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Lakers vs. Chicago: Lakers escape Bulls late

Lakers 98, Bulls 91 (final)

A 13-point Lakers lead that looked so safe after Steve Blake made back-to-back three-pointers turned out not to be so safe.

The Bulls came right back and got to within 96-89 on a drive by Derrick Rose, forcing the Lakers to call a timeout with 2:14 left.

Pau Gasol, who wasn't having a very good game, tipped  in a missed by Kobe Bryant for a 98-89 Lakers lead that pretty much finished off the Bulls.

The Lakers have won five consecutive games and improved to 13-2.

Gasol had 12 points and 11 rebounds, but he was just three for 10 from the field and had several of his shots blocked.

Rose had 30 points and eight rebounds for the Bulls.

Bryant had 20 points on eight-for-18 shooting.




Lakers 74, Bulls 73 (end of third)

The Lakers had a 10-point lead in the third quarter, building it by scoring the first eight points.

But behind Derrick Rose, the Bulls came charging back and got to within one point at the end of the third.

Rose had 27 points and seven assists through three quarters.

The Lakers tried trapping and double-teaming Rose, but it didn't seem to slow him down.

Rose got help from former USC star Taj Gibson, who had 10 points and nine rebounds through three quarters.

Pau Gasol didn't have a good game through three quarters, scoring nine points on two-for-five shooting, and grabbing six rebounds.




Lakers 51, Bulls 49 (halftime)

Shannon Brown was the man of the moment for the Lakers in the second quarter.

Brown had 15 of his 18 first-half points in that quarter.

He was six for nine from the field in the first half, four for six from three-point range.

Brown was matched by Chicago guard Derrick Rose.

Rose had 16 points and seven assists in the first half, doing his part to keep the Bulls close.



Lakers 26, Bulls 26 (end of first quarter)

It took a three-point shot by Shannon Brown just before the quarter expired for the Lakers to tie the score.

it took that because Chicago's Luol Deng did a job on the Lakers, scoring 11 points.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with nine points in the first.



At 12-2, the Lakers have equaled their third best 14-game start in franchise history.

Both the 2008-09 and 2001-02 teams started their seasons 13-1.

The Lakers have won four consecutive games and look to extend their winning streak Tuesday night against the Chicago Bulls at Staples Center.

Chicago is a team that Lakers Coach Phil Jackson has a fondness for.

Jackson won six NBA championships with the Bulls. He has won five with the Lakers.

-- Broderick Turner

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All round the world the same song (with Bynum).

dont know how many other people got to see this. i thought it was a good read about kobe;_ylt=Au8Au4SYp9SjDAKjB2IsiI85nYcB?slug=aw-kobebryantchat112310

Ho ho ho...

Was that Andrew Bynum I saw warming up on the court...

Looked pretty mobile too...practicing his back to the hoop moves...


Sup peeps!

Lookin' forward to tonight's game against the Bs. Should hopefully be a bit more of a competive contest.


@Steve: Thanks for the Yahoo!Sports article on Kobe. It was quite revealing. I have to admit to being a little suprised that he got his best counsel from MJ, no,not that MJ, the other one.(Mijac) I saw several other bloggers post the link to the article but, if I'm not mistaken you posted it first, so I thought I'd give you the credit and a shoutout. Good job!


@JAMF: Thanks for mentioning me as one of those having issues signing onyo the Live Chat. I had posted several comments/complaints to MM but, never got a response. I guess he didn't see them. I'll give it another try tonight, hopefully with better results.


@JLF: Welcome back, bro! Yeah, it's tough goin' up against the I.R.S. but, like you stated, there have been some who have come out victorious. Hope LO does as well.


Just finished watching a very entertaining contest between the Zards and Sixers that went into OT with the Zards prevailing. JWall sank 3 BIG FTs at the end of regulation to force the OT. I'm becoming more impressed with the rook the more I watch him. I think he's gonna be a special player in this league.


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

GDub - MM said they worked on the platform a lot and hopefully you won't have a problem.

BUT - like I mentioned - post your comments on the same thread as the chat and I'll check to see if you're there. I'll send the snap guy your way if you have problems!

Shannon did a good job,an under the great zen buddist master he will surely get better.Under the watchful eyes of the great laker's coaching staff of Phil Jackson,Jim Cleamons,Frank Hamblen,Shaw,Kareem Adul Jabaar etc,these men have more rings than any of the coaching staff of other nba teams,certainly it is expected for a player to improve and step up his game when he is needed to.Its just like the former Bulls team under Phil,they had many a weapons to hurt other teams.

I called them the quiet four headed monster,the strategic alliance,the men of bling,the bling men,the master tacticianers,the four culprits,who have caused misery and pain for all other opposing teams and supporters,even me.They hurt my feeling in 1991 when they beat up on my show time lakers who had nba greats like Magic Johnson,kareem,Worthy,Cooper,Green in the 1991 nba finals.My show time lakers had no answer to their strange superior tactics and play(one they called a bemuse name of the triangle offence, triangulate or triple post offence.What the hell was such an offence?I asked myself.These men continued during the 90s to beat up on other teams,and they are now doing so with the new lakers show.The culprts Phil,Cleamons,Hamblem and lately Brian Shaw.These men can outbling any of the modern day rappers in fashion show.I once despise them,now i cannot stop lovin them,they are the greatest.

Kareem retired before the 1991 Finals. And you forgot to mention the great Terry Teagle!

Joakim Noah out-hustled both Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. I just hope that they are tired and need some rest. The Utah Jazz team is not going to be as forgiving. I am really looking forward to that game. The loudest place in the NBA for the past 10+ years; maybe more.
In my opinion, if the Lakers could beat the best PG in the NBA in Derron Williams; they can handle any other PG.

Derron Williams is the best Point Guard in the NBA, well besides Jason Kidd because he is still playing. CP3 is just as good, but i lost respect when he contemplated a trade to join Amare in NY.
Rajon Rondo; why is he an elite PG? All he does is pass the ball. He can't shoot and can't defend his own defensive assignment. Yeah he has alot of steals, but that's what happens when other players allow you to roam when you can't shoot.
Derrick Rose- You are overrated. You either have more points or more steals.
Russell Westbrook- You are a good passer and make critical plays, but you can't shoot the ball outside the paint.
To clarify furthermore on why I believe that Utah's Derron Williams is the best PG in the NBA today is that he can score when he wants to, and in cases where he has to. He can also dish out more passes than Rondo; but Williams doesn't have 4 Hall of Famers in his team.

Jason Kidd- He took his team to back to back NBA Finals; yet never won an MVP trophy. Steve Nash won 2 of them and they were back to back. I don't remember him reaching the Finals.

Joe_Conrad - Huh?? Your posts are stupid and have no value! Each PG guard you named is better than any on the Lakers team and Lakers management would love to have any one of them! Go back to work dumb dumb!



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