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Lakers Roundtable: Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman breaks down Lakers-Nuggets matchup

You may recall one glorious April morning earlier this year where I introduced Lakers Roundtable - a segment that featured the opposing team's beat writer and gave all the Lakerholics in this corner of the blogosphere an idea on how enemy matches up. The Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman joked, "I think we're doomed from the get go," but yet he was willing enough to stop by for another segment breaking down the Lakers-Nuggets matchup, which begins tonight at 7:30. Or he may have really just had time to kill after landing in the Denver airport and had nothing better to do while waiting for his cab.

Nonetheless, Hochman provided terrific insight on the following topics:

--How Hochman's fingers still remain sore after covering the Nuggets' recent 114-113 loss to Indiana, which featured the Pacers hitting 20 consecutive shots and 54 third-quaeter points.

--the latest on Carmelo Anthony's playing future and how he matches up with Lakers forward Ron Artest.

--How the Nuggets (4-4) have managed to play well despite Anthony's uncertainty with the team and injuries to Chris Anderson (knee surgery) and Kenyon Martin.

--How Hochman has become an expert on burger joints.

You can follow more of Hochman's work at the Denver Post's website as well as on his Twitter account.

--Mark Medina

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LOL! 4-4 team is "playing well"...beg, borrow, steal, rent it...whatever...but at least get a clue.

No Birdman and No KMart = No chance.

On second thought they have a punchers chance if they go super small and put the ball in Ty Lawson's hand for 40 minutes, and hope Affalo, Melo, Chauncey and JR catch fire.

Only way Denver can win is if the Lakers play the same uninspired ball that they played against the T-Wolves.

This one goes out to my man Lamar, since his game has been spectacular so far this season:

@mclyne - LO is smooth indeed...Coast to coast LA to Denver.

you got it!!!

here's another smooth jam for all ya out there:

mclyne - good stuff - LOVE Sharday (LOL).

And yeah - LO's a smooth operator for sure.

MM - I love these roundtables (though why any writer covering an opposing team would want to contribute... is anyone's guess) - but I really like hearing the other viewpoint and I don't go to other teams' sites or papers/blogs (why should I, we have the best here?).

And in adding to the smooth flow feeling (heh-heh-heh):

Okay, maybe I meant this:

What moron at TNT thinks Frankenstein McHale makes for a good analyst?

Didn't his stint in Minni show everyone this freak knows squat about basketball?


Tell us what you really think. lol.

Did you guys see the hard foul Fat Baby took on princess? LOL!!!!!

nice, one more for tonight:

yes, I agree, not only does his ugly mug scare me, but he's just a terrible analyst to boot- maybe he can analyse how much better looking Quasimoto is than himself.

and I forgot to mention the worst part of all- he's a dreaded Celtic!'s no fluke...Cheats getting worked again by the Chowders...

This supports my posts during the Summer that it will be Chowds coming out of the East...

Which is what I spank the Greenies in a rubber match...and finally shut up Doc and his "Our starting 5 has never lost a series...Then they can go on another 20 year disappearing act...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Guys guys, McHale is Herman Munster. Just slap the bolts on his neck and you could already hear the Munster theme playing in the background...

On the Celtics bench...the last 2 seats at the end of the bench should have a 'handicap' sign...

Since they have a big man constantly on it...Perkins, then joined by Shaq, Shaw comes back, and Jermaine takes his place...great job by the training staff on their injured rotation of the big

Now we know why during the summer they signed every big man available...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

I got a flying clothesline takedown for McHale's punka$$ if he ever dares show his ugly mug in LA.

But the cheat are getting worked. No inside game is one thing, but how do you explain the productivity drop off for Bosh? I figured he'd be good for a double-double on that squad with no other inside threats, but 16/6 ain't gonna get it done for them. I still wouldn't be shocked to see the meat pull this game out. Kraptics are old and can't keep up at a high level for 48.

Guys guys, McHale is Herman Munster. Just slap the bolts on his neck and you could already hear the Munster theme playing in the background...

Posted by: Cap's Goggles (83-79) | November 11, 2010 at 05:46 PM


Do you mean this...

oh yeah...I see your

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Cap's Goggles (83-79),

Now that dang song is stuck in my head!

Why you gotta insure Herman Munster like that? Herman Munster was likeable.

@63 Footer - Thanks for the love. It's definitely a lot of fun b/c all the writers know each other and we watch the games together. I think you see more and more writers going on other shows for plenty of reasons. It's good for self promotion w/ links to stories/Twitter account and overall exposure. Plus I think everyone in this field wants to help each other out when they can

MM - you should throw up a chat for the C's / Meat game....

MM - I guess the saying is true...

"Beat writers do it with fingers..."

MM - I like that there's camaraderie with y'all - makes the job much more fun. I have a lot of friends in my line of work that are always willing to "show & tell" what they're working on (film, writing, music) and get input, or just flaunt what they're doing. It makes everyone better, and it's a much more enjoyable experience.

63 - that's kind of like what we've got on here. There's a lot of knowledge & experience that adds to our enjoyment of the Lakers. Plus there's a lot of camaraderie and entertainment that makes it more like family & friends hanging at a sports bar. Gotta love it!

Is it just me or would LeBron have been better off staying in Cleveland at this point?

justa - I agree, but we drink more in person than we do on the web.

justa - I'll put up a chat thread in a few minutes. I got a few things to work on so I'll join the chat one tip starts

Starting to feel pity for the Heat.

LOL at Sir Charles - he's got the "Pat Riley Shot Clock" going. He says "it's on". LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody here still wants to make a trade, Drew for Bosh?

Chat thread's up guys ....

Pity is for the weak!!!

@mclyne & 63 Footer - Smooth huh? Here's a Smooth Rider..

Okay not as Smooth as Sade or Isleys...but very few are. Here's a smooth one representing LA

McHale may not be a good analyst, but him and CWebb have good chemistry. I like watching them together. Anyway, its nice to see McHale being forced to prop the Lakers.



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