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L.A. Times' Mark Medina discusses Lakers' 121-116 loss to the Phoenix Suns

--Mark Medina

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The pre-game blog contained "5 things to look for" and #1 was "The Lakers will respond well after a loss."

Not sure it turned out that way. The SUNS riddled the LA perimeter D all night.

Also, the pre-game blog contained this statement: "The Lakers' practice Saturday also allowed the team to shake off any rust from the day off Friday, so there's no reason the Lakers should not look sharp against Phoenix."

One reason the Lakers did not look sharp against Phoenix was that Phoenix played with a full day of rest this time. I have lost count of how many games between these two teams feature the SUNS playing on the 2nd nite of a B2B. With the decks evenly stacked, the SUNS will always have a chance at making the Lakers look dull.

The reffing this game really ticked me off to no end. Seriously? A tech on Odom for being mad that there was no foul called on him when he was so obviously fouled? What about when Shannon Brown was fouled and didn't get the foul either? Or how about when Steve Nash stepped out of bounds and they didn't call it.

Complete and utter BS. The refs have it out for us... I swear.

The technical isn't an excuse for the loss because the Lakers could not defend the three tonight. However, I really hate these stupid technical foul calls. Take a look at NBA highlight reels; almost every one has a "technical foul" in it. Players react to plays and how can you T some one up just for a natural basketball act.

The NBA, where stoic happens -_-


Refresh my memory. How many B2B did the suns have in the playoffs Vs Lakers ? And who won that series?

Thanks in advance.

lakers will not get its 3peat.. with taht type of game you think they can outlast celtics or even miami? soo weak!!!

The technical isn't an excuse for the loss because the Lakers could not defend the three tonight.

No, it's not. But if you add all the other bad reffing into account we could have easily brought it into OT imo.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Poor defense early let the Suns get comfy. This morning song is for Phoenix cause they were on "Fire".

When you're hot you're hot
You really shoot your shot.



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