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Lakers' Phil Jackson says his team won't break NBA win record, but the Heat could.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Thursday, at the team's shoot-around in preparation for its game against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center, that the Lakers can't break his old Chicago Bulls' team's all-time NBA regular season record of 72-10.

But here is what raised eyebrows.

Jackson said the Miami Heat, with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, has the potential to one day break Chicago's record.

When asked what he thought about people asking so early in the season if the undefeated Lakers (8-0) could break Chicago's record, Jackson said. "Well, it's not going to happen."

Jackson then chuckled.

He said the NBA schedule is too tough, the travel is too hard for a team based on the West Coast, and  it's too hard for a team to stay healthy enough to break the 72-10 mark.

"Everything just has to break perfect for that to happen," Jackson said. "Plus a team has to be very, very resilient and very, very capable of filling in for one another at multiple positions."

Jackson was asked if a team in the near future could win 70 games or more.

"I think this Miami team could," Jackson said. "I mean, they are talented enough to do that. They may not be deep enough yet, or have all their persons in place...If they stay together, they have a good chance. They have a very talented team."

The Heat entered Thursday's game against the Boston Celtics with a 5-3 record.

That meant very little to Jackson, who was the coach of the 1995-96 Bulls team. "You can have an eight-game winning streak anytime and go from there," Jackson said.

Kobe Bryant just smiled when told what Jackson said about the Lakers not being able to set the all-time mark, but that the Heat has the better opportunity.

"I disagree with whatever coach says," Bryant said, laughing. "You know Phil says stuff. Don't wrap me up into that...He said it. He stands by it."

Bryant said he knew the questions were coming.

In fact, Bryant said he bet Chip Shaefer, the Lakers' athletic performance director in charge of player development, about how long it would take before questions were asked about the Lakers' chances of setting a new win record.

Who won the bet?

"He did," Bryant said about Schaefer, a trainer of that Bulls team that set the all-time record. "He predicted after 7-0 and I predicted after 8-0. It started off after 7-0, so he won."

 --Broderick Turner, reporting from Denver

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I love Phil throwing the pressure back at the Heat. "Sure, give 'em a few years, they could break the record... and, you know, does three of a kind beat a straight? And, um, what happens when I throw three elevens in a row? Is that good? I swear, this bridge, it DEFINITELY belongs to me. Carfax? I have a car fox... isn't that as good?"

Gotta chuckle at PJ.... best mind-game player EVER.

All I heard when he said that was "I challenge you to prove me wrong." I wonder if that's what the players heard too. Guess we'll find out.

Way to go, PJ! Send the pressure (or whatever it is) to them.

We go for 16-0, but if we ended up with 13-3, I'm not gonna cry, hehe...

Remember: Phil never said the Heat could win any Rings... he only said they might break the regular season record. Heh-heh-heh....


Normally, I'm the last guy who would say we should go for the league win record, either for start of the season or for the whole season. Veteran teams know how long and hard the season is and therefore, how important it is to pace yourself, and save yourself for the playoffs.

Having said that, I'm going to jump out and say for the record, heck yeah, babeee, THIS team should go for it. Reason? This team is special. It's not just a very good team with a very good chance of getting a threepeat. It's potentially...yeah, I'm officially sayin' it...a team for the ages. Maybe even...the best ever. You heard me...EVER.

So why push for the records? Why not just be cagey and cautious and keep saying the craptastic "one game at a time" platitudes? Because if you really do have a once in a lifetime chance to be the best team ever, for the last season of the best coach ever, and with perhaps the greatest player ever, every guy on the team better start thinking it and feeling it and challenging one another to go for it Commit to the mission.

Sure, we have to stay healthy and stay focused. Bynum has to come back and finally play beastly the rest of the season. But if they all commit to it, this team does indeed have everything needed to be one for the ages. And if they get on a roll (16-0, 25-0, etc.), they're going to get a momentum that will be difficult to stop.

I say go for it.

Posted by: CornerJ | November 11, 2010 at 01:10 PM


And since Phil just said he thinks the Heat can break it, that tells me unmistakably that he in fact thinks this Lakers team can break it this year...and this is Phil's classic way to "show the whip" to his thoroughbreds. He's going for it, babeee!

Phil's not going for any record, he's going for a Ring... and execution. He knows that pressure to go for records is just extra garbage to take the focus away from executing. If the Lakers keep winning into the record books, then he'll smile. But execution on the way to the Ring is everything.

What a waste of energy and emotions, to play for the regular season championship. I really believe the Lakers organization is bigger then that, with so many GOLD BALLS, who cares.(ask the Cav's)

The record is just EGO, don't count for $hit.

In hockey, they give out the President's trophy for winning the regular season. Guess what boys? THIS AIN'T HOCKEY! You don't get jack squat for winning the regular season.

Phil, Kobe, et. al couldn't give 2 $hits about the regular season record. They all know that the real season lasts 16 games and ends in June. So while I want the Lakers to and believe they should win every game they play, shooting for the 72 win mark is a foolhardy goal. Have at it Miami.

Oh Philip...Philip...Philip. The games people play:

The only record Phil, Kobe or anyone else worries about is 16 wins in the post season. 16-0 or 16-12 doesn't matter. 16 = RINGS. What records a team has before that doesn't matter except for seeding. Ask Cleveland how that works out.

Since phred is going to be MIA until next week, I need someone's assistance/advice on a few fantasy questions I have. Anyone have time to meet over at the renegade chat for a few sometime today (or whenever)?

Thanks in advance....

Posted by: justanothermambafan | November 11, 2010 at 12:46 PM
I could offer my expertise at 7pm for a nominal fee...but since you're Justa and got me all sentimental with Sir Elton...then this session is on the house.

So why didn't Phil just leave it at "Well it's not going to happen"? Why exactly did he add that the Heat might get it? That was no accident.

He did it precisely because he knows that a great team doesn't like to be told that there's somebody else out there that can accomplish something that you can't. It's an implied challenge. It's "showing the whip". And while he himself may not intend that they actually go for the record, it's his way of spurring his team to rise to a big challenge and play every game as though they are going for the record.

And oh yeah, that team that set the 72-win record...they also won the title that year. So they're not mutually exclusive goals.

DANG! You know you are good when your trainer is predicting that you would start the season at 7-0. And he wins a bet against another guy predicting that you would go 8-0. Sort of matter-of-fact like.

Kobe's cold blooded. Just like the Black Mamba that he is.

The only other profession that is as cold: assassins.


It can go this way - Laker players believe Phil and stop playing hard, and Heats start believing in themselves and start playing hard. If Phil had said it, it must be true.

what a poker player this guy must be. he sets up, in one statement, motivation for his players to prove him wrong and at the same time, puts pressure on the meat to demonstrate that they should even be in the converstion, brillant!!

Ahhhh, this is why I love Phil. He is THE master of NBA mindgames. Hilarious, really.

LRob - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! (Yes - my musical selection was made specifically to get you guys to do what I want - for free - LOL!)

So - I'll see you on the renegade chat at 7pm PST - you da man.


@ KB Blitz - You and I have had our different opinions in the past, but when I read "Yea how is Lebron nowadays jim? He sure looked like a puss not trying to get open for the last shot against Utah and letting Eddie House take it......." it warms my heart! Well said!

Another queens gambit from Phil, Lakers won't break HIS record with the Bulls as a challenge. However, he added Heat could break his record as an intriguing addressed both to Heat and the Lakers.

I will take what 2phatt said: "What a waste of energy and emotions, to play for the regular season championship." 2009 Colts perfect season but lost in playoffs. Cavaliers best record last year, the King got 2nd MVP but lost in the ECF.

Lakers should just keep eye on the prize 34-0 if they don't break it, fine. Next is the 73 W's if they fall short fine but #17 is a must. We break the Celtic domination. PJ will have the 4th trio unprecedented in NBA and Kobe and Fisher will get their 6th ring.

What can I say, just another "mind game" played by the Zen Master. We all know he thinks the Lakers are going to win 70+ games, he is just trying to motivate his players!

Justa, by the look of things you don't need any help. It's poor Cyber that can use a hand, well maybe more than a hand. Feel free to e-mail any questions you have.

LOL - thanks LakerJ!

(It's beginners luck - I assure you. My ultimate goal is to finish in anywhere but last place. Gotta be able to talk smack to at least ONE person when this is all said and done!)

We should not aim for that record. Our team is too injury prone. If Bynum were fit and he could play the whole season then we would have a shot. If Kobe were fit. If Odoom could be consistent all season and if we had players that could focus.
It just won't happen with this team.

@Justa - no prob.

@mclyne - Very good. For some strange reason I thought you were going to work Jack in one more

I agree with CornerJ, Phil will not lose sleep over trying to break the record. However, he believes that it's not far fetched for this team to accomplish it. He will continue to focus his attention on preparing the team for the ultimate goal of winning the championship, but in doing so, the Lakers are capable of culminating the season with 72+ wins.

The end game is a championship. HCA is a critical component of a championship. If an East team is piling on the wins it is more likely that we win 70+. If we have the best record in the NBA at 60 something then we will most likely pull our foot of the gas a little and get ready for the post season. If we have injuries to key players we throw everyting out the window and do the best we can...

Can and will the Lakers have the desire to become a great team.There are some variables that will preclude the outcome for the Lakers.Number one is the over all team attitude. Next is injuries and a desire to play through injuries. Winning at all cost providing the leadership from other players like Ron Artest,Lamar Odom,Steve Blake,Matt Barnes and Andrew Bynum can these players show good examples of leadership and winning. We know Fisher, Bryant and Gasol will show up and play to win. Phil can you provide the catalyst to take these guys to the next level.

Miami mofos can win 80 games for all i care. give us the banner.

Guess who's will get more motivated to win more games by PJ's remark...Heat or Lakers?? I think PJ is sending a message to the Lakers players he wants to get the best records (as many games as they can) this season.

jackson lied just like he said luke walton was his son but with luke walton playing, the lakers can go undefeated for sure.

That record will never be broken. That Bulls team was arguably the greatest team ever with the greatest player ever. A lot of things have to break the right way in order for that to happen. That Bulls team was fortunate enough to be healthy the whole year, and they were a very deep team with a very motivated MJ. This Lakers team seems complacent, and they already have injuries to contend with (Bynum). The Heat will never break that record because they dont have any depth other than the Big 3, and they wont afford to add much quality depth in the coming years because so much money is tied up with the Big 3.



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