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Readers share how many points Kobe Bryant will finish with in his career


--"Being a student of the game, as Kobe is, I believe the phrase "winning longevity" will be his guideline. As Kareem's career extended with a winning Lakers team, so I think Kobe will evaluate his own professional arc. Lakers keep winning (lock-out or not), and Kobe stays healthy (always a knock on wood, though his training routine is as rigorous as any who've played the game), Kobe will keep playing. Which means he'll keep scoring, and 30,000 will arrive, and whatever come after that. If the bottom falls out and Kobe's health is pinnacle, then I think he'll work a year or two trying to find traction, but if the team takes a dip, Kobe may consider hanging it up. But... there's no reason he or the Lakers should stop their winning ways for years to come (another knock on the ol' wood)." -- 63 Footer

"Having been a rabid Laker fan since 1957, I have always held the Lakers team quests as most important. HOWEVER, in the past few years, I have become more and more enamored with watching the unbelievable talent that is Kobe Bryant. We will always be able to say 'I got to watch him live and saw Kobe's amazing talent', after years from now when he has settled in HOF as one of the greatest to ever play. I hate when the Lakers lose via playing poorly, as in the Denver game last Thursday. Now I try to watch the Lakers with one eye on their play as a team and the other is hoping for a big game by Kobe.

So, if Kobe shoots well and has an efficient game with big numbers, then sometimes a poor performance loss by the rest of the Lakers can be a bit fogiven by me. I loved 81! I stood up like when I saw the Belmont with Secretariat live by 31 lengths! These will be wonders I take to the grave, along with the love my family has given me. I have tried to do some analysis of my own since 2005 and I have always thought that a reasonable pace for the remaining years puts him at #2.

Much of it is instinct through watching him and his drive for 15 years. I believe he will stay long enough to get beyond Jordan, for many obvious reasons, although Kobe has not had the years of prime scorer that Jordan had ---- always, on the Bulls. I think if Shaq had not been on the Lakers in his early years he would definitely pass Kareem." -- NuggetsCountry

"This will make him jack up another 30 shots today. On this team he does not need that. The other players get more confidence if they can also score. Jacking up 30 shots is not good for this team." -- keen observer

"There's no way Kobe retires before 38. No way. - For the rest of his career that's he should average above 1,000 points a season... conservatively. - That puts him around 33,000 points. - I think he'll have more output than this conservative estimate and he'll retire with a little more than 35,000 points at the age of 39." -- Jon K.

"38,387+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. I hope Kobe will shoot 48 shots per game and 10 for overtime. looking forward for triple-overtime games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, i'm sure he will have a last punch for Malone" -- ouchhhhhhhh

"He will finish between 33,000 - 37,000. Maybe more if he keeps healthy." -- Shawhin

"this contract kobe can achieve #4 on the list. Playing to 40, is that possible drop it to 15 a game fron 36 on, he could be on Kareems shoulder...It would wouldn't suprise me if Kobe goes all time high especially if he puts it up like he should, as ouuuuuch says I think the new supporting cast will help him stay healthier, and more efficient" -- i hearned that

"I don't think it's a stretch to say that over the last few years of his time in the NBA Kobe will continue at a clip of about 25 ppg. With that said (and assuming there's no lockout next season), I believe Kobe will end with about 33,500 points. That will put him ahead of Jordan, although he will still rank only 3rd all-time. The only way he surpasses Malone and Jabbar is if he plays AT LEAST until the age of 38 assuming, again that he will average 25 ppg, which is much harder at that age. In actuality, he will probably have to play at least until he's 40 if he has some significant drop off in scoring." -- Alamo07

"At an absolute minimum (and I mean even if he's playing with dengue fever and a cast on his broken shooting arm and using a walker) I believe he won't hang it up until he passes Shaq. His actual (and realistic) goal if he just stays healthy, edging past Jordan (32,292 + 1). And that means not just more career goals but also at least one more ring (6+1) than Jordan got. Bottom line: the Lakers are going to have 18 NBA banners (Celtics' 17+1) hanging in the rafters at Staples by the time Kobe's jersey is placed up there. The greatest player AND team of all time. Yeah, I'd bet the farm on that." - Corner J

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, middle right, avoids triple coverage by passing the ball around Phoenix center Robin Lopez, right, as forwards Hedo Turkoglu, left center, and Grant Hill close in during the first half of the Lakers' 121-116 loss Sunday at Staples Center. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times.

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Let me get this straight. According to KobeMVP888's official blog rules and guidelines, anybody who criticizes a Laker player after winning the championship is an "unappreciative spoiled fan", especially if that criticism is directed at Bynum or Luke, yet you have no problem criticizing the man most responsible for the past two championships (Kobe)? What's the official term for hypocrite in legalese?

This is madness: The Princess for woman of the year?

Justa - Prepare to lose it: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

JO out for 2-3 weeks with knee troubles. Could his green fatness be far behind?

htj - I think the more awards Lebron James wins that are subjective, the better. I think he should be "given" Person of the Year. I think he should be "given" an Oscar. I think he should be "given" a Nobel Peace Prize. "Give" him another MVP. It's all just peachy by me.

You see, there are some things you actually have to EARN. Like, oh... a Ring. Rings are not "given" away, not "voted" on, not about "popularity." Rings are about... winning. You have to beat everyone else to win one, or two, or three, or... well, you get the idea.

Awards handed out like Miss Congeniality... Lebron James can win as many of those as he can handle. Like Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller and Steve Nash, he can get a Lifetime Miss Congeniality Award. It don't mean thing if it ain't got that ring:

63 Footer - "You see, there are some things you actually have to EARN. Like, oh... a Ring."

At first I didn't follow your thought process because I don't want that punk getting anymore unwarranted appreciation than necessary. But you're right. Let's keep blowing up his head with ideas that he is "given" superficial awards while the true champions "earn" trophies and rings.

Go Lakers! Shake off those losses and let's focus on the road!


Let me get this straight. According to KobeMVP888's official blog rules and guidelines, anybody who criticizes a Laker player after winning the championship is an "unappreciative spoiled fan", especially if that criticism is directed at Bynum or Luke, yet you have no problem criticizing the man most responsible for the past two championships (Kobe)? What's the official term for hypocrite in legalese?

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | November 15, 2010 at 03:03 PM

Actually, I have no rules or guidelines. I'm perfectly content with having a dialogue with people like you who can never be content. In fact, I prefer reading unappreciative posts from the spoiled fans who complain about our players even after we win championships. It gives me the opportunity to expose you for the fair weather fans you are. I am more than happy to go mano a mano with your distasteful opinions. You don't criticize, you BASH! And you're damn proud of it.

As for me pointing out that Kobe had a sub-par game last night because of his lackluster defense and lazy passing, that is a far cry from the constant BASHING by you, hobbitmage and the rest of this spoiled, entitled, unappreciative contingent who rejoice in BASHING the very players who were responsible for you cheering NBA championships the past two seasons. I appreciate EVERYTHING that Kobe has given me as a fan and then some. I also appreciate the contributions from our role players who helped win those championships, even if their contributions were minimal. Merely pointing out that Kobe had an "un-Kobe-like performance" last night hardly lowers me to the BASHING fans of your level, nor does it ring of anything near hypocrisy. Observing that Kobe had a bad game despite his near triple-double is not a criticism or BASHING, as you so proudly heap on Luke Walton every chance you get, it's a mere acknowledgment that Kobe had a sub-par meaningless practice game FOR HIM. I'm over it.

By the way, you should change your moniker because there is NOTHING truthful about your approach other than it's your own truth. To me it's mostly crap. But please keep it coming. Exposing unappreciative entitled, spoiled, hypercritical, unsophisticated, short sighted Lakers' fans like you is part of the fun.


OCisMambaCounty - yeah, when you look at Charles Barkley on TNT & Reggie (and I love their playing days - both amazing players), you can tell it completely pisses them off that they will NEVER get a Ring. Ever. It colors their lives. It takes them, ALWAYS, out of any conversation about GOAT. I feel the same way about Lebron. The dregs of bitterness will sit deep at the bottom of that cup if he never gets a Ring.

You can proclaim all you want, be heralded all they can, but if you can't just DO IT, you can't BE IT.

You HAVE to be the #1 guy on the #1 team to be in the conversation for #1. Anything less is over-hyped failure (if you're trying to be #1).

"Awards handed out like Miss Congeniality... Lebron James can win as many of those as he can handle. Like Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller and Steve Nash, he can get a Lifetime Miss Congeniality Award."

Oh man, you hit the bullseye on this topic my friend!

time to bust out the aqua net:

mclyne - we have a winner for HAIRBAND OF THE YEAR AWARD... er, wait, let's give it to Lebron! He really deserves it more... since... wait for it: HE AIN'T GOT NO RINGS!


I dedicate this song to LeCreep standing in the rain:

mclyne - you have soiled the good name of the Zep! Ptoi! Ptoi! I must get that horrible taste out of my mouth.

Time Mag has proven, "time" and again, that they are not relevant. It truly is just a "rag." Now, back to the Lakers: no need for concern. the team is aware of their deficiencies and they will correct what they can while they can until the void in the center is addressed. it really is that simple; Bynum's presence on the court changes the entire dynamic of this team. If it's not Bynum, then IT will be someone else. We know that Mitch and Buss are on the case that's why I usually end my comments with:

A peek at a troll day planner:

1)get up.

2)who cares

3)check scores of basketball games, or at least the laker game.

if the lakers won, go to step 5) if the lakers lost, go to step four

4)go to lakers blog and post something

5) who cares?


6.) go to sleep.

7.) who cares?

8.) entire life...

9.) ...who cares?

@phred - Ah dry wit.


For someone who has eaten a buffet of crow all year, you sure are feisty.

Let me refresh your memory on ALL of our past discussions, to remind you that ALL of your takes have been proven WRONG thus far:

1. You ridiculed my concerns about Bynum's prolonged absence, and argued that the regular season is nothing but a "glorified scrimmage", yet Phil, Pau, Lamar and Kobe have all expressed similar concerns about Bynum's absence leading to over extended minute for Lamar and Pau. How's that crow taste buddy?

2. In your desperate attempt to defend any and all criticism directed at Bynum, you argued that the regular season does not matter, yet most sane Laker fans will acknowledge how important home court was against Boston, and how important it will be this year.

3. You shot down my concerns about Bynum getting re-injured (you even tried to argue that Bynum was not injury prone LOL), yet Phil recently stated that if Bynum gets injured again this year, he might become a "career situational player", which is much harsher that anything I ever said about Bynum. I guess Phil must be an "unappreciative and spoiled" Bynum Basher too? At least I'm in good company.

4. You argued that Barnes is not a good player, and worse than Luke (LOL), because he's played on so many teams. I'm guessing you're a Barnes fan by now. Don't forget to eat your vegetables with that crow.

5. You attack anybody and resort to name calling at anyone who criticizes Bynum or Luke in the slightest, no matter how factual the criticism may be, yet you have the audacity to criticize Kobe over a "glorified scrimmage" game in November? Your take on Kobe was an "unappreciative post from a spoiled fan who complains about our players even after we win championships". Sound familiar?

- You have every right to criticize a player, as you did with Kobe, but I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of your criticism. After months of shooting down anyone who criticizes a Laker, I found it amusing that you would criticize the back to back finals MVP.

- “The TRUTH is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

MVP888 - just wondering why it's OK to always rip Vlad Rad a new one in your book, but Luke is a sacred cow (and I'm not just referring to foot speed)?

I mean the level of suckitude is about equal, but another team would actually take a flyer on Vlad. Clearly not happening with Luke.

KobeMVP888: Apparently, keeping a reasoned head, bringing up points without bias, criticizing the team in an even-handed manner, not keeping longstanding criticism's and biases against certain players and seeing the season within context and not flying off and ripping the organization based on a single game along with keeping a positive vibe has placed the trolls bullseye squarely on your back my friend.

And make no mistake, some of these people are pure trolls, some insidiously masquerading as Laker fans (and that's the truth).

- - -

phred: I can add this checklist of things in order to be a troll:

* Overtly or secretly despise the Lakers

* Bash & criticize certain players incessantly (especially if they are named Fisher, Walton or Bynum)

* Blast the team when they lose a single game and exclaim the sky is falling

* Have a negative, half-full view of things

* Offer no praise whatsoever

* Blindly lose perspective of the overall picture

* hyper-focus on mistakes

* Post in a sarcastic/cynical/dour tone

* mostly though, you must lash out at anyone that sees any positive from any situation. That is a definite no-no. Only derogatory posts allowed.

- As published in the "Who Cares? A Trolling Handbook" 2010


Is there any chance that there is enough bronze in the world to immortalize Kobe Bryant's sac?

Hey join us on the chat in the next thread

Kobe will play five more years and average 25.1, 26.3, 24.8, 23.3, and 22.8 points a season. That should net him just over 11,000 points and surpass Karl Malone. Even if he was just shy of the Mailman, he could stay and average 19 or 20 for two seasons and easily surpass Jabbar. Throw in 2 or 3 more championships and he will be considered the greatest for his longevity and superior accomplishments!!! Don't discount this! He will always be able to get to the free throw line. As long as he continues shooting shooting between 85% and 90% at the charity stripe, he will always be scoring. Long live the Black Mamba - Greatest Of All Time!!!!!!

i'd like to see him get 30k first then we can talk....most overhyped player ever...pau deserved to tbe the finals mvp not kobe

kobe around 37,000 hopefully more...and im going 7rings 4 kobe...hell get another one this year and then another one a few years down the road b4 he retires!!!!!!!

1600 points * 6 more seasons,around 37K points hopefully.20 more triple doubles plus 2 rings would be icing on the cake...

kobe is goona be number 1 in all time scoring and lakers are goona get the 3 peat and he will have 6 rings like jordan and i think he will get 7 rings and by age 40 he will average 10 to 15 ppg so he will be number 1



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