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Phil Jackson's comments on Bynum reveal frustration more than anger

Relaxed at the beginning of training camp, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson sat before reporters and remarked why he wasn't upset that Andrew Bynum's wouldn't be fully healthy to start the season as he rehabilitates from a surgically repaired knee.

"The end result is what it's going to be like in May and June," Jackson said. "That's the important part."

In a stressful state of mind toward the end of the first month of the regular season, Jackson stood before reporters and lamented Bynum's prolonged timetable, the latest being that he would return to the court in three weeks, around Christmas.

"We had hoped it would be three weeks about three weeks ago," Jackson said before the Lakers' 95-92 loss Sunday to the Indiana Pacers. "We're just waiting until everything gets together."

As training camp opened, Jackson said he had no problem with Bynum holding off surgery until after attending the World Cup in South Africa, didn't fault for Bynum's surgery postponing from July 18 to July 28 because his doctor wasn't available and pointed out the delayed timetable pointed to an organization-wide miscalculation regarding his surgery.

"We encouraged him to go there," Jackson said of Bynum's trip to the World Cup. "It's something that after an eight-month season, it's fun for these guys to get out."

Jackson revealed his testiness after The Times' Mark Heisler reminded him he approved of Bynum's South Africa trip moments after accusing him of showing up late for his surgery, adding, "This is something that was supposed to take place after the season and he was supposed to be ready by the season."

"He was back in time after that," Jackson said. "There was plenty" of time.

You may believe Jackson's revised comments reek of insincerity for blasting Bynum regarding the same circumstances that initially caused Jackson to defend him. Or you can chalk it up to Jackson trying to motivate Bynum as he continues his rehab, which entails an on-court workout Tuesday before the Lakers' game at Memphis. I agree with both points of view, but I don't agree with any sentiment whatsoever that frustration is waning thin within the organization on Bynum's return, at least more than already has been felt regarding Bynum's unpredictable timetables. 

Jackson made that clear after Monday's practice when he stated Bynum's been a "very willing worker" during his rehab.

Lakers forward Pau Gasol, who's logged a team-leading 38 minutes per game and more than 40 minutes in the last three, confirmed that, agreeing that Bynum's 11-game absence at the beginning of last season because of a strained left hamstring reveals that the Lakers' frontline players believe it's more valuable to return fully healed than partially healthy.

"You obviously want to be out there and playing because that's what we love to do," Gasol said. "But at the same time, you don't want to hurt yourself by going too fast."

So what's gotten into Jackson? The answer is pretty clear. Although Jackson provided several quotes to provide enough connect-the-dot evidence that Bynum's in his dog house, Jackson's frustration mostly pointed to his feelings that his hands are tied. 

He wants to cut minutes for Gasol and Lamar Odom. But he doesn't believe the Lakers have enough frontcourt depth to give them much-needed rest ("I just have to monitor some minutes out there than a little bit better than I've done," Jackson said). With Theo Ratliff expected to be sidelined for an additional three to five weeks, Jackson believes this provides a good opportunity for rookie Derrick Caracter. But he's mindful that he doesn't want to set him up for failure and derail his confidence ("I think he's confident in what he can do, but I don't know if he's confident in what we do all the time"). 

Jackson lamented the Lakers' unwillingness to acquire a back-up center. But he understands the reasoning, as recently reported by The Times' Mike Bresnahan, that the team would have to pay at least $35,000 a week both in player salary and luxury taxes ("It's not just in our card. There's certain things we can't do").

"We put all our eggs in the basket of Andrew coming back," Jackson summed up.

That led me to ask Jackson for clarification purposes if his frustration points to Bynum not taking the necessary steps to prevent this situation or the whole challenge in managing this problem.

"That's just the way it goes. You can't just bank on a medical process and think of it as a sure thing," said Jackson, an indictment on the organization as much as it is on Bynum, an opinion Jackson shared during training camp. "It's not a sure thing. It's a process where people have to heal and everything has to get better and you go forward from there. The only thing I'm frustrated about is the amount of time that Pau and Lamar have to spend on the court."

But that doesn't mean Bynum should rush his rehab in any way, an opinion Jackson still stressed to Bynum despite his public comments that suggested otherwise.

"I don't think that's a shot at me at all," Bynum said when told of Jackson's comments. "At the same time, he's told me to take my time. I think he just wants somebody on the team to step up."

--Mark Medina

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yada....yada....yada! The bottomline is Pau needs at least a 3 minute break in each half. Since Theo is out, those minutes must go Caracter.

hey, in their archive records, does anyone have a saved comment where hobbitmage or LakerTom admitted to being wrong about anything? Collectors item right there.

I like the movie soundtrack song list game, but i'm afraid the first two were pretty easy, or so i figure because people guess them in the comments before I even got around to listening to them all.

i'll try to get inspired to put one together sometime, it looks fun. I've got too much profile editin' to do first though.

Oh, I think anybody looking through the archives to find a time when Tom Daniels is less than exactly right, insightful, funny and wise is doomed to failure. Great post today, Mr Daniels.





phred - Great insight. Phil is certainly frustrated that Theo is injured, but not that he signed them. He seems more upset at management for not getting a backup center

Bynum injures the same knee, Dr. David Altchek, his New York surgeon explains that the procedure to sew the meniscus instead of cutting off the loose cartilage was a risky proposition but considering the risk/reward factor it was worth the try.
After the second surgery, the good doctor feels Andrew will be ready by playoff time.
For reasons unknown, the rehabilitation process takes longer than expected and Bynum misses the playoffs.
The Lakers make it to the Finals and beat the Celtics in an epic 7 game series as the Celtics lose both Shaq (hang nail) and KG (too many T's, after getting down on all 4's and barking at the refs). Phil Jackson retires.

First half of the season is not played because of the owners lockout. Andrew Bynum professes to be in the best shape of his life and wants a maximum contract extension. Nate McMillan is named new Laker coach
Bynum plays exceptional for 2 months and the Lakers are about to ink a new max deal when Bynum gets hurt in a car accident. The police report states he was driving 110 mph at the time of the crash, his season is over.
The Laker win a fourpeat against the Orlando Magic.

The Laker front office still giddy over not signing Bynum to a max contract extension fail to exercise a 16 million team option making Andrew a free agent.
Miami quickly signs Bynum in hopes that he is the last piece of the puzzle to finally get Lebron a ring. Drew is out half the year still recovering from his injuries, when he returns to the court the Heat look unbeatable but Drew goes down with an achilles heel injury. His season over. Pat Riley who took over the coaching duties just prior to the start of the season resigns due to health issues.
Lakers 5peat and the debate as to the greatest player ever is the number 2 topic in the NBA, the number 1 debate is whether or not Lebron James will ever win a title.

Andrew Bynum returns mid season for the Heat but is ineffectual on the court. Miami does not renew his contract
Lakers win again making it 6 in a row and a 3peat for Nate McMillan, whose great defensive concepts and coaching skills are now making him the most beloved coach in Laker history.

Old Laker bloggers try to mount a bring back Bynum campaign citing that it takes at least 2 years to recover from major achilles heel surgery and that Drew's potential far outweighs the risks involved. Hobbitimage, the current blog president justa gives these bloggers a lifetime ban. Of course most of these bloggers haven't been heard from in years since Phil and Drew have left the team. There has been no complaints about Nate McMillan's coaching style or the decision to let Bynum go. The only debate still going on is the occasional "Kobe is shooting too much" Some bloggers would like to see Kobe shoot less now that he has surpassed Kareem as the greatest scorer in NBA history. Coach McMillan has mandated since he came on the scene that Kobe can shoot anytime he feels like it and to quote "End of Story"

Of course there is a caveat to all of these events playing out
Life as we know it must not end Dec. 22, 2012


Nostradamus- nate mcmillan? seriously?

FCM- Not sure how you get 'great insight' and 'but you are wrong about most of it' together there, but thanks.

And if Phil thinks we need a backup center, we need a backup center. Get this done, Mitch.

Here's my take. I don't believe there are absolutes when it comes to certain philosophies. The camp that believes that it's a meaningless practice season and continues to defer to coach 11 rings has also admitted that coach 11 rings gets upset after a certain loss or losses. So what is it? If PJ doesn't really care about these games and is looking at the playoffs and beyond, then why play Pau and Lamar as much as he has? I mean, Caracter and Ebanks can be gaining valuable experience and Pau and Lamar can be saved from fatigue or injuries. After all, these games are insignificant and he does his coaching during practice, so no need to go all out during a game just to evaluate the team right? Didn't think so! Phil wants to win!
On the other hand, it is a long season, and the ultimate goal is the championship. Playoff time is when this team should be at its peak and playing their best basketball. We should all agree on that, and that is PJ's approach to the season as well.
But a loss, is a loss, especially against a lesser team. Jeanie Buss mentioned the importance of the fans during MM's interview. The fans fill out the Staples Center, they buy team memorabilia and indirectly pay for the expenses of the team, such as, players' salaries. So it's not unreasonable for fans to want to see the team win during the regular season and also win the championship. That's also why we think that certain players need to perform as good as their paycheck indicates. It is the American way, "you get what you pay for" we are told. None of us would purchase an inferior item for more money than a better product. Nor would we pay a subpar employee more money than his more productive co-workers. Basketball is different in that you anticipate the value of a player without a guarantee, but if they underperform or become complacent they should expect criticism. As fans, that's all we have, we get satisfaction of cheering for a winning franchise and are willing to spend our hard earned dollars to support the team. So an occassional critique and expression of disappointment should also be understandable and a right we can exercise. This is the world of sports in a country like ours. Freedom to express our joys and disappointments without being bashed for doing so, because at the end of the season and when we raise our glasses to toast another championship, everything else will not matter. But for now, let us take this journey together even with our differing views and opinions, for when it is over we'll realize that we got to the same destination, and we will rejoice in celebrating #17, so I hope.

phred - haha not to sound corny, but i love your sarcasm. i meant you had great insight about the cba comment about bynum's contract. and i meant to solely clarify about theo

ROFL. I love Nostradamus' post. We use to do something like this on my blog, kind of like fan fiction when fans of a book series write their own plots and alternative endings to novels. Or, someone starts a story, and others pick up on it and continue expanding the storyline with the most ridiculous twists and turns. I'd love to read imaginative future scenarios cooked up by other bloggers (flavored with hope and garnished with a healthy dose of wishful thinking) as to what the future holds for our Lakers right up till 2014/2015. Cmon you creative people.... give it a shot.

To the critics.

These are the facts (not exhaustive), someone correct me, about AB's decision:

1st. The Lakers urged AB to play when he was hurt during the season
2nd. AB was willing to play hurt.
3rd. AB aggravated his injury when he played through it.
4th. The Doctor changed the initial scheduling date for the injury.
5th. Lakers agreed to AB going to South Africa.
6. AB has been working hard to come back
7th. Lakers don't want AB to rush his return because of sound business judgement.

Looking at these facts individually or collectively, one would be hardpressed to make an argument with a straightface that AB is lazy, unprofessional, and using up company's time. Critics of AB having been blinking at these facts, dishonest in their judgment, or unable to make a robust argument.

@nostra - better chance of Miami getting Mr. Sonic.

@phred - has Drew been consulting you on your profile editing timeline??

@LakerJ - Yep no absolutes and no one is above criticism. Agreed.

Laker J

I'm glad I got you thinking. Great post.

Here's the meaning to all the basketball practice which leads up to Round 1, Game 1 of the NBA playoffs. If a team like the 2000-01 Lakers goes 48-26 and then reels off 8 in a row to end the season, then goes 15-1 in the playoffs and is not viewed as one of the greatest teams of all-time in the minds of NBA aficianados, which I happen to disagree with, then THAT is the importance of the regular season. The question is can a team with an okay regular season record who wins a championship be compared historically to the great teams in NBA history. Other than that the "meaning" to the Lakers loss to Indiana the other night, for example, is what the Lakers gained knowledge-wise from that game, if anything. The loss itself meant nothing. The Lakers need to be prepared for every situation in the playoffs, so sometimes a game like the other night will teach them a thing or two. Or maybe they forgot about it as soon as it was over because they know their capabilities. I don't know.

All I know is that when I refer to it as a "practice season" it's not to minimize the importance of the games at all. I go to them and I never miss a game on television. In fact, who doesn't know Lakers fans who barely watch games during the season and wait for the playoffs? I certainly do. The term is actually a compliment to the high level of excellence that this team, whose seeds began to grow in 2007-08, has achieved which affords them the ability to pace themselves and have let downs.

This is a great team of the verge of history who is a true champion in every sense of the word. They are preparing for a potentially historic 17th title, PJ's fourth three-peat, Kobe and Fish's 6th title and a lot of talk and comparisons should they reach these heights. Does something less than a 60 win season or less than a #1 seed if we win #17 diminish that? I suppose that's up for debate.

When I say "practice," I mean "preparation." I am sure that deep down, no one in here sells this team short. The Lakers know what they are capable of and so do we. As we all know, only the Lakers can beat the Lakers.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

@HOBBITMAGE… You know what. You can take your warnings and put them you know where. I’m sick of your cheap macho posing and fruitless attempts at intimidation. I am through trying to be civil or ever polite to you. As far as I am concerned, your posts continue to prove that you’re just another sad sack case of a naive blundering blogger who never played the game and don’t get what it’s about.

I find your calling me a liar the ultimate irony. At least this time, you didn’t resort to obscenities and foul language. For the good of the blog, I will try to refrain from responding to your posted drivel but don’t expect me to turn the other cheek ever again for your sorry self. Enough is enough. Period.



Let's be clear about this. You said that I wanted Bynum to be hurt. Then
after multiple posters disagreed with this statement you came up with some
cheap line about it just seemed natural with all of my negative sentiment.
The fact is you were lying and you got caught in it & you tried to make it
look good for the crowd.

You called me a Bynum basher and yet in the archives *I* posted that the
Lakers would beat the Celtics with Bynum at Center. Two years before it

The fact is you're a liar and the archives clearly show that you're a liar.

re: playing the game and knowing what it's about.

Aren't you the one who's been talking about Bynum being a beast for 6 years?

Didn't I say that LO wouldn't start at SF? Didn't I say that LO wouldn't see
significant time at PG? Didn't I say that your *TALL* lineup wouldn't work?

No. I don't know everything about basketball. Yes, I have been wrong
about some things. Yes, I have been right about some things. Yes, I have
acknowledged the things I was wrong about.

However, it's great that you reveal your true colors to everyone.

re: cheap macho posing. Aren't you in the north bay? Would you like me to
come visit? We can find out if I'm posing if you'd like ...


re: me being wrong. Yes. I did acknowledge being wrong. I acknowledged
being wrong about Mitch Kupchak & publicly apologized on this blog.

I believe I was also wrong about Sasha after the 2008 season. You should
check with KB Blitz about that to verify.


I agree with you on saying, that the regular season record doesn't necessarily show how great a chamiponship team was. That's something for stat geeks. I think if you look at the three-peat lakers from 2000-2002, everybody will say they were a great team - no matter what their regular season record was in these seasons.

I don't agree with you on that the loss against Indiana itself meant nothing. I think in the midst of speculating about drews return and all the talk about pau's minutes and kobe's quest at equaling MJ, a lot of people forget that homecourt advantage is huge in accomplishing the three-peat.

We wouldn't have beaten the celtics this year without homecourt advantage, that's for sure. I was actuallay rooting for them to get to the finals, because against orlando and cleveland we would have started on the road. (and of course everybody wanted revenge for 2008, too.) I think we probably would have beaten Orlando two years ago without homecourt advantage, but nowadays I'm not sure. Dwight Howard looks much improved, and the Celtics aren't slowing down, you don't know what will become of Miami, and the Spurs suddenly look like the old Spurs.

So losses like that against Indiana do matter, because when we secure homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs, i think our chance are that much higher for three-peating...


let's fire up the way back machine ...

I also thought Smush played his best game of the year. He scored early as he often does but showed more effort and energy on the defensive end. Most importantly, made better decisions with the ball the second half, which basically meant passing the ball rather than taking an indecisive shot. As much I want Farmar to start to accelerate his growth, we need Smush to play much better, so this game was a good sign. For a change, Smush didn’t try to force any ill-advised plays late in the game trying to do more than he is capable of. If he learns to stay within his game and not be the player he is not, he will become a much better player. It was good to see Smush realize that maybe it is better if Kobe or Lamar take the key shots in the second half.

I was impressed with Kwame’s play and the energy he brings to the team when he is the game. I was wrong thinking that Andrew should start. Phil made the right decision starting Kwame and putting the pressure on Andrew to up his game Phil is the master of using competition to develop players. Kwame is a perfect example. If Kwame continues to blossom, he will be re-signed. Andrew and Kwame continuing as our center tandem is worth paying a little luxury tax. And that is not to say that Bynum didn’t do a good job. He held his own against both Kaman and Brand when he was in the gamed.

You would think that Mike K would recognize that the reason that Kwame is succeeding is because of how Phil has handled him over the course of the year. The problem with keeping a daily journal to grade the coach’s moves with the obvious motive to show Phil’s shortcomings is that what Phil does needs to be measured over a season, not over a game. It needs to be viewed with a telescope, not a microscope. Phil and the Lakers coaches are building a championship machine that is getting better faster than the rest of league realize. A few move games and the Lakers won’t be flying under the radar any more and the 55-Win Bandwagon will overflow.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 03, 2006 at 02:50 PM

A. Bynum 11 2-2 0-0 0-0 0 1 2 0 0 1 3 4
E. Brand 40 7-15 0-0 3-6 5 8 3 3 1 4 4 17
C. Kaman 26 3-8 0-0 2-2 1 12 2 2 1 1 2 8


Nevertheless, Ken and I and cannot let your "clipper love" go unrebutted. When you come out and admit you were wrong about the Clippers being better than the Lakers, Kaman being better than Bynum, Livingston better than Farmar, and the Clippers bench being better than the Lakers bench, then we will let up. We need to get our jabs in when there is a chance since you are usually right. And it is all in fun.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 04, 2006 at 12:13 PM

Laker Tom,

I understand it's all in fun and I'm down, for sure. All good in the hood.

That being said, I don't exactly understand how you're putting Bynum ahead of Kaman as of NOW. Kaman's "off games" tend to be equal to or better than Bynum's typical outings (a few stellar games aside, which have become less frequent as opponents pay more attention to him). I mean, Kaman got 12 boards off the bench against the Lakers. Until Bynum can string a few games in a row (much less a season) equalling Kaman's, you can't possibly say- Laker love and bias aside- that Andrew is better than Kaman as we speak.

Potential wise, I already said it's a tough call for me, but I can see why anyone would put Andrew higher. That's fair enough and I'd never argue hard in one direction or another. It's perfectly believable that Bynum will end up the better player.

As for Livingston vs. Farmar, again, I think you tend to see what you wanna see with Jordan. Farmar may a better pure shooter, but he's no better a passer. And in the meantime, Livingston is a better rebounder, a MUCH better defender and is considerably more tested against starter-caliber competition. Plus, he's 6'7", which is an advantage in and of itself.

If you wanna say Farmar has better potential than Livingston, fine, that's a viable opinion. But to say he's better than Livingston right this minute strains credibility, even if Livingston has come out of the gate slower than expected this season. Like I've said many times with you and Farmar, let the kid EARN it.

When it comes to the better records on the season, we're not done yet, so neither of us is right or wrong, even though the Lakers are outplaying the Clips right now. End of story. And it makes me happy.


Posted by: Andrew Kamenetzky | December 04, 2006 at 01:24 PM

GHE crew:

I am amazed at you guys. Why would the Lakers even consider trading either Kwame or Andrew when their contracts come up in two years? Why would we take what is a great center combination and trade away part of it? Why would we not re-sign both guys? For once, the CBE and the salary cap rules give us the inside track and you know that Jerry Buss would never trade a pair of aces.

Brown and Bynum are going to anchor the Lakers center position for the next 10 years and help Kobe win multiple NBA championships. And Andrew Z, ex, and the rest of the GHE crew needs to stop wanting to trade all of those pieces that are the reasons for the GHF attitude about the Lakers that is slowly spreading throughout the NBA and sports media. The Lakers have a great mix of talent and are not going to buy into any of the usual GHE trade proposals.

What is great about Kwame and Andrew is how their styles are so complementary. Kwame’s power and quickness remind me of a young Akeem Oajuwon while Andrew’s size and length bring inevitable comparisons to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The center combination of Kwame and Andrew not only give us great depth at center but also great versatility in how we match up and the different styles that we can play. Throwing Turiaf and Mihm in the mix also gives the Lakers an outside threat at center to complete the picture.

I understand that the GHE crew needs to see concrete results before they invest in anything. The problem with doing that when evaluating and trading personnel in pro sports is that you never get back more than what you see and always risk trading away what you didn’t see. Thankfully, the Lakers have a management team that sees the GHF when looking at the young talent on this team and a coaching staff that knows how to fill the glass up by growing and developing young players.

If the GHE crew had its way, we would have already traded Lamar, Kwame, Andrew, and probably Kobe because he had too many miles on him and the Lakers would have joined the ranks of the “Glass All Empty” Celtics and Knicks. Get with it, guys. This Lakers team is for real and the glass is already past half way full and on its way to FULL.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 05, 2006 at 01:36 PM

"You may believe Jackson's revised comments reek of insincerity for blasting Bynum regarding the same circumstances that initially caused Jackson to defend him. Or you can chalk it up to Jackson trying to motivate Bynum as he continues his rehab, which entails an on-court workout Tuesday before the Lakers' game at Memphis. I agree with both points of view, but I don't agree with any sentiment whatsoever that frustration is waning thin within the organization on Bynum's return, at least more than already has been felt regarding Bynum's unpredictable timetables."


You have officially become a Phil Jackson enabler................Stop being wishy washy and come to one conclusion...........stop trying to cover all your bases so you will ensure access to the Zenmaster and have some journalistic integrity!

Phil Jackson is as insincere as they come............and as I've called him in the past "a walking and talking contradiction"..............all you have to do is be patient and listen to this guys statements...........but not only that, you have to record his statements and use them as a measuring stick to judge other contradictory statements..........sometimes in the very same conversation.

Let me break Phil Jackson down for you because it appears you can't make up your mind. Phil Jackson has used and is using this Bynum thing as a subterfuge to avoid criticism of Pau Gasol. And judging by this latest post and all the media attention it worked.

While you are wasting ink talking about Bynum, Pau Gasol has been dominated by Darko Millicic, Joakim Noah, Al Harrington, and Roy Hibbert!

I won't mention how he just froze during the fourth quarter of the Utah game on the road in a hostile environment. This is Phil's master diversion tactic as Gasol is only playing a couple of minutes more this year a game than he did last year. When you do an even closer examination there were times during blowouts that Phil would still have Gasol out on the floor as it appeared Phil was trying to boost Gasol's stats to MVP status........................this is why there was so much chatter from the uninformed mdia and stat people about Gasol being the MVP of the Lakers.

What tone is being set by Phil Jackson? He's providing a built-in excuse for failure for Gasol and now Odom. A real leader would say "Look!........Bynum is out, and we don't know when he's coming back so you guys (Gasol and Odom) are just going to have to step your game up until further notice..........because that's what champions do!

You don't hear Kobe making any excuses about minutes a matter of fact...............I don't ever remember Kobe complaining about minutes played, dislocated fingers, broken fingers, sprained ankles, surgically repaired knees, drained get the picture.

Kobe being the true warrior that he is MAKES NO EXCUSES FOR HIS FAILURES................he just sucks it up and steps it up. This is the attitude that should permeate the Lakers roster and it would if it weren't for the no timeout calling, excuse making, birkenstock sandle wearing, book passing, double talking, high chair sittin', lockerroom transcendental meditating....................Coach Phil Jackson

BTW..........I think the spring is back in Kobe's step..........that's the one good thing that came out of the Indiana game

Mike T:

Excellent point about re-signing Kwame now. This is what the GHE crew would not be able to do because they don't have the confidence to bet bucks on the development of a player. They only count talent that is in the bank, not in the pipeline.

We should consider giving Kwame and Andrew extensions after the year to insure they will both be wearing purple and gold going forward. AS you always remind us, it's defense first and as these two guys develop, we will have the best front court in the league. And who is to say that both players cannot develop effective 15 foot jumpers down the road. Kwame may surprise people and Andrew has a nice stroke.

The GHE crew needs to realize that that the CBE and salary cap actually help us in re-signing Kwame and Andrew rather than requiring us to trade one of them. The Indy game last night was a good reminder of what GHE trades will bring. What happens when you don’t believe is what happened to Portland when they traded Jermaine O’Neal to Indy. Or what would have happened if the Lakers had traded Lamar Odom for Big Al Harrington, who obviously is not in Lamar’s class.

GHE crew, your 15 minutes of fame is now officially over and your right to trade any Lakers player is hereby rescinded. lol.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 05, 2006 at 01:56 PM


I still never said let's trade Andrew Bynum for anyone today, I think you've gone off track. I just said Bynum or Kwame will more than likely have to go.

Posted by: Andrew Z | December 05, 2006 at 03:18 PM


I'll take the Lakers' two projects (Kwame and Andrew) at this point over KG. It's a chance to have two dominant centers, a very rare and valuable commodity in the NBA, versus one possibly over-the-hill power forward when we already have a better option at power forward right now. Why would we make sure a trade when we could re-sign both guys and be set for years after KG has retired?


Posted by: LakerTom | December 05, 2006 at 05:52 PM


That was a good post, I thought you were going to make it all the way through without pimping Farmar (you even mentioned something slightly negative about him..gasp!) and then you snuck in a little quip right at the end.

Made me laugh out loud.

Posted by: Andrew Z | December 07, 2006 at 02:19 PM

Oh, and start Farmar for God’s sake. Like Kobe, he will give you his all every single second he is on the court.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 07, 2006 at 06:58 PM

I've got good news for LakerTom. John Hollinger thinks Farmar should be starting.

Posted by: Xodus | December 08, 2006 at 09:55 AM

Here is something for the Smushkateers to consider. Do you believe Farmar or Smush has greater potential mentally and physically to become a better defender? Interested in your comments and why. My point being that I believe Farmar needs to start in order to accelerate his growth and get him more experience before the playoffs. Rick Fox said he thought Farmar had the potential to become a shut down defender. What he lacks most is experience against the other team’s starting point guards, not their backups.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 08, 2006 at 01:24 PM

Notwithstanding its weirdness, the Lakers showed definitely showed that they are one of the elite teams in this wide open NBA. The performance of the offense and defense in the third quarter was truly dominating. In its editions right after the game and before final word came back about Lamar’s injury, ESPN’s headlines on the air were that the Lakers are for real and true contenders for this year’s NBA championship. After word that Lamar might be out a month, they took a step back and focused on how losing Lamar might hold the team back.

I actually do not see us missing a beat without Lamar because of how deep, talented, and well-coached this team is. I see us splitting Lamar’s minutes between Mo, Vlade, and Ronny. We were still able to totally dismantle the Rockets without Lamar and I believe that we will play as well without him due to other players stepping up. Ex may complain that we don’t have a bench full of guys who would start on other teams, but that is just typical GHE thinking based on evaluating players on paper rather than as vital components in a team system. After all, what else do the GHE crew really have to harp about right now. The Lakers are proving every day that they are for real and even guys like Andrew Z are starting to come around. Ex and chicken little, of course, will be last to jump on the bandwagon. Probably after we win our 12th NBA title.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 13, 2006 at 02:33 PM

If we won't miss a beat without Lamar, during arguably the toughest part of the season's schedule, what the heck is he being paid $15M for, and why are so against trading him?

Posted by: exhelodrvr | December 13, 2006 at 05:50 PM


"Being able to bring a player's doppelganger in at that given moment is an incredible luxury compared to last year's playoffs against the Suns, when you either played Kwame and Smush or you played Kwame and Smush..."

You are absolutely correct as to why we are a so much better team this year. Your illustration was perfect. Farmar and Andrew, the two teenagers really have given us a big boost as well as a preview of a very bright future.


Posted by: LakerTom | December 14, 2006 at 09:42 PM

Last year in the playoffs was the only time in his career that Andrew Bynum actually showed some heart about playing through an injury.

As far as aggravating his knee and messing it up worse, I'm not so sure.
Doctor's told him he couldn't damage it any more and it was just a matter of his pain threshold stopping him from playing. As the playoffs wore down to the Finals, Drew's pain threshold became lower and lower, not totally unexpected by many.
He played only 16 minutes in game 6.
In game 5 he did play 32 minutes but had a -12 the highest on the team had 6 points and a whopping 1 rebound.
Game 4, 12 minutes 2 points 3 rebounds

After the series there was talk that AB hurt his knee more but I believe that to be just propaganda. Especially given the fact that his surgery evolved into sewing whatever it was rather than to remove it.

I believe Drew will always have a low pain threshold, and one playoff will not change my mind about him being somewhat of a baby.
Now if he happens to demonstrate a willingness to play through pain in the upcoming years, then I stand corrected.

He could probably play now but his little owies hurt him too much.

No wonder Phil is Frustrated.

KobeMVP888, we've been upstaged! I enjoyed your post, I like the word preparation over the word practice. Now let me get out of the way.


please stop undressing the emperor

your killing me.

Thanks goodness for bloggers like Hobbitimage and pfunk36

I would just go insane if there wasn't an alternative to

Well, you know you are
then again maybe you don't


#10. I'm tired
#9. I'm not a true center
#8. Didn't you read I'm an MVP candidate?
#7. My new girlfriend is very demanding
#6. Kobe's been shooting to much lately
#5. Those guys are big and strong
#4. I'm pacing himself
#3. Just wait till I play my brother again
#2. Andrew takes half the season off why can't I?


#1. That blogger Ricky is stalking me

*___________________________________________________________________________* - It’s Time For War * Lets’ Get Dirty
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RAMNEETKB24, Adrian Palomar, Diandra, Noob Tuber, Ricky, D(erek) J(eter)

I can't understand all these people saying we need to upgrade our big men. LeRoy Ellis and Rudy LaRusso are playing great together. Look, the heart of the Lakers will always be Elgin Baylor and Jerry West. Our big men are going to be complimentary pieces. LeRoy had 12/9 last year and Rusy went 15/9. And Imhoff backed them both up well. It's hard to get over 10 boards when your shooting guard gets 7 per game and Elgin gets 10 per game in the regular season and over 14 in the playoffs.

The Lakers came within 2 points of a title last year. We need to stick with these big guys and chase the Celtics again this year.


Postmarked by: LakerTom | June 30, 1966 at 06:58 PM

Posted by: hobbitmage | November 30, 2010 at 04:03 AM

Jesus is doing a fine job leading this team. I saw Judas' comments suggesting we trade him for a Roman soldier, but he isn't taking into account how good Jesus' hands are. Guys like Judas and Thomas may be doubters, but with James and John running the break and Peter camped at the 3-point line this team is unstoppable.

Scribbled on papyrus by: LakerTom | December 07, Year 30 at 2:45PM

Posted by: hobbitmage | November 30, 2010 at 6:03 AM

Good morning,

So, what's more important today?
a) Andrew Bynum's return date?
b) Heat management standing up to LBJ?
c) Winning tonight's game in Memphis?

The answer is c) Winning tonight's game in Memphis.

(a) and (b) may be more interesting topics, but most important is for the Lakers to get back to playing everyday basketball with a winning edge.

Memphis always puts up a good fight. Marc Gasol always looks to dominate his brother. But for the Lakers, the best way to shut down discussion of a two-game losing streak is to start a win streak.

But for the Lakers, the best way to shut down discussion of a two-game losing streak is to start a win streak. Posted by: Rick Friedman | November 30, 2010 at 06:39 AM
Short, concise and to the point. Yet it still manages to say it all. So that's why they call it the Friedmans!!

@Tom Daniels, great job sir!!! LOL!

OK… since LRob has not arrived yet I shall submit a few selections: - All along The WatchTowe – Jimi Hendrix - Groove Your Blues Away – Amuzement Park


A good morning to you sir! I will most likely be at the game chat tonight, but I needed to take a small break from writing a paper that is due in 2 hours. I hope you have a good start to your Wednesday, and I'll catch you (and everyone else) on the blog a bit later today.

Laker J,

Good stuff in your post from last night.


Your substitution of the word preparation for practice, while maybe/maybe not just semantics, does seem to convey the meaning better. That was a reasonable explanation.

Tom Daniels,

That was a good laugh.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

It's time to start a new winning streak tonight. Memphis will be energized with the Lakers in town. One of the keys will be keeping Z-Bo off the boards and holding him to some decent numbers.

When it comes to Memphis music they've had an embarrassment of riches, but of stands above all the rest. Lakers lets get ready to "Rock" tonight!

@Caliphilosopher, Good morning Cali! Paper due in 2 hours and you're taking a break? WTH? Cali get back in there and finish that paper now!! Now I say!! But then again maybe a little break is necessary because Cali I don't know how to break this to you but it's Tuesday not Wednesday sir! LOL! I know, I know, you are anticipating the Lakers win tonight and so you rightfully look forward to wednesday to comment on it. LOL! OK I'll let you get back to that paper now which I have full confidence will be a smashhing success. Have a great day my brother!!


While you are a good debater and generally provide good points for your views, offering to go to NorCal to beat up on a 66 year old, let's see, what did you call him, a "senile old man"?


That sorta stuff really detracts from the good points you present in your arguments.

Try and justify it however you want, it's just wrong to threaten an in person, physical beat down of someone you disagree with on a blog.

We wouldn't have beaten the celtics this year without homecourt advantage, that's for sure.

Posted by: Doerg | November 30, 2010 at 02:48 AM


Thanks for the post, but I disagree. Nobody knows what would have happened if the Celtics had HCA. You can just speculate. The Celtics proved to be beatable at home last season, and we did just that in Game 3. The Celtics themselves did not have HCA in Round 2 against Cleveland or the ECF against Orlando. Are they somehow road warriors, but the Lakers are not? Other than the 2008 NBA Finals, the Lakers have won on their opponents' court in EVERY playoff series. That's 11 out of 12, and the only one they didn't do it in was against a great defensive team in the NBA Finals when the Lakers weren't quite ready for prime time and learning how to be the team it is today. The fact that it was the Celtics in that series does not necessarily mean that history would repeat itself. Remember, they still haven't beaten this starting 5 for a championship! :)

@Mamba - good morning sir. Thanks for getting things started this morning with two excellent selections. Carry on.

@I Got an Owie - funny stuff on Pau's top ten!

@Rick - I'll take #3 for $200 sir!

KobeMVP888, we've been upstaged! I enjoyed your post, I like the word preparation over the word practice. Now let me get out of the way.

Posted by: Laker J | November 30, 2010 at 04:38 AM

I knew that would do it! Their show is more fun to watch anyway.

Lakers lets get ready to "Rock" tonight!
Posted by: LRob | November 30, 2010 at 07:21 AM
Good Morning LRob! Yes the King could Rock, even in the Jailhouse! But I think this King can Rock also: _ Rock with you – Michael Jackson

“Aren't you in the north bay? Would you like me to come visit? We can find out if I'm posing if you'd like ...” That’s just the type of cheap intimidation that I would expect from a known bully and antagonist. What’s next? Threaten physical violence against anybody who dares to disagree with you or dares to support Andrew Bynum? Just more classless defenseless behavior from a loser.


Thanks for the post, but I disagree. Nobody knows what would have happened if the Celtics had HCA. You can just speculate. The Celtics proved to be beatable at home last season, and we did just that in Game 3. The Celtics themselves did not have HCA in Round 2 against Cleveland or the ECF against Orlando. Are they somehow road warriors, but the Lakers are not? Other than the 2008 NBA Finals, the Lakers have won on their opponents' court in EVERY playoff series. That's 11 out of 12, and the only one they didn't do it in was against a great defensive team in the NBA Finals when the Lakers weren't quite ready for prime time and learning how to be the team it is today. The fact that it was the Celtics in that series does not necessarily mean that history would repeat itself. Remember, they still haven't beaten this starting 5 for a championship! :)
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | November 30, 2010 at 07:25 AM
OK Folks here we go, Yes I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What kind of sick, twisted, vengeful person keeps a running file cabinet of old posts dating back to 2006? I guess others are humored by it, but it merely confirms the mean-spirited nature of this blogger. He takes comments and observations that you make and if something turns out not to be true about them, he uses them against you. I can only imagine all the anti-Bynum comments he has made over the years, yet the Lakers have won two rings with him as their starting center in the NBA Finals. I have heard all his "factual" excuses about that, but none of them can take Bynum's rings from him so he simply LOSES that one because those rings are FACT.

Here you are talking about Farmar's POTENTIAL as a rookie and he bags on you for that? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Farmar start in the playoffs that season as a ROOKIE when Phil Jackson NEVER plays rookies? Wasn't he a rotation player on teams that went to three consecutive NBA Finals? We all know now that Farmar would up not fitting in for the future when he became a FA this summer and that he never became a lock down defender, but I for one appreciated his contributions to the original "Bench Mob" in 2007-08, and his contributions to the team for our back-t0-back championships (like Game 3 in Houston in 2009). Shame on you for having hope for a young player out of UCLA who was a 26th pick in the draft!

Every post today has




How can I possibly read everything on here, AND still work?


How can I possibly read everything on here, AND still work?
DBDH! Posted by: Don't Blame Del Harris! | November 30, 2010 at 08:00 AM
What you gonna do DBDH?...THE DECISION


Your substitution of the word preparation for practice, while maybe/maybe not just semantics, does seem to convey the meaning better. That was a reasonable explanation.

Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | November 30, 2010 at 07:14 AM

Art, in all candor I'm fine with the term "practice season" with any Phil Jackson championship caliber team. I know what it means to me. People who aren't consumed by the Lakers on a day to day basis like we are have a much easier time coming to grips with that concept than those who take every possession during the season seriously, believe it or not.

Just yesterday I was talking to my buddy about the Chargers win on Sunday night and then I said, "but the Lakers are playing like ISH." He said, "Big deal, what are they 12-2 or something like that." (yes, I know they're 13-4) The point is that he's a guy who loves the Lakers, but understands the purpose of the regular season for this team and doesn't get all caught up in it emotionally like we do. He knows that there is only one season that matters to this team and it ain't the 82.

Look at it this way. Did you think this was a championship team back in April? I was certainly shaky about it. Then they flipped the switch.

AW what the heck, you can always work DBDH! Just lay back and read the Blog as we all do and if you find any free time in between your reading, THEN a little work won't hurt!!

Good Morning!!!!

After a night spent in the nucleic de-stabilizer I think it's safe to say I have altered my DNA structure sufficiently to say with purpoose and clarity, "I no longer have the power." Admitting you don't have the power is the first step to recovery.

Hoping for a more noteworthy effort on D tonight, maybe a little more variety on O. Memphis always plays us tough and you know OJ Mayo is looking to have his first break out game against Kobe (who has owned him), this oughtta be fun.

Gooood Morning Fellow Laker Fans! Mr Mamba24 is up early and it's GAME DAY!

I found myself going back 3 or 4 threads to find out why LT and Hobbit are going at each other "again". Reminds me of my big Italian Family and the alliances that form and the sniping from the sidelines and getting caught with shrapnel from unexpected corners.

I love the Laker Family, I truly do. But I don't appreciate the manipulation and the ego fests. Nor do I appreciate the circular arguments. Don't like it at all really. It demeans us all.

I will dutifully await my punishment at some future date from speaking my mind, no doubt. That's the way these systems work unfortunately.

This is not fun anymore.

Hobbit and LT - please just stop the nonsense, childish, testosterone-filled chest puffing.

LT - you can be stubborn - you have admitted this in the past. We love your bball knowledge and history and I would ask that you keep it at that with a few of your funny anecdotes away from anything personal.

Hobbit - seriously - you spent hours in the middle of the night going back 5 years to cut/paste biased LT posts just to "prove YOUR point"? Dude - seriously - LT posts every day. Why take up the space here? Hobbit - you have been a great contributor and your insight I have truly enjoyed reading for the past few years. But you are quickly becoming a scrolling contributor to me now and I don't want it to be that way.

I don't want to read about how anyone is going to go up to the Bay Area to prove anything. Unless the Lakers are playing the Warriors in Oakland, that's about the only thing this Laker fan wants to see proven in the Bay Area and it should only happen on the court. And I live/work in the Bay Area.

All this other crap is just that. Give it up and move on - both of you.

Enough is enough - PLG

A.B. said "I think he (P.J.) just wants somebody on the team to step up."

And that somebody is YOU!

All this other crap is just that. Give it up and move on - both of you.

Enough is enough - PLG

Posted by: PsychedLakerGirl | November 30, 2010 at 08:20 AM


Hey guys. Please stop the fighting. I don't want to single anyone out because it seems to be just genuine disagreements escalating. But just take a deep breath and remember what's getting everyone heated - basketball. This is supposed to be fun.

SWEET JESUS!!!! Them LakersBlog Real Laker Girls are some powerful sisters!!!!!! WOW!!!! KUDOS PsychedLakerGirl!!!!

And of course I gotta give a great big Memphis shout out to Stax Records. Check out Otis last performance before he died. And maybe some on the blog can take his words to heart and "Try a Little Tenderness...


Preach, sister, preach! Kudos.

@Mamba - king indeed!

@Jamie - Good point about Kobe owning OJ. I remember one game maybe last year or maybe Mayo's rookie season when Kobe started lighting him up and OJ showed some competitive spirit and started coming back at Kobe. It made me think that OJ could be the young gun that gives Mamba 40pts when Kobe gets a little long in the tooth. But Mayo's been very disappointing so far this season and is now coming off the bench. I hope he steps up his game (after

I was getting all wound up from catching up on here - what with the sniping, threatening and downright nastiness that was happening.

I was thinking through a post of my own to blast people on here who are causing blog degeneration.

Then I read PLG's post. Now I have nothing left to say except "LISTEN TO HER or suffer the wrath of the RLG's".

That's all folks. Move along. Nothing more to see here.

AS BAD as this is,
it's nothin' compared to Mike T days, a constant barrage of ink slingin'.

It's car crash entertainment. It demands attention then withers and dies of boredom.

Scroll, blog bros, scroll. This too shall pass.

@Tom Daniels:

WAAAYYYYY too funny. I've gotta remember to not be eating when I read your posts from now on.

BRB, I've gotta a mess on my monitor to clean up...


Big Baby Video Game Bumyn!
Will he play will he not!?
Will he be in shape or not!?
Will he dominate or not!?
Will he be ready for the playoffs!?
Will he be delaying surgery!?
Will he be carrying anymore Playboy Bunnies!?
Will he be reading anymore Dr. Seuss Books!?
Will he be taking anymore Safari trips!?
Will he get the record for points in Black-Ops!?
Will Dr. Buss pay $35,000 a week for a Big Man or dump the Albatross for Expiring contracts!?
Will He drag us Down The Luxury Tax Black Hole of Death!?
Is The Project Over!?
Should We take our Losses with the Bum and Move On!?

I wouldn't mind losing during the regular season if we were learning from our mistakes and getting ready for the playoffs, if our big men weren't logging so many minutes and so much contact!

Look, let's get him back on the court for limited minutes to showcase him to other Sucker teams and let's see what we can get for him before the season is over and he has to rehab again!

We shown we can win without a true(dominate) center. All we need is a warm body to absorb contact and clog up the middle. That will let Lamar Kard and Finesse Paul be versatile and be fresher for the playoffs.

Cut Our Ties With The Albatross Sooner than Later,


Hey all! In-law visits for 2010 are finallllllly done! This visit will take a few days to get over... lol The mom-in-law and step-dad were first to rise, last to sleep, and spent the day bouncing around the house like Tigger on crystal meth. I wish I had a single story or moment to relate, but all they did was talk about family shtuff (a topic I've long learned to stay clear of with the in-law's, even the most mundane comment gets so far slanted when I'm the one uttering it...).

I'm just glad my personal 'hell-week' is finally over, lol...

However I didn't realize I'd be walking straight into a Call of Duty commercial.

MM may not want to single anyone out, but I will. hobbitmage's obsession with LakerTom is getting out of hand. Don't want to turn amateur psychoanalyst here as to reasons why it may be, but enough is enough. This has been going on for quite a while. I don't see LakerTom coming on here and calling people out, singling them out, therefore we can't equate one side with the other. The hostility is coming from one side, it's North Korea vs South. It's becoming a problem. If we don't call it like we see it and face up to it, it will continue to happen because both sides aren't equally responsible...

Anyways, that's my two cents. I totally lost my thought on princess jimmy's powerplays of the last few days. Oh well, will post when it comes back to me... lol

Nevertheless it's nice to be back :)


Christmas will be extended this year and is your Santa Claus. Want to see some of the gifts we are giving away?


Thanks for the post, but I disagree. Nobody knows what would have happened if the Celtics had HCA. You can just speculate...Remember, they still haven't beaten this starting 5 for a championship!
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | November 30, 2010 at 07:25 AM

Good point ;-) I mean of course, with the HCA it's all speculation. But i still feel like things could have been different if the celtics had HCA. Especially when you think how close it was without them having HCA or Perkins in the last game...but i'm glad it turned out the way it did!
And i also think the lakers can be road warriors. I don't think - even with the Spurs probably being strong again - we don't need it to get through the west. But if we have it in the finals we certainly win. Otherwise, in my opinion, it's 50-50 at best.
But we'll see. On to Memphis!

Now that I am re-focused.

RE: the various conversations about PJ and his philosophy around the regular season. His zen manner and strategic awareness via mind games is fascinating to me.

As much as we think we understand PJ (I certainly don't), I do absolutely see his icy cold competitive nature. When the Lakers are playing certain players (or even teams), I think PJ puts on emphasis on "that game" which translates to it being a learning moment on the sched.

He wouldn't say to the media that an indiv reg season game is a must win because of one player on the opposing team because that would give too much credit to one guy's talent and ego. However, he will discuss the opposing team's strengths he will be monitoring. His in-game focus may be their transition game. And if that team is a bottom dweller, he will focus the Lakers on that aspect because he feels that's something they will need to improve upon or "master" for the playoffs.

If the Lakers lose the game but "win" defending the transition game, PJ may think that's Team progress (but of course he would never say that to the media).

As for certain teams - this is where I see his competitive nature at its best. You just know he totally delights in beating the Thugs, Suns, Jazz, Greenies, Blazers (in OR), etc. And there's his mischievous grin after beating Pop, either vG, Brown, Adelman, D'Antoni and Sloan. That's his killer instinct that we think only Kobe has. But deep down - PJ's got it too!

PJ has a keen sense of his players but also how things play over the regular season. He won't say this, but I think he truly believes HCA is vital to this Laker team for THIS season. I don't believe PJ wants to chance HCA against any possible contenders this season.

Here's my reasoning - the Greenies firmly believe if they had HCA, they would have won G7. So, the Greenies are using HCA as their fire. Last season all we heard out of the Greenies camp early in the season was how they didn't care about HCA, they felt they needed KG to recover/be healthy for post-season and they had the mettle to win on the road. You don't hear any of that coming out of Beantown now and they are still dealing with Perkins' absence (and he was huge to their 2009 run).

As for other EC teams - ORL and MIA (as the pundits predict/not me) definitely need it. On the WC side - Dallas needs it. I don't think the Spurs need it very much. However, I think Spurs have to have HCA because this is their "last stand" so to speak. Last season, they played HCA roulette to preserve Duncan, Parker & Nose and they lost. They also have a long rodeo away game schedule, so I don't think they are playing roulette this time around.

Tonight, PJ's instilling that eye of the tiger on Pau to lead the team against his younger brother to get us back on track......yet again.

Cheers all - PLG

A 10 game stretch where we are 6-4 and the edginess begins to show. I wonder if the Heat message boards rail on about Miller like we do with Bynum. After all, Miller has been hurt the start of the season the last two years.

Seriously, I share the concern with Bynum because he is an important part of the team and the minutes will catch up with Gasol. At this point what can the team do other than wait? I'm sure Mitch has already called Memphis trying to get Marc Gasol back for Sasha, but without Jerry West around no-one is listening.

Bynum is getting a lot of money for being injured but he still has an upside. Can't say the same for Walton and he still has three years to go on his contract.

Still think Ratliff will be back on the court before Bynum. Good thing for us Ratliff's doctor didn't sew his cartilage back together. (I know, I know ... the guy is at the end of his career so the decision is different.)

At least we are still a 1/2 game better than the Celtics. I agree with many of the other posts. We need home court against them if we are going to three peat.



I eagerly await your remunerations about all matters LBJ and Miami. Get your bearings, sir!



"Hobbit - seriously - you spent hours in the middle of the night going back 5 years to cut/paste biased LT posts just to "prove YOUR point"? Dude - seriously - LT posts every day. Why take up the space here?"

LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! The worse part is the POINT was not proven. It was senseless. Too much effort and no result, poor thing!

Two months from now PJ's frustration on Gasol and Odom's minutes willl be completely turned around, and it is only January. There's still Feb, March, April, May and June, Lakers will be putting 30 win streaks in these months.

Bynum will be back and dominating.
Ratliff will be back healthy and contributing.
Derrick Caracter has gained experience and confidence.
Gasol is well rested and playing like an MVP.
Odom is well rested and playing like an all-star.

PJ will have a problem giving everyone minutes to play.

@ Staples 24.

In the meanwhile, we are getting banged up in the middle, outplayed, outhustled, and overworked for our starters.

Kobe plays with broken fingers and swollen knees, when does he get to take half seasons off to recover on Laker time!

PJ won't have trouble distributing minutes, we'll be lucky to get 15 minutes a game from our Salary Albatross Big Baby, that's if he doesn't shut it down for the whole year because his pinkie is swollen from to many minutes playing video games!

Warning; Trade The Bum Sooner Rather Than Later, while we can get Anything for Him,




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