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Lakers Coach Phil Jackson: Lakers hoped Bynum had returned three weeks ago

Injured Lakers center Andrew Bynum raised a few eyebrows Saturday when he said he wouldn’t be back for three more weeks, a proclamation that didn’t exactly enthrall Coach Phil Jackson.

"We had hoped that it would be three weeks about three weeks ago,” Jackson said Sunday before detailing the months-long wait for Bynum to return from surgery last July to repair torn cartilage in his right knee.

“This [procedure] is something that was supposed to take place after the season and he was supposed to be ready by the season, and we built our team around that fact. Well, everything got delayed,” Jackson said. “His operation wasn’t done on time, Andrew was late to his operation, there was a whole myriad of things that have gone on in this thing. But the type of operation he has is a very unique operation. It’s not just a simple operation, so that changed the complexity of all this.”

Jackson seemed concerned that the Lakers wouldn’t know how strong Bynum would be when he returned.

“We still haven’t seen whether it’s going to be a total success or not,” Jackson said. “He still is struggling to get back. Right now, our team’s got to go forward and play without him. These guys are ready and willing to do that. I just have to monitor some minutes out there a little bit better.”

Jackson said the Lakers would not be adding a free-agent big man to help offset the absence of Bynum and reserve center Theo Ratliff, who was expected to miss at least two to four more weeks after having knee surgery of his own.

"It's just not in the cards," Jackson said.

--Mike Bresnahan

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Say it ain't so.

Mr Bresnahan- unless you are misquoting Phil, the headline should be 'Phil Jackson hoped Bynum would be ready by now' since, 'he hoped it would be three weeks three weeks ago would place him being ready, well, now.

phred - No Phil is saying that he hoped the three week timeline was done by three weeks ago

I'm not sure why Phil is in the business of "supposed to" seeing as how a human being can not recover from a major surgery in just two months, let's get real Phil.

@Carl - what Phil is trying to say is that there is a lot of frustration, due to the fact that Bynum is not a guarantee anymore. So they need to continue with the team they have, and also Bynum was a slacker this summer and didn't show up to his surgery. He was 3 weeks late for his theres your three weeks.

You would think with the long history of great Lakers centers, to be added to the list would be motivation enough for Andrew. Well, it should be enough motivaton for Andrew. Maybe he doesn't have the drive to be one of the best. If not, he hasn't learned enough from Kobe. Maybe, it's trade time.

Drew has the body but not the mind to be great. If his knee is OK he'll make a solid contribution but the odds of him being mentioned with the likes of Kareem, Wilt, Shaq are getting longer all the time. He is drifting into the Sam Bowie, Greg Odum "big talented-always hurt" category. The disappointing thing is he just seems goofy and unfocused, not willing to put in the work to be great. With great examples like Kobe & Fish to follow you'd think he'd get it. Attending a soccer match vs. getting in the best shape for the run at a historic 3 peat...uh hello? Dude has a soft brain.



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