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Lakers vs Toronto: Lakers just get by the Raptors


Lakers 108, Raptors 103 (final)

They just got by a Raptors team that now is 1-4 on the season.

It took Pau Gasol scoring 30 points and Kobe Bryant adding 23 for the Lakers to improve to 6-0.

The Lakers were out-rebounded, 49-31. They also gave up a 38-point second quarter to the Raptors and trailed at halftime by three points.

Gasol, who made 12 of his 22 shots, finished with seven rebounds, three assists and two blocked shots. Bryant made six of 12 shots, missing all three of his three-point attempts, and 11 of 12 free throws. He had six assists, four rebounds, three steals and one blocked shot.

Steve Blake (14) and Shannon Brown (12) combined for 26 points off the bench. Starting point guard Derek Fisher had 11. Lamar Odom did not shoot well, making two of 10 shots and three of seven free throws to finish with seven points.

The Raptors had six players in double figures, including reserves Leandro Barbosa (17 points), Jose Calderon (14) and Amir Johnson (12, plus 15 rebounds including nine offensive). DeMar DeRozan led the starters with 15 points.

Lakers 82, Raptors 78 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers found a little of their groove back in the third quarter.

To do that, the Lakers had to play better defense against the Raptors.

After giving up 38 points in the second quarter, the Lakers held the Raptors to 20 points in the third.

By the end of the third quarter, Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 22 points.

Raptors 58, Lakers 55 (end of first half)

A lackluster effort in the second quarter got the Lakers in trouble and left them trailing by three points at halftime.

The Lakers led by as many as 13 points in the first quarter, but that all changed.

When reserve guard Leandro Barbosa made a three-pointer with 2.7 seconds left in the second quarter, the Lakers' lead was gone and they were in a hole.

The Lakers were outscored, 38-22, in the second quarter.

Pau Gasol has made seven of 11 shots and leads the Lakers with 15 points. Kobe Bryant has made four of seven shots, although he missed both three-point attempts, and has 10 points, four assists, two steals and two rebounds. Lamar Odom leads the Lakers with five rebounds.

Barbosa leads the Raptors with 15 points, while shooting guard DeMar DeRozan has 10 points.

Lakers 33, Raptors 20 (end of first quarter)

The highlight of many highlights for the Lakers in the first quarter Friday night came from Kobe Bryant.

Bryant threw a behind-the-head pass to Pau Gasol for a dunk in transition that brought the fans and Bryant's teammates out of their seats.

Bryant had four assists in the first to go along with eight points.

Steve Blake entered the game and scored nine points by making all three of his three-point shots.


Since Chris Bosh left Toronto to join LeBron James and Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heat, the Raptors have become a different team.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson still views the Raptors as a team with some talent, but he also sees a young team still trying to find its way.

Jackson, whose Lakers face the Raptors on Friday night at Staples Center, said Toronto now relies more on center Andrea Bargnani to score inside and outside.

Jackson said the Lakers have to prevent point guard Jarrett Jack from penetrating and breaking down their defense.

After missing the first five games recovering from a strained right hamstring, Luke Walton will be placed on the active list for Friday night's game, Jackson said.

Jackson said he'll play it by ear as far as whether Walton will play.

 --Broderick Turner

Photo: Lakers forward Matt Barnes looks to pass around the double-team defense of Toronto's DeMar DeRozan (background) and David Andersen on Friday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Ariza for 3 in NO vs. MIA

So Miami beats below .500 team and loses to above .500 teams, that makes them a 500 team, right? They'd be lucky to make the playoffs much less get to the Finals.

p ang, what outstanding logic you present? Have you completed any sort of secondary education?

How about yourself UncommOnsense? Can you even spell your name
Correctly before talking smack. Maybe you're the one that needs to check if you passed grammar school.

"Have you completed any sort of secondary education?"

Yes, I did pass the second grade. Thank you for your concern.

The Clip looking much more impressive than LAL.

FCM- Our starters are getting tons of rest, it can't help but help. We are going to be fresh in the postseason, and Kobe and Fish will definitely play better the less they have to play.


The Lakers lost 4 games between April 4th and April 14 last year.

Kobe got a couple of DNP's that I see - so KB Blitz numbers aren't correct because they don't average in the DNP's."

Why should I average in the DNP because Kobe wanted to sit out to rest his ankle? So your point could lower down the number? No you don't include it because he didn't even PLAYED.

Remember what I said: "Kobe Bryant when he played through his ankle pain averaged 39 minutes."

And when he played (yes PLAYED) he averaged 39 minutes.

And the rest of the Lakers AVERAGED those numbers I stated.

THEN you were wrong.....again:

"Luke Walton, Sasha got starts amongst others."

WRONG. Ron still started at Small Forward. Shannon Brown started at SG.

[So no that revision of history does not work.]

"I am sure that if Phil was playing for a regular-season championship banner, he'd have played Kobe, no? "

Cleveland had long secured the best overall record. Orlando was most likely to win the home court record against LAL. There was nothing to fight for. So might as well rest Kobe especially with the way he was playing (which was very sup-par).

"I agree with your sentiment hobbitmage that Phil is after championships, that is his bottom line. I remember the Lakers passing up the Hornets on the last day of the season a couple years ago. I also remember a young Kobe hitting a couple of three-pointers to beat the Blazers on the final game of the season, which secured a Western Conference title."

Huh about the Hornets? And those 2 3 pointers to beat Portland gave the Lakers the 2nd overall seed thanks to Sacramento losing to Golden State.

Wow is all I can say...............

Give it a rest KB Blitz. You're like a 5 year old still sucking his thumb and whining. Have no fear, I'm here for your own good and under my guidance, you'll get better.

38 points in a quarter given up to the Raptors. One of these days, these guys had better start playing defense. They look like the Suns out there.

This Game was Uuuuugly!!! I'm more pissed off by an apparent lack of effort in our starters not named Kobe. For today, at least, I'll agree to everything Ouchhhhh says. Still, it's only one game and Phil is gonna have one hell of a practice waiting for them manana you can be damned sure about that!

The guys looked a lil unfocused at times tonite(perhaps lookin' ahead to Sunday) but, a win is a win.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

That was a weird scrimmage. Next!

Always happy for the win for one of the nights I didn't use my tickets.

Glad I didn't go because of the crappy play.

Oh well it's only 1 game of the regular season but still no defense aside from forcing turnovers and bad rebounding.

Pau would have had a terrible game had it not been for the 30 points. Of course not all of the penetration was his fault but still that was porous defense and sub-par rebounding.

But 30 points managed to get by his porous defense for now.

Give it a rest KB Blitz. You're like a 5 year old still sucking his thumb and whining. Have no fear, I'm here for your own good and under my guidance, you'll get better.

Posted by: Rich | November 05, 2010 at 08:36 PM

Har Har.

That was a weird scrimmage. Next!

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | November 05, 2010 at 10:03 PM

It seems you didn't use your tickets either. One good thing other than the V is I managed to get a few extra dollars than usual.

A bit of an odd game but there's no asterisk in batting .1000.

Mitch Kupchak = MVP. The guy has done an INCREDIBLE job. Weathering the Kobe storm with class, getting Gasol, taking a chance on Artest last year and picking up Blake and Barnes this year. Mitch is probably the best GM in any sport.

Another ho-hum win. Bring on the Blazers.

It seems like PJ does not trust Caracter and Ratliff enough to play them into the rotation. (I liked Ratilff signing, but so far it's been disappointing.) Consequently, Gasol and Odom have been playing way too much. Even after Bynum comes back if one of these big men get injured, they will be forced to play big minutes. That will cause the wear and tear off the big men during the season. Either PJ starts to play Caracter and/or Ratliff or the Lakers should get another serviceable big man soon.

Wow - the weird trolls are out tonight. Where DO they come from? Oh, that's right, the Heat lost, so they have to do something to channel their inner Lebron.

I gots yer song for ya:

Other random NBA thoughts....

Dwight Howard dominated Brook Lopez.
Howard 30pts/16 reb/9-13 fg
Lopez 10pts/5 reb/3-17 fg

Okafor help NO beat Heat with 26pts/13 reb 12-13 fg. Lots of easy baskets. Playoff type atmosphere. CP3 definitely wanted to beat his Olympic buddies. He had 19 asst. DWade did a good job guarding CP3 in the 4th. And Wade's 12pts in 4th almost led Miami back. Chris Bosh had a total of one rebound...I repeat one rebound. Yes, no typo one rebound. Oh yeah - Trevor hit the 3 to win it...making up for a bad foul he committed on Lebron that gave Miami the lead momentarily.

Keith Sweat has GS playing some respectable ball, while Doug Collins is wondering why he got back into coaching.

Only 3 unbeatens left...Lakers, NO and Atl

NO has been most impressive - beating Milwaukee, Denver, SA, Hou and Miami.

Atlanta (like LA) has had an easy schedule thus far with all their victories against non-playoff teams from last yr (Mem, Phil, Wash, Clev, Det, Min)

LRob - Even though the Lake-show kinda sucked at rebounding tonight, the Heat really have a problem there. If DWade has to get all the rebounds, there's gonna be trouble. And Okafor really put the hurt on them. Imagine a healthy Drew, with Pau and Lamar and Matty Barnes hittin' the boards, and then Kobe boxing Wade out (Kobe is the superior rebounder when he wants to be).

Should be fun.

Celtics looked up and down.

I blame tonight's game on Lamar's birthday - the yearly reminder of gettin' older... it can make anyone miss a few shots.

The matchups weren't that good for Ron Ron, but he's hitting his shots much better; his mid-range fall-away is his bread and butter, so it was good to see him hit a couple.

63 Footer - yeah 2nite was one of those blah games. Hard to get up for the Raps. Teams just can't bring their A game 82 times a year. No beef on my end.

Yep, Miami got some splaining to do on how they're going to stand up to the big teams come May. IF they somehow escape the East - Pau, Drew and LO will have a field day. I see Riles summoning up his best motivational speech to sway Sheed comeback in Feb/Mar.

Did you say something about the haters? The White T's say...

LRob - there's an apropos song. Sunday should be a better test... particularly of our interior defense. If we don't get on the same page come Sunday, it's going to be a long night.

Theo's okay for the moment, I just think Phils tinkering, and never saw Old Yeller as a 2nd option, always a third, so he doesn't want to train up the Renegades with Theo in the post to much. Or so me thinks. Caracter's just a rook.

The Lakers looked a little bored tonight, but it is too early to coast! I want us to reach 70 wins, in this, what is supposedly the year of the Heat. This Laker team has the opportunity to be one of the best teams ever.

Keith Sweat coaches the warriors? Wow...

IT's so enjoyable watching the hardships in south beach....wades voice cracking in the postgame conference, explaining the loss...steve erkle couldn't have done it better

I can't wait to see Boston go through it.....sheesh, they might not...what is the heat going to do when perkins is back might dominate the east

cris paul, and delante...who'd have thunk....NO suprises me

Haven't lost a game Walton has played in,

I'd like to see Mitch court J.Noah....'

glad to hear Kareem is well, thanks...

hey bosssir . good luck today. gotta be better than last week. try usin this. my neighbor told me about it. everything is in one spot so it makes it easier. you'll c. ive been usin it since he showed me it . maybe it will help u. alright. ill tty after all the games



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