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Lakers vs. Minnesota: Lakers win despite lackluster effort

Lakers 99, Timberwolves 94 (final)

The Lakers improved to 8-0, their best start since the 1987-88 season, when they began that season with the same record.

But it wasn't an easy victory over a Minnesota team that now is 1-7 under Coach Kurt Rambis, the former Lakers assistant.

It took 33 points from Kobe Bryant and 18 points and 10 rebounds from Pau Gasol for the Lakers to get the victory.

The Lakers were outrebounded, 54-42, by the Timberwolves.

Kevin Love, the former UCLA Bruin, kept Minnesota in the game with a double-double, scoring 23 points and grabbing a career-high 24 rebounds.

Michael Beasley had 17 points for Minnesota.



Lakers 82, Timberwolves 74 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers didn't play that well, but it was good enough for them to open an eight-point lead entering the fourth quarter.

The Lakers were getting outrebounded, 41-35, through three quarters.

Kevin Love had 17 rebounds for Minnesota to go along with 19 points.

Ron Artest and Lamar Odom both picked up their fourth fouls in the third, which didn't help the Lakers.


Lakers 58, Timberwolves 52 (end of first half)

It was the Kobe Bryant Show in the second quarter.

Bryant had 13 points in the second quarter, including the last eight points for the Lakers.

By the half, Bryant had scored 23 points on nine-for-15 shooting. He also had six rebounds.

The Timberwolves stayed within six points because Kevin Love, the former UCLA star, had 12 points and 11 rebounds in the first half and Michael Beasley had 12 points.



Timberwolves 28, Lakers 26 (end of first quarter)

It was hard to believe, but the Lakers actually trailed the Timberwolves by two points at the end of the first quarter Tuesday night at Staples Center.

Sebastian Telfair led Minnesota with six points and three assists.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 11 points on four-for-eight shooting. He also had five rebounds.

The Lakers allowed the Timberwolves to make 47.8% of their shots in the first quarter, including all five of their three-point tries.

The Lakers shot just 40.7%.




His old friend and former assistant coach was in town Tuesday night, coming in with a Minnesota Timberwolves team that has struggled this season.

When Lakers Coach Phil Jackson got together with Minnesota Coach Kurt Rambis, Jackson offered words of encouragement.

The Timberwolves were 1-6 entering the game against the 7-0 Lakers a Staples Center.

"You have to move past games in situations where things are (in) dire circumstances," Jackson said he told Rambis. "You just have to move by it."

 Even though the Lakers are undefeated, Jackson said  he wouldn't call it a fast start.

"I would say 10-0 is a fast start," Jackson said. "Right now we're happy where we're at and we want to keep plugging away."


-- Broderick Turner

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@JLF: Can't believe you didn't have a comment in the LO sues IRS thread. :-)
@LRob: Speakin' of Dustry Springfield...

Dusty Springfield - Nothing has been proved - (from the motion picture 'SCANDAL') -

Next entry in the 'across the pond' series. This group has a kinda mellow sound but, I like 'em.:-)

Zero 7 - SHOTGUN -

Zero 7 - Bonnie & Clyde -

zero7 - This World -

Zero 7 - One Arm Break -

Zero 7 - Red Dust -

Zero 7 - Destiny -

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Ugly first half by the Lake Show. Kobe hot, Pau quiet tonight. They do play the game for a reason. _enver got blown out tonight in Indy.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Lakers are playing minnesota too slow. However; watch what happens in the second half. Lakers aren't shooting their mouths off like Miami. Hey, a 20-0 start is not unheard of by this team. Because the Lakers are very capable of going 20-0, they are that good.
Denver looked pathetic, terrible, terrible basketball.

One day of "Gasol is MVP" stories throughout the Web, and Kobe is jacking up shot after shot. So much for the unselfish Laker teamwork from the Black Momba.

That should have read 'Dusty' not 'Dustry', sorry.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Apparently 6-7 games is about the maximum of the lakers attention span this year.

If Darko wasn't absolutely awful, the Lakers would be losing this game.

Ball out of bounds off Kevin Love and he fouls Artest.

And yet, Timberwolves ball!

Sure, that makes sense refs. Whatever.

Wow, the refs have it out for Kobe. That call was completely bogus, that's a personal vendetta kind of thing. Refs should be above that.

Watched some of the Utah/Heat game. We are going to eat them alive inside if we see them in a seven game series.

koby what? 30%?

Wow, Lakers have an ugly game and all the Kobe Haters (and Laker Haters by extension) come out taking swings. Let me clarify something for you gentlemen...ahem...WE STILL WON THE GAME! You see, the main difference between the back-to-back NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers and the pretenders is that they still manage to win ugly (as evidenced by the Toronto and Minnesota games) while the pretenders take 22 pt leads at halftime and ultimately CHOKE at home. Ill take the W although I'm not happy with the way they played. Kobe Haters, begone, you have nothing to say here....

Cap - you tell 'em! Mongoloid mutant mouth-breathing whiny trolls.

quick shout to Kevin Love's work:

hope all have a good night after having a listen-

ms - in response to your musical selection (a good one):

Don't take this win the wrong way: Our defense was excellent. 25 turnovers forced? Yeah that is great defense. Them shooting 38% Yeah that is great defense.

22 offensive rebounds? Not great defense.

Kevin Love watching him at UCLA was a great rebounder. His offense may have been raw but his rebounding effort was never. But yea Laker defense too many times being beaten off with dribble penetration forced Pau to step up at times again. I mean the T-Wolves also hoisted some very questionable jump shots but man we couldn't grab the boards.

But while we gave up 22 offensive rebounds consider that Kobe went cold in the 2nd half and with the exception of Matt couldn't hit a bull with a hammer. And for the first time Steve Blake threw some very questionable passes which resulted in 3 turnovers.

It's a win we'll take it. In order to preserve our winning streak however we'll need to make a better effort especially with a tough match up in Denver.

1. An ugly, uninspired win.
2. Still, it's a win... and I'll take it.
3. Luke sure played a lot of minutes.
4. Why was Caracter in street clothes?
5. Kevin Love is pretty darned good. Not particularly athletic, but seems to instinctively understand the rhythm of the game in such a way that he can optimize his positioning.
6. How does New Orleans keep winning? Oh yeah, they played the Clippers.
7. The Hype were beaten by Utah in overtime after being up by 19 in the second half. That is not a mentally tough team.
8. Did I mention that the soundtrack to "Death Wish 3" is so awful that its awesome?
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

PG=Porous Gassy?

he is too finesse for vicious animals like raptors and wolves. wondering if Bucks will be vicious too with B-ogut.

kobe takes 28 shots

typical, he needed to score alot of points to get his average back up to around 25 thats his magic number his career average. dont be fooled we will see this kobe again and again for the rest of his career.
remember, 25 is his magic number
for fantasy reasons
for status reasons
for bragging reasons
for selfish reasons (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I’m not convinced that Derrick Caracter even at his rawest wouldn’t be an upgrade over Theo Ratliff. I’m afraid you need to be put out to pasture, T.R.

I didnt see lack luster effort, I saw a team that kept fighting. if we are going to keep using these adj. everytime the lakers play then you should stop writing. you cant keep saying the same thing year after year, or article after article. Please find some better critical statements please. this is so 2006 and 2007. wow.

Wow - I am stunned... and amazed. I was watching the summaries on the sports and news channels, and the Heat/Jazz game averaged: 12 plays showing either Wade or Lebron, three plays showing the Jazz. It was so one-sided... and yet the Jazz won. I am stunned... and amazed.

Oh, and one station only showed one, single play from the Jazz, the rest was all Heat. The NBA: where bias happens.

So I hear that Jerry West is finally getting a statue outside the Staples Center. I say its about freakin time. The man deserves 2 statues; one as a player, the second as a general manager.

The Lakers have shown some dominance in the early part of the season. Remember this team can not just get by with the attitude of we are champs and do not need to have a more aggressive approach to winning. Phil has to keep this players motivated and hungry. The other teams Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas and others are waiting.



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