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L.A. Times' Mark Medina breaks down Lakers' 117-89 victory over Golden State Warriors

--Mark Medina

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MM: Can I say you are improving at your delivery at these standups with each one you do? John Ireland, Patrick O'neal and Michael Eaves better watch out! I would be sad if you were to leave us for bigger/better things, but I fear you are doing your job so well that it just might happen...

I'm glad that I wasn't the only one noticing Phil's reluctance to give Pau credit in his postgame presser. Maybe that Pau had a great game on the heels of gifting Darko a career day, maybe that has something to do with it... lol

Seriously, Darko hasn't looked half bad. I'd say Darko > Kwame in the 'battle of draft busts'...


Btw there has a been report of a boy of who fell down from one of the luxury suites of Staples Center down into lower level sections.

Prayers to him for a speedy recovery

KB Blitz -

I just read about that. My prayers are with him and his family.

KB: "Btw there has a been report of a boy of who fell down from one of the luxury suites of Staples Center down into lower level sections."


Awww man... If we ever needed an Utz prayer, now would be it. I second Cali, prayers to the little guy and his family...


meat fans are in a panic already. They're discussing letting a guard go in order to bring in (ready now) Erick Dampier.

Fan up! not working?

Anyways, hope Riley loves bringing in -another- guaranteed contract. Sorry Riles, Bosh not working out like expected?

- - -

Great Plaschke article for those of us that loved "Big" Joe McDonnell. Almost makes up for Plaschke misrepresenting the true facts in his Bynum bash -errrr- 'article' from pre-season...

Hope he makes it back to L.A. radio airwaves. Definitely not the same without him...


@CyberCosmix - Thanks for the love man. It's really appreciated

silence: kobe AKA ' GREAT ONE, ASSASIN, BLACK MOMBA. people have to realize kobe has ninjas now" he,s not winning rings he,s stacking rings.



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