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Lakers' Andrew Bynum has MRI

Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who still is recovering from right knee surgery that has kept him out all season, had an MRI Tuesday that showed the procedure he had last July went well, a Lakers' spokesman said.

The Lakers said nothing has changed with the results from the surgery. Bynum has said he'll will return to practice in a week or two.

"He remains back on track," Lakers public relations director John Black said.

Bynum, who had surgery to repair a torn cartilage in his knee, will continue to get therapy and see how his progress goes.

He has been cleared to jump and dunk, but now Bynum expects to be able to do some lateral movement drills.


-- Broderick Turner

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This is great news!

The surgery went well, he remains on track, and is cleared for further drills.


Albatross Bumyn!

Taking Us Down The Luxury Tax Black Hole!

Dump the Bum for Expiring Contracts!


3... 2... 1....

Trade the bum!

What? Don't you know greatness when you see it?

He's fragile as an anorexic baby bird.

But he's, like, tall... and big... and he's big... and tall!

Wilt Chamberlain would've eaten him for lunch, and obviously, Karl Malone has already eaten him.

A potential like that only comes along once in 30 million years... or is that a catastrophic asteroid strike. I get them mixed up.

Seriously, if he didn't have pictures of Jim Buss on a waterbed with three poodles, a tin of Spam and an autographed 8x10 glossy of Imelda Marcos, there's now way he'd still be around.

What do you know? You're not a true Lakers fan.

Yeah, well neither are you!

In the interests of time, I hope I covered all the bases.

63 - LMAO - another classic rebuttal!!!!

Not quite 63

this means Bynum returned is pushed back to around January 25th

@63, yup, that covers it all.

Farmar on a breakaway! And he blows it. ohwell.

Albatross Bumyn!

Taking Us Down The Luxury Tax Black Hole!

Dump the Bum for Expiring Contracts!



I prefer to dump bad Laker fans. How's he an albatross? Do I need to post YouTube videos to remind you how he got hurt? Remind you of how he landed on Odom's foot? Remind you of how Kobe crash landed into his other knee? Remind you of how the doctors should have scoped his knee after the Odom injury for a speedier recovery or how they should have repaired the slight tear in his meniscus that was made worse from a hyperextension, and again made worse when he played through the pain of the NBA Finals against the likes of the Celtics and a very physical Kendrick Perkins?

Want an albatross? Try looking in the mirror.

"...will continue to get therapy and see how his progress goes."

Spectacular! We can expect him at the end of March and he'll be warmed up and ready to go in April. Meanwhile, we'll be a 6 - 8 seed when the playoffs begin. No biggie though: if Houston can do it and win a 'chip, so can we!

frmkt - that's what I love about you - always GHF LOL!!!

If he's back in March or April and a solid contributor in May and June - I'd take it. I would NOT prefer it - but I'd take it.

Thankfully, it's looking like he'll be back much sooner than that. A lot is riding on this kid's knee. I'm good with slow, steady progress.

Can't comment on that, really...

I'm on "Bynum-Team" so far, but having him only in April was something I didn't have on my agenda...

Let's hope for the best.


J-Dizzle while your at it - Please Post The You-Tube videos of his Safari to South Africa and The You-tube Video with the Playboy bunnies on his Back!!!!!!

Dump The Albatross Contract Now!!!!!


Lakers baby, is it time?-

send the Bulls back to (w/ a loss):

Kobe - tough boy:

enjoy the game everyone & have a safe/happy Thanksgiving-

All around the world the same song (with Bynum).

Billy Mac asked PJ if Riley has one foot on the bench yet. PJ said it's too soon - more like around the All Star break. He said he was kidding, but it's pretty funny to hear it being discussed.

Phil says the Lakers have match up problems with the Bulls, so he says it should be an interesting game.

@63 Footer - New Based on the way MSU played 2nite I'll take the old Spartans.

@ms - cool selections. I meant to comment on your last game day selection with Tom Browne. It was interesting seeing a young Bernard Wright working the keys in that video.

@Magia32 - working in a little Digital Undergroud. Okay.

I hope bynum recovers but when he does i do want him traded no later than next season i think the only reason we have him is when we get to the finals and we might need a big man, well guess what trade him for a better big man????

@Justa - yep it was an artlicle on ESPN with Phil talking about Miami's situation also. It was Phil being Phil playing mind games with the Heat.

This year's NBA finals is going to be a Lakers-Celtics rematch. I, for one, want Bynum on our team when we battle the Celtics.

Andrew is a Laker, and those calling him names on a message board are just cowards. Every fan is entitled to his opinion, but the hyperbole and exaggeration is absurd.

The finals this year will be Laker-Celtics. As a Celtics fan I would rather see a healthy Bynum and a healthy Kendrick Perkins going at it.

I had always thought that bloggers here were intelligent and thoughtful. But I have come to realize that they are no different from the ordinary fan out there. The negative opinions here about AB are just as irrational and vacuous as a bunch of drunks in a bar having a fight.

I hope bynum recovers but when he does i do want him traded no later than next season i think the only reason we have him is when we get to the finals and we might need a big man, well guess what trade him for a better big man????

Posted by: jimmy

And who, pray tell, would that be?

Dump The Albatross Contract Now!!!!!


Posted by: Mr. Laker

Why, exactly, is it an albatross contract? Please elaborate.

Keep him as a bench player, nothing else... Trade next season.

Paul showed us tonight why we need Andrew Bynum in the post. Get off the kids back he is not going anywhere.I am glad I don't work for some of you guys because you guys make my ass hurt because of the way you are talking about a Lakers any Lakers.This is Lakers Nation.

All these "trade Bynum" people will sing a different tune when he's back and the bench get's more dominant with LO and the Lakers get stronger with Pau resting more and the middle gets more crowded and trickier for the likes of Derrick Rose and Rondo.

And, we threepeat.

Big Fat Albatross,

Because we can't even get-afford a reject from the D-League for the Minimum!

Dump The White(Black) Elephant for Any Expiring Contracts Now,

Great News! Go Lakers!



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