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Kobe Bryant in slow motion magnifies skillset

Laker fans are all too familiar with Kobe Bryant's postups, nearly perfect shooting form, seemingly impossible fallaways and aggressive drives to the basket. Sometimes it's hard to fully digest how Bryant's movements appear so beautiful and effortless, yet nearly impossible to duplicate and defend. The video below, posted early by Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin, reinforces Bryant's skillset by zeroing in on his recent matchup with Memphis guard O.J. Mayo in slow motion.

--Mark Medina

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Slow mo cameras make LED lights look super cool.

This is great stuff!

@LRob - That's what they're paying Kurt to do, figure that team out. I have no doubt the Beez can score, but given his height, athletic ability and what not, he should be a double-double machine. No heart, no drive, talented...yes. But in this NBA, that ain't near enough. this latest MM post shows what it's taken Kobe years to make look easy. His early fade away was not a thing of beauty. but it is now.

I could never picture the Beez working on a drop step move for 4 hours...on his own. Sure, when it was part of practice, but after practice? Naw.

Seeing as a nephew just got born our Michigan-y way, I'll take your advice to heart.

Also, by the by, not a Darko fan and was quite convinced he was a bust until I saw him play for Kurt last year. Finished the year real strong, so that's why I'm taking a 'we'll see' kind of approach.

MM - superb. Kobe is a super craftsman. He may not be the GOAT, but he's certainly mastered the greatest array of shots in league history IMHO.

LRob - yeah, Kobe's far and away the most skilled offense player ever. Others have an amazing array of shots, but Kobe's mastered all of them, and from either side and either hand. It's a joy to watch.

@Jamie - You've done a good job of articulating your position on Darko.

I agree that Beez can be as good as he wants to be. We'll see how committed he is. Like Darko, he also is in a good system to showcase his skills.

Win or lose, Utah is becoming the cockroach of the NBA: squish 'em, bury 'em, they're going to come back. Sloan has some sorta zombie-player formula... there's just no killin' them.

Posted by: 63 Footer | November 10, 2010 at 06:15 PM
63 Footer - so this is what you're saying about Utah?

Normally watching someone in slow motion makes them look gangly..... uncoordinated.... out of control.... or some combination of all those things.

BUT - watching Kobe, I was struck by how smooth he looked. Gliding effortlessly to where he wanted to be, and doing exactly what he wanted to do. No wasted energy. Looking coordinated... effortless.

Strange... amazing.... beautiful.

Kobe elevates this game to an art form.

Stu should win a RCOTD for this gem: "Most guys have an A or a B or even a C move. Kobe's got the entire alphabet." Truer words have never been spoken. Kobe is a master at his craft. The best in the game.

No words to say why his KOBE the greatest player of all time hands down.Sorry doubters but he is the GOAT not Jordan nore Magic no competition that time......

LRob - nuthin' like the 80's videos. A high-water mark in something... just not sure what.

justa - Kobe lookin' great in slo-mo (or fast-mo); though I must respectfully disagree on the slo-mo. Old Hollywood trick to over-crank/slo-mo to make things look MORE graceful (see Bo Derek running down the beach in 10, or the opening of Chariots of Fire).

@LRob - Thanks, don't get me started on Luke Walton, I can go on for days about why he should MVP year in and year out.

I consider it a true priviledge to have watched Kobe play basketball over the years. Perhaps he will only be appreciated after he breaks all the Laker records, retires and we see his number hanging from the rafters with the other greats...

Jamie Sweet - and when Luke's playing in slo-mo, his hair... even Kobe can't do what Luke's hair can do. (Sasah tries, but his hair's BB IQ is just not up to it.)

Oh, wait, Luke wasn't being shot in slo-mo, he was just moving slow?


poetry in motion...

Perfect music and perfect closeups. It really gets you in a state of relaxation to just sit back and enjoy the art

A 2-3 zone? Say it ain't so Jerry. Wow, never thought I'd see a Sloan coached team resort to that. But kudos on the win. Gimmicks like this can get you a few regular season wins, but those junk zones are folly in the playoffs.

DHoward's 8 shots and only 33 minutes, and just 4-11 from the FT line is not going to get it done!

Posted by: LRob | November 10, 2010 at 08:04 PM

The one thing about these gimmicks is that they do deny big men the ball better (perimeter wise though they are bad especially with defensive 3 seconds) . Because SVG's offense is predicated on the ball inside for Howard, zone is a nice way to prevent that. Since the Magic has no great perimeter player (no washed up VC and Jameer Nelson isn't going to consistently do it) to help bust it, it's the perfect defense against Orlando.

As a result VC/Jameer/Rashard and even Bass got some good production. Because however Howard didn't go off the Magic's offense was stagnant and dependent on creating from the perimeter and well that's why the Magic simply fell off tonight.

Hi blog family,hi pretty justa miss you...

I like that DFish expressed his dissatisfation with the effort(or lack there of) last night. That's why he's a great leader for this team.


@mamba24: I agree with you about Craig Hodges...the guy definitely doesn't get the credit he deserves for his work in the community.


@mud: I agree wholeheartedly with your views in the 'Lamar sues the I.R.S.' thread.


@AndTheJellosJigglin: Not only have I seen 'From Freedom to Fascism''s part of my collection of must-have documentaries. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will but, I can't help but wonder if Mr.Russo's death was other than natural, if you know what I mean.


@JAMF: So you're a Steely Dan fan, eh? They're one of my favorite groups and IMO, Donald Fagen is one of the best songwriters that ever lived. Here's one of my all-time favs by them.

Steely Dan - Time out of mind -


@LRob: 'This World' is my favorite by Zero 7 also.


Here's today's entry in the 'across the pond' series.

Massive Attack - Live With Me -

Massive Attack - feat. Mos Def - I Against I -

Massive Attack - Safe From Harm -

Massive Attack - Protection -

Massive Attack - Daydreaming -


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Oh yeah, almost forgot...Congrats to 'The Logo' on the statue. Much deserved!

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

G in DC - nice attack of Massive Attack. The Dan were great. One of the bands I should've seen live that I never did for some reason. In honor of the Dan and Kobe:

@Blitz - I only caught a little of the 4th quarter of the Magic-Jazz game. But I do think Orlando could exploit that zone if used in a 7 gm series.

63 - well..... whatever. Couldn't you just let me enjoy the poetry in motion without giving me the explanation for it? He's KOBE dammit - he can look like whatever he wants without the need of Hollywood trickery. But hey - consider my parade rained on. I still say he looks better in slow mo than most people do in regular mo.

(Of course you must recognize and understand that I need to give you a hard time every single time you make a response to a post of mine. It's to guilt you into sending in your profile. I'm waiting for yours, and the blog's waiting for mine. You need to hurry up - time's a-wasting. Start the dominoes falling, 63 Footer. You can do it. Make us proud.)

justa - I was soooooo going to send in my profile today, but couldn't find a picture of myself in slo-mo. I'll keep looking though.

And Kobe in slo-mo, forgetting the grace (in any motion), makes me realize how inhuman his moves are, the perfection, the flawlessness of the moves that his ungodly amount of practice has allowed him to do... so there!


Yes usually a zone will fail eventually in a 7 game series as PHX found out with their previous zone defense when Kobe just totally lit up Phoenix with a Jordan-esque number wise performance.

However if you can't get your big man the right passes inside from the zone/not a good passing scheme/not a consistent dribble penetrator and prefer to shoot over the zone (the easiest but less reliable way to beat a zone) you will fail.

It's up to good coaching to realize these gimmicks and see how they are flawed. And that's one thing SVG offensively wise isn't good at.

Hi Adrian - thanks for the shout out! Where have you been?

gdub - yes - love Steely Dan. Nice pick there from you too. I think my fav by them is Do It Again. Still as amazing now as it was when it came out.

63 - :)

Ok, West can have his statue.



While we're on Steely Dan. GDUB I agree about their songwriting skills. I'll drop in one of my favorites. Black Cow. The ultimate song about the nice guy who's tired of getting played so he told girlfriend "Drink your big Black Cow and get out of here." So outrageous.

Wolves got their 2nd win tonite - Good for Rambo. What a difference a day makes for KLove, only 8pts/9reb. But Beasley had his back with 42pts/9reb.

JustaLakerFan - where art thou??? Hope all is well.

Adrian Palomar - Welcome back! I hope you've been well!

@MM - The music is sublime and I love the Joel Meyers fade ins and outs. Mayo's probably a bit bummed. Motivation!

@63 footer - Yeah, he's slow...but the hair moves at a pace all it's own, like governement does.

...Gezz, the Beez musta been reading how I was saying he ain't worth the salt that's in his blood and he drops 42 on Sac Town...they don't play D in Sac Town so that's not too surprising. Darko with 8 boards, 9 points and 4 dimes. Love? 9 boards and 8 points. Guess he doesn't get up for small frys, huh. Wonder why the staff gets frustrated with him?

If anyone cares. Mos' likely notsomuch.

That is definitely some seriously great stuff. We're blessed to have Bean in purple and gold and for all these years.

Viva La Lakers!

All the best to the veterans and those in active duty.

For those serving the armed forces of the United States and for our veterans and the ones who have passed on.

The Los Angeles Lakers salute you. We thank you for the time you gave serving the United States of America.

And to our current veterans: Thank You.

Yes pretty justa im always reading the blog and all your comments.Thanks MM Im ok thank you...

Hope when KOBE retire they will make a statue of him full of diamonds and as big as the statue of Liberty as he was the greatest basketball player who play ever...

Why do all my post get lost and are not posted?

I stated a couple of days ago that Jerry West was going to get a statue and that he deserves 2. One as a player the second as a general manager. His Statue should greet the crowd outside the entrances near the LA store.

Like some folks have stated that he never beat a Celtic team in the Finals, but if my math is right I think he faced them 6 times. More than any Laker team thus far or any Laker player. Yet he won the Finals MVP as the losing player. Can anyone else claim that?

Nice vid. Kobe is as fundamentally sound as they sign. The only thing he ever does sometimes is take some forced shots (which of course we just call amazing shots when he hits a high percentage of them like in game 6 vs Phoenix).

ALL VETERANS – Including Mamba24 – WE SALUTE YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THE USA !!!! – National Anthem – Marvin Gaye
WE GOT THIIS ISH!!! IN HONOR OF THAT I DEDICATE : – Aint No Stopping Us Now _ McFadden WhiteHead – Gonna Fly Now – Theme Rocky

(01) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - OWNER - We Got This & We Want More! Nothing but a (17th) Title will suffice. I am also of the opinion that PJ will be back next year - health providing - to take a shot at the illusive Quat-row. And YES - we're winning the 3-peat this year.
(02) ZAIRA AMATERASU - GODDESS - have called for number 17th after first game ;) I belong naturally to any ring assured type of bandwagon man ;) This year we have THE TEAM. THE TEAM with a killer bench. We can sustain anything (excellent game analysis Mark, I can't say anything more, nor different). We are just so impressive I'm almost scared by the way we seem to roll. Sure, soon or later we will lose but that's not gonna be a drama (I know it will be here for some, but not for me at all).

(39) THE OUTLAW - Justa, with her lightning-fast bandwagon, threatens to crush the time/space continuum and rocket us all right to April, an 82-0 record in tow, then onward to June for a victory parade. Sign me up.

(01) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – OWNER - Excuse me, but my 82-0 bandwagon still
has all it's wheels on and still has plenty of seats. Not to mention plenty of vodka....

(12) D(EREK) J(ETER) - Place me on the 82-0 and the 17th Bandwagons please
(13) JEFE101 - Please put me on the 82-0, Title #17, and MM should grow a pornstache bandwagons. :
(14) THE OUTLAW - Justa, with her lightning-fast bandwagon, threatens to crush the time/space continuum and rocket us all right to April, an 82-0 record in tow, then onward to June for a victory parade. Sign me up.

(01) HTJ - OWNER - But on a happier note, how about that Lamar? Finally playing ball like
we'd hoped 5 years ago. 16.6/11.4/3.6/1stl. Sounds like an all-star line to me. And that's a
bandwagon you can throw me on. LO - All Star Game or Bust!
(02) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – CO/OWNER- Alright - can someone please explain why I'm not the owner, driver and manager of the Lamar for ASG and 6th Man of the Year bandwagons?? What's a girl gotta do to get a post about LO read around here? I've been on that bandwagon since he BECAME a Laker. Geez...

(16) LAKERJ - After PLG's post I'm on the banwagon. LO=All-Star.
(17) MCLYNE - Please add me to the LO allstar bus as well

Why do all my post get lost and are not posted? Posted by: Joe_Corad | November 11, 2010 at 03:45 AM
I guess the world is just not ready for the Greatness of some Joe Corad Posts!!!!

Good Morning Laker fam,

Another game day. Another Laker victory on the way.

Since the CMA Awards was last night, my selection today is Miranda Lambert’s "The House that Built Me" which was song of the year for the songwriters. A good reminder not to forget where you came from:

Good Morning DJ LROB, Yes let us not forget where we came from: - Papa was a Rolling Stone - Temptations

Good Morning Fabulous JustaAnotherMambaFan(Head of Mamba Clan) & the Fabulous Morning
CRUE!!! : DJ LROB, LEWSTRS, NewMexicoLL, Fan Of The Mamba, PsychedLakerGirl, Troy
Faith, Wes, Rick Friedman, KB Blitz, Ouchhhhhh, DBDH, Caliphilosopher, LakerMike, HobbitMage
KobeMVP888, 63 Footer, 2Phatt, MagicPhil, JohnnyP, JohnnyV, Noah, Complex_Brotha, Phred,
Jolly Rancher, Nemaia Faletogo, Jamie Sweet, CHICNSTU, Wallace, ZairaAmaterasu(Goddess)

Hey all, Been away a bit and that looks like that trend will continue. Family crisis
and health issues will make me part timer.Posted by: JustaLakerFan |
November 04, 2010 at 07:22 PM
(01) MAMBA24 – OWNER - Take care of yourself my brother, The Blog needs you.
My prayers for you and your family.
(02) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – DRIVER - justa.... from 1 to another.... take care
of yourself & your loved ones. We'll hold down the fort
(03) ZAIRA AMATERASU – GODDESS - I wanna send my sympathy and full support to Wes,
JustaLakerFan and of course Rick. We share your task of heaviness guys.
With love and genuine care.
(04) CYBERCOSMIX - JustaLakerFan: Health issues are bad enough, but combined with family crisis that is a tough thing. Hang in there bro!!!
(05) LROB - JustaLakerFan - where art thou??? Hope all is well.

Good Morning Mamba 24, Good Morning Laker Fam!

And a good morning it is because it's game day baby! LOL.

Kobe is as p0s1tv3 said, "Poetry in Motion" His love for the game is evident!

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!

Good Morning Fan of The Mamba! Yes a great game day morning it is! As for Kobe he is Transcendant!! Going to be a good game cause Nuggets got smoked in their last game. They will be bringing it. But of course who is not bringing it when they play the Lakers. LOL!

MY First selection is to Yes, Yes, Yes, The Fabulous Justanothermambafan – Do it Again - Steely Dan - BUJU BANTON - DENSITY

Mamba in the Morning - on the J-O-B as usual.

Mamba in the Morning - on the J-O-B as usual. Posted by: LRob | November 11, 2010 at 06:51 AM
Just trying to keep up with you Big brother!! LOL!


Is tonight number nine?'s more Fagen..

Goooood Morning Lakerland! Game Daaaay! Nice to see our night crew in action and Mr Mamba raring to go! Good morning fellas.

This post had me in stiches:
Jamie Sweet - and when Luke's playing in slo-mo, his hair... even Kobe can't do what Luke's hair can do. (Sasah tries, but his hair's BB IQ is just not up to it.)
Oh, wait, Luke wasn't being shot in slo-mo, he was just moving slow?
Posted by: 63 Footer | November 10, 2010 at 08:50 PM

Man, people get crazy about Luke. We are an amazing group/Blog and I am beginning to understand that for some people, thier enjoyment of some players eclipses their love of the Team (see Ricky on Pau). Others hate for some players eclipses their enjoyment/love of our Team (see Yellowfever on Luke or DFish on Jon K - LOL).

For me, I'm a Laker guy. From the Buss family, to Jerry West to Magic and Kareem and now Kobe. All the role players too (Lamar, Artest, Cooper and Worthy back in the day).

NOT a knock on how others view the team. I'm just fascinated by the diversity of interests and the perspectives they bring.

Have a great Laker Day everyone. Please enjoy the next step in our season long Coronation of the 2010/2011 version of the Lakers being the "Real" kings of the NBA. This is the year we shove Boston aside when we meet their 17, and we humble/expose the Meat and their percieved greatness.

Tonight we make our way to the next NBA town and re-introduce them to their reigning and future champs.

Tonight we make our way to the next NBA town and re-introduce them to their reigning and future champs. Posted by: JohnnyV | November 11, 2010 at 07:19 AM
I like it! I LIKE IT!! Good morning JohnnyV sir. And how are we this wonderful Laker Game Day morning? From that line I see the Swagger is there! Very good, carry on!
Good Morning Noah, very nice sir, keep them coming!!


JustaLakerFan - hope everything turns out okay and health and crisis fall by the wayside like anyone trying to defend Kobe Bryant (okay, a silly metaphor when y'all are going through something real, but heartfelt).

And a little Squirrel Bait for a Thursday morn... just to get your heart started:

I just wanna say I'm happy I'm a Laker fan and proud of it.

And Rick. F, Glad you made it thru and back.


Good Morning Laker Family!! We are so Blessed to have Kobe, that we sometimes forget what rare a talent he is!!!I remember when Shraq said nobody wanted to play with Kobe...Uh, Shaq, guys are playing for way less money to be a part of Kobe and the Lakers. And you? This is your sixth team. Just give Kob a challenge and he's up to prove them wrong. What is up with the Jazz? YEA!! GAME DAY!!!!!

@63 FOOTER, You starting off strong this morning sir!!!
I just wanna say I'm happy I'm a Laker fan and proud of it.Posted by: Magia32 | November 11, 2010 at 07:48 AM
NO!!! Happy and proud Fan? What manner of madness is this? Who paid you to say these things? Next you will be saying you root for a team which has The Best Team. Best Owner, Best coach, Best player and Best Blog. Now this type of irresponsible talk most stop. Wait a minute...Oh Laker Fan right! I was thinking about those low down disgusting, vile, low life Heat Fans...Carry On and continue to be Proud and Happy!!

i had asked before the game with minn." what if they lose, how are they going to play the next game". well they got the w, but it felt more like a loss of something rather than winning something. this being said , i think that this queation is still relevant, how are they going to respond tonight.?

Good Game day morning NewMexicoLL. Well it had to happen. Sunday Bears vs. Vikes! The old gunslinger against the young gunslinger. Ought to be very interesting. I think I'll watch. LOL!

i think that this queation is still relevant, how are they going to respond tonight.? Posted by: lance from da' bronx | November 11, 2010 at 08:02 AM
WTH? With all due respect sir, these are the 16 time NBA Champion, 4 dynasty, current back to back NBA champion Freakin LA Lakers you are talking about. How will they repond? Well I'll tell you! I feel a Tsunami!! Yeah I said it. This will be a blowout of epic proportions. Take that to the bank.

it really WAS not a question ,more of a war cry

it really WAS not a question ,more of a war cry Posted by: lance from da' bronx | November 11, 2010 at 08:11 AM

Kobe has the edge against other superstars because of:

1. Longer hang time in the air than typical hoopster;
2. Mastery of the boards;
3. Studies moves of opponents especially the one who will be assigned to him;
4. Mastery of the read and react on plays, dribble and pivots
5. Practice moves till perfection, is never satisfied with what he already knew but try add more to his repertoire of moves;
6. His unending thirst for achievement, some basketball fans call it self-centered but it is just unending challenge in conquering the top;
7. Superior intelligence on mind control and self motivation. When he was on trial he psyched himself to gut it out on the basketball court even when public opinion was at its lowest ebb;
8. Ball hog, despises under achieving teammates, hates owners intrigues basically, he knows what he wants and grabs it;
9. Stubborn with his own style, won't compare himself to other Superstars preceded him but just stick to name brand Kobe;
10. It is the brand Laker that made him better. If Kobe got stuck w/ Charlotte Bobcats, would he ever attain such fame and attraction.

Will he be the greatest player in NBA of all time? It is not for us to judge because our frame of comparison will be limited. It is up to future historians 50 years from now who have an array of view of all players.

Will he be the greatest player in NBA of all time? It is not for us to judge because our frame of comparison will be limited. It is up to future historians 50 years from now who have an array of view of all players. Posted by: Edwin Gueco | November 11, 2010 at 08:26 AM
Stop it, Stop it!! The man is a Basketball God and that is all it is too it! I don't need no stinking 50 years. I don't need another title, I don't need another bucket! RIGHT FREAKIN NOW KOBE BEAN BRYANT IS THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL-TIME...PERIOD!!!!

great slow mo video! we need some more up here!

ay mannnno . good luck this week. ur -2 just to let u know. try using this. the boss showed it to me it will help cuz everything is one spot. makes it easier to get ur info. u need to get to atleast +3 to stay alive. alright.



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