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Lakers vs Utah: Lakers lose tough game to Jazz

Lakers1_300Jazz 102, Lakers 96 (final)

The Lakers knew the Utah Jazz would be a tough opponent, a team that would test them and push them and prod them.

All that turned out to be true, with the Lakers having their five-game winning streak snapped Friday night at EnergySolutions Arena by the Jazz.

Deron Williams led the Jazz with 29 points and 12 assists and Al Jefferson had 20 points and eight rebounds.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 31 points, including scoring 14 consecutive points during one stretch in the fourth quarter.

The score was tied at 96-96 after Williams made a three-pointer.

Then Bryant lost control of the ball. Williams got it and passed ahead to Raja Bell for a layup.

Ron Artest then missed the next two shots by the Lakers, one off a drive and the other a three-pointer.

That spelled the end for the Lakers and helped the Jazz win its fourth straight game.

Jazz 75, Lakers 72 (end of third quarter)

After building a 19-point lead early in the second quarter, the Lakers were not the same team.

Then again, the Jazz were not the same team once it got into a big hole.

At one point in the third quarter, the Lakers trailed by five points.

Deron Williams began to take control of the game for the Jazz, scoring 20 points and handing out seven assists through three quarters.

Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 21 points and eight rebounds through three quarters.

Kobe Bryant had 17 points through three, but he was just six-for-17 shooting.

Lakers 50, Jazz 46 (end of first half)

The Lakers opened a 19-point lead early in the second quarter, making it look easy.

But the Jazz responded with its second unit of Francisco Elson, C.J. Miles, Ronnie Price and Earl Watson to close the gap.

Elson had three rebounds, Watson had eight points and four assists and Price had seven points in the first half.

The Lakers were outscored by 12 points, 29-17, in the second quarter.

The big rebounding edge the Lakers had in the first quarter was nearly erased by the Jazz. At halftime, the Lakers had 23 rebounds, the Jazz 22.

Lakers 33, Jazz 17 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers used the length of 7-foot-tall Pau Gasol and 6-10 Lamar Odom to dominate the smaller Jazz in the first quarter.

The Lakers scored 20 points in the paint in the opening quarter, most of that coming from Gasol and Odom. Gasol had 11 points on five-for-five shooting in the first and Odom had eight points on three-for-three shooting.

Not only that, but the Lakers out-rebounded the Jazz in the first quarter, 13-5. Gasol and Odom had five rebounds each in the first.

The Lakers had it easy against the Jazz in the first quarter, making 68.4% of their shots.


The Lakers know how physical the game will be against the Utah Jazz on Friday night.

That meant that the Lakers had to mentally prepare themselves for bodies to be pushed and banged around.

The Lakers know the Jazz will execute its offense and will run when it gets the chance.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Salt Lake City

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant beats Jazz point guard Deron Williams to the basket in the first half Friday night. Credit: Steve C. Wilson / Associated Press

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Shall we revisit the 'should Shaq's number be retired and displayed at Staples Center' debate?

Lakers Nation: take a look at this recent interview from The Big Shamrock

Shaq calls Celtics “the best team I’ve been on”

Kurt Helin

Nov 25, 2010, 8:00 PM EST

Does anybody take digs at the places he’s been quite like Shaquille O’Neal?

The latest was a comment, courtesy WEEI, sure to go over well in Boston and no so well in Los Angeles and Miami.

“This is a great team. The best team I’ve been on. They’ve got a lot of weapons on this team, so on any given night anybody can be the leading scorer. The team’s very unselfish, so the shots are going to drop off and they easily could have shot them and did that but…great game. Great team effort. And now we’ve just got to keep it going.”

Best team O’Neal has ever played on? Even better than those three NBA title teams in the early 2000s and the 2006 Miami Heat?

“Yes. Best team,” O’Neal repeated. “As far as players….as far as guys being really close…I know we’ve only been at this for two months, but hopefully the outcome to be a good one.”

I’m sure 2010 Shaq would struggle to containing 2000 Shaq, that would be a mismatch. Kevin Garnett would be providing a lot of help and then the more athletic but less wise Kobe Bryant would be hard to contain. And both teams were stacked with quality veterans off the bench who perfectly filled roles on the team.

Actually, I’d really like to see that game. But I think the Celtics might want to be more concerned about this year’s Lakers.

I'll say it right now. IF Shaquille O'Neal EVER gets his number retired and hung up at Staples Center, I will NEVER attend another game in person, and I will BURN every single piece of Lakers memorabilia in my possession. That is a promise.

P & G R

The end of the first quater is The Backcourt B's time to shine

The end of the first quater

you're entering B county

Sorry, I know this is a Laker blog - but is anyone else sick of hearing about Boise State football? Their schedule is so dang weak they shouldn't even be in the top 10.

I remember when Hawaii had a great (maybe undefeated) season in the WAC, and then got totally CRUSHED by Georgia in the Sugar bowl. Weak teams like that shouldn't be allowed in BCS bowl games. Play a schedule like the SEC, come out on top, then you deserve to be in the championship game.

Anyway, Go Lakers!!!

Bench? Not tonight. Shots? Didn't go down. It happens. Momentum? Killed by refs taking forever for something we saw on TV in 2 seconds. That and a malfunctioning shot clock. Those shouldn't be momentum altering events. Oh well. Defense? Eh. Result? Meaningless practice season loss.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Well that was a major fail. Didn't the Spurs easily win against this team in Utah?

Lakers need to snap out of their complacency and realize they are not the best team in the NBA right now. The Spurs have a better record despite having a tougher schedule so far.

It's early in the season so no worries yet.


and FISHER calming the troops with 1-7 shoooooooooooooting

wondering what FISHERS speeeeeeeech was at halftime after loosing a 19 point lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GASSY the MVP, the best player in the NBA, choking in CLUTCH

GASSY and FISHY the 2 politicians: ALL TALK no WALK

they will blame it on the shot clock

I love trolls!



i will defer to KobeMVP888

looks like the RIMRIPPER did not take OFF today. is he still in LA????????? Monika gave him too much TURKEY. the tryptophan EFFECT

I guess the Killer B's are not ready for Prime time on the road, ooh well can't win them all.

And he talks a to a (d)ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(e)!!! LOL! I love it!

another STELLAR comment about FISHER'S in-TOXICATING defense

Losses like these will be even less infrequent once Bynum returns.

waiting for Gassy's game in Memphis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hubie brown hommering for Memphis vs. GS

the KILLER BBBBBBBBBB's killed the TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is really frustrating to see Lakers lose with all the odd in favor of them to make the best record ever.

1- We have advantage of playing 2 to 3 more home games than any team east or west, due to poor Clippers

2- We have the least back to back game compared to any team in NBA

3- Refrees usually but not always whistle in favor of us

What else we need to get there. Can anybody help!!!

lakers have played 3 quality teams n lost all, lol

Lakerfor ever24

r u the same poster on SS&R who lives in SLC???????????

Thoughts on 2nite's game...

Props to DWill for putting the Jazz on his back.

It's a make or miss league and tonite the killer B's missed a lot of open shots.

The Jazz bench played great in the 2nd quarter and got them back in the game.

Pau needed a quick breather in the 2nd half.

It was fun listening to Utah announcers. Matt Harping was the color analyst and he was gushing over the Lakers especially Kobe.

A truly entertaining game and a fun one to watch...all except the outcome.

noob tuber,

No I live in Orange county, what's your point?????

Can't hate the jazz deserve the win. Next time.


Nice re-cap and nice analysis. Sometimes the ball just doesn't want to go in the basket. It happens.

Why not "CONTINUE",to Feed Kobe as He was Hot from Downtown,but had the Game Lost cause we could not Rebound the Ball at the end of the Game and left the Game up to Artest giving him two critical shots instead of Kobe with the Game on the Line.Please Bynum come back as we let D.Williams kill us in the Paint with passes and Driving to the lane and not to mention that big three with Fisher giving him to much space.The Bench gave away a 19 point lead and looked "LOST IN THIS GAME",and reason why cause this Team (JAZZ) are not "Scrubs",like the teams that we played.Must get serious about Playing defense and winning against Good Teams.

meh. MVP888- noob tuber is obviously ouchhhhh. nobody else will talk to him unless he makes sense, and he refuses, so he talks to himself.

Ryan Richman- I'm an Oregon alum and probably one of the biggest Oregon fans around (well, not literally, i've seen some guys on crowd cam that take up half the screen), and Boise State has had a weak schedule. But in their defense, they are in the conference they are in. Their non conference schedule wasn't proportionally weaker than anybody elses'. They played Virginia Tech and Oregon State. You can't blame them for not looking for good teams to play. That said, the WAC is crap.

Alabama played overrated Penn State, perennial doormat team San Jose State, and Duke.

Auburn played um, Louisiana Monroe.

Oregon played not that great Tennessee, New Mexico State, and because some good team backed out, Portland State.

I don't knew or care who TCU played.

Every team played weak non conference games these days because a loss hurts you more than a weak schedule.

And frankly, I'm not hearing nearly as much about Boise State as I am about Cam Newton and Auburn, perhaps not for the same reason though.

Hmmm. TCU played Oregon State too. They might end up with the strongest schedule in the country. They'll have lost to everybody.

we could of won but we didnt, let start another streak on sunday. Good thing is everybody left the game healthy and i guess all the games we lost we could have won, no blow outs so far. amen

L.A. reader and Lakers Blog contributor Rick Friedman
on Lakers' 102-98 Loss to Utah Jazz
November 23, 2010

1. Does James Worthy really blame Kobe for the Loss because he had 14 of the final Laker shots instead of praising all concerned for riding a hot hand?

2. Could Fish stunk up the joint any worse?

3. Deron Williams is a beast, but you think maybe the Lakers might have found some defense?

4. Give Pau beauqu props for owning his game.

5. Kobe's post-game on camera remarks were more profound than usual because he was wearing the hoodie.

Anyone besides me bugged about the cookie-cutter nature of the blog posts? Yes, I understand the scientific principle behind it. I just don't get the journalistic values. But I did save 15% on my car insurance.

Laker's Blog Contributor?

Lakerfor ever24

nothing. just the same creen name. that guy has great humor. thought that he will bring it to this blog.

Ugh. Had a bad vibe from the moment I started watching the game after halftime. Didn't even see first half so I didst realize they went up by 19. Something in their body language just wasn't right.

Some observations:

1) bench didn't come through but it's just one game

2) Ron dribbling through the lane then firing a fall away leaner is not the shot we r looking for at the end of the game

3) deron killed us as usual. That guy is a tough, tough player. He had some ridiculous assists and that 3 pointer to tie the game at the end was a back breaker

4) we need drew back if we want to win the championship

5) was anybody else confused regarding that last play when it went off gasol's hand and they put 13 on the clock and then it went off ron's hand without hitting the rim again and they still got 13. Is that a rule where u always get 13 sec if it goes off the opponent's hand?

Yes just a practice game but wish they could have pulled it out

Thoughts on 2nite's game...

Props to DWill for putting the Jazz on his back.

It's a make or miss league and tonite the killer B's missed a lot of open shots.

The Jazz bench played great in the 2nd quarter and got them back in the game.

Pau needed a quick breather in the 2nd half.

It was fun listening to Utah announcers. Matt Harping was the color analyst and he was gushing over the Lakers especially Kobe.

A truly entertaining game and a fun one to watch...all except the outcome.

Posted by: LRob | November 26, 2010 at 09:44 PM
PERFECT (as always...)

And the Utah announcers..."The ball hitted the rim...I'm sure (the replay shows the ball passing an inch from the rim)...As we can see, the ball scrape the rim (lol...)" and "That was not a foul..."...Well...

That was like game 7 finals for them, congrats...

The truth is that our shot was not going in. Period. Brick after brick...Everybody...Blake, Barnes, Pau, Fish...Kobe came hot at the end of the 4th, but that's it.

@888 - Yeah, they'll take our momentum off our hands, if they surprise. We should know that.

Pau is sending a clear message: We need Bynum or Theo or Caracter. Problem is none of those guys are showing up...Bynum & Theo injured and Caracter still needs work.

That happens sometimes...I'm still (of course) confident!


Man, if I knew I was hanging out under a bridger I'd a brought a pig for all these trolls to eat.


This year, I'm calling the regualr season exactly what it is: REGULAR!

The bench didn't play exceptionally well, okay.

Kobe missed multiple shots 3 feet away from the rim, yup.

Gasol was basically unstoppable and din't get enough SA, whatevs.

It's disappointing, yes, but lets not make mountains out of mole hills. The rest of the league would rather face a horde of rabid wolverines than see the Lakers walk into their gym, y'all, that's why BS contoversy is being made about Phils' mundance answers, that's why the pot is stirred over Kobe's participation in a video game commercial, that's why the newspapers and ESPN will make Utah look like the second coming of Bono and U2 for beating another high-ranked team.

If we play a smidge better, a SMIDGE, we win. Sooooooooooooooooo I'm not sweating this loss, y'all. It was a bummer, but it didn't happen in the playoffs and losses like this will help keep this team within itself.

Bottom line: We didn't play Laker basketball, therefore we lost. This fan is not surprised at the outcome and hopefully this serves as motivation.

Too much turkey for the Lakers, they could not manufacture the usual 3's. Yucky Shucks happens in Boston so with Lakers in Salt Lake City. Can Utah beat the Lakers in a 7 game series or even in 3 game Western season series, doubtful! Jazz are shaky team on the road, they're just good at home. Here is what happened to Lakers defense, too jazzy

Lakers have had a ridiculously easy schedule and lost the 3 toughest games.
Yeah...great team. Fisher 1 for his last 13 shots with count them...ZERO assists. How can a point guard play over 4o minutes with no assists. Oh
Fisher can because basically he is one of the worst ballhandlers and passers
in the league and is only required to make a pass 25 feet out on the court to an open player. Would someone please tell Jackson to advise him to retire !!!!

Two loss on the road at Denver and at Utah had a similar pattern. The Lakers had a big lead, and the opposing teams had big run which the Lakers couldn't stop. During those big runs, PJ didn't call the time outs to stop their momentum. I don't know who should be blamed for, PJ or players? Well, I hope they learned the lesson.

Hey guys. Sorry for there not being a post game wrap up yet. I spent the past 45 minutes trying to retrieve the item I wrote. But long story short: technical glitches resulted in me losing the post and now I have to start from scratch. I'll try to get something up as soon as I can.

Shaq is a babbling motor mouth, a self serving, shameless self promoter. He uses "the best ever..." to describe everything he's involved in. He said the same about all the previous teams, players and coaches he's played with in the past.

I don't take anything he says seriously.

The way I feel about Shaq is that he helped win some championships for the Laker's. He's not a true Laker. He's a mercenary for hire. Money is his motivator.
He's in BOS now because they had a spot on the roster open and he was for hire. He's no dummy, he wants another ring and get paid. He did the same with CLE.
If he was waived and picked up by the Spurs he'd say Duncan is the greatest ever, SA is the greatest team ever and glad to be back to the greatest city ever, coach Popovich is the greatest coach ever and the fans are the greatest ever.
If he wins a ring in BOS he'll probably want his jersey retired in BOS, who knows...

Regarding the UTH game. I just can not understand how they blow these huge leads time and again. They gave this game back to UTH. No buckets for the last 2 minutes of the game.

Oh P & G R - If that's the case I hope that when you count Laker Championships that you not include those that they won because of Shaq and his dominance.

the Lakers got whatever they wanted all night, for the most part. sometimes the shots don't drop. oh well....

there is a word you can call Shaq....BALONEY!!!!! or should I say HOGWASH!!!

That said,what a sham,to compare this present laker team to the 1996 bulls,is out of discourse.To give up a 19 points led and to allow Utah to come back and beat you,is just a joke.I am a Laker fanatic,but these present young laker bloggers havent got a clue,when they want to compare Kobe with the Almighty Michael Jordan.I have to say Almighty because Jordan alone occupies this throne,as the best basketballer to ever grace the planet,there will never be another one like him,his determination to win and when he spoke he accomplished whatever he set out to do.He never really fail,neither his bulls team.For one,Jordan and his Bulls team never lost in an Nba Final ,kobe and my lakers lost twice in the finals.Would Jordan ever would have allow the celtics to beat up on him and his Bulls team in an NBA finals,the answer is no never.When the Piston used to beat on the Bulls was the fact that PHILL was'nt the head coach and Doug Collins used to froze out TEX.But when the Bulls got the pieces together and the introduction of the Triangle Offence under PHIL jackson,also his tactical awareness then they began to sweep and dominate teams,even my then showtime lakers with magic et al.Another point is the Nba have gotten soft,clamping downs on too much simple things,a player cant even show his emotions whenever he get fowl.Furthermore present Nba player have grown softer,its not like in the days when there were a Rodman,a Patrick Ewing,Klyde,Motombo,John Starks,lakers own Michael Cooper, a James Worthy,AC Green and Kurt Rambis,the Detroit Bad Boys Isaiah Thomas,Joe Dumars etc and finally the legendary Celtic team.Jordan and his Bulls beat up and dominated all of them.Players like Ewing and John Starks whom were expeceted to win an Nba title MJ and PHIL left most of them without.Kobe cannot reach that height,even though he may win 7 rings the fact Jordan was and will always be the best,his NBA Final victories under Phil and TEX is 100%.Would anyone argue that?

Not a good coaching game for Phil tonight. Kobe was red hot in the 4th quarter and Sloan made the adjustment and doubled. Why was this not anticipated, with a counter. Hate to nip pick Kobe but on the first double team Pau was wide open but Kobe had to go back to half court to dribble out of the double team. Then the ensuing possession Kobe lost the ball off the double and resulted in a Raja Bell fast break dunk. Then we know what happened, two Ron Artest misses. When Kobe was hot and the Lakers had the lead Phil kept Artest there but as soon as we fell behind and they started to double Kobe, phil should have replaced Artest with a shooter. I know the B's were not shooting well tonight but still we would all take a B's three point shot to a slumping Artest. Yes, monday morning quarterbacking, but you would expect a championship coach to make those little but crucial adjustments.

Did everyone already forget that crap rap song by Shaq after Boston beat the Lakers in 08?! "Kobe can't win without me! Kobe how does my a** tastes?". This fat a** was sooo happy that the Lakers lost, he was gleefully celebrating it all over town and gloating all summer.

Really?! and people want to retire his jersey at the Staples Center?! Someone who actively roots for the Lakers to lose?!!

No No No!

C River, I'm with you all the way. Shaq is a traitor and does not deserve to have his jersey hanging at Staples. He needs to stfu and maybe laker fans will look past that he's on the hated celtics. he is the epitome of a douche bag!!!!!

Shaq left Kobe and the Lakers with bad blood, then he left Wade and Heat to jump on the Suns bandwagon and he left Steve Nash and burned bridges there too, to jump on the Lebron bandwagon.
Pre-season this year, the Lakers badly needed a big man and at minimum wage O'neil was ideal but nobody wanted this big douche bag. On a Championship team with great chemistry as the Lakers have now. Lebron, Wade, and the Heat badly needs a big man, and O'neil again at minimum wage was ideal, but they didn't want the big douche bag either!. They rather suffer on size than take back this jacka**. Big douche leaves the Suns, total flop there, and then the Suns goes to the Western Conference Finals.

This Big douche bag almost drove Kobe out of the Lakers and we all know these back to backs happened on Kobe's back. He disrespected Jerry Buss by asking for ridiculous contract extentions in public, in a game, shouting "pay me!" Douche Bag. He disrespected the Laker organization and his teammates by consistently coming into training camp, fat, and then utters his really messed up line "i got hurt on company time, ill recover on company time." Yes, a guy like that and a guy like Kobe Bryant, will clash.

Thank goodness Kobe stayed and the big douche bag left. Yes, he was a dominate player in the NBA, maybe the most dominate ever, and he won three finals mvps and i'm not taking anything away from that but lets not forget about kobe during that time. The finals opponents were Indiana, Philli and Jersey, relatively weak compared to the western conference opponents in the playoffs, San Antonio, Sacramento, and Portland. Kobe dominated these most important series against the stiffest competition and of-course we was our closer. Shaq was rendered useless in crunch time because he couldn't hit a free throw if it slap him in the face. He is so bad that they coined a term, Hack-a-Shaq. Without Kobe, no championships. Shaq couldn't do it with Hardaway, he got one with Wade carrying him, he couldn't do it with Nash, he couldn't do it with James and now he's a wash-up.

He played only 7 yrs with the Lakers. Nobody that has their Jersey's up in the Staples Center has played less with the Lakers. He played most of his career with other teams. Why should we give him a jersey? No way, Jose.

No, No, No.

Every body up there is a Laker Legend. Oneil is a NBA legend but not a Laker legend. No jersey retirement for the big traiter. Not on the Lakers. Let the Celts give him one, or Orlando,or miami, or phoenix, or cleveland, oh no, they won't. Neither should the Lakers. The Big Douche Bag has bad mouthed his way out of it.

No, No, NO. This is Kobeland!!

That was a good tough can't win em all! Utah is one of the best home teams on the planet. It's good to let them feel that they have the upper hand against the Lakers. Now it is time for the Pacers to come to Staples.

I think fisher best days are behind him.Phil should
pull him off the staeting team.mabe have him be an asst
coach.his defense sucks and he cant play defense or shoot

Just wanted to point out that, this year, the Jazz are 6-2 on the road with most of the wins against playoff teams and are marginally good at home so far. The Lakers have had one of the weakest early season schedules in the league and the Jazz have the toughest by far. We are only 1.5 games back. This game was not a fluke. The Jazz are the real deal. When they get Memo back, they'll take the West. Mark it down.


Just a friendly comment:
If you are really a Basketball fan you should have fair judgement about any player.
Shaq was the most dominant player that Laker and NBA ever had, even more moninent than Kareem. If you had listend to all the proffesional commentators of that time all were in agreement that Shaq IS the championship, and really he was at his prime. So let's please don't fool ourselves at least and try to be fair for our great players.

Loved Shaq when he was ours and still admire his being.

C. Rivers,

Can you blame Shaq after what we did to him, traded him to keep our selfish player and what happend, the chamipionship moved to Miami. THAT WAS OUR FAULT. WE SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIM!!!!!


don't you think the writing was on the wall. Shaq felt the passing of the torch, that Jerry Buss viewed Kobe as the future, and he didn't like it. He immediately demanded a trade after Jackson got fired. This was difficult for Buss because no superstar ever after being a Laker decide to go elsewhere but he also correctly knew that the future was with Kobe. Buss as anyone would have like to keep both but Shaq was not willing to acknowledge the presence of a star that was to glow brighter than he's.

Thats too bad. Kareem did it with Magic. Robinson did it wth Duncan. the result was great championship teams. Shaq refused to do the same with Kobe. Who is the selfish one? Too bad cus the result would hve been the greatest dynasty of the modern NBA. but, I'm not complaining, i think Kobe and the Lakers have been pretty good the last couple years! wouldn't you say?

If coach jackson bench fish and play blake and brown
you will see a big difference in the way lakers play.
with fisher on the floor it like the other team is
going up against four players,because fisher cant defend
or shoot and for point guard his assists sucks.



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