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Lakers-Grizzlies chat

November 2, 2010 |  7:28 pm

Below is the audio portion of Phil Jackson's pre-game interview.

Phil Jackson on Memphis Grizzlies

Among the highlights:

Jackson on whether Rudy Gay benefitted from playing for Team USA in the 2010 FIBA World Championships: "You take them the amount of time like Gay has spent on the floor. Experience is a big factor. Playing together and gaining confidence in how you play against talent is also a big factor ... That's a big deal for a kid like that."

Jackson said that Lakers forward Ron Artest "had problems with Gay last year. He had a hard time getting a body on him and using that body weight on him to slow him down because of his quickness and speed." Jackson said that Matt Barnes may also guard Gay.

Jackson doesn't plan to play Lakers forward Luke Walton, who's recovering from a sprained right hamstring. Jackson said Theo Ratliff has had "issues with his tendinitis, but he's healthy enough to play.

Jackson on needling Pau Gasol about his matchup with his brother, Marc, tonight and why his performances don't satisfy him: "I didn't say it didn't satisfy me. I just said his brother is going to beat the ... out of him. He always does. It's the little brother coming up beating up on the big brother."

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