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Kobe Bryant looking good on trip; Andrew Bynum still not ready to play

Kobe Bryant hasn’t practiced consistently this year because of his surgically-repaired right knee, but he has looked good during the first two games of the Lakers'  three-game trip that finishes Friday night in Minnesota against the Timberwolves.

But that hasn't been the case for Andrew Bynum and his quest to return from right knee surgery.

Bynum was on the court with Lakers assistant coach Chuck Person Wednesday night in Detroit, but the center probably won't be ready to play anytime soon.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said after practice Thursday that he told Bynum he would like him to be ready to play Dec. 10 when the Lakers start a six-game trip to the East Coast against the Chicago Bulls.

Jackson said Bynum probably will practice with the Lakers on Monday.

“It looks to me like we just have to say, 'We want this to be right,' ” Jackson said. “And we want him to last for a whole season. We don’t want to rush this.”

Bryant hasn't practiced much, but it hasn't been a problem lately.

He's averaging 32 points on 48.8% (21-for-43 shooting) in the first two road games.

He's also averaging eight rebounds and 3.5 assists. His three-point shooting hasn't been good, though. Bryant is making only 30% (three-for-10) of his threes.

“He’s benefited a lot from staying off the court and being strong and ready to play,” Jackson said. “Sometimes his shooting is just not right, but he still finds a way to score points.”

Ron Artest has been playing with a sore back, but he will play Friday night against the Timberwolves.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Minnealpolis 

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What's up Crue, Hater is in the HOUSEEE.

I don't care if Bynum doesn't suit up until March. I want him healthy for the games leading up to the REAL season, and I want him fully healthy and ready to dominate the paint from April to June. That's all I care about. All-Star dreams be damned... this is about winning, and I want to see our boys take home the only prize that matters after beating the Celtics in five IN BOSTON.

Go Lake Show!

Jellybean is on fire beware, the LakerShow is rain down money on this road trip. Wolves hide the pups, the Black Mamba is about to STRIKE.

Go Heat/Go LakeShow

63 Footer

are you a "self-proclaimed" "artist"?

I'm telling you: don't expect an Andrew sighting until next year and we need a 5 now to start, put Pau back at the four and LO comes off the bench. Sure, we're not going to win many games but we need this team to be ready for the playoffs, even if they wind up a 6 or 8 seed. All they need is momentum on their side because we already know what "a heart of champion" can accomplish; we've seen it before.

ouchhhhhhhh - "are you a "self-proclaimed" "artist"?"

Not sure what you're talking about exactly. Do I work in a creative business? Yes, I write & producer TV & movies (and when they let me direct, I direct). I've won awards, etc. I spent some time in the rock 'n' roll biz, and in some other places as "sabbaticals." I'm finishing up another novel at the moment. An artist? Nope.

As Andrew Bynum prepares to return,he has to be ready to contribute large and productive minutes.I believe he can be in the top ten centers of the NBA elite class. Does he desire to be there and learn to play with pain and some nagging injuries such as Kobe. Caracter has shown he has the NBA talent and an excellent pick in the NBA draft. Andrew are you mentally ready to go to the next and possibly the highest level of play becoming a superstar.

Bynum is the next Greg Odom!!

"Bynum is the next Greg Odom!!"

lol who is that?

He may not be Greg Oden, but he is Odom because he is weak in the mind. Young Sensei it is all mind over body and body over mind. You need more help, take a look at the Mamba and the mastery he displays over all the senses!

63 Footer is just a cool knowledgeable Laker fan, with great musical history...

We are lucky to have him a part of the Laker Blog Family...

Oh and I posted a tribute for Jeannie in the previous thread...and I left this one out...

LEWSTRS - wow, just thanks. Now if the supermodel's Ferrari breaks down and the bars on her cell phone aren't reading and she comes to the door and needs to come in to use the phone and then sees my collection of single malts and asks for a drink (big inhale now)... my day will be perfect.

Isn't it kind of odd that KB is talking about "exacting revenge" from 2004 against this particular Pistons team?

I mean, this year's version is one of the worst teams in the NBA. The 2004 Pistons were world champions, and embarrassed the Lakers (including KB) in the process.

Even if he scored 82 points against them, how exactly would that be "revenge"? Wouldn't "revenge" mean playing really well against a really GOOD Pistons team? (When they were good, they always provided the Lakers one of their toughest tests around the league. And the Lakers usually didn't play well against them.)

Not sayin' he hasn't played great on this road trip, he has.

Just, as usual, wondering about the somewhat odd goings-on inside his head ...

Man, KB will start as usual. Get ready for another tilt at the title

Hello Blog Fam... just been reading to the net lately and I have come up with a very interesting...

All the players.. no exception... that has played with Kobe post 2004, has been totally a bust when the leave the Lakers.. most of them totally disappeared from NBA landscape, some who have been with Kobe as starting 5, have been borderline bench warmers...

Now, I was tempted to check on the next player that is comparable to Kobe, D-Wade in this regard, with lone championship... James is nowhere near KB's league.

Check this out...

Dorrell Wright.. is a beast over in Golden State... remember him? He was suppose to blossom into a reliable player .. ala Pippen to Wade ... he was lost in the Miami rotation.

M. Beasly ... he was groomed to be D-Wade's robin.. but Wade never got him into his wings ... he was lost in Miami's scheme of things and consequently lost also his confidence... look at him in Minnie... an absolute brute offensively.

A lot of people have argued that D-Wade is better than Kobe already because Kobe couldn't make his teammates better... and some of you.. well, those who have been here during the darkest days of 2005-2007... have known me to argue to the contrary...

Kobe is a rare breed of a player... he does not only elevates his teammates' play, he brings them into championship form.. he makes them believe anything can be achieve by sheer discipline and dedication to game preparation... imagine Smush and Kwame...

Kobe did look good over the last couple games. I was more happy that the Lakers finally held a team under 100 points. Outstanding. But the Lakers loss to Denver and the Suns two contenders. The next contender the Lakers play I would like for the Lakers to impose our will on them and show them.

When this season concludes, the Lakers' will have a 17th title. Get Jason's of Beverly Hills busy now on designing those "3-peat/Phil Jackson tribute" championship rings!



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