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Lakers Coach Phil Jackson didn't realize Orlando's Van Gundy was "that sensitive"

Philjackson_200 The cross-country banter that started earlier this week from Lakers Coach Phil Jackson was perhaps finally ended Friday night in Utah.

Jackson said he had "no idea" his comments regarding the Miami Heat's sour start would cause such a ruckus.

"I haven't been to the Sunshine State for a long time and I don't know what tickled their fancy down there so much about that statement," Jackson said before the Lakers played the Utah Jazz. "I didn't realize that Stan was that sensitive about the issue, and that's unfortunate."

Stan would be Orlando Coach Stan Van Gundy, who jumped to the defense of Miami Coach Erik Spoelstra earlier this week after Jackson said Spoelstra might eventually be replaced by Pat Riley if the Heat don't improve.

Van Gundy at the time said Jackson's comments were "inappropriate" and "ignorant."

--Mike Bresnahan, from Salt Lake City

Photo: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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And the hits just keep on coming! Fan Up, Stan!

Whenever you can get a Van Gundy all in a tither, I think it's hilarious! Thanks PJ - you da man! Keep it coming!


For a die-hard Lakers fan, I don’t think it’s possible not to smile when you see Mamba24’s Roll Call – or should we say Role Call. LOL! Great to see the positivity and gratitude in full flow on the blog. I can even forgive the incredibly petty comments about Andrew apparently not joining other players to help the less fortunate on Thanksgiving. Are we now stooping so low as to Google players’ names on every major holiday in some silly stupid effort at judging their character and true value to the team? While I haven’t Googled anybody’s name, I didn’t read any articles about Kobe, Pau, Fish, Phil, Jerry, Mitch stepping up and participating in a charitable event yesterday. Talk about a hidden agenda.

Thanksgiving dinner with the family was great, although I’m glad I no longer have to threaten no pumpkin pie in order to get the munchkins to eat their dinners. Since we went out to eat, it was great not having to clean up and instead enjoying a family game of Maori but the bummer is no leftovers. Watching my three grandkids though is always my greatest pleasure in life, even over watching my beloved Lakers. If you look closely, you can see yourself in their eyes and know that part of you is going to live on and on well after you’re gone. And of course, they’re all being raised as Lakers fans.

Loved Tom Daniels award winning comments. Tom has always been among the dean of analysts and writers on this blog. I also loved MM’s article on Lamar Odom. What still jumps out at me about this team is how much better it is than last year’s repeat championship team. Kobe is on a mission that would rival the best of Call to Duty. Fish is playing like he found the Fountain of Youth. Pau Gasol has once again shown that the best power forward in the game can also play a pretty damn good center. Lamar Odom is finally putting it all together in what may well be his first all-star season. Shannon is the leading candidate for MIP. And the additions of Steve Blake and Matt Barnes have transformed our bench into the most potent in the entire league. LO and the Killer B’s may be the best bench ever.

Tonight’s game against the Jazz will be another chance for the Lakers to take measure of their game. In the past, we’ve been able to have our way with Utah, often because our length took Boozer out of the game. Millsap will make the Jazz a much tougher matchup for the Lakers as should Raja Bell. I’m looking for the Kobe Bryant to have a breakout game tonight, Fish to break more Utah hearts, and the Killer B’s to continue their domination of the other team’s bench. These players may be professionals, but you know to a man that they all heard what Deron William said about hating the Lakers and Kobe Bryant and crew are the master at finding special reasons to be motivated for each and every game.



"Stan would be Orlando Coach Stan Van Gundy, who jumped to the defense of Miami Coach Erik Spoelstra earlier this week after Jackson said Spoelstra might eventually be replaced by Pat Riley if the Heat don't improve."

Stan Van Gundy wasn't defending Coach Eric Spoelstra, Stan was defending Stan.

Phil is a smart guy. Now when Miami continues to flounder, his words will come into play and make a difference in what they decide to do. We're not even that far into the season and he's already getting into the other coaches heads. Great job, Phil! It makes the boring part of the season more interesting.

Coach Jackson is a punk! He is arrogant and bad for the game. He thinks he is above the unwritten rule about commenting about firing another team’s coach. He has been blessed with superstars his entire career. Put him in Toronto or Sacramento and he is what everyone else is there, a losing coach. Please Phil retire and move on because your comments this week were far from Zen. Try to show some class in the future, if you have any.

Gotta love it! Stan knows he can't beat a Riley coached team and defended Spoelstra, thereby taking the bait. Will Riley? If he does and the cheat still lose, Phil will look like a prophet as he rides into the sunset with 4 threepeats and 12 rings under his belt and leave Riley looking foolish. That's why they call him the Zen Master.

Douglas Morrison, your comment is stupid. How long have you been an NBA coach where you know about the "unwritten" rules. Even so Phil has 11 rings and can talk pretty much about whomever he decides too, thats an "unwritten" rule as well.

"I didn't know Stan was that sensitive..." Yeah, well Stan knew you were an a-hole. And even with 11 rings (and a clueless "girlfriend"), you don't have the right to stick your oversized ego into another club's business. Try minding your own for the last insufferable year and then ride away to Montana, Wyoming, someplace we never have to deal with you again.

It's the game within the game. Its necessary. It's intimidation and a display of dominance. Its used in everything where there's a high level of competition- from poker to politics. Sometimes Phil pushes the boundaries, but I really don't think that comment was even close to the edge. He simply answered that he thinks if things don't turn around soon, pressure will be on that team to bring in Pat Riley. Seems to me, he was just stating the obvious. Except for the "in a couple weeks" timeline. I got a chuckle out of that suggestive blurb.



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