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Lakers' Jeanie Buss discusses new book 'Laker Girl' [video]

Trophies and JeanieEvery time Jeanie Buss walks into her office, she sees the Lakers' championship trophies, arranged  adjacent to the window that overlooks the team's practice court.

The Lakers' executive vice president sometimes calls her office "the trophy room I happen to have a desk in."

She said in a recent interview that her boyfriend, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, likes to come into her office and "open the blinds because he always wants the players to see the trophies and be reminded of what the goal is."

That goal is at the center of her new book "Laker Girl," a collaborative effort with former Los Angeles Times writer and longtime Laker author Steve Springer that features biographical sketches and monthly diary entries detailing the Lakers' 2009-10 championship season. I recently conducted an interview with Buss, which is broken up in three parts in the videos below.

In the first video, Buss talks about how the book project came up, why she feels so driven to work in the family business and her desire to prove herself outside the shadow of her father, Lakers owner Jerry Buss.

Among the highlights of the second part of the Buss interview: her relationship with Jackson; her frustrations over the uncertainty last season of his coaching future; and her dog, Princess.


In the third part of the interview, Buss talks about the unveiling of Jerry West's statue during All-Star weekend; Princess makes a cameo appearance; Buss tells why she believes this is truly Jackson's last season; and she talks about the upcoming collective-bargaining agreement, her relationship with her mother and her relationship with the media and public.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Jeanie Buss, Lakers executive vice president, in her office at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo. Credit: Courtesy of Jeanie Buss

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What other NBA superstars woke up wearing Tony Parker's underwear?


Great interview!

My fav thing that Jeanie said was "The Lakers are a public trust." That's why the Buss family are the best owners in the entire world of sports. They get it.

I also love the fact that Phil opens the blinds in the trophy room so the guys on the practice court can see the trophies, and be reminded of the goal - even in November. Gotta love the winning attitude and tradition of our beloved Lakers, not to mention the solid focus of our Head Coach!

MM - it might be just my computer, but it was VERY hard to hear your questions..... But kudos - this was AWESOME!! Another thank you for bringing us great behind the scenes stuff about our team!

Very good interview, as a fan I gained a greater perspective of the inner workings of the organization and of PJ himself. It seems to me that Phil is focused from day one, and winning is priority #1 even in the so called practice season, but bringing home the O'Brien trophy is the ultimate goal, so he pulls the blinds up even in November.
Jeannie mentioned the importance of the fans and their input, not sure she has read the Blog, she might want to reconsider. Just kidding, it's nice to hear that fans are taken into account.
Lastly, what was up with the lighting. It seemed a little dark, Jeannie is worth of being appreciated for her brains and for her beauty! My 2 cents. Carry on.

@JAMF - I'm sorry you couldn't hear my questions. It might be your computer. I heard them just fine. But I'll agree about the lighting. That's my next item on my to do list to buy a light for my camera. I'm just trying to make due with what I have for now

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the interview. Jeanie offered terrific insight. I can say that she's aware of the blog. I didn't bother going into if she reads it often or not but she was very aware of you guys posting suggestions on which Laker next should have a statue

MM - do you always have to have your sarcasm font on? :)

@JAMF - Haha no I was just answering your question. Me thinks you have trouble reading when my sarcasm font is on and off

MM - methinks when you said YOU could hear your own questions that, where I'm from, drips with sarcasm. Positively REEKS of it. And it had a little smart-aleck thrown in there for good measure. But it's all good! I'll teach you about sarcasm when you take me to see the ASG in LA. We'll have a drink & discuss. LOL!!

I've said it before...I'll say it again...

I love Jeannie Buss...

She doesn't get enough credit for what she does for the family business...

And if not for her...I don't think PJ resigns...

I am not surprised in the least Jeanie Buss named her dog Princess.

I am not surprised in the least Jeanie Buss named her dog Princess. Posted by: Jeanie Buss' Mirror | November 18, 2010 at 03:28 PM
ROTFLMAO!!! but it also comes if you call it Jimmy!!!

@JAMF - Haha no sarcasm there. I meant when I played it back, I could hear it through the speakers. I'm really not looking forward to Feb. when you get upset that whole ASG idea isn't going to happen

Damn Jeanie is hot!



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