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Lakers vs Memphis: Lakers lose, 98-96, after Ron Artest has last-second shot blocked

Grizzlies 98, Lakers 96 (final)

The Lakers lost their third straight game, this time going down to the Memphis Grizzlies when they were unable to score in the end.

With under 10 seconds to play, Pau Gasol stole the ball from Mike Conley and fed it to Kobe Bryant.

But Bryant (who scored 29 points) was double teamed, so he passed the ball to Ron Artest, who had his potential game-winning three-pointer blocked by Rudy Gay.

It meant the Lakers had lost three in a row for just the second time since Gasol was acquired by the Lakers on Feb. 1, 2008.

The Lakers rallied for the second game in a row to bring it down to the last shot. Shannon Brown made a three-pointer and scored on a runner on the fastbreak, bringing the Lakers to within 89-85.

A three-pointer by Conley with just over one minute to play put the Grizzlies up by seven, but the Lakers didn't give in.

Artest made a three-pointer off a pass from Bryant, and after Marc Gasol missed a hook shot, Bryant scored, bringing the Lakers to within 98-96, forcing Memphis to call a timeout with 28.2 seconds left.



Grizzlies 70, Lakers 65 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers trailed by as much as 11 points in the third quarter.

Their defense was not very good early in the third, allowing the Grizzlies to score easy baskets.

By the end of the third quarter, four of the five Memphis starters had scored in double figures, led by Mike Conley's 18 points on six-for-eight shooting.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 23 points through three quarters, but he was just eight-for-22.



Grizzlies 51, Lakers 49 (end of first half)

The Lakers had just seven assists in the first half, a sign they were not properly running the offense.

They shot just 43.6% from the field in the  half.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 19 first-half points, but he was just six for 16 from the field.

Mike Conley led the Grizzlies with 13 points.

Memphis shot 50% from the field in the first half. 


Lakers 27, Grizzlies 27 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers had their hands full in the first quarter with Memphis.

The Lakers shot 50% from the field. Kobe Bryant took advantage of Memphis rookie guard Xavier Henry to score 11 points in the first quarter.

Memphis shot 57.1% from the field in the first.

Zach Randolph led the Grizzlies with seven points, two rebounds and three assists.

Lakers eye end of skid

The Lakers are looking forward to breaking a two-game losing streak.

But they know it won't be easy to do that when they face the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night at the FedExForum.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said before the game that his team's transition defense has to improve. It's something that will be challenged by Memphis, which likes to run.

Memphis has made some changes to its lineup. Former USC star O.J. Mayo has lost his starting job and is coming off the bench now. Rookie Xavier Henry is the starter at shooting guard.

 -- Broderick Turner, reporting from Memphis

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Oops, looks like the Lakers just completed another threepeat.

We all know these mediocre teams overachieve when they play against the Lakers. And this 3 game losing steak is ALL mental. They have no will to win right now. The Lakers are a joke and I'm tired of this crap. They are showing the unwillingness to win like they did last year during that road stretch where they lost to Atlanta et al. NOT acceptable!!!

lakers need another big man,back up center

Ill be back in 3 weeks! Please dont rush me!

Kobe's one man show the past three games killing the Lakers. No team ball is being played.....


Love your child even when your child is ugly.

Losing to teams under .500, still gotta love your ugly child.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Wow, disappointed with the L as usual. Just seems like this team has lost its ability to close out games...poor execution and bad decisions with the ball. Of course, it'd be nice if it didn't have to come down to the closing minutes every night, sheez. They've got some work to do(on both ends)to regain that swagga.

Still, not that concerned this early in the season but, I do hope to see some improvement soon.

As I wind down the 'across the pond' series, I'm gonna go a little 'old skool' on ya.(via UK) Enjoy!:-)

Incognito - Can't Get You Out Of My Head -

Incognito - N.O.T -

Incognito - I'VE BEEN WAITING -

Incognito - Marrakech -

Incognito - Nights Over Egypt -

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

bench fish and play brown more minute and blake.
as long as fish is starting the lakers will
continue to loose.jackson dont know how to
utilize his players


does PJ still finds pleasure in watching Gassy play????????????????????

has to be a masochist

Ron Artest- Please no more layup attempts.

Wonder Drew Wonder Drew
He's on his way
To Help the slumping Lakers
And Save the day

He's really really big
And he's really really tough

and when he's not to hurt
He's got the right stuff

Go Lakers Yeah

Maybe Phillip should take a lesson from Popovich and bench his starters and play the players on the bench

Note to Phillip it's OK to send a message to the players in ways other through the media

Regretfully, I am now officially off the 70 win bandwagon.

Lakers run only 8 deep at the moment, starters playing way too much, they need some help.

We aint playing the best the last two weeks but u still gotta be suprised that every game that we lost this season came down to the last few plays, amazing. Why do i say amazing cause for one we are so good that when we are at the worst it comes down to one or two plays for us to steal a win or just be so tuff that other teams have to play to the last sec or 1 min marc in order for them to win. Dont you find that crazy that means this team is really dam good. But that also means that we have lost 5 games dew two only 1 or two plays. Bad shoots or bad pass or bad decision. Thats something we were very good at last year we gotta fix that. We will see how the team can do tomorrow

I had made some previous posts that we could win maybe 70 games. That was before we lost Ratliff. Bynum, and Ratliff will take the pressure off Pau, who looks tired. It seems that the Lakers have forgotten how to call time-outs in the closing seconds, that is two games now in a row.

The Lakers won back to back champion...upgraded the bench...started the season with 8-0 (since then 5-5)....and Miami was struggling...then everybody was saying the Lakers are the best team and will win the championship again this season...(recent Bynum distraction didn't help either)....Well, the perfect situation for COMPLACENCY to sneak into the players (and the fans)..Now, it is good for the Lakers to come down to earth again! They'd better to start to play like champions with passion and focus. we still need a serviceable big man (and maybe a quick PG).....

here r 2 twitts from Ding:

Twitter sound bites from kevin ding

Kobe obviously didn’t want to pass to Ron on last play. “Lost handle on the ball going up,” Kobe said.

Kobe: “Just win the next one. … We’re not going to have a team meeting or anything like that. Focus and get ready.”

i feel better now after finding out from Ding

i could not believe that kobe on 2 on 2 made such a sloppy play and did not take the shot, or that he made a "kinda" late pass to Ron. that was surreal to watch.

( it was more like C.I. but i'm afraid that LakerTom's nephew is reading the blog) :-)

Fire Jerry Buss, Where are these B's now! Who are these trash players! Artest is a retard! Trade Bynum!
Why you -ool traded Farmar, each year we are getting worse. See what Ariza has become!

The Lakers are playing disinterested. Just going through the motions. Kobe is taking on too much, the defense is bearing down and focusing on him knowing he is going to be ballhandling on most possessions down the stretch in tight games. However they bungled two-straight possessions down the stretch, correct me if I'm wrong but we had a timeout remaining, as we did our last game. I think it would be wise if the team started calling timeouts in those end-of-game situations from now on in order to diagram a play (meaning: set a pick to free up Kobe to get the inbound pass and get a clean shot).

The frontcourt is wearing down as compared to earlier in the year, it is so clear that this team misses Drew. 44+ mins for Pau and 39+ for L.O. is too much, as is 37+ for Kobe.

The Killer B's have lost some of their sting, have come down to earth some, I'd like to see Luke get some time as he acts as a facilitator and opens things up. Barnes especially looked out of sync, so a few minutes to Luke would've been nice.

It's a little hiccup, the Lakers need to snap out of it, but rather meaningless in the grand scheme of things - it's still just a game in November.

It's interesting to read ouchhhhhhhhhhhh tweets, about Kobe losing the handle and not needing a team meaning (a straight-up mock of the meat). I hate losses, but can stomach them in November.

Let's hope they get their shtuff together by tomorrow, the Rockets have been floundering so they may be just what the doctor ordered...


oops, meaning = meeting in the post above. you Lakerholics still think Kobe is the G.O.A.T, what a JOKE. This Lakers team has NO PASSION, NO ENERGY, are very COMPLACENT and did I mention NO HEART. How does it feel to get PUNK by a team below 500? and it's only going to get WORST.

How many shots did Kobe take tonight? talking about a BRICK HOUSE.

it's nice to see ouchhhh diversifying and added a few extra hits to the blog by logging in as three different people in one thread. Going for quantity over quality, i'm sure, but when you can't do quality you have to do what you can.

There has been no CENTER on the Lakers active roster (and 2 injury prone centers) since the begining of the season. I just don't understand why the Lakers has not added another center yet whereas other teams were getting big men as soon as one of their big men got injured.

Wow. The haters are out in full force tonight.

Look, this is going to be the toughest season of the threepeat. It will be challenging for the Lakers to stay focused through stretches of the season. Every team is going to bring a playoff atmosphere against them.

I promise it'll pay off in April, May, and June. Trust me.

Focus: team defense, moving the ball, cutters, transition defense, running the triangle, energy.

Go Lake Show!

"But Bryant (who scored 29 points) was double teamed, so he passed the ball to Ron Artest, who had his potential game-winning three-pointer blocked by Rudy Guy."

But why did you pass it to Artest?

Can't blame Artest on that last play. Kobe should have never given him the ball, but was forced to do so when he couldn't get a shot off. What do you expect Ron-Ron to do? That was a disaster waiting to happen. Lakers need Bynum back and in a hurry. Paul looks gassed right now-the worst stretch I've ever seen him play...

Posted by: phred | November 30, 2010 at 09:43 PM

r on your pills or OFF??????????

by the way, yes, i have 3 screen names. everyone knows that: ouchhhhhhh, noob tuber and the Activator. and last year after Kobe injured his finger i had for a few weeks "just another INDEX swish". they all have a Kobe reference.

i DO NOT NEED to use a different screen name to SAY what i think or want to say. get a life. lonely in the trailer? read a book. Beckett? or Calvino?????

try some Ionesco, maybe that will explain tonight's game.


It's funny how when the Lakers lose, haters come out in droves but when we win...crickets. I can't believe folks are seriously talking tihs in november. We have two centers that can't play due o injury and a PF playing as one (albeit well). All I know is folks better wake up and put whomever their favorite team is on notice. Because if you haven't heard, we've been in the finals three straight times and won two of 'em. There's a target on our back so teams are playing against us extra hard because we're a measuring stick and they have something to prove. Despite all of this, we still ran off 8 straight and even when we lose it is a close one. So when 'Drew returns and LO and Gasol can get rested up, look out.



This team is not good enough,its performing otrociously,its not good enough to reach that great Bulls team bench mark of 72 wins,no.You woundnt have gotten that Bulls team led by the greatest player of all time MJ to keep bundling balls in the last minute and losing to lesser teams back to back.That Bulls team was so great that they even won games with a sick and injured Michael Jordan,they beat other great Nba teams in this situation.So no one cannot compare any other Nba player with Michael Jordan,he was too good,you just cannot compare anyone with your airness MJ.He was good in everything,he was determine to win with his Bulls team in any difficult situation.Finally no one can compare any other Nba team with that 1996 Bulls team,the only team one can compare is the other winning Bulls team of 1991,92 and 93,no others can make the grade.

Ninja- once again please do shut up w/ da bulls. You are living in the past.
Get over them, or get over MJ; who lucked out to play when the greatest players were on their decline. When MJ finally beat Bird and Isiah Thomas was when they were about done.
Still Isiah and Bird beat the GOAT in Conference Finals. Once they were done; thats when MJ excelled to greatness, LOL.

Michael Jordan; the greatest hyped player of the 90's. I would love to see him give praise to Magic and Bird.
LBJ, most hyped player of now. What has he done of late?

The Lakers. Another victim of the Jazz Comeback Curse:

Good luck with that 70 win season, Fakeshow.



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