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Phil Jackson expects Andrew Bynum to practice within at least a week

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said he doesn't forsee center Andrew Bynum fully practicing with the team until they return from their three-game trip next week to Milwaukee (Tuesday), Detroit (Wednesday) and Minnesota (Friday).

Jackson had said nine days ago that he believed Bynum would return to practice at the end of this week, but Bynum's only activity Saturday entailed shooting exercises with special assistant coach Craig Hodges and medicine-ball exercises with Lakers physical therapist Alex McKechnie. Jackson said Bynum won't be able to practice this week simply because of the team's trip, with Bynum continuing rehabilitation on his surgically repaired right knee.

--Mark Medina

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Praise the lord and pass the basketball!



MM - Thanks for the good news on AB. I can't wait til he gets back. The board needs another hot button topic. :-)

I see Craig Hodges is still on the Laker payroll as a shooting coach/special assistant coach. Can you distinquish his duties as a shooting coach from Chuck Persons? I know Chuck is also full time assistant coach.

@Zaira - good variety this morning. Scissors - always interesting. Stromae - gotta love House. But Tracy takes the prize of course.

Praise the lord and pass the basketball!



Posted by: justanothermambafan | November 13, 2010 at 02:41 PM


and he better be able to stay, otherwise he'll be following the path of Oden!

Thank Goodness.
It's just not the same without Socks on the court.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Drew is in mamby pamby land looking for self confidence. Does anyone have a tissue? Crybaby.

Good question about the respective roles of Persons & Hodges, LRob. Just how many suggestions for refining shots can one coach give a group of shooters who have already reached the profesional level? Methinks each coach's "job" may consist mainly of gathering and passing back to the players the balls they hoist up during practice.

It will be a shame to see Lamar Odom back on the bench, he had helped the team a lot!

Allnet - That's a very misguided notion. One even pros have bad shooting habits and it takes these coaches to help correct those habits. Then there's issues such as Kobe where his finger forced him to alter his shot. Chuck Person figured out the best approach on how Kobe can fix his shot to adjust to the finger.

LRob, it is kind of funny because they're both known as shooting gurus. Craig's a longtime triangle guy, played under Tex in college as well as with the Bulls. He seems to have graduated into more of an all-around asst. coach... Person came on as a part-time summer league guy (09-10) and Phil kept him on. He's obviously got Kobe's ear because of the whole finger injury thing (Person wrecked his own index finger early in his career) but the other vets (especially Artest) really listen to him as well. It's interesting - Person was traded to L.A. in 2000 (Horace Grant, Greg Foster, Chuck Person, Emanuel Davis for Glen Rice and Travis Knight). Person didn't want to play anymore, wanted to get into coaching. Jackson asked Person to play himself into shape and tutor younger players but Person didn't want to.. he wound up going to Cleveland and worked with John Lucas.

A lot of people think that Bynum i going to come back and things are going to be alright. His major impact will be that Pau/Odom can get some rest and not play 40 minutes. His impact defensively will be marginal at best since he is a very poor pick and roll defender.

MM - No doubt that a shooting coach can offer valuable tips. But (and I'm saying this with a laugh) does that advice really demand two full-time positions?


"Drew is in mamby pamby land looking for self confidence. Does anyone have a tissue? Crybaby."

Maybe you can help me. I've been trying to figure out what a "jackwagon" is? Perhaps an oft-injured 7' center?

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Allnet - I would say so. That's a lot of players to oversee. You also have to keep in mind that shooting sessions can last an hour or a few. You add those up with a few players and that's a good chunk of the day



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