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Lakers Chat: Lakers at Milwaukee

--Mark Medina

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Jackson's girlfriend Fish should retire.


re: being ok.

Thanks for asking. I have permanent ... eh ... challenges. LOL

I'm excited. I get to get back on the mat soon. I've getting dinged lately in

if Jackson puts Fisher back in tonight. Something is definitely wrong !!!!!



- WOW, Shannon Brown was unbelievable. Great to see Phil play him and Blake to close out the game. Blake, Brown and Barnes have great chemistry and look like they've been playing together for years.

- Did Artest get injured?

- If Fish played the entire second half, Jennings might have gone for 50.

- Eric Dampier will be a Laker, I can feel it.

Laker Truth - you may be feeling it but I'd bet "I told you so's" that we don't sign Dampier.

S Perkins - re: your "Jackson's gf Fish" comment - did somebody hit you with a stupid stick at birth?

MM - careful what you ask for, haha!

@dave m. - Nice.

Erik Dampier?

I speculate that the speculators specialize in speculation.

Things I was quite fond of:

I liked the amount of threes we shot, 16, and hitting ten of 'em ain't bad either.

I liked having Blake back. Biggest 6 points and 2 assists I've seen in awhile.

Kobe's quiet 31.

Shannon Brown. When he plays like that he allows Phil to actually give Kobe a good break late third/early fourth so he can be more effective late. Considering it's a back to back vs a struggling team that loves to beat us in what should be a raucous Palace (gotta love Phil helping the Pistons sell tickets in these dire economic times), Brown's play tonight was even more valuable.

Jim, James and Tanter on Channel 9 with a little Ireland in the mix. Real level-headed analysis. Jim Hill's version of whooping it up on a big play is like cool jazz.

Matt Barnes and Ron Artest, a real two-headed dragon.

Things I wasn't so fond of:

Luke Walton's early minutes. Phil kinda threw him out there in the third, and he started off terribly. Luke's never been a quick starter and after warming up, sitting for a half, coming in for half-time, warming up a bit and then sitting til about 4 minutes to go in the 3rd is a tad unfair to a guy who ain't played more'n a smattering of games in the last year or so. He found his footing, created some asists and bodied up well in the paint giving Lamar a rest. His end sort of mitigated his beginning. Hopefully in the next couple of games Phil can figure a way to get Luke some steady minutes to get a sense of what he can do. Get a groove going.

Long rebounds, more easy boards and failed box outs.

Chicken Tenders...but those ladies are this the olden days? No, it's not. Great acting.

Good way to kick off the short roadie. Of course, there's still room for improvement on the defensive end...gotta do a better job of shuttin' down that penetration and we need to do a better job of boxing out but, overall a decent effort tonight.

I said it on the Live Chat but, as of t'day, Shannon could very well be the most improved player in the Association.


Now for t'day's entry in the 'across the pond' series(via Berlin). Enjoy!


If It Is Love feat. Clara Hill -

Clara Hill - For Your Love -

Clara Hill - ft. Vikter Duplaix - Paper Chaser -

Clara Hill - Flawless -

Clara Hill - Reprise -


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Nice road win. It was nice to see Bynum on the court before the game started. Other than Gasol playing 44 minutes, Phil distributed the minutes nicely once again. Shannon's Brown game has improved exponentially on both ends of the court so far in this young season. Blake and Barnes were something else again, too! Let's hope they keeps it up. Other than coming in early and committing an ugly turnover and an even uglier foul, even Luke gave us 8 solid minutes during which the lead was extended by 6 points. What's up with Artest sitting on the bench in the fourth quarter again? Is he hurting? (hip) In the doghouse? Or could it be that Phil likes to get some bench players practice finishing games this early in the season? PJ's rotations have been very interesting to say the least, especially when he has young fresh 270 pound legs in Derrick Caracter sitting on the pine. Let's see if Phil limits Pau's minutes to around 36 tomorrow night.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Jamie - I'm with you on the two-headed Artest/Barnes dragon. It seems to give Phil some real options now.

Jamienuss! Agreed across the board. My main not-so-fond, we're still getting a bit too caught up in the energy game. It's fun to watch but inside/out is still our system strength. Overall however, much better execution tonight.

@LRob: Here's one more from Clara Hill.:-)

Clara Hill - Restless Times -


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

dave m,

I accept your bet. If Erica does not sign with the team, you win. If Erica does sign, we all win.

Laker - not sure I agree that Damp's a win at this stage of his career but I totally honor the spirit of the bet and will make sure to praise your amazing Kreskin powers if it comes to pass, not only here but on the black hole that opens up if you click on my name.


888: I think we didn't see Artest out there more because of a hip injury. Hope it's nothing serious. I also was almost positive we'd see Caracter get into the game, weird rotations to say the least. We saw some Ebanks, but no DC, so yeah the rotations were weird to say the least lol.

Happy to see Luke get some time, he's not gonna be an all-star, he's not going to be a star, he's not going to be the most athletic player on the floor and he's not even going to see consistent time on the court - but when he makes smart plays like the one where he found Barnes open underneath for an easy dunk, it's a pleasure to watch. The thing is, he never forces plays, he lets the game come to him and is one of the best facilitators on the team.

- - -

Jamie: I really love the KCAL LTV pre/post-gm shows. Jim's been my fave local sportscaster dating all the way back to the showtime days, it's great he's been involved with the LTV shows after Massengale left.

The chicken tender ladies, it looks like they are holding massive chunks of chicken, real crude-like, with their whole hand and palm and all. I bet in reality those chicken strips are about the size of a lipstick. Still, whenever it comes on and I've been hungry, I start craving those stupid things... lol


um, lost the "truth" there somehow, blame the ghost in my keyboard.

LAKER TRUTH: "I accept your bet. If Erica does not sign with the team, you win. If Erica does sign, we all win."
I'm with ya on that. Looking at the list of available free-agent centers, he's the best out there by far. He's a solid defender that adds shot blocking, with experience. I just can't see the Lakers doing it though, since they'd have 13 vet's and when Bynum/Ratliff get back they'd have to keep one on the inactive list.

I'd be all for it though, I'm sure that Dr. Buss would shell out what it takes if it comes down to it, if they suffer another injury to a big or whatnot. Phil isn't even using Caracter so I think that another injury would be the only way they go and get another center.


A 10 day contract for a player like Josh Boone who desperately wants back in the NBA would be an ideal signing right now if the Lakers do anything at all. I don't think Mitch will sign Dampier because Ratliff hurt his knee toward the end of the pre-season, he hobbled through it until he was completely ineffective and then had the minor 30 minute surgery to fix it this morning. He'll be back in 4-6 weeks, but more important, Bynum will be back in about 11 days. God willing Andrew stays healthy, Lamar's and Pau's minutes are bought back down to earth and all will be happy in Laker Blogland again. This practice season has barely begun and there is no need to do something drastic like wasting money on a stiff like Dampier unless Ratliff is truly through. It doesn't sound that way to me.



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