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Rick Fox appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

--Mark Medina

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South Park's HILARIOUS take on LeBron's ridiculous Nike commercial...

Just wait for the end. It's worth it.

Great interview. Very funny stuff at 3:20 when Jimmy says Foxy looks like a giant green leprechaun. I heard she was big-time hitting on Rick during the competition, no wonder he had to mention his girlfriend was in the audience lol.


puddle, that was classic. Lebron is such a narcissist! I know the reality is that Heat will be pretty good, but I was just so hoping they would implode (still might happen, we'll see).

puddle, unfortunately can't get the link to work, in firefox or google chrome. The page pulls up, but the video doesn't play.


Try Youtube. it should be on there too.

Laker J - I thought I DID respond to your fantasy proposition for me. I think my exact words were: You're CRAZY!

Don't feel bad. It could have been more insulting, but I let my humanity shine though...

refresh the page twice and it will start working in Firefox

first time it said that the page does not exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ouchhhhh aka the activator

U crackin me up today... Keep up the good fight. Always there in spirit

And agree with u on the RCOD award.. Its one of the most biased and prejudiced awards next to the NBA MVP award.. Prerequisites include being in MMs good graces and ultimately agreeing with his views which is ultimately one mans opinion.. And no offense to all previous winners and to the man MM himself!

So of all people dfish is demanding better defense?????
Huh?!? Don't real leaders lead by example?? That's like shraq demanding his teammates hit all their FTs and then goin on a fat free diet???

I met Rick Fox.
He was a jerk.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

How in gods holy name does dfish make those out of control body contorting back twisting layups sometimes like the one at the end of regulation yesterday???

Just mind bending. Defies all laws of physics.

Justa- I don't feel bad, it's your loss. LOL! I appreciate the humanity though.

@PUDDLE... Not a South Park fan but that was sweet. And yes, the punch line was worth waiting for.
@NAY99... Congrats on the RCOD. Don’t let the naysayers rain on you parade with their petty childish naive comments. Those in the know understood you meant to compliment Kobe, not disrespect him.
@FRMKT... “Also, does anyone agree with me that Bynum should come off of the bench for a few months once he gerts back? I agree with the saying,"If it ain't broke, it don't need fixin'."
Phil has already said that Bynum will return as the starting center once he is ready to play so the entire issue is a moot one. As sensationally as Lamar Odom is playing right now, however, I can understand how fans might think starting Lamar and having Drew come off the bench might make sense. Hell, if Lamar could play like this for 82 games, I would have little problem with Drew coming off the bench.
The thing to realize is that basketball is still all about the matchups and so far Pau and Lamar have had matchups that favored them and allowed them to flourish offensively. All you have to do is think back to the Finals when Big Baby schooled Lamar in the low post to or Shaq toyed with Pau to understand that there will definitely be matchups where Drew and Pau at the 5 and 4 would be more effective.
@MVP888... “Fish said after the game that his concern was improving the defense and getting the opposition's scores down to the low to mid-90's. In other words, he's more concerned about that than W's and L's because he knows that defense wins championships. There's plenty of time for that. Bynum's return will only help that, especially once he's back into game shape. As for the offense when he returns, zzzzzzz. Doesn't matter. It's all about defense. This Lakers team can score in its sleep.”
You bring up an excellent point, Kenny. Here’s the thing that the fans clamoring for Lamar to start need to realize. Leading the league in scoring at 113 points per game is great but the Lakers are not going to win another championship allowing opponents to score 100 points per game we’ve allowed so far. Championships are won by defense and you can see from the layup drills that teams run when Pau and Lamar are playing the 5 and 4 that the Lakers miss Drew anchoring the paint and protecting the rim.
The big difference between this team and the one that lost to the Celtics two years ago is the defensive toughness brought by Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest. Teams do NOT attack the paint against Drew because they are intimidated by his toughness and hard fouls. If you don’t believe that is true, just ask Kendrick Perkins or other players who’ve suffered injuries attacking the rim against Drew. I love that Pau and Lamar are playing great right now but that does not mean that we don’t miss and need Drew.
Rather than root for Drew or Lamar to start, Lakers fans should rejoice that we may finally see the team show the league leading offensive prowess of the 2008 and 2009 teams AND the defensive intimidation of the 2010 championship team. Now that is something every Laker fan should be able to get behind.

Laker J - wait a second.... are you talking about the fantasy basketball proposition??


In that case, what was it again?

How in gods holy name does dfish make those out of control body contorting back twisting layups sometimes like the one at the end of regulation yesterday???

Just mind bending. Defies all laws of physics.

Posted by: yellofever | November 04, 2010 at 12:53 PM

Luck!!!!!!! Luck!!!!!!!!!! and more of the same Lady. :-)

Yes Justa, what were you talking about??? Check your trade offer and either accept or counter with your own "proposal". You are funny, and cute, in a funny kind of way.

I'm cute in a funny kind of way.

I have no idea how to take that comment.

(But I'm still funny dammit.)

lucky IS good.

DFish has 5 rings worth of "Lucky". I wish I was that lucky. I can't even get Justa to accept my proposition. I'll stop now, sorry. Carry on.


I met Rick Fox once.

He was polite and charming.

Go Lakers!



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