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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Ron Artest and Matt Barnes discuss 121-116 loss to Phoenix Suns

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers guard Shannon Brown

Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers forward Matt Barnes

--Mark Medina

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Obviously, we should all panic. Seriously, it's the end of the world; hence, the appropriate soundtrack:

Of course lakers fans shouldn't panic - they only have to face the SUNS two more times this year.

Butt-ler Boy - you really need to shut the hell up. We don't hear squat from you for how long? And now just cuz your boys needed an NBA miracle to beat us you think you can show up & talk smack? Get a life. Or better yet - apologize for your crap first. Don't worry. Your team has a little thing called "elimination" coming up around May. Enjoy yourself until then.

Lakers made a mistake signing Ratliff.
Posted Ratliff concerns the day his signing was announced.
Ratliff will be hurt all season with some ailment.

Argued at the time DJ MBenga would be better choice due to durability and age. There remain other big player options though Lakers would have to pay luxury tax on another roster spot.

Recommend Lakers sign a young big man -- not a Mikki Moore like scrub.

For old heads (KB Blitz) who want vets maybe big Dampier on a vet minimum contract.

Lakers will probably wait to move until 2011 when they can go 10 day contract route.

Hope LO doesn't need to sit down for a minute ...

The Suns making the playoffs every year is really unfair to a good team that didn't get their spot. The run-n-gun style does not win championships. Truth. Proven. Undeniable. It's like the Western Conference Playoffs really only have 7 teams competing because the Suns eventually lose to superior defense, only occasionally causing a stir. Wow, zone defense... that's cool! I'd call them the Jim Kelly / Thurman Thomas Buffalo Bills, but the Bills actually got to the big show. Oops, Barkley led the Suns to the Finals versus the Chicago juggernaut in 1993. Sorry, Tom Chambers, I forgot.


Nobody should panic from two losses out of 10 games. That's the reality of NBA. Unfortunately, in this blog there are some kind of lakerholism that expect too much from the team. 82-0, then 81-1 call themselves as omnipotent GHF or just plain dreamer. After watching NBA for several years, it's normal to have one loss or two losses against the team you'll play with for 4 times. This is business and it is also a long season. Do you expect to monopolize the NBA? Leave that to the cheering roll call of Mamba24 which really uplifts our spirits as Laker fans but to treat this as cult is some kind of unreasonable fanaticism. I have been pointing this a long time ago being a long timed watcher but giving a dissenting opinion among addicts makes you a sore thumb because they have treated winning as an every day addiction while losing is deplorable despair. (As if life matters!) Enjoy the game as a fan and respect critics from all sides on why we lost the game? IMHO, it was the perimeter defense and Lakers could not keep up with Suns and Nuggets' speed. Kobe has not fully recovered and some of our players are bored playing during the season with an attitude of reserving their energies for the playoffs just like those in Boston. We definitely need young blood with renewed energy to compete against up and coming young players whether it is Durant, Love, Dragic, Lawson etc.

Suns have had the best night on its history shooting threes, 22, only one under NBA all time record, if not Lakers wined and now no one would be crying. Be patient boys, regular season is large and the most important are playoff.

Yesterday was not the best Pau game but... ¿28 points? ¿17 rebounds?

The Spaniard are the Lakers player who has to be more minutes each game on the floor and so is very hard... and in this circumstances impossible to be at the highest level always.

right about now, LakerTom will post about how things will change once Bynum comes back. How his length will make a difference. etc. etc. etc.

Posted by: hobbitmage | November 15, 2010 at 08:42 AM

Why would you BAIT LakerTom after last night's statistical fluke of a game? He's a much more EXPERIENCED and WISER fan than you and I promise you that he won't press any panic buttons or come up with any excuses for last night's MEANINGLESS practice season loss. The only EXCUSE is piss poor perimeter defense led by Kobe's lazy effort, not an injured center. 22 threes? 1 short of tying an NBA record? LakerTom's a little smarter than that and shame on you for throwing out this ridiculous BAIT.

Go ahead an bait ME instead. The degree of importance that I place on Andrew Bynum's return is proportionately accurate compared to your disproportionate utter lack of appreciation for Bynum's role on the Lakers. The way you BASH him, you'd get rid of him for the Cavaliers' trade exception.

So this is your way of dealing with a loss, is it? Transferring your post-practice game grief to another fan. I am truly amazed of the number of fans in here who want anything to do with you.

i can't believe that the fried fish has the audacity to bring up HIS 5 rings after playing the role of the throw away highway cone. go shine them.

this is not a dead fish. just the lamest one.

welcome to the NBA: Amazing Happens. and the new "Fish Style".

ouchhhhhhhh - I'm dedicated this to you:

And it should be titled "Fish in the Dish."

Lakers has a big problem:

No inside players. No bigs.

Celtics: KG, Perckins, Shaq, Jermaine O., Big Baby Davis.... all them legitimates bigs.

Lakers: Ratliff (injured), Bynum (injured), Odom (he is not a inside player) a only Pau.

Celtics can make a demolition work against Pau in a hipothetical final. Fist with Perckins and Shaq, and after with KG and J. O.

Lakers has no chance with this scenario.

Our defense is still on vacation.

Still don't know why Phil replaced Shannon with 4 minutes left in the game when Shannon was hot and plays better on ball defense than Fish. Fish immediately got fried as soon as he entered the game. I still have faith in Fish, but I beleive that UPS can be a much more effective hindrance when guarding Nash.

Suns got hot, enjoy it why you can because it's not going to happen again, at least against us.

As soon as we decide to play some defense, we will go on a long run of wins.

Nice selections! I really dug the Elvis Costello pick. Right back at you:

The Lakers have now been exposed by two different style teams. First it was the interior defense, now is the perimeter defense. Common denominator: Defense.
Phoenix is built to win or lose by the three point shot. Last night they were on fire, and yet it was still a winnable game for the Lakers. Nash, Richardson, Hedo, Fry, and Hill are all good 3 point shooters. It appeared that the Lakers thought that they wouldn't continue the hot shooting and played the percentages.
More concerning for me was the way Childress was allowed to get offensive boards and the 18 turnovers, some at critical points of the game. Lamar's technical was weak! Kobe is being Kobe, nice game but not really killer instinct on this one. Other teams are taking notes, but the Lakers will be a different team in a month or so and will continue to evolve.
There will be nights like this one. It's a long regular season. I wonder if Blake would have been guarding Nash if he was available. Oh well, we can only speculate.
On another note, and not necessarily related to this game, but if there is one player out there that the Lakers should pursue is Turiaf. His contract and Sasha's contract are tradeable with NY throwing another low salaried player to make it happen. Turiaf has played for Phil and can be a contributor defensively instantly. I believe that NY can use a perimeter player (with an expiring contract).

mclyne - always good, der R.E.M. - let's try one more:

Lakers has a big problem:
No inside players. No bigs.
only Pau

Posted by: Ricky | November 15, 2010 at 09:46 AM

indeed - a spanish import rag doll

by the way, watch tomorrow night how the aussie import will B-slap Porous Gassy.

Can someone please explain to me how we have Kobe, Thriller, Blake, and Barnes and our defense sucks?
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

I don't think we play 48 minutes a game aggressive enough, especially defense. That's why you carry 12 players, play hard every minute and take a rest when needed. Just my opinion. Not in panic mode, haven't we seen this for the past 3 years, with 3 trips to the Finals and 2 Wins.

As far as Pau, how many times do we have to knock him for being a skilled Forward and not a Big Center. That's who he is, you know, "he is what we thought he was." All I know is that since he joined our team, we've been to the Finals 3 times with 2 Wins. I'll take that!

I do agree that it's time for Shannon to play! Evidently he's worked hard over the summer to improve and he has!

Why did Phil put Fish back in to replace Brown?
Well, we can't really know what Phil is thinking, we can only speculate.
Fish is the guy that finishes games on this team.
Does anyone need reminded of his clutch shots?

But here's the thing.
IF Phil is going to go with Shannon or Blake to finish games and keep Fish on the bench, perhaps he wants to be able to show Fish why.
Mark down this Suns game as Exhibit 1. Fish put in at the end but to no advantage. I would guess this is in Phils Things To Keep In Mind box.

But I think it will take quite a bit more for Phil to not go with Fish at the end.
Like it or not, Fish is the starter until someone takes it away from him AND until Fish earns himself a demotion (if you can call it that).

Could Phil maybe experiment a little with the rotations? I think he does and is doing that. What if Fish had popped in a few 3's at the end?
Not this time, but it's hard to discount his knack for doing that.

Perhaps Phil doesn't agree with that theory of going with who's hot.

These last two games were both winnable at the end, perhaps that makes it all the more frustrating.

@Ricky and ouchhhh
I gues you guys didn't notuce the HUG edisparity of points in the paint in our favor.


Remember a game or so back when Kobe had 23 at the half, on fire, and I think he finished with 32 or so. I personally like to go with who's hot. Also that 16-2 opponent run the other game without a TO is just not what I would do, but it is hard to argue with PJ's success. I guess I'll abide, ha, ha.

Justa- Where is Cyber this morning? Is he in the kitchen cooking and baking? Nice win last week, but then again it was against Cyber J/K.

One quick thing, what type of Technical do the Refs face when they blow a call, like on Lamar last night? Phil's right, that changed the game around at a very important time!

Wow.. love Bill Frisell.. he covered that Skeeter Davis tune in studio on the "Nashville" album.. but that live version is extraordinary. Slow and painful. And what a band. Thanks.

i can't believe that the fried fish has the audacity to bring up HIS 5 rings after playing the role of the throw away highway cone. go shine them.

this is not a dead fish. just the lamest one.

welcome to the NBA: Amazing Happens. and the new "Fish Style".

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | November 15, 2010 at 09:39 AM

Gee. What have you done for me lately, huh? You must have gone to the hobbitmage School for Unappreciative, Entitled, Spoiled Rotten Lakers fans.

Let's see, Fish's FIVE rings and all the joy he has brought us versus your not in the least bit funny, unappreciative comment. Hmmm, let me give this some thought.

I think I'll go with Derek Fisher on this one. But I'm biased.

Lakers has a big problem:

No inside players. No bigs.

Celtics: KG, Perckins, Shaq, Jermaine O., Big Baby Davis.... all them legitimates bigs.

Lakers: Ratliff (injured), Bynum (injured), Odom (he is not a inside player) a only Pau.

Celtics can make a demolition work against Pau in a hipothetical final. Fist with Perckins and Shaq, and after with KG and J. O.

Lakers has no chance with this scenario.

Posted by: Ricky | November 15, 2010 at 09:46 AM

Now this one takes the cake. The primary reasons the Lakers have won 2 consecutive championships is because of its superior front court and Kobe Bryant. The Lakers have the luxury of playing Pau, Bynum and Lamar at the 4-5 for 48 minutes. Our length made a huge difference in every single 7 game series for both championship runs, despite Bynum playing at considerably less than 100%. No other team can match the blend of length, skill, interior passing and athleticism that the Lakers bring when all three of our bigs are playing.

Yet you want to press the panic button as you project into June what the injury situation for the Lakers will be against a 100% youthful Celtics front line.


Easy there mambafan, you are testy after the loss! Come on, you can take a jab from the purple and orange gang once in a while can't you?

LA played well inside last night but I have to say, that's the most open the SUNS' shooters have been all season. The SUNS played better perimeter D than LA did.

And yes, Matt Barnes does tend to suck. Don't believe the hype that he's a "rugged, hard-nosed defender." He's changed teams so often for a reason: He will make the mental error when you least want it. Have fun with him!

Art Fl Laker Fan,

PJ is a vintage coach and it works based on his record Championship. I have described him before as a humongous aircraft carrier of arsenal knowledge and it is hard to pull him down nor react immediately in U-Turns. However, the carrier has a proven capability to withstand any kind of challenge. This is the same as PJ, It takes time for him to change his ways in player substitution. In the 2000 championship, he assigns AC Green in first half while Horry closes the game. With Centers, he starts with Drew but ends up with Gasol/Odom. Recently, PJ tweaks his mentality on rookies and tried Caracter and Ebanks which is a remarkable progress. Basically, he has assigned segments where he finds comfort in playing a particular player based on his game plan or maybe an experiment. Well, a typical fan would have a tendency to micro manage or second guess his patterns. To the Zen coach, it is more experience and confidence on particular players and being an old dog he sticks to what works before. Fisher and Walton are recipients of this belief. PJ thinks Walton could execute his triangular plan even if his shooting leaves a lot to be desired. He prefers Fisher than Shannon in the closing minutes based on his confidence with Fish heroics and familiarity with Nash. PJ wants to push back Father Time that these players still have the juice to prove his theory. Who are we to question those coaching instincts?

Trollin', trollin', trollin', keep those trolls a trollin'!


Noah - yeah, Frisell's about as good as you can get. Always a pleasure to hear.

mclyne - whew, for a second there I thought we were caught in a post-punk '80's time warp. :)

The D does suck. We're usually extremely good at defending the 3-point line, but not so far. We'll ramp it up. I wish I knew why all the blown rotations and switches, the general lack of hustle on team defense. Who knows. Who cares. It's not like Phil came back this season to loaf and slide. I did miss Blake last night, and I wish Ron, though open and clear for the trey, could fake his man, let him go past, then drive (granted, with the 24 ticking down, can't always do that).

We ARE having some problem getting it into the post, and it isn't just the entry passes. I've noticed it, too. Pau's getting manhandled, but then again, not as many extra passes and drives. Better D will help that, too, as well as Drew's return (good or bad).

Jon K

"Can someone please explain to me how we have Kobe, Thriller, Blake, and Barnes and our defense sucks?"


What do we play for? Rings

How do we do it? With DEFENSE damn it!

love barnes. always calm cool and collective in his postgame interviews even when adversity hits.

So what was up with Coby going off on PJ last night? The disgruntled star upset about turning the ball over again and again, or taking lots of bad shots (like that rushed 3 in the clutch)? I'm not sure how a classy guy like gasol can stand him sometimes.

And was that Goran Dragic leaving the arena with Sharapova?

63 footer,

Some people thinks we are missing Drew why we are losing? I say it is long overdue to keep Drew for so long in the injury list. We are paying today what he has decided to do before. Drew at 7'1" is a necessary cog to be in that post as a sentry whether we are a fan or a critic of Drew. However, there is nothing to argue on someone who could not play. We also missed Blake and Ratliff, the former is an equalizer in producing those Laker threes and Ratliff could stop those marauding Suns going for easy lay ups.

Butler - I'm all about dissenting opinion and debate, but it seems like you're just trying to make comments to make people mad. This is a warning. Don't just come here out of the woodwork for the sole purpose of stirring the pot

justanothermambafan: Butt-ler Boy - you really need to shut the hell up

karmaniac: Suns have had the best night on its history shooting threes

BUTLER; listen to Justa, please

I agree with the above and more....

Is it that the Lakers can't win without Blake? just kidding

trading for a big might help, even with AB we could use one more, I thought Theo had hurt something at the end of preaseason.....he looked more than adaquate early on

Phoenix reminded me of Ray Allens big game in the finals....he got hot and they won....but in game seven in the final seconds, Ray misses, and Kobe comes down and hits, they got this one, I don't think we'll see them hit like that in a game 7...or again

Three For sure things as you read the blog this morning, 1. The sun came up and it's another day. 2. Sun's must have beat the Laker's, annddd drum roll please, Butler feels he has to come on our blog and tell us how bad we are,and of all things what we did wrong. And 3. The Laker's will win number 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be so insecure to only show your face when you win, is a VERY immature person, without a life. What a way to get your jollies.

Don't worry about Butler, we're going to need him at the end of the season to serve the bubbly. He will have to be trained though, as his team has not had any use for him. We'll put Butler to good use when the time comes.
Butler-noun [buht-ler]. a male servant having charge of wines and liquors.

Also, I failed to mention.. I'm glad he's OUR Matt Barnes and not YOUR. Only the BEST can get the BEST out of a player. Sorry, you failed.

Mark Medina, Thanks for the warning. I'll admit I like to throw some barbs, but I agree it's best if we keep things factual and basketball-based. I know many of the posters here from way back and we are basketball fans who are passionate, but I don't see need to insult anyone. I like to keeps it clean.

On another note, it's true the SUNS had a fortunate shooting night, but it was the lakers' D that helped them get there. I am not above giving credit to LA where it's due. But let's also give credit to Hedo, Nash, and especially JRich. Also, Childress is looking like a great pickup. He's a Compton guy if I'm not mistaken.

We ARE having some problem getting it into the post, and it isn't just the entry passes. I've noticed it, too. Pau's getting manhandled, but then again, not as many extra passes and drives.
Posted by: 63 Footer | November 15, 2010 at 10:37 AM
Not that this is our biggest problem, but there are at least a couple reasons why we're have this problem getting the ball into the post.

First, the rest of the league has finally figured out that the key to defending the triangle is to deny the entry pass into the post, and if it does somehow get in to collapse into the middle to deny the cutters, then force the Lakers to be perimeter shooters. It's not rocket science. And if you do this aggressively, you've got a good chance of slowing down the Laker scoring and snatching some loose balls and some rebounds. Both Denver and Phoenix did a good job of following this strategy, and we didn't have a good answer for it.

Second, our starters are waaaaay too casual and too slow at setting up the entry pass, and Kobe in particular. They stroll down, totally telegraph their passes, and stroll casually through their cuts. By contrast, the Killer Bees look like the DVR has been set on Fast Forward. They zip the ball upcourt with crisp passes, before the defenses get set. They whip the ball around the perimeter until our post player has an easy access point. Then they cut at warp speed creating open angles for the post passer. Etc. Unlike last year, when our bench lost leads, this year, our bench has hustled us back into the game. Kobe and the starters...YO!...get a clue from the Killer Bees.

Butt-ler boy - of course I can take the jabs & barbs of you and your kin. However, you've been MIA for a very long time. You owe the blog an apology after last year - which you've conveniently forgotten. Then you show up with your inane ramblings for no other reason than what? Remind us of your existence? Really, we could have done without. If you want to be civil, that's fine. You still owe us an apology. And make sure to come by after your boys have lost too. That way we'd have more respect for you.

CornerJ..nice points the defenses are adjusting but Phil is letting them struggle some, it seems he has some of the philosophy of the school of hard knocks, and let's them bang a knuckle or two, ,,,the lessons are learned well

I think it was more of an every dog has there day game.

Great season outta the hole, MM great job on the blog, videos and's the profile work?

Butler gets a warning?
Do you read the posts of ouchhhh and that bozo from Asia who is a Kings fans?
Talk about one's who try to stir things up...
Remember, fair and consistent.

Butler does owe us an apology.
A real man keeps to his word.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Hey Guys..
Agree with most remarks directed at BUTLER ...although I do not think he was being offensive to anyone here....light jabs should be alright...MM's warning probably wasn't warranted...that said..I might be missing the point 'cuz I am unaware of the context.....

take care everyone..


Lakers Rule - It was more like a preventive measure. Butler has said insightful things before. I just got a vibe that some tension was brewing and just wanted to step in before anything got too serious. Carry on....

The Lakers defense is horrible, and they better hope they improve by the time they start playing the Celtics, Spurs, Heat, and Mavs or they are toast. They will need home court to 3peat.

I agree, MM's warning on Butler was not warranted. If you look back at the posts, some of the "blog elders" made remarks towards Butler that were worse than those he made. i think a couple of people told him to "shut the hell up" or something. Come on MM, don't let the "blog elders" influence the way you run things! You are/should be better than that

kobe's reaction to the game is funny

Hey MM

Got you.Thanks :)




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