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Lakers Chat: Dissecting the team's 7-0 start

Live Event: "Lakers Chat" by latmedina
Scheduled start: November 8, 2010 at 8:32PM PST

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--Mark Medina

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Tho' I didn't get to see Sunday's game I'm very,very pleased with the W. It looks like they executed a bit better on D too.

@RamneetKB24: Nice profile young man...good job!
@LRob:Hopefully,I'll have a new entry for the 'across the pond' series tomorrow. This computer has been 'moody' the last few times I've used it and I couldn't post anything.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

as much as we all may want dampier it aint gonna happen people..

lakers already got 14 players on roster and our starting center hasnt played yet and phils talkin bout sending our rooks to the D league... (serious phillip??? i mean they cant be as bad as farmar)

so please no more talk bout erika cause it aint gonna happen... not unless maybe someone whos makin 5 MIL a year averaging 5 MIN a game does the right steps down and just retires... thats the only way! so get on yo knees and start prayin people!

@GDUB - I look forward to it. I had to offer up a Dusty Springfield cut just to get my across the pond

**********sorry ALL, missed the right thread, so RE_POST***********

@ouch - I hear ya. You remember the old joke about Jason Kidd being called ason..because he didn't have a J. Maybe Rajun Rondo's new nickname will be Raun since his J is missing also.

Posted by: LRob | November 08, 2010 at 09:57 PM

LRob - i did not know that. but heard other jokes about what Jason does not have.

the other night in e-Nver, Jason had like 3-5 or 4-6 of 3 points, shoting down e-Nver down the stretch. funny he always makes them when it counts. also a few days ago i looked up the list of all time 3 point shooters in the HISTORY of NBA and no-KIDD-ing, he is very up there too.

tonight defensively in the last play, he annihilated PP on the last plays. i still believe that Kobe's famous parking "ship his a$$ out" would have been the right thing. maybe this year with the 3-PEAT in the pocket, Lakers will go for the 4-PEAT. regardless of what Kobe says in the media, he REALLY respects few players. and "the KIDD" is one of them. (remember in the Olympic Gold team, both Deron and CP3 looked like chumps compared to the Kidd). of course, the jury will be out on this one, for "woulda, shoulda, coulda" part of the history of the game.

re: RR, because he does not have too much offense, he can become Raun Rnd.

maybe it is just the upside down head band that is missing!!!!!!!!!!! makes his face more Stern.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | November 08, 2010 at 10:59 PM


i just imagined the yapping between Rondo and Allen, a long vertical head against a wide said smile and i remebered:

Particle Man, They Might Be Giants

and all the variations on the left

and with acordion

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | November 08, 2010 at 11:14 PM

and for LO and the World Championschip in Turkey, let's not forget:

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | November 08, 2010 at 11:15 PM

Back was feeling stronger so decided to clean the pool Sunday afternoon, man that was a mistake lol. Re-aggravated it. I guess I'm on the IR listed as 'day-to-day'...

ouchhhhhhhhh/LRob: I used to troll the Mav's blog/Cuban blog right around the time they acquired JKidd, offering up long lists why Avery was coaching the team wrong, mishandling JKidd - in fact the next day after writing a long post detailing 10 or 11 ways the team was being mishandled, that very next game was when Cuban infamously 'stared-down' Avery from the sideline and I could swear my post on his blog had at least something to do with that incident lol.

That being said, I used to rip JKidd for taking 3's, and Dallas for not being an uptempo team that would utilize JKidd's great passing strengths. Well, Dallas has come a long way from then, and JKidd has proven to be a solid 3-pt shooter.

Rondo is a great PG, but to become an elite one he needs to work on his shot. I look at Shannon, he spent the summer obviously working hard to improve his game. Rondo may not be the slickest of points, but he is uber-effective in getting his teammates shots - and that is the bottom line. But when one looks at the greats in the league, the Nash's, the Kidd's even D-Fish (yes, our Derek!) they all have a reliable jumper. Rondo will brick a shot as often as he swishes one, and unless he puts in the time & effort to improve himself - as Shannon did - he will continually be passed over.

consistent PG shooter Kidd = Olympic champ, Team USA leader
inconsistent PG shooter Rondo = Pouting Olympic cut

And I happen to like Rondo... lol

That is about as much I dare sit in the chair at one time, gotta keep the back moving to risk it not seizing up lol...


Good Morning Fabulous JustaAnotherMambaFan(Head of Mamba Clan) & the Fabulous Morning
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If anything the Heat should be in fear of us, especially since their Ballon we are about to Bust
The Heat have no Fire & No Heart to win, All the Heat can do is Riverdance and Grin
They built these fools up so big and bad, that when the Lakers cut them apart it will be sad
Chris Bosh, what the heck is that, One bump by Bynum and your skinny butt will go splatt.
Dwade he’s got a nice game it’s true, But playing with Princess Jimmy wil be the ruin of you.
As for Princess Jimmy what can I say, In any meaningful game the lil Biatch fades away
So what’s all this talk about Fear the Heat. This is one team I cannot wait to meet.
But maybe next season, we have bigger fish to Fry, I want a Celtics/Lakers Finals that's no Lie
I want the Celtics to be well and healthy you see, So no lame excuses will there be
They Built their team just for us to play, But fools The Lakers can play any style any way
They can Play Big, Small, Fast or Slow, Don’t make a bit of difference to the Lake Show
They can play the other teams style better than they, That’s why they all fear Freakin LA
This will be a season for the Ages, The things The Lakers can do just plainly amazes
So we know who we are and what we can do, Tell me Miami heat who the Hell are you

@Cyber - The thing about Rondo is...he's a decent shooter. I watched him bury all those looong range shots in that horse competition at the All-Star game - so he can do it. It's just a matter of having the confidence to do it when the lights go on! I think he'll become an adequate shooter in the near future, probably when Ray leaves and he's forced to shoot more.



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