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Lakers vs Phoenix: Lakers lose, 121-116, as Suns burn them from three-point range

Suns 121 Lakers 116 (end of game)

The Lakers had no defense to stop the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night at Staples Center, especially from three-point range.

Phoenix set all kinds of three-point records against the Lakers, who have lost two consecutive games after winning their first eight.

The Suns were 22 for 40 from three-point range, one shy of the most three-pointers  made in NBA history, a record held by the Orlando Magic.

Jason Richardson gave the Lakers fits, scoring 35 points on 13-for-20 shooting, seven-for-10 from three-point range.

Steve Nash had 21 points and 13 assists.

The Lakers had a chance at the end, when Lamar Odom scored to bring the Lakers to within 111-109, and he appeared to have been fouled by Hedo Turkoglu on the play.

When no foul was called, Odom yelled at the officials and was given a technical foul.

Nash made the free-throw, giving the Suns a 112-109 lead with 53.7 seconds left.

Then the Suns did what they had been doing best all game -- make another three-pointer. This was by Turkoglu for a 115-109 Suns lead that spelled the end for the Lakers.

The Suns broke a Lakers' opponent record for three-pointers made in a game, surpassing the old mark established by the Suns of 19 in January of 2009.

The Suns set a franchise record for three-pointers made as well, passing their mark of 20, which they did twice.


Suns 92, Lakers 84 (end of third quarter)

The Suns rattled in six more three-pointers in the third quarter against the Lakers, putting L.A. into a 13-point hole at one point.

By the end of the third quarter, the Suns had made 18 of 29 of their three-pointers.

Jason Richardson took the Lakers apart, scoring 34 points through three quarters, making seven of nine shots from behind the arc.




Suns 56, Lakers 53 (end of first half)

The Lakers got burned by the Suns hot shooting in the second quarter, particularly from three-point range.

Phoenix went seven for 11 from three-point range in the second quarter. The Suns were 12 for 20 from three-point range in the first half.

The Lakers were hit with a barrage of Suns three-pointers in one stretch that turned their six-point lead into a deficit.

The Suns made three consecutive three-pointers, all part of a 16-2 run that gave them a 56-48 lead over the Lakers.

Jason Richardson had 18 points in the first half for the Suns. He was seven for nine from the field, four for five from three-point range.



Lakers 25, Suns 23 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers shot 52.4% from the field in the first quarter.

Lamar Odom was the hottest Laker, scoring nine points on four-for-six shooting.

The Suns stayed close because they shot the ball well from three-point range  -- five for nine (55.6%). Channing Frye was two for three from three-point range for the Suns.

A play by Kobe Bryant was a highlight.

Bryant pump-faked Grant Hill in the air and then intentionally threw the ball off the backboard. Bryant got the rebound and threw up a floater that went in for a 12-9 Lakers lead.



The Lakers are looking to bounce back after losing last Thursday night to the Nugggets in Denver.

The Lakers were prepared to face a Phoenix Suns team that LA has already defeated once this season.

Unfortunate for the Lakers, they didn't have reserve guard Steve Blake, who was home with gastroenteritis.

That could mean that Sasha Vujacic could get some playing time in the backcourt for the Lakers.

-- Broderick Turner

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what a stupid game is this

where is the fxxking difense?

Doesn't matter what the Lakers do offensively if they don't commit to the defensive end of the floor. Last game, the talk was Kobe took too many shots...this game he had a near triple double. The lack of defense in both games is the common denominator in the only statistic that means SPIT..and that's the final score.

that last technical on Lamar was bogus, bogus, bogus. who doesn't shout "and one!" when you get fouled on a layup. Bad bad call. why is david stern still commissioner of basketball. his time is done, please get rid of this fudley dudley.

If they keep playing without D, I'm going to petition the league to change their name to the LA Quakers because they play D like a box of Quaker Oats!

But seriously, better for them to be embarrassed two games in a row, possibly three if they're not careful, than to get that lackluster security blanket of we can outscore any opponent.

Flat-footed D and No Communication! Wow!

Hopefully they've gotten their wakeup call, because breakfast in bed has just ended. 3 Game Road Trip...

Lost in translation:

Wanted 82 wins instead got an 8-2.

Hey, MM, I'm going to give you a break tonight and do your "5 Things to take away from the Lakers loss to the Suns tonight." Here it is. Take the noght off, bro.

1. The Lakers can indeed play defense…but choose to do so ONLY when they get embarrassingly far behind, or if they are trailing in the fourth quarter. Rest of the time, not so much. They basically treat the first three quarters as a warmup scrimmage for the fourth quarter. Not a good idea.

2. The biggest defensive liability for the Lakers at this point in time is…Kobe. Kobe, we love you, but you can't play 10 feet off your guy half the night. If you're hurt, sit. Your very lax mindset is rubbing off on the rest of the team (late rotations, playing too far off their men, and generally slow movement all around on both offense and defense). When the Killer Bees come in, it's like somebody turned the DVR to Fast Forward by comparison.

3. Shannon Brown has absolutely, positively earned the starting PG position. Somebody clue Phil in. It’s time. Yeah, we love and respect Fish, but Shannon is playing better in every phase of the game. Do it, Phil.

4. The Laker coaching staff STILL has absolutely no idea how to guard against the high screen and roll. None. Nada. Zip. So I'll be happy to provide the free consulting. Here it is. You CANNOT allow the dribbler to drive the big who picks him up either down into the middle or even sideways. The big MUST jump above the pick and aggressively drive the dribbler up above the pick where our guard then doubles up to trap him . If you let a guy like Nash to cruise into the middle with Pau scrambling to follow him, Nash has about 30 things he can do and 29 of them are going to end up in a score for them. Jeez.

5. The entire Laker defensive strategy of “funneling the dribbler” into an interior defender needs to be scrapped, with or without Bynum back. It literally accepts and invites penetration into the middle, resulting either in a foul by our big men, an open layup, or a pass to a wide open 3-point shooter in the corner. The ONLY correct defense is early, tight, in-your-jock smothering of the dribbler and cutting off of the possible passing lanes by the rest of the team. It's infuriating to watch our guards (when they're not being picked off on the high screen and roll) overplay their man to one side and inviting them to drive past them on the other side. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Open penetration all night long.

I'm actually amused by this game... took the Suns 22 three's which is 2nd most in NBA history to beat the Lakers by 5 points. That won't ever happen again. But our defense sucks bigtime right now... I've never seen us play so bad over a 10 game stretch on D.

Wow...just checked the box score and saw that Kobe had 8 TO's too. 2 TO's and one rebound away from a triple double! What a weird game. This is the only way the Suns can beat the Lakers now...with a wild shootout, and the Lakers fell into their trap.

That s/b quraduple double in my last comment. The Lakers aren't the only ones who make mistakes! Oops!

Phil should've never took shannon out.The moment I saw Fisher checking back in, I was like "game over".

Why would you put Fisher in down the stretch. Nash went by him like his feet were stuck in cement !!! make some good points.

I was especially dismayed to see the Lakers slough off into the paint in the 4th Q. when Nash had the ball. The other 4 Suns were spotting beyond the arc with no Laker within 5 feet of them. Sometimes on defense, you simply have to STICK WITH YOUR MAN. It's not rocket science.

Come on Laker nation.....two loses both by single digits in which one team set a 3 point shooting record and the other went on 16-0 and 11-0 runs in the 4th quarter...not sure but I'd say that MAY never happen again this season...I actually think two loses like this are good for the will go along way to keep them focused...
AND most importantly......its hard to say what the Lakers defense is or IS not without Bynum..he simply changes everything both offensively and defensively.......Can they play better defense? Yes of course...and of course Kobe is not playing top notch defense right now...anyone who's ever been injured knows that offensively its easier to play especially on a bad knee...So kobe is going to lag off his guy many nights....tonight it really didn't matter PHX was bombing 3's....
RELAX ...let's not hit the panic button already......

Hello my LA friends! This is what happens when LA doesn't have the advantage of catching PHX on the 2nd nite of a B2B, as has been the case for the past several reg season matchups.

Interesting that two smaller, hot shooting teams beat LA in a row. Or it could be that la's early cake schedule has given fans a false sense of superiority.

You've got to hand it to Nash, Hill, and JRich. They played very well and PHX' bench outdid the supposedly great LA bench.


"Why would you put Fisher in down the stretch. Nash went by him like his feet were stuck in cement !!!

Posted by: S Perkins | November 14, 2010 at 09:26 PM"

Because everyone is convinced that he is an incredible clutch player and ignore the fact that his other weaknesses overshadow his ability to make wide open unguarded shots.

Take it from a SUNS fan, there's one thing that you'll come to learn - Matt Barnes tends not to improve a team.

There's a reason he's changed uniforms so often over his career: He makes boneheaded decisions at the worst times.

I was relieved when the SUNS let him go to Orlando. He had a knack for blowing it in the clutch and tonight, well, as Bill Parcells says, you are who you are.

MM, here's the deal about the Suns' white hot 3-pt shooting. 3-pt shooting can only stay hot if the shooters consistently are wide open so they can all stay in rhythm...get to your spot, catch, set your feet, square up, and stroke. You can't consistently do each of those key steps if you've got a guy in your jock or hands in your face. In other words, the Suns' blazing hot shooting wasn't just due to a lucky night, but a direct result of really lax, stand-off defense by the Lakers.

We're not panicked. We're disgusted.

Your team played very well. I was extremely impressed by their shooting.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Lakers played the league's worst defense tonight with ridiculous TOs. Two losses within the easiest part of the schedule is unacceptable. Celtics have lost 2 playing the toughest part of their schedule. They would never allow the Suns to score so many wide-open three pointers. Celtics switch efficiently on defense and play hard for 4Qs every game closing out on shooters. That comes from conditioning and mental toughness developed over 82 games not just in the playoffs. Celtics are on schedule to win HCA. That could spell 3-peat doom for Lakers. They are two deep at every position, playing better D than last year!!

I'm not sure how I got my sense of LAKERS superiority. Was it the "early cake schedule" or BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPIONSHIPS??

Lakers....Lakers....It's always like that...
The Lakers is a playoff team, we all know that. We'll loose, we'll win...It's been like this for years and it's gonna be like this again. For some reason (i know the reason), we don't feel confortable winning it all and breaking records, etc...It raises too many attention on us...

Let's keep it like that, just like last season...We'll win, then we loose....Then, in the playoffs we play like the Lakers. It's been like that for years...

I'm glad to see others are noticing the shortcomings of Fish. Great guy...great career but can no longer guard today's point guards. Phil with 11 championships and a great coach does not seem to notice this. In his post game comments no criticism of Fish ever is heard. Brown is consistently outscoring Fish and usually has less minutes plus his speed and athletic ability puts us back in the game. Come on Coach...face keep saying Fish must have less minutes...let's see you do it.

Jon K, how are you doing these days? Thanks for the kudos.

I thought the SUNS would break the NBA record tonight the way they were hitting. The strange thing is, LA is usually a good perimeter D team but the SUNS got tons of open looks. All this without Amare.

Does anyone realize lose is spelled " L O S E " !!!

Lost in translation:
Wanted 82 wins instead got an 8-2.

Posted by: p ang | November 14, 2010 at 09:14 PM


"Why would you put Fisher in down the stretch. Nash went by him like his feet were stuck in cement !!!

Posted by: S Perkins | November 14, 2010 at 09:26 PM"

Because everyone is convinced that he is an incredible clutch player and ignore the fact that his other weaknesses overshadow his ability to make wide open unguarded shots.

Posted by: Bay to LA

Amen Brother !!!!

CornerJ: Stole the words from my mouth.

I'm sure you remember the way the Patrick Ewing Knicks played the pick and roll---exactly the way you describe it. Stops it dead.

But here, again, I think we run up against PJ's ego: I'm sure you also remember that the coach of those Knicks was none other than one Pat Riley. I just don't think PJ can borrow from him.

Your team is much better than I expected. Last year as well. Alvin Gentry is a fine coach.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Jon K,

The SUNS need some rebounding help badly, and help getting past their owner's decision making too. Gentry has to make do with the pieces he's given and so far seems to be doing a good job. At least he's got the team giving their all each night which is all I can ask.

The main thing to take into account here, is that the Suns hit 22 threes. It is really difficult to win in that scenario. That being said, this team has the ability to lock people down defensively and they are just not doing it right now. It seems that the Lakers are just content to outscore the opposition, and we all know the cliche about defense and championships. I do think that Bynum will help protect the rim, and add a much needed help-side defender.

The Suns are a crappy team and anyone with a BB IQ of 3 will tell you that and mean it. These pretenders shot some 23 threes and with 50 seconds to go, they were ahead of the two-time world champion Lakers by just TWO FREAKING POINTS!!! And all of this while the Kobester played a terrible game really, specially in the 2nd half, 8 turnovers says it all. Fisher did next to nothing, God love him as I surely do. Blake out with an injury. No Andrew. No back-up center in Ratcliff. And even with the 23 threes, some of which were back-breakers, the Lakers were down by just 2 with 50 seconds to go.

This, even though the Suns came within a whisper of shattering the NBA all-time three-point record!

Conclusion: the Suns, the phony team that they are, just got lucky tonight -- that's all you need to take away from this lame game. You live by the 3 (as in tonight, as in a shallow November game glory) and you die by the three, as in the playoffs, where it counts -- EVERY FREAKING YEAR!

Having said that, I do like Alvin Gentry an awful lot, though.

Suns got lucky very lucky what they did tonight won't happen again this loss is actually going to help the lakers get there focus back on the defensive end of the floor

what happened to kobe's legendary intensity? he is far too nonchalant for my taste. i love the nasty kobe that would be pissed off after a loss. he needs to get that mojo back for the sake of his team. they feed off of his intensity. it livens up artest, barnes, blake, fish and the other intense players.

what happen to the LAKERS!!!! man next time you guys will get them



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