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Ron Artest sets eyes on an NFL career after NBA

Ron Artest always likes to feel entertained. He always wants to think outside the box. And he always enjoys sharing with media and fans alike.

It's too easy of a punchline when you hear about Artest meeting with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens about his chances of pursuing an NFL career after he retires from the NBA. But Artest fills it in himself.

"It's an honor for TO to even say, 'Since you're crazy enough to even think about this, we can talk,' " Artest said Monday after practice at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo. "I'm going to talk to T.O. to see if I'm crazy or if i have a legitimate shot."

Most would say Artest is the former, though it's not completely ludicrous. Artest's 6-foot-6, 244-pound frame enables him to guard both brawny and speedy scorers, and he's never one to back down from physical confrontations. He has trained in boxing for the last three years and has even openly considered taking up that sport during his post-basketball life. And he can point to San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, who Artest calls an "inspiration" in becoming an NFL star after playing college basketball at Kent State University.

"When you have an opportunity why leave it on the table," said Artest, who signed with the Lakers prior to the 2009-10 season to a five-year, $33-million deal. "I feel great. I feel like my life is just beginning right now, honestly."

-- Mark Medina

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Ron has a better chance to win in the ring than at making an NFL team at wide reciever. Maybe as a free safety or tight end, but not a wr.

People, people, people. Be sure to accurately read what people comment. I said, and I do hope Drew takes his time and gets healthy and can play for a long time. I think he makes us from Great to Unbeatable. Just concerned, that's all. The other point I was trying to make is that the year after this season, Drew's contract is a team option, whereas Dwight's contract is player option. No trade. It's as simple as signing Dwight and letting the team option on Drew go by the wayside. And I'm not even saying we should do that, it's just an option 2 years from now. In 2 years we'll know how Drew is doing. Always fon to rational discuss varies options and ideas, correct Justa?

What is this about dampier to the heat??!!

This can't be good news for the league.. Not that dampier is a spring chicken bu that would be addressing their biggest void and weakness.. Interior defense.


Alright maybe I'm overreacting but I'm really starting to hate pat riley

I don't know, I kinda saw Ron Ron going into synchronized swimming after his NBA career. I think he'd be a lock at that. Or the biathlon: his basketball "wind" would help him in the cross-country skiing, and his "dead-eye" shooting would help with... well, the shooting.

Though Ron might be an excellent Dwile Flonker (as in Dwile Flonking). He has the necessary dancing skills I'd bet, and he doesn't really drink as much any more, so dodging the beer soaked dwile might be just the ticket.

yellofever - no matter how many stiffs Riles gets the Heat, it still ain't gonna help.

Tell em Ron can do this. I think Michael Henderson agrees on this funky jam...

LRob - I cannot keep up with your on-point musical pick, but I will try to do my part with the theme's backing vocals (brings a whole 'nother meaning to the words "be the ball"):

I'm not sure what's going on in the head of Thriller, Man your a step SLOWER and believe it or not, your days are numbered. Talking about playing in the NFL, dude STFU and concentrate on the NBA and take your DAMN MEDS.
Go Heat/ Go LakeShow


Ur prob right but another big body on pau.. Pau don't like to play rough but I'm sure erika does. Its no wonder pau went 10-10 last nite with euro flyweights biedrins n vlade on him. Just sayin..

Always fon to rational discuss varies options and ideas, correct Justa?

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter)

DJ - It's always FON - yes.

(I justa couldn't resist. I was going to go all "spelling & grammar police" on you, but not today. I'll catch you on the game chat tomorrow and "splain" some things to you.)

Have a great night!

yellofever - I don't disagree that Pau's more of a lanky 4 than a burly 5, and a big body can give him some problems at times, but Damp doesn't have much left, and it's not going to make a bit of difference in the end. If Shaq isn't going to make a difference (and I'd take him over Damp), then nothing will.

So you want to talk to a CRAZY to find out if your CRAZY, we all know TO is CERTIFIED and 85% of us think the same about you. Dude to save time, just come onto the L.A. Times Lakers Blog and put that question to the Lakerholic.

We have doctors, professors, trolls, teachers, um-employed bums,Attorneys, snake oil sale's man, you name it. You'll get the right advise, because theses Lakerholics know every damn thing.

GO Heat/ Go LakeShow

MM - or any other resident stat "geek":

When was the last time a team had back to back games where a player had a perfect game? I'm assuming it's happened before? Justa curious....

Ok who hid his meds?

kwhy8strm - Your on point.

justa: You are right... as fun as it is to debate sometimes. You know how it is, boys will be boys - myself included. But don't want to piss off the rest of the blog, so you're gentle reminder is much appreciated. Sometimes we need to be told just 'when to say when' lol

- - -

yellofever: The meat passed on him in the preseason, so did most teams that lacked size. I wouldn't worry much. The only thing I'm hoping is that his agent plays hardball with Riles, recognize they are in a bind and the quality of bigs out there is pretty sketchy and insists on a two-year deal. Probably wishful thinking because at this point Damp has few (none! lol) other options left.

- - -

JUSTA HATER: Is it tough to assume all those multiple personalities each time you post? How do you keep them all sorted out in your mind, or is it that each of them is equally venomous, so they are all pretty much one and the same?


CCX- It all depends on when I take my MEDS.

JUSTA HATER: I'm afraid you could pop those puppies like they were tic tacs 24-7 and it still wouldn't help...



JUSTA HATER - man, we are your friends... c'mon, ya gotta share dude! Don't bogart those pills.

@Edwin – very well said on your RCOTD

@Dwntwn atty – I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with most of it except the Luke & Sasha angle. I don’t concern myself with the team payroll. As long as they spend enough money to put a championship team on the court it’s all good with me. Dr. Buss has always spent what it took to win.

With this squad he’s stepped up and signed AB, Pau, Kobe, Ron Ron, LO, the Killer B’s, Fish, Theo and the rooks going well over the salary cap. Having Luke and Sasha is good insurance should someone get injured. As far as Shannon goes…it’ll be up to Dr. Buss to step up and offer him a fair contract. I’m confident he’ll do it!

@LFICT – I’ll always remember AI for being a fierce competitor and one of the toughest little men ever. His threshold for pain rivaled Kobe’s. I’m not going to let the last two negative years erase 12 years of greatness.

@Zaira – Cheesy…lol. Yep, that was a mixture of Cheddar, Swiss, Feta and Asiago, but being a cheese lover I enjoyed it. Faith No More did a good job on that Commodores remake. I hadn’t heard that one before. Enjoy your stay in NY.

@(D)erek (J)eter – No knock on Drew, but if the Lakers can get Howard that’s a no brainer.

@yellofever – No worries on Damp going to Miami. There’s a reason they didn’t sign him in the first place.

@63 Footer – Good selection from Iggy. Hmm...from one Detroiter to another. Good thing we can sing about football cause we sure can’t play!

Alright maybe I'm overreacting but I'm really starting to hate pat riley

Posted by: yellofever | November 22, 2010 at 03:57 PM


Don't hate :-) If I'm correct, they turned him down earlier because of concerns about his health but desparate times call for desparate measures; Haslem down, Dampier in... Bynum down, we're still wating. We gotta trust Mitch. We already know Dr. Buss is in for the win so it's just a matter of time; I just know it.

I've been saying that other teams were reacting really quick whenever their big men went down. The Suns' Lopez went down, the next day they singned a new big man. Now the Heat is reacting right away. The Lakers have their 2 injury prone centers down, and we're are still waiting.. It's mostly because our two big men (both listed as PF, not C) are playing well now.

It's mostly because our two big men (both listed as PF, not C) are playing well now.

Posted by: LakerPeace | November 22, 2010 at 06:24 PM


Yes, against "inferior" teams.

It seems like the Lakers are searching for the short relief (weeks) instead of long term relief (season) on bigs knowing that their bigs will be back within a month. But I'd say the Lakers need a serviceable big man (that PJ can trust enough to throw into the rotation) for the season as an insurance. Maybe Mitch is working on some kind of trade (including Sasha and one of the rookies) to get a big man??

No no no no no. No way they are gonna trade D.C. or Ebanks, No.

He can think...??? Now that is an original and new one! :):):)

@JAMF - Good question. I have this nugget, which I highlighted in the post-game wrap: The back-to-back statistically perfect nights from Gasol and Barnes put them with Charles Barkley as the only players in NBA history to post a minimum 20-point, five-rebound, five-assist night while not missing a shot with at least five field-goal attempts and five free-throw attempts.

So what's the over/under on the number more games that the Heat lose before Riles takes over at coach?

riles will be the head coach of the heat by the time L.A. plays miami on christmas day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let them have Dampier. They have to cut either Magloire or Pittman to make room. So with that said one those guys can be our temporary center until Ratliff and Bynum get back. Itll probably Magloire since Pittman is too much of a steal for any team. Magloire makes his impact on minutes and can rebound, shoot, and block.



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