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Lakers' Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Steve Blake and Matt Barnes discuss 124-105 victory over Memphis Grizzlies

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson (in audio format)

Phil Jackson on Memphis Grizzlies

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers center Pau Gasol

Lakers guard Steve Blake

Lakers forward Matt Barnes

--Mark Medina

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Carry over:

Everyone's said everything about last night:

Kobe coming into form (isn't that scary he isn't there yet).
Ron having some trouble with his shot and Rudy.
Pau motivated.
Killer B's looking good... until Shannon handled the ball. Love the kid's shooting, but... all that lane-jumping. I'd hate to be them next practice (or even this morning).
I'd thought yesterday that Barnes would have a big game (thought it'd be his outside show), but he's double-doubling. Cool!
D still not there yet... but hopefully it'll come. We had it the few times we tried it.

Otherwise, around the league I'm not seeing much. Orlando... jeeze, what awful coaching. They should give money back to the ticket holders.

Celtics are a true team, and I want to beat them badly in the Finals.

Heat... do well against teams that don't have a coherent defensive scheme (which is to be expected). They are very athletic, and are going at it on D, in an athletic way... but I noticed over a few games: they ONLY play single coverage. Their defensive schemes solely rest on athletic man-to-man. Against a really motivated team offense (and Van Gundy couldn't come up with a scheme if his brother bit him in the butt with one) I can see weak points (which is why Boston had their way with them till the usual 4th quarter let-down).

Otherwise, not seeing too many well-rounded teams...

...except for the Lakers, who (knock on wood about no more injuries) have a real chance to be a phenomenal team this year.

LRob has thrown down the singer/songwriter, so I'm going with that. One of my favs (and a totally underrated guitar player):

@troy.. There's a reason sasha gets picked on and most of the time its his own doing. He's got no bball skills and he's a slacker

@lrob.. Kg is all bark no bite.. he's a bully.. notoriously known around the league for pickin on the weaker guy but always backs down to the tougher guy

@hobbit.. Yes Im leery of bynum rehab and even more how his fragile knee will respond to so much time off the court. After his world cup fiasco if he comes back with the same lax carefree attitude then there will be some very angry laker fans

And just when things are so hunky dory in lakerland and the team is rolling and the bench is starting to build some nice camaradorie and cohesiveness guess who's looming over the horizon???.. Yes the one and only LUUUUUUKE is back once again ready to wreak more havoc.. From rotoworld:

"Luke walton's (hamstring) targeting tuesday's game for his return to action, but did not play due to coachs decision"

yellofever - you know if you and Luke went out for a few beers and some bbq you'd be down with the lad. Besides, I'm not sure he'll ruin the camaraderie, since he's been hangin' this whole time with the team and Phil's not going to play him too much. We could have used him last night during some of the lane-jumping defense by the Griz. He would have not thrown pass after pass right at the defender.

Good Morning Morning Crue!!

Loving our Killer B's!!! I can see the chemistry starting to flow with the bench, and they're scary good. The rest of the league is looking at this team and marveling, no doubt. Heat, who??

Can't wait for tonight! Great win last night and now we can again say GAAAAAMMMMEEE DDAAAYYYYYYY BBBBBAABBBBBYYYYYY!!!!!


Some are complaining on Ron and Fish, other noticed the latest surge of BBB and with the result of 124-103 win, is there really something to complain at the start of the season? All we need is a W, whether Fish and RonRon have turtle moves, is it really that important. In fact, Fish should take the place of Walton and rest his tired feet and aging body for the playoffs. The results is the other way around, those who were unproductive in the past continue to be unproductive due to lingering injuries. Those who have taken the pains, the clutch shooting, the body blows are still expected to perform in November. NBA tournament has two seasons, the early season should be for the supporting cast to move them to home court advantage during the playoffs; the playoff season is reserved for the veterans mixed with the support cast to win every series. Stay on course, manage it and avoid injuries. No complains whatsoever when you can sense that there is not really enough competition against Memphis. Lakers are up to the schedule, the mindset should be who will be our next victim?

Erratum: the score should be 124-105, does two points give them a psychological boost? therefore, so do we need fish and ronron to act like barnes & ebanks?

Oh Lord, it almost hurts. Did you see the twist of the knee?
(Maybe that can be the new Laker theme song)

You know who I saw?
I saw Pau, and Andrew, and Lamar, and Testes...and, and Kobe!, yea him too!
And they were helpless!
Unbelievable, and Reke was only a rookie!!!
A Rook!!!

Kobe, you might just as well stay clear of Reke. We don't want to test that knee too much. It is 100% though, right?
Right? It's 100%?

When in Sacramento, eat double portions boys.

Go Kings! (I just hope I can pull the damn game in on the internet. It's always hit or miss here)
Go Niners!


Edwin- On point.

Mamba24- Still waiting for you to REPORT to DUTY.

Edwin - I'm with you on the "sections" of the season, and think we're coming along nicely as well.

People forget that Phil's also measuring the other teams as well, and as we have seen in the past -- even losing to a team in the regular season often has no bearing on how Phil has the Lakers play them in the playoffs (can anyone say the Magic?).

It's the last man standing, and the last two seasons, come June, it's been the Lakers.

OCisMambaCounty - "how's Kobe's new dog doing?"

First good laugh of the day. Great you got to the game last night. Scoreboard pretty cool, eh?

@MM - well done as usual. Blaker talking up defense instead of 60% 3pt shooting is a good thing.

@63 Footer - excellent selection on Joan. Since we're talking underrated I've got one more. (warning Cali...beware over there in London)

LRob - yeah! Warren! Great call! Amazing talent.

I have to go to my starting PG for a come back. This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and this is a really great version of it. A singer/songwriter who's STILL creating good stuff, Van the Man:

Good morning Mamba24 & the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!



Great game last night. I dont care if the bench gives up a bit of the lead at this stage of the season. They need to learn to work through that now before we get into the meat of the season and on into the playoffs. LO coming in with them was a thing of beauty. Got them all settled down and rolling. Wow. I love this team.

Wallace - good to see you back & posting!

KG is a punk azz little girly man who only picks on people who don't get in his face. Another reason why I love LO so much. He didn't - and won't - take crap from that idiot. As a matter of fact - I'd like to see KG try his crap again with LO. Yeah. LO'll go all Kardashian on his azz. Get outta my way Saturn!

What else. Hmmmmmmmm..... Oh yeah - morning commute. Well it IS from a singer / songwriter. One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. Especially because when hubby first heard it he dedicated it to me.... That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Queens tonight huh? Sacramento will NEVER be the capital of California. Sorry Sonny.... just not gonna happen.


Let the hunt for 6 begin - DFish
Nothing but another title will suffice - KBryant
WE GOT THIS - justa

justanothermambafan - "LO'll go all Kardashian on his azz. Get outta my way Saturn!"

That's my new motto for whenever anyone gives me crap!

phred - hope you're feeling better today. Thanks for helping me out last night with my fantasy team.

We should have won by 40.

The more Sonny talks, the more obvious it is that he (like the rest of Troll Nation) hasn't seen us play. The very fact that (some of) us are nitpicking about Ron and Fish and a presumed lack of killer instinct is grasping for air at best.

A 24 point win followed by a 19 point win and Laker Nation still ain't satisfied. That's Hollywood, baby!

utz - "Out here we is stoned. Immaculate." Yup, welcome to Hollywood everyone else.

Tonight should be a good test (being a back-to-back). Just hope we don't have a let-down. I think Ron's going to be very, very hungry this evening. Let the big Ron eat!

The Lakers are the first upper tier team to face the Kings this year.

The Kings have been down by 15 or more points in every game they've played, and have come back to win 3 of 4. The one they lost, they gave away at the last minute.

Three of their first four games were on the road. The Kings could just as easily be 4 and 0.

Not without due respect for the reigning champions, but this young Kings team has only 'heard' about past episodes against the Lakers. Only Cisco remains from the old group, and he was barely on the fringe of that at best.

They are young, big, athletic, talented, and don't know they are supposed to lose. They expect to win, no matter who they play. They don't quit.

Reke will eventually be the best guard in the NBA. DMC is a supremely skilled animal, and will be a high contender for ROY. The supporting cast is stellar, and deep. I think this group will say screw the pundits, aim higher, and take what they can now.

When Melo arrives at the trade deadline, we're truly in business, if not before.

If you're a Laker fan, don't worry about losing this game unless your team is up by less than 15 points early in the third.

I hope no one is seriously hurt...but there will be blood.

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go Manny, go!
Go Boise State!
Go Oregon Ducks!


@Banner Holder, I agree about the low margin. Would have been at least a dozen more if Sasha hadn't entered the game and turned the ball over, along with about five other laker TOs in the fourth quarter on ENTRY passes...

justanothermambafan - oops, forgot to mention the Prince. I'm trying to finish a script here (comedy) and you go and make me all romantical. Loved Prince since "Do It All Night." Supremely talented... supremely short.

When Melo arrives at the trade deadline, we're truly in business, if not before.

- Funniest comment of the day so far.

Sonny Belfast declares from Thailand that his Kings are - " young, big, athletic, talented, and don't know they are supposed to lose. They expect to win, no matter who they play. They don't quit."

~~Our reply is let's see if they are really good in tonight's game. What we know about the Kings is they are just one notch above the Clippers and consistently missing the playoffs. The only real noise they make is when they beat the Lakers which actually their Championship series. I think they should bring back the old system when they were going for Conference Championship. Anyway, let's see tonight if Sonny's observations are factual.

WTH, Who gave Mamba24 the day off, Did he call in sick? What about the roll call, DAMN IT MAMBA24 get your @ZZ to WORK.

@Justa - can never go against Prince. He's da man...and also one of my wifey's favorite's, especially since she went to high school with Mr. Nelson in Minny. (63 Footer...but he's taller with his

@63 Footer - a great performance by Van on that one.

How about Sara...a big fan every since I heard this irrestible number...

LRob - great pick on Ms. Bareilles.

One of my long-time favs (a crucial part of so many groups):

DJ's LRob & Six-Tre: See if you can dig up Kanye's "Big Brother" and dedicate it to Sonny Belfast and the rest of the Queens.

"On our last NBA game, I swore I spazzed...then my BIG BROTHER came through and kicked my azz..."

Good evening Fam...

Barely into myself, and still with one of the worst headaches in recent memory (except that the headache may be actually affecting my memory...) I come to share a cheer & a hug and a proud high five with you all after another quality game that just keep showin what we are capable of this year, in even too good fashion to be honest.

I am trying hard to decode cracks, but I just don't see them surfacing, beside the obvious rythm troubles that still in the tables at this point of the season, but nowhere as intense or worrying as I was expecting them to be.

And we're not even in our full roster disposable mode yet.
If this ain't luxury, I don't know what luxury is.

Song of the day from me is obviously Prince, whom I am about to go witness in Milan (Sting yesterday, awesome... but Prince... well Prince is just far beyond that I am expecting he can cancel and reset my horrifying pain day and put me back on feathers & bubbles & candy floss mood.

But as Prince forbids YouTube for his songs (ah... if he weren't a genius I'd blast him there... but I can't... he owns me ;)), I gotta share the link from a different site hoping you can still watch it.

Take the awesome masterpiece which is When The Doves Cry (which is slightly fitting my whining state today...):

I congratulate for yesterday RCOTD DontBlameDH (great one!) and from all your previous posts (that I think I've read entirely, but again, my state today isn't exactly focused...) I loved this that was already enlightened about Kobe loving Pau's Dunk on Marc:

"I'm glad [Pau] finally dunked on him," Bryant said with a grin. "I was worried he was going a little soft on him."

Dunno if you noticed how many hugs Pau and Kobe shared.
I LOVE that sight like I can't tell through words... it's just a feeling that I have that makes me happy all along ;)

On the ongoing Luke drama, I wanna share this pic that tells well why Luke ain't gonna go:

PJ loves the guy and Kobe treats him like a lil bro.

No way Luke goes away until he retires to coaching staff (because it's clearly where he will end in).

And if tehy love him there must be a reason. And whatever that reason is, it makes Lakers being a better team in the lockeroom, which equates practically always on the floor too.

Chemistry of the team this year is simply impressive.

And in all his, the best thing is that the new are so ENCLOSED and INVOLVED exactly in this ready to shine under everyone's eyes combination of talent and will and share.

I tend to try to decode cracks so I get prepared to troubles due to them; I tend to will to pinch on them because players as well need to get pinched to work their best outs but honestly this team for real seems so well put up and on, I find myself dream along.

I expect losses.
But I don't expect really troubles.
It's a strange, amazing, but sometimes even scary though.

And still... I watch our players smile (PJ too!!!) during games and I can't blame them.
I'd smile that way too knowing that I am part of such a special, really above all others kind of team.
I'd smile too.
With pride and expectations.

But I don't have what it takes to be a Laker.

I don't have talent enough, nor passion enough (well, maybe that I'd have); I don't have a bond to fight for; I don't have a ring (two actually) to defend from undeserving self claimed losers... sorry... I meant chokers... sorry... I meant "champions".

I just have this will to smile when I see my team.

Even like when, as this past night, my head was so hurting I was ready to throw up.

But I can't miss our guys.

And I won't.

So check in tonight with you again guys.

Enjoy your evening Fam.

I'll scream to Minneapolis genius for you too ;)

Hugs, and LLL, Z. :)

For the utz - to those about to die, we salute you:

Short? If you can write, play, sing & dance like Prince - height don't matter.

GOOD MORNING LAKER NATION! Another great win; all WINS are GREAT!

I'm not worried about this team. There's nothing that cannont be fixed with time.
- Chemistry - check
- Desire - check
- Skill - check

Don't ask Kobe about his knee. He's not 100% yet he is 100% effective. Scary Stuff. Andrew is healing and lets hope that he can stay that way upon his return. The team - today - can survive without the service of Luke and/or Sasha. Those are just simple facts.

Killer Instinct - will only get stronger. It's more evident this year than it was last year. This current roster is aware what needs to be done and it shows as well as the tendency to get a little bored, thus complacent. I think it will get there and it will be much easier when a healthy, willing, able and hungry Bynum returns.

We have a favorable schedule with contests between "lesser" teams BUT every team that comes up against the Lakers will bring their A game and then possibly go back to their F team status. The Lakers don't have that luxury; they need to be A+ every game in order to demoralize the opponent.

The blowouts are important because of the "message" it sends to Miami, Boston, Orlando, OKC, San Ant, Dallas...well, you get the picture.

Sac town tonight then Portland on Sunday. The schedule this month includes battles with PHO, MIL, CHI, UTAH & HOUS which is why they MUST win those games that are considered "winnable" and it's those games that mistakes must be addressed and corrected. All they need to do as a team is:


justanothermambafan - it's a guy thang. We gotta be good at SOMETHING, and if I can dunk on Prince... I'm good with that (even if he gets all the rest). I danced to waaaay too much Prince in my younger days. When my back clicks now, it's to the beat of Delirious.


With due consideration to lese majeste, a bit of clarification about my declaration from Thailand is called for.

As follows:

'Kings' as in Sacramento Kings. An American National Basketball Association team of basketball players who represent Sacramento, California.

Yes, the same ones who are going to kick arse and take names later when they hit the court at Arco this evening (9:30 am for me). The score won't matter.

Attention Laker Players: Eat double portions before the game. It will help you runs.

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go Manny, go!


Speaking of Mr. Nelson, I saw him live at the Pond (Honda Center) in Anaheim a few years back during his Musicology tour. It was the best live performance I have ever witnessed. A simply amazing artist, and quite the showman! He was relaxed and having as good a time as the crowd was, and if I didn't know better I'd have sworn he was lip synching - the sound was that good. I love his music, his style and DANG if he ain't sexy! He can call my name anytime LOL!!

Good day all!!!

I enjoyed watching the game last's been a fun ride to 3peat so far (I know it’s only their 4th game but, can’t help but enjoy our WIN)...I hope we do well when we face one of the best team in the East...Our starters should dominate early and our bench should not let the other team get back in the game...If our bench play well every game it could mean more rest for the starters (Kobe and Gasol) which is exactly what we need...More playing time for Derrick, Devin & Theo...I can’t wait for Bynum to come back...Hope he’s healthy enough to go head to head with Dwight, Shaq & Yao...

Ok back to work...for the bay area peeps please don't drive to San Francisco today - traffic is sooo crazy the parade will start in less than an hour...

Good day all!!!

I enjoyed watching the game last's been a fun ride to 3peat so far (I know it’s only their 4th game but, can’t help but enjoy our WIN)...I hope we do well when we face one of the best team in the East...Our starters should dominate early and our bench should not let the other team get back in the game...If our bench play well every game it could mean more rest for the starters (Kobe and Gasol) which is exactly what we need...More playing time for Derrick, Devin & Theo...I can’t wait for Bynum to come back...Hope he’s healthy enough to go head to head with Dwight, Shaq & Yao...

Ok back to work...for the bay area peeps please don't drive to San Francisco today - traffic is sooo crazy the parade will start in less than an hour...

darn it! antyfed is me, frmkt. i fixed it. all of these cyber aliases.

frmkt - as long as you don't discover that you're actually ricky and didn't realize it, it's all good.

@63 Footer.. On the court everyone seems to have found their niche and are relishing their roles.. Sasha is even hustling during garbage time for cryin out loud.. Sorry I just don't see anything positive coming out of this. And would have to respectfully decline lukes invitation for beers n bbq with "Busy have to wash my hair"

@sonnybelfast.. sorry to disappoint but I'm pretty sure sactown aint one of melos desired destinations.. Think he's lookin for bright light in big city not big cow in small city.. And demarco looks good so far but coach needs to start garcia over casspi

yellofever - "And would have to respectfully decline Luke's invitation for beers n bbq with 'Busy have to wash my hair.'"

Second big laugh of the day for me.

Yeah, if everyone stays hustling for boards, loose balls, LESS turnovers, etc., I'm good. We had such good shooting last night, I just hope we don't come out bricking.

I'm so sold on the Killer B's. In fact, I wish PJ would leave Lamar starting when Bynum gets back so it could be the FOUR Killer B's.

But even Lamar with Blake, Brown, and Barnes is going to make things VERY tough on opposing second teams. Much more consistent than last year.

And that's not even mentioning Ebank's energy, Caracter's knack for scoring around the basket, Luke's passing, or Sasha's potential for spot role as a 3-point threat or free throw shooter. Those guys are just extra tools to give PJ flexibility about what he needs on the floor.


Remember "The Bench Mob" at the start of the 2008-09 season. Farmar and Ariza and Odom and Sasha were coming off the bench and just smacking teams upside the head. The starters were more of a slow down half-court offense, while the bench mob was going 90 miles an hour and running teams off the floor. But those guys lost some momentum (and a couple of them fell out of favor with some bloggers here).

I hope the Killer B's can do a better job of keeping up the energy for the WHOLE season, but there are no guarantees.

Blake is definitely a better fit for the triangle than Farmar. New Jersey has two wins already, partly because Farmar is leading their bench in a traditional point guard role (last year Jersey won their second game on December 8th). I think Farmar will have better stats than Blake this season, but Blake fits what the Lakers need a lot better.

I used to be a fan of Matt Barnes back at UCLA. I remember one game vs USC where he was just hitting 3 after 3 after 3. He was never the focus of the teams (Baron Davis, Earl Watson, Jason Kapono, Dan Gadzuric, etc), but he was a good defender and a hustler on both ends of the court. Good to have him.

And Shannon's shooting has been a revelation this season. He'll never have anything approaching true PG skills, but if he could be what Sasha was in 2007-08 (a consistent 3-point threat), that's a huge contribution to the team.

Hat's off to the Killer B's

>>>If you're a Laker fan, don't worry about losing this game unless your team is
>>>up by less than 15 points early in the third.

Is Sonny Belfast predicting a win by the Kings?


Are you also predicting a triple double by Beno Udrih?

How about Demarcus Cousins blocking Pau's shot 5 times?

Is Landry going to go off for 40 points? (hope so... he's on my fantasy team :-)

I just don't see it.

The Kings this season MIGHT be the OKC of last season or the Portland of the season before. If they can keep it up.

I will give them this... they're certainly doing a lot more with their young talent than the Clippers arel


KG is is POS. I didnt think i could hate the Celtics anymore than i already do.. but KG proved me wrong.


whats up with all the mushy stuff?

Guess i'll join

Dear Sonny,

Stop talking. You're embarrassing yourself.

The Renegade/Killer B Jock Riders of Laker Nation

>>>Would have been at least a dozen more if Sasha hadn't entered the game and
>>>turned the ball over,

Typical B.S.

Sasha turned the ball over ONCE in the game, but he's the guy who gets singled out. Not Shannon Brown with his 3 turnovers (ALL in the 4th quarter). Not Theo Ratliff with his 2 for 2 straight fast breaks by Conley in the 4th. Not Lamar with his 4 turnovers. Not Pau with his 3. Not Blake who turned the ball over to start the 4th quarter.

Yep, the Lakers would have won by A DOZEN MORE POINTS (your exact number) if not for Sasha's ONE TURNOVER in the THREE MINUTES he was in the game.

The Lakers were leading by 20 points when Sasha entered the game. They led by 19 at the end of the game. If Sasha hadn't missed his second free throw at the end, it would have been 20.

Look, I don't mind throwing blame at Sasha (or Luke or whoever) when they DESERVE the blame. But if you're going to blame someone, then at least blame the people who really ARE responsible.

The Lakers led 77-50 with 9:33 left in the 3rd. A 27 point lead. The starters were all on the floor. Blake and Barnes substituted in, but by 4:48, the lead was down to 14 points, at 81-67.

The STARTERS were responsible for losing the huge lead in the game. Not Sasha. Not Luke (shocks me that nobody has blamed the loss of the big lead on him yet, despite the fact that he didn't play). The Starters (with some help from Blake and Barnes).

From there, the starters & killer B's built it back up to around 20 and the team (including the deep bench like Sasha, Ebanks, and Caracter) kept it right around 20 to the end of the game.

Oh, and one more thing.

WHO CARES if they win by 19 or 40?


A win is a win is a win. The bench players (including Sasha) held their own in this game. It's kinda ludicrous to whine about things that are so inconsequential.

love Barnes. told you all, we got to get him, been saying this for 2 years.

Things are going well when your new guy gets 16 & 14 off the bench.




>>>All we need is a W

Wasn't that a Beatles song?


It was a quote by Edwin Gueco.

It's a rally to restore sanity!

>>>When Melo arrives at the trade deadline, we're truly in business, if not before.

How is Carmelo Anthony going to the Nets going to help Sacramento?

One of the criticisms for the Lakers 2nd unit was their considerable drop off in playing ON THE ROAD. With the new addition of veterans, I am confident they will play well on the road as well as home. I will pay a close attention to see how they play tonight.

I used to dislike PJ, but we seem to be in the very same freakin pace, it's amazing.

If I were the coach, I'd say the same things he said. The 3rd quarter was scary, gee....That's what a coach should say. Good as a game overall? Well, as a fan yes, yes, was AWESOME, but as a coach, PJ should be worried about that 3rd quarter. Only.

But c'mon, it was not a big deal. Every team that opens 20 something points is bound to relax like we did, no biggy.

We'll be effective when the time comes.


Not So Funny Stuff unless you're a ...


"But c'mon, it was not a big deal. Every team that opens 20 something points is bound to relax like we did, no biggy."

A championship caliber team is not like "every team" and in my opinion, with a new squad, squandering those leads can become a habit if not addressed early on.

We'll be effective when the time comes.

The team has been known in the past to rely on "flipping the switch" and as result, we lost to Boston in our first meeting in the recent run of 'chips. If it weren't for that silly switch, Kobe would be working on his 7th ring! Teams this year have to know that there is no switch to flip at will; the switch today has only 2 positions: on & off. Right now, it's ON and when the team is hoisting the trophy, the switch will be turned off.




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