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Gasol vs. Gasol? Phil Jackson starts zinging

So do the Lakers have the wrong Gasol?

Of course not.

But Lakers Coach Phil Jackson jabbed at his all-star forward when asked about Pau Gasol going up against his brother, Marc, when the Lakers play Memphis on Tuesday at Staples Center.

"It's been very hard on him," Jackson said of past battles in the post between the brothers. "A lot of times we say we traded the wrong guy and tell him that Marc is a tougher, more powerful player than he is. [Marc] doesn't have the shooting touch yet, but his defense, his rebounding is very good. He gets a kick out of playing against Pau. He's actually a little more physical than Pau is. I like to bring it to [Pau's] awareness." 

The Lakers acquired Pau in February 2008 for Kwame Brown, Aaron McKie, Javaris Crittenton, two first-round picks and the rights to Marc, who the Lakers drafted with a second-round pick in 2007.

Marc, 25, is five years younger than Pau, but is listed at 265 pounds, 15 more than his brother. Marc is listed at 7-foot-1, an inch taller than Pau.

Now in his third NBA season, Marc has career averages of 13.1 points and 8.3 rebounds a game. Pau has averaged 18.8 points and nine rebounds in his 10-year career.

In seven NBA games against his brother, Marc is averaging fewer points (11.6) but more rebounds (nine) than his career averages.

Pau tried to laugh off Jackson's remarks.

"I don't think he believes that, but obviously he's always picking," said Gasol, who was named Western Conference player of the week. "He's always trying to have a good time, and we have fun playing around with each other."

Pau said he wouldn't fire back with a jab of his own, though he acknowledged that Jackson ribbed him quite a bit. Last month, Jackson said it looked like Gasol was "still on vacation" after a slow start in exhibition play.

"There's certain things that are a little touchier," Gasol said. "Most of the time I just try to ignore [it], because otherwise he would continue and it's not a battle I'd want to be part of."

-- Mike Bresnahan

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This power is just too much for me!!! No one should have such awesome power.!!!

My lunch is getting cold.

@63 Footer and LRob...

Here is the 4th entry of the Lakers/Beatles list...

Magic Johnson was signed in 1980...and the NBA witnessed a revolution of Showtime...



And the rest is history...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


It's justa not my day.....

BUT - I'm still funny dammit.


you wrote: I have been called a Bynum basher for simply stating the obvious - that Bynum is injury prone, and that his absence will force Pau and Lamar to play heavy minutes, which may have repercussions down the line. Kobe has the same concerns. I was just wondering if you think Kobe is bashing Bynum for stating the obvious, and if you still think elongated Bynum's absence in the regular season is irrelevant?

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | November 01, 2010 at 01:05 PM

my response: Don't do it. Just don't do it. You can't win. You can't get
rational discussion out of it. They are of the opinion that their perceptions
are correct regardless of what any facts may or may not say about their

Anytime you print "observable facts" to support your argument they will
re-interpret your facts to support their beliefs or just ignore your facts.
Just don't do it.

Leave the sacred cows alone. Unless, of course, you brought steak sauce.

If the latter .... Let's Feast!

Man, everyone's testy today considering we're 3-0 and looking solid despite a shaky preseason and no Bynum for at least a few more weeks.

Alarmists - please take a deep breath and relax. It's November 1st, and things don't look so bad.

Yes Bynum is hurt. If you ain't used to it by now, you ought to be. He's not going away, that's obvious enough at this point. His upside is greater than any other big out there, and the Lakers FO is going to ride it out for better or worse. I'm thinking this year will be for the better.

There are no real scrubs on the team any more. This is the deepest Lakers team in recent memory. When the teams worst players are a couple of second round picks (who looked great last night), a serviceable big in Ratliff, Sasha (only coming back for a vet's minimum), and Luke (ours until he retires or his contract expires), we're not doing too bad.

Lamar is making a believer out of me. If I were casting my all-star ballot, he's on it. If he keeps up this level of play, he's going to make the team. Especially poetic considering the game's here this year. My only question - where's this been the past 5 years?

The Killer B's are probably the best 7-9 options any team has by far. Maybe some of the best in league history. Fish was clutch. Ron is great on D - shot selection - eh, nuff said. Ebanks looks like a keeper and Caracter's a mountain of a man.

Pau and Kobe? Well I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'll take our best two over their best two any day and twice on Sunday.

1980 Playoffs...Who remembered that year, SA and Houston was in the Eastern Conference and Milwaukee was in the West...

Anyone know when they realigned the league to reflect the way it looks now...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

*sigh* It's justa not my day..... BUT - I'm still funny dammit. Posted by: justanothermambafan | November 01, 2010 at 02:28 PM
Calm down Justanothermambafan. I am returning your powers because I am to irresponsible to be entrusted with them. You have used them wisely in the past and I trust you will use them wisely in the future. I shall now return to my dull dreary non thread changing life, secure in the knowledge that when faced with temptation I did the right thing. There can be only ONE Thread Changer and that is you, yes YOU Fabulous Justanothermambafan. Now, you not only have your powers back, but are also Funny Damnit!!! Carry On.

I'm sooooo glad we didn't go for Jeremy Lin. He looks very uncomfortable out there and turns the ball over a lot. Actually, he reminds me a bit of Jordan Farmar, but a little slower, and not as good of an outside threat, and...

In all fairness, I think once he settles down a bit, he'll be pretty good around January.

Just think of how much better Blake will be by then.

im tired of hearing the claim that we "stole" Pau from the grizzlies, ive always said that it was a fair trade at that time (of course in hindsight ,20/20 and all that) but it is unfair for even Greg popovich to say that the nba should have regulated our trade.

Marc gasol AND 2 first round picks along with the misc players is NOT a steal trade for the lakers. The grizzlies were vying for their own benefit as well trust me.

Mamba24- You got the POWER, what should you do? lotto...Lotto..LOtto..YES LOTTO LET'S GET PAID.

I always look forward to seeing the Gasol brothers play against each other. It's fun because, obviously, they're each trying their hardest to win, but they're brothers and you just know they must be smack-talking each know, that sibling rivalry thing.

Pau needs to throw some insults back at PJ. It's all in good fun. That's how some people show their affection and appreciation.

I am another fan who is happy and relieved that Lamar Odom has finally had a breakthrough. This is huge for the Lakers because he had an emotional block to own his power, courage, and dignity. I call it having the Heart of the Lion because of these qualities.

How did this breakthrough happen? It happened when he was promoted to a starting and leadership position on the USA team. He "acting as if", he finally OWNED his power which previously was intermittent and out of his grasp. With the Lion embodied, it doesn't matter what others think, you live in the moment and act without fear. Go LO!

luke walton is better than both,,period

for the 1st time since i can remember, i can actually relax and watch a Lakers game. even though i still sit on the edge of my seat when Ron Ron shoots a 3 and realize the basketball Gods were truly with us Game 7 when took the famous shot whenever i've watched him over the last 2 games. i think he is pressing which is why his shot is off because he was torching it during preseason.

either way barring any major injuries this team should be back in the finals, however Miami is starting to figure things out which in reality should be scary but i feel in a 7 game series this lakers team could win in 6 or 7 games.

Why don't we trade Bynum to get Marc Gasol back at the end of this season?

Phil has always been tougher on his "Euro" players. Kukoc, Radmonovich, and Pau. I think he realizes Pau has some sensitivity about his toughness, but he also knows after he demolished the Celtics last season, and thus answered all questions concerning this "weakness". All he can do now is make jokes about the alleged "soft" label with comments such as these....

Hey bosssirman . u didnt do too good this weekend. i saw your results. try using this ive been using it all year. it helps. cuz everything is one spot so ull get ur info faster. ull c.. or fix it somehow cuz ur gonna ruin the team. alright. bye.



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