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Lakers vs. Memphis: Lakers run over the Grizzlies

Lakers 124, Memphis 105 (final)

Six Lakers scored in double-figures in the win over Memphis that kept L.A. undefeated at 4-0.

Three of the players who scored in double figures were off the bench.

Matt Barnes led the reserves with 16 points, Shannon Brown had 13 points and Steve Blake had 10.

As for the starters, Kobe Bryant led the way with 23 points on seven-for-13 shooting, all in 26 minutes, none in the fourth quarter.

Pau Gasol had 21 points, 13 rebounds and five assists and Lamar Odom had 17 points, eight rebounds and six assists.


Lakers 97, Memphis 76 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers messed around for a little bit in the third, watching their big lead get cut down.

But the team got it back together to open a 21-point lead at the end of the third.

A tip-in early in the third quarter gave Lamar Odom 13 points.

The significance was that it gave Odom 11,000 points during his 12-year career.

Odom finished the third with 17 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

Through three quarters, the Lakers shot 53.1% from the field, 63.2% from three-point range.

Memphis forward Rudy Guy led all scorers with 30 points through three.


Lakers 73, Memphis 46 (end of first half)

The Lakers opened a 29-point lead at one point in the second quarter, making the game look easy.

By halftime, Kobe Bryant had scored 23 points on seven-for-10 shooting, three for four on three-pointers.

Pau Gasol had 15 points and eight rebounds and Lamar Odom had 11 points, four rebounds and four assists.

Rudy Gay led Memphis with 15 points.

The Lakers shot 58.1% from the field in the first half.


Lakers 34, Memphis 23 (end of first quarter)

With the Lakers shooting 52.2% from the field, it was easy for them to open an 11-point lead over Memphis at the end of the first.

Kobe Bryant had nine points on four-for-five shooting and Pau Gasol had nine points on four-for-eight shooting.

Marc Gasol, Pau's younger brother, had nine points in the first quarter for the Grizzlies.



Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said the Memphis Grizzlies are a quality team, "even though they didn't make the playoffs" last season.

Jackson reminded the media before the Lakers faced the Grizzlies on Tuesday night at Staples Center that Memphis has a lot of  talent.

Jackson also reminded his players about how good Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are.

"They are going to get the ball out," Jackson said. "They are going to run the ball down the court."

-- Broderick Turner

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So Far,So Good.Lucky for Lakers That They have Played Cream Puffs and has Allowed Kobe and Hopefully Bynum Time To regain There Health Until they face Real Competition.As Kobe seems to be Back...The bench is what makes me feel quite happy at this stage of the season.Blake,Brown,Barnes are on The "MONEY",and the Rookies are getting there Feet Wet due to the Blow Outs,so they to are being Groomed at No expense to the Lakers which will be a true asset later in the season.Sasha will really have to bring it to get any run with the way Blake and Brown are playing.Also Brown has truly worked hard on his Shooting.Keep It Up Lakers as Three Peat Looks Obtainable.

Is it me, or is this team frighteningly good? This is the best bench I have seen since that Portland team of the early 2000's, but the difference is that we have the two best players in the game as well. Lamar looks superb, and Barnes is what I thought he would be, a virtual junk yard dog off the bench (better than Jerome Williams too). Impact players from top to bottom, 70 wins is possible!

Still very early in the season to predict any 70+ victory season for the Lake Show if you ask me. Things are going well though and I hope the trend continues. What I like so far most are the plays by Lamar, Shannon and Blake. Outstanding.

The team is coming together nicely, the bench is producing and contributing consistently which is a tremendous asset. As for respect it still seems like this team isn't receiving the credit which they are do. That is all right, most will see in due time. As for those who keep saying that Kobe is done just remember that he isn't 100% and we are still looking impressive. As for Miami, you keep beating teams like the t-wolves and soaking in unwarranted championship caliber hype. When its all said and done Lakers have the best team and we are still not at full strength. I am going to enjoy playing Celts again and this time destroy them so this talk that they didn't have perkins is put to rest. Lakers in 5

A great start for the reigning world champion Los Angeles Lakers. They have a very deep bench which helps the starters when they are resting. I really liked Matt Barnes, Shannon Brown and Steve Blake coming off the bench.

Ron sucked more eggs than Rodman tonight. What did he score, 5 points? Are you kidding me?! Rudy Gay DOMINATED Artest, popping 3 pointers in his face! Gay went 100% from downtown when guarded by Artest. What a freaking joke! I thought Artest was the GAY-Killer?!! He was more like the Gay LOVER tonight! Gay dropped 30 POINTS on him, the HIGH SCORER for the GAME! And this is GAY we're talking about. How is Ron going to defend LeBron?!! LeBron is going to eat him up for 50 points on Xmas and then have enough space for turkey dinner afterwards. Ron needs to stop playing dodgeball, get back on the meds and MAN UP!

I love the new bench, monsters! Great moves.



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