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Lakers vs. Denver: Lakers lose first game of season to Nuggets

Nuggets 118, Lakers 112 (final)

Finally, the Lakers have lost a game, their eight-game winning streak falling in Denver.

Now the Lakers have lost four consecutive regular-season games to the Nuggets. The Lakers have lost eight of 11 games in the Pepsi Center.

The Lakers had a 14-point lead in the third quarter, and led by 10 in fourth before the Nuggets scored 16 in a row.

Kobe Bryant had 34 points, but he was just 11-for-32 from the field.

Carmelo Anthony led the Nuggets with 32 points and 13 rebounds.

Lakers 93, Nuggets 85 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers opened a 14-point lead in the third quarter before they settled into an eight-point lead.

Kobe Bryant got warmed up, scoring 26 points through three quarters.

Pau Gasol had a double-double through three quarters with 15 points and 16 rebounds.

Shannon Brown came off the bench to give the Lakers 10 points through three quarters.

Lakers 64, Nuggets 59 (end of first half)

The Lakers dropped 38 points on the Nuggets in the second quarter.

By the half, three Lakers had scored in double figures.

Ron Artest, assigned to defend Carmelo Anthony, had 14 points on five-for-six shooting.

Kobe Bryant had 12 points and Pau Gasol had 11 points and eight rebounds.

Nene scored all 12 of his points in the second quarter for Denver.

Anthony had 15 points in the first half.

Lakers 26, Nuggets 24 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers took at two-point lead over the Nuggets because of the play of Ron Artest.

Artest had nine points on three-for-three shooting.

Carmelo Anthony had 11 points on five-for-11 shooting.

 The Portland Trail Blazers were supposed to be the Lakers' biggest test of the season.

The Lakers beat the Trail Blazers by 25 points.

Now the Denver Nuggets, whom the Lakers face Thursday night at Pepsi Center, are supposed to be the biggest test of the young season.

"It's one of those road games that's always interesting," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said.

The Lakers entered the game with an 8-0 record.

The Nuggets entered the game 4-4, having lost two straight games.

"For them, I think it's even more [of a big game] because they came off a road trip, they had lost [two games in a row] and now they are back on it," Jackson said. "I think they have to establish something. So I think they are going to play very hard and we have to meet that intensity."

It's a game in which Kobe Bryant could reach another milestone.

Bryant is 17 points short of reaching 26,000 points for his career.

If he reaches it against the Nuggets, Bryant would become the youngest player to do so in NBA history, at 32 years, 80 days.

He would surpass Wilt Chamberlain (32 years, 114 days) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (33 years, 331 days).

Bryant also would be the 12th player in league history to score 26,000 points and the eighth fastest to do so in terms of games played (1,030), following behind Shaquille O'Neal (1,022).

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Denver

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Kobe is heating up. Defense is questionable. Can't wait until Drew is back to help prevent this penetration. All in all not bad though.
On the other side of the country; what is it with LeBron? I saw his line 35/9/8 and couldn't believe it. The Heat looked bad and LeBron didn't look great, but somehow his line is awesome. His year average isn't too far off of tonight and yet his team is playing basically .500 ball. Same in Cleveland. Everyone said "Bron is great but he doesn't have the help Kobe does". Well now he does and his team still doesn't seem like a winner.
When Paul, Kevin and Ray first got together in '07 they were awesome right out of the gate. Not so with the Heat. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about LeBron's game that doesn't transfer into wins even though his stats are crazy and he has talent around him. Any thoughts?

Lebron ls not greater #1, maybe someday he may be but that's still a long way from now. Maybe when he gets 2 or 3 rings then perhaps he can be called great but certainly not now. He is no good in clutch in the big games like we saw last 2 years with Cleveland choking in the playoffs against lesser teams. Great players don't do. That.

pj what happen to your coaching right now??

The fabulous undefeated Fakers play a decent team on the road and guess what maybe not as amazing as thought !!!!

Oh well - Lakers will now have something to think about. Phil will work their ass off now. It's a long season....just need hca and be healthy for the playoffs.

Wow. Pau and the bench mob really stunk it up tonight. Kobe shot poorly, but it was when he was out and Pau was running with the Killer Bs that the Lakers defense became a complete sieve and gave up the lead.

The whole team was still playing like they were cruising. And this is the difference between Minnesota and Denver. You can cruise and win vs a crappy team like the Timberwolves, but Denver has enough skill and toughness to beat you if you don't take them seriously.

Hopefully this will be a wakeup call for the Lakers, so they can stop listening to they hype of all the pundits and know they've still got some work to do if they want to complete the three-peat.

MM - can you ask PJ how does it feel to watch a Denver 16-0 run without doing anything???????????????

maybe it's ZEN. i don't get it

It happens, hardly the end of the world (or cause for so many dang trolls).

I blame the loss on:

It looks like Kobe has decided to play his old games again. Why can't he trust his teammates more? If their having an off night he sure as heck isn't concerned with assisting them back into an on night. Why does he have to have the awful shooting night all to himself? If he feels he can shoot himself back into the game then why can't he believe the same can be true for his teammates? This will always separate Kobe from Magic and Jordan. He appears to be destined to retire as the guy who mostly practiced bad decision making and poor shot selection. And, because everyone in the locker room is afraid to stand up to him he will continue to be the guy who will either shoot you into a win or shoot you out of one. Poor Lakers.

Porous Gassy is NOT trustworthy. neither a LEADER

Lamar 1-6 16%
Pau 6-17 35%
Kobe 11-32 34%

When our three best men shoot so bad is very difficult to win in Denver. Bad game on offense and bad defense at various stages of the game.

We lose any game is normal I hope you do not grab the torches.

However Browm is improving game after game he is still the best signing of the lakers.

A game less to reach the play offs.

Gooo Lakers!!!

hiltontown - "However Browm is improving game after game he is still the best signing of the lakers."

Yeah, Brown made a couple of nice passes, and I feel his court awareness and passing (and the over-dribbling) are the weakest phases of his game, so seeing him improve on that means he'll be that much more effective.

Rats appear again after the defeat. This is not something new.

Greetings Ouuchhhhhh

kobe "Just warming up"???? 11-32, missing his last nine bricks? Manny being Manny. opps, wrong team....K.Baby being K.Baby. HE got upset and Mr. Consistand double-double the TRUE MVP of the team, Pau Gasol. K.Baby has never had "his" team to win anything. Three of "his rings" came with future Hall of Famer Shaq, the other two came with Gasol. NOTHING before NOTHING inbetween. geezzz another K.Baby troll "just warming up" ROFL Brown should take his place in the line up. Brown is pure star all over him. Exciting to watch, and so much better ball movement with K.Baby on the bench. "just warming up" with 22 bricks

where was lamar odum, did he get hurt?
gasol looked gassed
pj was up to his old tricks
kobe took a bad 3 at the end there, can live with the 32 shots.
lakers couldn't quite match the nuggets intensity and the nuggets made alot of shots in the fourth
carmarshmello dominated artest

Oh, my other dedication for the night, for all the newcomers and lovers who love to hate:

hey hammer
in between shaq and gasol, tell me who could have won a title with those players, certainly not the king, who is once again putting up great numbers but not alot of wins with wade and bosh

K.Baby had a 2-11 game, SEVEN players were in double figures scoring... and THEY WON. Tonight, 11-32, 34 points, the next player had double shots was MVP Gasol, with 16. He didn't shoot well either, but will K.Baby ever learn when he's not having a good game, and PASS THE DAMN BALL loser. (I base my comment "LOSER" on the comment above. NO RINGS on HIS teams.) K.Baby is one of the greatest INDIVIDUAL players ever without a ring based on HIS own teams. None before Shaq, none between/before Gasol. Facts nothing but facts.


What happened to Lamar? Did he get injured? Why did Pau have to play the entire 2nd half with no break?

Pau and Odom played awful and this surely was the worst game for Pau. It was so bad it stunk. Lakers were lucky to get by Timberwolves and their bad play continued with Denver. Bynum will not help either. HE HAS BEEN AWAY FROM nba BASKETBALL THAT HE WILL BE LIKE A KID IN A PLAY PEN. lUKE SHOULD GO INTO RADIO BROADCASTING. hE IS AWFUL FOR BEING OUT OF nba PLAY FOR TWO YEARS WITH INJURIES. hOW DO U THINK bYNUM WILL BE. i PREDICT bYNUM WILL GET INJURE AGAIN AND SOON. tHAT IS HIS GAME. plAY VIDEO GAMES AND COLLECT ON HIS SALARY.

gasol -5
artest -9
blake -11



Odom was a plus 11 and not in the 4th absolutely unacceptable Phil; you usually ride with your final 5; what happen???

pau played terrible for him, nothing going for him offensively
but he did get 20 rebounds

and yes where was lamar?

It's Kobes, it's Phil's fault.....wait, it actually is Gasol's fault that we lost. Or do we win as a team and lose as a team? Go ahead and cry over spilled milk trolls, anyone that thought the Lakers wern't going to lose a game can get back on planet earth. Anyone who thinks the Lakers won't win a championship is still in lalaland.

Looked to me like Phil was trying to knock them all down a notch. Had the look of satisfaction from PJ to me when let (had-the-I-told-you-so look on his smirk) Kobe jack up shots, matador defense in the lanes, and when Pau looked lost and meek in the post. Something must have been wrong with LO tonight as he sat a lot when we could have used his rebounding! What a shame as they could/should have taken this one......a rarity in Denver for Lakers.

In honor of Laker J's nifty summation, and for those who doubt:

looks like the Gassy fans have their panties wet. they r all out to defend him. maybe they should send him some e-mails to ask HIM to DEFEND on the court. it will make a difference.

Lakers can't win all of them, every now and then they are bound to lose, but its disappointing when they lose like that.

I feel the heat on the Kobe again. As we all should...

I've always been unbias when it comes to judging Kobe. As most of you, we have seen Kobe emerge from a ballhog to the GOAT. But I do admit there no matter how mature he gets on the court his bad habits keeps coming back. Given the fact that he makes spctacular plays, but he also makes a lot of poor decision. As of late (2-3 seasons), he has been inefficient when playing against top 10 young players. He still gets caught up in the hype. He cant deny that. I hate to say it, when I watch JR Smith make stupid plays - he reminds me of the old Kobe when he was playing with old vets. Luckily, Kobe has earned to be where he's at. I do hope he does play smarter like Jordan did at that age.

Best move he can do all night is to post up and fake and turn around for an up and under....he can do that all night. Triangle offense will be in full-effect. Good night y'all. Lakers in June baby...Let's get the 3Peat against none other ....Celtics. its do or die.......1-1, why not go for best out of 3?.....

The trolls are going to be hungry. They've been starving for 8 games, and tonight they will feast, lol

@Laker J - Exactly. I vote we win and lose as a team. Individuals assign blame, teammates admit they let the team down. The TNT Crew were saying this game was lost against Minnesota and I gotta agree there, too.

Had to happen.

@63 Footer - Nice link to a land of wonder.

@Laker J - you were right about the divide and conquer crew that awaits us....truth is Kobe, Pau, Phil...everyone had a poor game.

@63 Footer - Good call on Bad Religion...poor defense.

So I'll combine 63 Footer and Laker J and presto...

LRob takes me to the hoop with the Bad Religion! (By the way, the posts under the video are hilarious, arguing anarchy vs. nihilism. Worse than MJ vs. Kobe.)

Since it's getting rather thick with trolls and haters around here, I'm heading off, but my final thought would be:

MIAMI (AP)- Kevin Garnett said after the game against the Miami Heat that Zydrunas Ilgauskas told him that he was undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer. Garnett said that he did not bring up the subject, but somehow Ilgauskas felt comfortable talking to him about it.
Garnett went on to say that Ilgauskas described an outside tumor as the source of his cancer. A tumor so rare that it takes the form of royalty in a unsuspecting host. The tumor feeds off itself in a narcissistic way. It goes unrecognized for a period of time, even giving the sensation of hope and euphoria, "but make no mistake about it, it is malignant" Ilgauskas told Garnett.
Ilgauskas was contacted by the AP, but declined to comment, saying only that he was on his way to Cleveland. The AP contacted David Stern, who said that such claims are unfounded and did not warrant an investigation. However, an anonymus source close to the commissioner reported that the league will conduct tests on all current and former Cleveland players. The source went on to say that Miami players will be observed during the course of the season for symptoms of this rare disease. When asked if the tumor had been identified, the source said "no comment".
In Detroit, when Charlie Villanueva was informed of the breaking news, he expressed sympathy for Ilgauskas and said that he was cancer free despite rumors to the contrary. He insisted that he has had minimum exposure to the source of Ilgauskas disease. Garnett on the other hand, felt a sense of vindication by these latest developments, saying that many other players may be affected but are possibly in denial. When asked if he was referring to Villanueva, he responded, "you be the judge".
Pat Riley, who refused to comment on the report, was observed wearing gloves during a recent meeting with some of his players. There will be more on this story as it develops, perhaps at season's end.

Not the best game for Gasol but... ¿only 20 rebounds? ¿only 17 points?

ouchhhhhhhhhh, tetraplejical basket intelligence, is desperate since Gasol leads NBA statistics in this principle of season...

¿Really... who is the one that takes its wet panties?

The Lakers radio guys on 710 were endlessly applauding Derek Fisher for going off on the Lakers after the Minnesota game, saying that it would put a charge into them and they wouldnt have a bad effort for a very long time. I wonder what they're saying now.

I think Pau Gasol gave up once he noticed that Kobe was taking all the shots. Towards the end, he didn't even try to dunk the ball.

Kobe and Pau simply played bad basketball. These are the two guys that need to show some intensity. I never thought I would say this about Kobe.

Is it coincidence that the Lakers play sub par when Kobe jacks up plenty shots?
Against a good team like Denver it is a bad decision. 32 shots is way too much unless you are shooting 17 for 32. It also demoralizes the team when Kobe shoots so many bricks. I live on the east coast and knowing we were on our way to losing that game i went to bed at half time. The reason why we can't win 70+ games is because we are not committed to defense allowing 105 + points per game. The Bulls held opponents to 93 ppg. Maybe it is time for Pau to be the focus in the middle during the regular season. Unless Kobe is getting into the paint and collapsing the defense he is not helping Brown et al when he jacks up shots from all over the court. Gasol is in the paint thus drawing attention and will give open looks to his teammates. If bad Kobe play like this the Lakers will get embarrassed once again on Christmas Day. Book it. Surely Kobe sees this and will become more of a facilitator.

I watched basketball since 1980 the beginning of Showtime. Having seen numerous talented basketball players I can say that Kobe is second only to Jordan who I despised by the way. However, Kobe during last year and this year is playing with 1 eye on team success and the other on individual accolades. This Lakers team is so deep and talented that if Kobe takes 1/3 of the total shots while missing most of them this team will sputter like it almost did against the Wolves and it did against Denver. Carmello shot 14 for 25 or over 50%. Kobe needs to stay in the 20 to 23 shots per game. LO only got 6 shots. That is ridiculous. Jordan shot 50% from the field during his career while at this clip Kobe fg% might end up in the 30s. The other night the Lakers rolled out I believe the Suns because everyone was involved while Kobe had only 12 points. The last 2 games Kobe had I believe 25 and 34 respectively and we almost lost both games.

Will anyone tell me how 37 year-old, no "D", no offense, no more diving to the
floor Derek Fisher continues to stifle the developement and playing time of Steve
Blake(who we paid $4 mil./yr for); Sasha(who we paid $5 mil a year to, I guess,
sit on bench; and Shannon Brown, WHO SHOULD BE STARTING?

Really, this guy is so bad, defensively, it contaminates entire team. Give Steve Blake or Shannon 31 minutes a game, not this selfish, 37 yr. old mascot.

And, do you realize BOTH CENTERS ARE INJURED. The "wait for Bynum to heal" is getting old. Get center at Feb. deadline or die!

Look at the sheer size and depth of front lines of Boston; Spurs; Dallas; Cavs:
Majic; and other "quality" teams we've yet to play. I'd package 39 year old cripple
Ratcliff; 23 year old cripple Bynum; Mr. "no game" Walton for just 1, B level,
healthy, NBA level center who, at very least, can play 80 games a year; about 18 minutes a game, just to spell Gasol and Odum(who are no kids, anymore) long
enough least they run out of gas(as they've been doing) EVERY 4th quarter.

Hey, Mitch, Jerry, Phil...Just because you foolishly gave Bynum $8 mil a yr. for
7 years, and Walton $5.2 mil a year for 5 years, doesn't mean you have to play them, or "No D Fish", at expenses of Shannon, Blake@ Barnes.

Because Kobe is 17 points short of 26000 does that mean anything?well yes,but can you compare him with the likes of MJ?Can you compare my dear present Laker team with the 1996 mighty Bulls team which i once hated with a passion because of their overwhelming superiority?No,one cannot compare that Chicago Bulls team of 1996,they were far more superior in everything.Mj never forced his shorts,he led by example and get his team mates more involved.They crushed and here in the uk we will say that they bamboozled opponents,they crushed and humiliate far superior opponents than this my dear current laker brand.In 1991 they left my dear LAKER team embarrased and bewildered in the nba finals,they humilated my showtime,i saw and i thought that surely that we would have make a come back and created opportunities for winning that title and making me feel good,but it didnt happened,MJ,PIPEN,PHIL JACKSON,BJ AMSTRONG and the rest of the BULLS they crushed my feelings,i couldnt take it anymore.And the BULLS continued to humiliate all their oppositons in 90s.The results left the mail man KARL,CHARLES BARKLEY,JOHN STARKS AND PATRICK EWING and many more all without a ring,many teams were predeposed of and the BULLS continued to steam rolled opponents.I didnt know much about the true ZEN master,i didnt appreciate his ways,why he never stand up and shout like the rest of the coaches of other team,but his BULLS continued to embarrass opponents while he continued to sit on the bench staring down at the basket game,i used to asked ignorantly to myself what kind of coach is that.WHY is just sitting their and his team continued to bad beat oppossing teams.Little did i know that one day i will praise and honour that man and all his coaching staff from the BULLS ti my laker team and believe in his systems of meditation,relaxation and the formidable tringutlate offence and the crushing of all opponents.Why i say all this is the fact that the leageu is soft and you cannot compare teams now with those gone before,so this my laker team need much more even when they have to play the beast from the east,the green devils and the three headed monster.u know what i mean.

Island Priest,

you wrote:
Is it coincidence that the Lakers play sub par when Kobe jacks up plenty shots?
Against a good team like Denver it is a bad decision. 32 shots is way too much unless you are shooting 17 for 32. It also demoralizes the team when Kobe shoots so many bricks. I live on the east coast and knowing we were on our way to losing that game i went to bed at half time. The reason why we can't win 70+ games is because we are not committed to defense allowing 105 + points per game. The Bulls held opponents to 93 ppg. Maybe it is time for Pau to be the focus in the middle during the regular season. Unless Kobe is getting into the paint and collapsing the defense he is not helping Brown et al when he jacks up shots from all over the court. Gasol is in the paint thus drawing attention and will give open looks to his teammates. If bad Kobe play like this the Lakers will get embarrassed once again on Christmas Day. Book it. Surely Kobe sees this and will become more of a facilitator.

my response:

1st. Aloha,

2nd. *sigh* maybe someone should make a youtube video about this.
If Kobe plays facilitator instead of threat the defense doesn't commit to
guarding him and then there are no open looks.

reference last year after Pau & Fish whined about him taking too many shots
when he went out injured. He came back and passed the ball to them and
lo & behold. The weren't open and they couldn't make shots. The offense
*MUST* run through Kobe && Kobe *MUST* remain an offensive
threat. I repeat *MUST*.

You're focusing on the wrong end of the floor. The Lakers defense sucked
last night. SUCKED! 54 pts in the paint. Blaming Kobe's offense when the
the Lakers gave up 118 pts is incorrect.

re: MJ shooting 50%. Please tell me when MJ shot 50% while having an
arthritic finger on his shooting hand. 90% of the stratospheric stats of
MJ were done when Scottie Pippen was on the team. Defense set the whole
MJ thing up. This has been documented multiple times by multiple people.

For the record, you might want to ask why Pau had a -5 on the +/-
& Nene was a +6. The answer to that might clarify some things for you.

If the Lakers make Pau the focus of their offense, they will not win the
championship this year. That's money!

re: Kobe's play. You mean like when he shot poorly in game 7 of the finals?
Oh, wait. We won that game.

Can we all stop with the hysterics? We're 8-1. We're still not healthy.
PJ is still teaching. He's still the coach. We've got a lot of the season left.

And before LakerTom starts ... No, Bynum wouldn't have helped. Yes, he
would have been another body to throw into the mix. No, he wouldn't have
stopped Nene. The *TEAM* played bad defense in the 4th quarter and the
*TEAM* lost.


>>>Is it coincidence that the Lakers play sub par when Kobe jacks up plenty shots?

No, it's no coincidence, but you've got the cart reversed with the horse.

WHEN THE REST OF THE TEAM PLAYS LIKE SUCK AND GIVES UP A BIG LEAD... then Kobe starts jacking up shots like they're on sale 5 for 1.

Let me make this perfectly clear so that even Ricky can understand it...

When Kobe went out at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Lakers still led by 8 points.

When Phil brought Kobe back in with 9+ minutes left in the fourth, Gasol, Brown, Barnes, Blake, and Artest had given up that lead. Pau missed a shot and turned the ball over. Brown hit one of 2. Barnes bricked a couple of shots. Blake missed a couple of shots. And NOBODY played any defense. Denver scored on 5 straight possessions and kept the Lakers from scoring on 4 of them.

You guys complaining about Phil, Phil USUALLY waits until after the 8 minute mark to send Kobe back in for the 4th. He actually brought Kobe in SOONER than he normally would have to stop the bleeding.

From then until THREE SECONDS left in the game, the ONLY Lakers who MADE shots were Kobe and Shannon Brown. Pau had a couple of wide open short shots, which he bricked, and he also turned the ball over a second time for the quarter.

Kobe was merely bad in the 4th.

Pau was APPALLINGLY bad. He was passive about shooting - or if you prefer - HE PASSED more than shot. Most of the shots he took were weenie shots - the kind that got him called "soft" in the 2008 finals. Denver OWNED him. And he also turned it over a couple of times leading to Denver fast breaks, which he didn't run back to defend.

And the bench mob was also a letdown. Shannon did hit a bunch of shots, which was nice, but his defense on J.R. Smith or Ty Lawson (whoever he was guarding per possession) in the 4th was nonexistant. Remember the famous Ty Lawson dunk? That happened after blowing by Shannon Brown last season. This year, he made a highlight reel of plays blowing by Brown and Blake.

But you know what? The sky isn't falling. It's just a wake up call to the Lakers that they can't just cruise through games, as they have been lately.

So I wonder how many people were espousing how much greater the bench was this season will be whining about them losing 2 or 3 games by Christmas?

I think Pau Gasol gave up once he noticed that Kobe was taking all the shots. Towards the end, he didn't even try to dunk the ball.

good coment i agree with it 100%. And i think that selfishness is the reason why lakers played bad game before this one

Kobe Kobe Kobe,people wake up,we are a much better team when Kobe takes what's given to him and play within the offense,the first eight games he was great,gettin everybody involved early and often and averaged over 24 points a game,took an average of around 15 shots per game during that span and we were winning mostly by sizeable margins,the last 2 games he shot 12 for 28 and 11 for 32,not very good and all and the team chemistry we showed in those first eight games disappeared. Will he ever learn that father times is catching up with him,he"s not playing with smush Parker and Kwmae Brown anymore,WAKE UP MR BRYANT,play to win and stop tryin to cement your already accomplished legacy !

Listen Kobe is my Dawg but he plays too selfishly at times. Remember last year when they were playing a vastly inferior team but he needed a few points to surpass somebody on the all time scoring list? He jacked up ill advised shots and we loss the game. Gasol said he was happy Bryant reached that mark and now they can focus on winning games again. Against Boston in the Finals in game 2 I believe Gasol and Bynum was rolling thats when bad Bryant showed up and we loss the game. Hobbitmage you made a point about Bryant passing the ball but he went from one extreme to the next. Bryant must walk a fine line between facilitator and scorer for the Lakers to prevail against superior team. Bring out those MJ tapes he used to get everyone involved and then pick his spots to dominate.

Montez only totally blind Kobe fans can see no wrong that he does. Against Denver Kobe brought the ball down the court and two defenders picked him up and as I shouted at the television NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO of course he pulled up and bricked another shot. When the Lakers play with everyone involved we can steamroll anybody. Kobe must realized that his legacy is secure and must now play to win and not compete against the Durants and Lebrons of the NBA. When LA play the Heat on XMAS day I want us to win. Last year against the Cavs Kobe et al said that they were no rivals and of course LA got the beating of our lives on national television. Stay focus and play TEAM basketball



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