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Readers share Jerry West statue ideas and opine on which Laker should next get a statue

November 12, 2010 |  8:13 am


Here are some of the proposals on what the Jerry West statue should like and who should be the next Laker to get a statue.

On what Jerry West statue should be

"Jerry West...will it look like the logo, him sitting at a desk with multiple trophies (so you can sit next to him with the Larry O, like you can sit next to Chicky-baby on the mic) or pacing the halls dealing with nerves, I vote the desk with him as the logo...about to pace the halls...that's my OFFICIAL vote. -- Jamie Sweet

"They should use the image of Jerry in action as the LOGO, but have him dressed up in a suit and have his profile aged as the GM." -- dan the man

"Jerry was an awesome GM but they really need the statue to be of Jerry West the player just to capture the talent he had for the game." -- Scott

"They should make a replica of the logo because it means a lot to us Lakers fans but also to the NBA fans." -- TidalWave

"They could combine two into one...coming into Staples, Jerry's front half would be as a player. Leaving Staples, the "back" half as a GM. Then again, it may look like the sci-fi two headed alien Jerry's defenders felt they were guarding all those years! Congrats to Jerry West and his Laker AND basketball legacy." -- CA Indie

On who should be the next Laker to have a statue

"What do you think the Kobe statue should look like? I think it should be the pose where he is in the air getting ready for the reverse dunk with the ball down by his knees." -- Extensor

"The problem is that the Lakers have so many greats, it'll start looking like the Terra-cotta Warriors from Xi'an after a while... If you have Magic and West, you gotta have Kobe. But otherwise I agree with Jon K's solution of having a Lakers Hall of Fame nearby so you can honor all the others who don't have banners at Staples like Cooper, Horry, and Fisher." -- Scott

"All these names enumerated above are mere entertainers. They were fully compensated and multi millionaires at their own right. To recognize a few is enough but when you put so many statues there, it becomes a Marketing tool. It cheapens the honor bestowed on these individuals. I agree that West should be honored for his contributions made (including how he worked out Gasol for Kwame through Mr. Hershey j/k!) I just hope it will stop there. IMHO, it takes years after they're retired presumably when they already passed away when they start recognizing by putting up a statue." -- Edwin Gueco

"We need a Lakers Hall Of Fame (as opposed to NBA Hall Of Fame) Museum {or at least a park} to put statues of all the Lakers Greats. If it's a museum, we need installations for those Greats that didn't get their jerseys retired (Bob McAdoo, Jamaal Wilkes, George Mikan, Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, AC Green, Kurt Rambis, Robert Horry, Mike Penberthy (I'm just sayin'). The Lakers can make money out of a huge money out of a gift shop or admission or something. Whatever. I don't care. This needs to get done." -- Jon K.

"I've been wondering why Kareem doesn't have a statue as well...." -- Steve

"That whole area around Staples is a great place and there is plenty of room for more statues. Jerry West as the logo gets my vote, followed by the "Captain" Kareem. Kobe would be next in line, but he still has a lot to do before he is ready for a statue." -- Kobeayashimarue

"Kareem, of course. He has not received his due lately. No one even talks about him when discussing great players, even though he has the same number of NBA championships as Jordan (6) - oh and his college career wasn't bad either." -- Greywolf

"This is a truly wonderful thing for sure, but why is Kareem excluded? The man is a Laker and NBA icon as well, and statistically is one of the most dominate players of all-time. Then you factor in the UCLA years as well, and it is just odd that he doesn't have one yet. Not to take anything away from Mr. West, a great general manager who helped the Lakers even when he was not employed by the team (Thank you so much again for Pau!). But Kareem should be the next in line to be awarded this honor." -- TNTLakersfan

"When do we put up the statue for the greatest Laker of all-time. Kobe(Bean)Bryant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Mr. Laker

"I hope they leave some space for Kobe's statue." -- Magic Phil

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Jerry West of the Lakers dribbles against Oscar Robertson of the Milwaukee Bucks during a game in January 1972. Credit: Malcolm Emmons / US Presswire