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Phil Jackson provides mixed assessment on Prop. 19

Phil Even if Lakers Coach Phil Jackson remains disenchanted with the tone of political discourse leading up to Tuesday's elections, he still remains alert enough to share his opinions on political issues.

Regarding Prop. 19, which would legalize marijuana, Jackson said that the legislation is "poorly written," but "there's no need to have our federal system and our state system fill the prisons with people who are prosecuted for this."

"I think marijuana has been known to be addictive," Jackson said at Staples Center on Tuesday before the Lakers' game against Memphis. "It's not something to be laughed at. I think it's a situation that can be handled and help our society out. There's no need to have our federal system and our state system fill the prisons with people who are prosecuted for this. Some of it is handled as a misdemeanor and some is handled as three stick. So it gets to be an issue that complicates our legal system and our prison system. I think it has to be better written. Marijuana is not a minor situation. People become addicted to it like they get addicted to anything. It's what we call the soft drug in the old days before the Len Bias situation changed everything in this country as far as drugs go. We have to get control of some of the things in this society we need to get control of in this drug war."

Jackson's known to share his opinions on various political issues, most interestingly his stance on the Phoenix Suns wearing "Los Suns" jerseys during the 2010 NBA playoffs to protest the controversial Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which Latino and civil-rights groups charge could lead to racial profiling of Latinos in efforts to enforce immigration.

"I think this one is still coming out to the balance in how it's going to be favorably looked upon in our audience and our public," Jackson said at the time. "If I heard right, it's that the American people are for stronger immigration laws if I'm not mistaken. Where we stand as a basketball team, we should let that play out, let the political end of that go where it's going to go."

Jackson had campaigned for Sen. Bill Bradley in 2000 and donated to the Obama election campaign.

-- Mark Medina

Photo: Phil Jackson. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Whether or not it's addictive, whether or not it's laughed at, whether or not some of those who smoke it become fat and lazy, it's something the government has no business denying adults the right to use in the privacy of their homes. β€œIt will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.” – George Washington. Now, back to basketball. Smoke 'em, Lakers! (And I don't mean the reefers.)

I just wish we had a Prop 19 here where I live.:-)

This team is lookin' great so far and still can get better. That's bad news for the rest of the Association.

Next entry in the 'across the pond' series. Enjoy!

Mica Paris - You Put A Move On My Heart -

Mica Paris - Breathe Life Into Me - Prince's Trust 1989 -

Mica Paris - My One Temptation (1988) -

Mica Paris - Baby Come Back Now -

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

The "drug war"??? Phil, really? What is this 1987? Marijuana is no more addictive then cigarettes and actually has less negative effects then tobacco, but tobacco is legal. People take prescription drugs that are more powerful and addictive. Bill Mahr said it best when he said, "what's the worst that pot heads do, eat all the cookies?"
Love the Lakers - but come on Phil, let's be real, marijuana is not the big bad wolf the Regan era and others have made it out to be.

Addendum to previous post: Keep the stuff away from Lamar, though. He eats enough candy as it is.

Is Sasha riding the pine because Phil's jealous?

I mean, Phil clearly has a thing for blondes, and Sasha has him clearly beat.

srafrank (11/2/2010 at 8:06 AM)
Checking In No Reservations Needed.

Memphis: Heartbreak Hotel
Rebound Kings In The House=50

A good win with some rest for most of our starters. Back to back and my friend from Sacto is predicting a king's win tomorrow. Not going to happen.

Sasha's farewell tour with The Lake Show. Where will he play next season?

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

You know here in Kansas we are VERY conservative politically and I think that something like this would never be passed here, or in our nation as a whole which for some reason keeps reverting to republican tendencies.....but personally, I think that it is a very innovative and revolutionary idea for a state that badly needs funds. There is little proof of physical addiction, for most it is a mental one, like steroids. But one thing that IS addictive and is not restricted is alcohol and tobacco, which has far greater long term health risks. Phil knows this, why do you think he burns incense in the locker room and at his home in Montana? Zen, eh?

In the 2008-09 championship season, we started out 7-0 blowing teams out or toying with them like we have the past 3 games (after a complacent Ring Night vs. the Rockets). In Game 8 that season, the hapless Pistons, of all teams, came into Staples Center and beat us. Then we went on another 7 game win streak, but the team did not look as crisp as it did out of the gates. At the time I surmised that Philip was content with what he saw and then he went into his tweaking, experimenting, situation practicing mode. You will recall that our bench let teams back into games like it did last season. I hypothesized that PJ allowed them to stay out there too long as a part of the playoff readiness process.

I raise these issues because then, like now, we had the impression that the Lakers were deep 1 through 12. The "Bench Mob" was superb in 2007-08, so we expected nothing but improvement and that's exactly what we saw in the first 7 games. Yes, the Lakers went on to win #15, but by the time the Finals rolled around, JVG said "Lamar Odom IS the entire Lakers bench."

Like Jerry Buss, I believe that this season we could be witnessing the greatest Lakers team ever. Every player has a different and unique motivation from last season and we have have some starved veterans coming off the bench who want to win a ring. Don't kid yourself if you think the Miami Heat aren't in the backs of their minds either. I can't wait to watch it unfold!

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

As far as Phils viewpoint on marijuana, I've got this to say.......awww sheesh I forgot what I was going to say.

I'm loving this team and it's just going to get better, Is Barnes going to Ron Rons psychiatrist?

Who is the odd man out when Andrew returns.

I just remembered what I wanted to say about Phil....but sorry my bowl of ice cream is ready....

Laura R,

No more addictive in cigarettes is a terrible comparison. Nicotine is the most addictive substance we've found thus far, certainly more so than heroin (and responsible for more than 1000X as many annual deaths).

Marijuana is slightly addictive and causes amotivational syndrome, but I'll take people using that (despite the self-absorption and annoyance that comes with it) over nicotine, alcohol, heroin, speed and cocaine in a heartbeat.

I'll put it simply: No More Drug War.

We can't win. It's a waste. And it's been used as a distraction to consolidate power (as all wars do).

"The contemporary World War on Drugs is nothing more nor less than the modern manifestation of the millennial struggle between state power and individual freedom; between the proselytizers of purely symbolic simulacra of religion - propagandists of what Blake called "pale religious letchery" - and the practitioners of the real thing - for religion is an experience, not merely a "social activity with mild ethical rules." This War on Drugs originally started as a War on Religious Experiences, and it is nothing new..."

--Jonathan Ott

Anyway, I'm sure Phil probably doesn't really think what he said about marijuana, but was put on the spot and didn't want to distract coverage of his team with some lame controversy about his opinion of weed's societal impact.

Is Sasha riding the pine because Phil's jealous?

I mean, Phil clearly has a thing for blondes, and Sasha has him clearly beat.

Posted by: jimjoyce | November 02, 2010 at 09:46 PM

Another Anti-Jackson post by the infamous jimjoyce.

Seriously jim who is an insult to the MLB umpire you really need to get a life if all you do is criticize Bryant/Jackson/Michael Jordan as fakers and yearn for Lebron when he disrespected the Cavaliers organization with his "Decision".

Not enough for you? How about when Magic Johnson in 1982 booted out Paul Westhead because he didn't like the "slow" and "predictable" offense that Westhead had by demanding to be traded (yea Kobe isn't the only Laker legend to have demanded a trade)? Magic is beloved in LA but what he did then was very crappy as Kobe calling Mitch an idiot.

Note: Westhead was a very poor coach who wanted another player running the point instead of Magic so Magic had his reasons but like what Kobe did in 2007 Magic shouldn't have acted like a pissy baby.

Yet you defend LBJ and point out that Game 7 in 2006 against PHX while Lebron QUIT in Game 5 and at the end of Game 6 when the Cavaliers were still in the game while Kobe's game 7 the Suns were just running over the Lakers for 121 points no matter if Kobe kept firing away.

Get over it. Kobe has won 2 titles while you go and cry for Lebron. LBJ isn't coming to Los Angeles. Quit being a baby and trashing Jackson for making Kobe into one of the best players in NBA History.

Another undermanned opponent. Another easy victory. Shot 51% including 61% from 3pt plus outrebounded Memphis by 23...a great recipe for a cruiser.
One of the highlights was Pau reverse dunk on baby bruh. Here's what Marc Gasol had to say...

"That was a good play. I've done it a couple of times before -- not on him, other good quality players." (Uh yes...he did the same move on KG in one of the international games years ago)

Kobe was loving the dunk...

"I'm glad [Pau] finally dunked on him," Bryant said with a grin. "I was worried he was going a little soft on him."

kbblitz: Forgot to take your meds tonight? Just a little overreaction there?

Good lord, it's just a little joke, my friend.

But never underestimate the competitive streak among males ...

btw: Isn't it so much more enjoyable to see the Lakers play they way they have the last two nights? Even if it is just the regular season ...

@Mark G - kudos for checking in with one of the "three kings of the blues guitar". And of course, the girl from Venice Harlem (like Magic Phil said) is always a fav.

@ChicNstu - Randy Mueller crew in the building...yes sir!

@ms - Better late than never today, but a Jill sighting made up for the

@GDUB - Always good to hear the Across the Pond series. Haven't heard Temptation or Move on my Heart in a while, but Mica sounds good as ever. (It seemed like you were down to your 10-11 person off the bench on your previous selection, but now you're back with the

@Lew - man you were on a pregame mission! Rocking Marley, Zep, Great White, Def Leppard, Scorpion, Def Leppard...and many more. I like....EXCEPT... I'm not feeling the "Bad Boys" title for the bench. Too many negative vibes associated with that name from the Pistons.


I agree with your premise that its foolish to trash PJ. However, I believe Kobe was going to be a great player whether Phil coached him or not!

Good lord, it's just a little joke, my friend.

But never underestimate the competitive streak among males ...

btw: Isn't it so much more enjoyable to see the Lakers play they way they have the last two nights? Even if it is just the regular season ...

Posted by: jimjoyce | November 02, 2010 at 11:59 PM

Yea the LAKERS. And Phil/Kobe is the top 2 instruments for their success along with the rest of the team.

2 guys you just love to trash. Hope they finally made you eat enough crow to realize how very damn good they are.

@LRob. Kobe would have been great but as great as he is now? Highly doubtful without PJ beating into Kobe's mind to trust his teammates and let them help him become better.

Same way that Phil helped Michael Jordan become one of the best if not the best player of all time after years of Doug Collins "Give the ball to MJ and get the heck out!" of isolation plays.

@LRob. Kobe would have been great but as great as he is now? Highly doubtful without PJ beating into Kobe's mind to trust his teammates and let them help him become better.
Posted by: KB Blitz | November 03, 2010 at 12:27 AM

obviously u know this because u heard it enough from BSPN or ABC. TNT?

u forgot the

"make his teammates better"

i forgot but as a Michael Jordan homer, now u trust everything that PJ is saying.

do u think that maybe PJ has his own agenda? or maybe his agenda fits the MJ homerist agenda????????

i'm really happy that Kobe became a better player by learning to trust: smushcalade, cookiecalade and cakecalade. and of course the Luke "adopt a pet" Walton, the coach's son. (looking for the ULTRA BLACK SARCASM FONT)

the season barely started and all the MJ homers have their pants on fire starting with the NBA, the media, the bloggers and ending with PJ.

until then on Thursday night, Kcal or whatever station is will show again Kobe's 81 point game against Toronto. do you think that PJ tought Kobe how to score 81 points? PJ an inept offensive player?

actually during that game PJ wanted to TAKE KOBE OUT. the assistent coaches begged him to let him score as much as he can.

maybe let's revisit another meme that PJ does not like and wants to burry it deep down in the annals of BB history:


how about that hidden agenda???????????????????

Gassy is his favorite player. i'm sorry for PJ for all the indigestion he had for so many years while watching Kobe. it had to be traumatic. and it is. and it will be.
also he likes TOUCHES, MANY PASSES and the power and the shine to be DISTRIBUTED like in a comune, so no one shines in particular.

except PJ. the ZEN master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sirboss . looks like u lost . n check this thing out my neighbor showed me it the other day. its some new drudge sports thing. i know u use the drudge so figured ud wanna c this. alright. better luck tom.

Thank you California. You have completely killed my faith in this country and it's people.

Let me state for the record, I have no faith in this country nor its people.

Good luck crafting candidates and laws around the wishes of an invisible sky wizard. I don't care anymore.

In the future, America, don't expect me to feel sympathy for your citizens when their unabashed anti-intellectualism works against them. And trust me, it will.

Well it wasn't well written. There was a provision that denied employers the right to ask if someone had been smoking prior to work. Now an employer can ask if you've had alcohol. Why not allow that to employers?

"Marijuana is slightly addictive and causes amotivational syndrome,"

No, it does not cause amotivational syndrome at all- and any implication of such is the result of confounding factors. Marijuana is neither a stimulant or a depressant and as such it is incapable of causing amotivational syndrome. The root cause of amotivational syndrome is depression- something that often people will self medicate with recreational drugs. To continue the myth that pot makes people lazy only gives them a psychological crutch that depressed people will take and run with.

It is pretty easy to discern from when looking at the department of labors statistics- depression alone accounts for over 60%, marijuana is around 23%, and alcohol is around 12%. Which makes perfect sense when you consider that alcohol is like a sledge hammer for stopping invasive thoughts associated with depression by slowing down every response to stimuli. Marijuana is not as good short term, but alcohol is degenerative in the long term- marijuana is is beneficial to depression by repairing the damage caused by stress hormones in the hippocampus.



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