game. Go Lakers.

who with me?

"UPS" !!!

"Downtown" Shannon Brown, been calling him that every since he got here.

Another classic would be
The Brown Bomber

Posted by: Allan Katz | November 17, 2010 at 02:24 PM

Nice! He certainly knocked out the Bucks with those bombs last night. Joe Louis would certainly have given this one the thumbs up!

I like "Shannon Cobrawn"

Black Power Poll TM
Week 11 2010

1. Bethune (9)
2. S. Carolina St (13)
3. Albany St (5)
4. Grambling (22)
6. Texas Southern
7. FVSU (22)
8. Morehouse (23)
9. Shaw (25)
10. Tuskegee

(#) - Top 25 Ranking Coaches Polls, FCS, AFCA

frmkt: "Do you really want him to be known as "Shan-Wow?" "
Thanks, now I can't get that rap tune outta my head! lol...

- - -

wes: "And I say, "Shannon the Sea Monster."
Then he can have this as his soundtrack:
OMG! The memories are flooding back... Sigmund & HR Pufnstuf (nah, not a drug reference, no way... lol) were my two fave Krofft shows, heck bought a DVD for the daughter and she loves those shows too.

Mightaswell call him 'Sleestak Shannon' and have this as his themesong:

Can I say that these past two days have been kra-zeeeee! on the blog? Who needs drugs around here? The blog is our drug! And in the immortal words of Zaira we is all LAKERHOLICS!!!!


I thought he was called "Downtown Brown" and already has the slogan "What can Brown do for you?"

I think "UPS" and "ShanWOW" are the best ones so far. I thought of:

"Light up the Town" Brown
"Shoot 'em Down" Brown
"Big Brown Theory" (He's explosive alá Big Bang)
"Upside down" Brown (Because he turns the game around)
"Simmer down" Brown
"Turn around" Brown

Shannon Brown should be invited to compete for BOTH slam dunk AND 3 pt competitions during All-Star weekend at the Staples...and why not?

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