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Five things to take away from Lakers' 121-116 loss to the Phoenix Suns

Kobe1 1. The Suns' record-setting performance from three-point range points to a hot shooting performance and poor Lakers defense.

The sequence soon became as monotonous and predictable as a blow-'em-up summer blockbuster. The Suns dribbled up the floor, swung the ball around the perimeter and then waited for an open cutter to appear beyond the arc. Whether taking place from the corner, the top of the key or from 25 feet out or more, the Suns wouldn't see a three-pointer they didn't like.

The Lakers' 121-116 loss Sunday to the Phoenix Suns gives them their second consecutive loss and points to a problem that's bothered them all season long -- a failure to defend. Sometimes that's entailed the Lakers messing up on defending screen and rolls, failing to block off driving lanes or performing on help defense when needed. But against Phoenix, the Lakers' most egregious defensive problem was their failure to overplay the perimeter.

The result: The Suns went 22 of 40 from three-point range, a franchise record for three-pointers made in a game, and the highest number of three-pointers the Lakers have allowed in a game. The explanations in the locker room appeared mixed, with Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and most players conceding that they had thought the Suns' hot streak would eventually fizzle out, but acknowledging they didn't react well on close outs and switching defensive rotations. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who sagged a bit on defense himself, simply chalked it up to Phoenix shooting well.

It's indisputable that a team hitting 22 three-pointers will rarely happen. It is a record after all. Hedo Turkoglu's 17 points on six-of-nine shooting included a second-quarter three-pointer that tipped the front rim and simply dropped in the basket and a 26-foot heave that gave the Suns a 115-109 lead with 34.7 seconds remaining. There isn't much you can do there. But plenty of Jason Richardson's 35 points on 13-of-20 shooting and seven-of-10 from three-point range came on wide-open looks or delayed contested reactions.

The Lakers' poor defense, which led to Phoenix's 22 of 43 field goals coming from long range, isn't as worrisome moving forward as is the fact that the poor focus in that department has been ongoing. As tempting as it is to simply flush this defensive performance away because the Suns played as if they held the fireball in NBA Jam, the Lakers' poor communication on defense isn't anything out of the ordinary. 

57645832 2. The NBA's new technical-foul rule needs to change.

 With the Lakers trailing by four points with under a minute remaining, Bryant found Lamar Odom wide open inside for the easy layup. As Odom lined up for the shot, Turkoglu appeared to foul him, but no whistles were blown. Odom said afterward that he yelled out "And 1," because he believed he was fouled, but instead he was called for a technical.

This sequence perfectly illustrates the stupidity behind the NBA's new technical-foul rule that cracks down on demonstrative and overt reactions to referees' calls. The ruling proved illogical for two reasons: Odom's reaction seemed pretty normal, and the call came late in the game and significantly altered the outcome.

I'm not blind to the fact had the Lakers corrected their defensive issues, this wouldn't have been such a widely talked about subject in the locker room. But the officials shouldn't have allowed this to become remotely significant in the outcome. Instead, Phoenix guard Steve Nash hit a free throw, and Turkoglu followed with a three-pointer to give the Suns a 115-109 lead with 34.7 seconds remaining.

3. Steve Blake's absence affected the Lakers' rotation.

Blake missed Sunday's game because of a stomach virus, causing the Sasha Vujacic to play 11 minutes, when he normally doesn't appear other than in garbage time. As expected, Vujacic played Slovenian rival Goran Dragic fairly closely. But his three-pointer at the top of the key over Dragic likely put him on Cloud Nine for several reasons. The shot cut the Suns' lead to 95-89 with 10:44 left in the fourth quarter and erased a missed layup moments earlier.


4. The Lakers' frontcourt bounced back, but they weren't used enough.

On paper, it appeared Pau Gasol and Odom proved effective enough inside to keep the Lakers in contention. After all, Gasol's 28 points on 12-of-17 shooting and 17 rebounds showed his six-of-17 outing against Denver resembled nothing more than an off night. Odom's 22 points on 10-of-18 shooting and 11 rebounds showed that the last two games, in which he didn't record a double-double, will prove the exception rather than the norm. But they could have done more.

They don't deserve the finger-pointing. Both provided enough putbacks. Both took advantage of timely entry passes inside. And one sequence epitomized their teamwork quite well: Odom fed Gasol inside before one-timing it to Matt Barnes for the two-handed slam, cutting the Suns' lead to 104-102 with 4:49 remaining.

Instead, the rest of their teammates should've done more to feed them. I don't mean to take away from Bryant's 25-point performance on 11-of-20 shooting, his impressive backboard pass to himself for a layup and the 14 assists that mostly went to Gasol. I don't mean to downplay Shannon Brown's 12 points off the bench and a timely corner three-pointer that cut Phoenix's lead to 104-100 with 5:53 left. But the Lakers could've won the game had they fed Odom and Gasol more than 35 combined field-goal attempts. That may seem like enough touches, but not when it represents 96 total shots. The Lakers could start with Ron Artest, whose 13 points came on five-of-12 shooting and featured questionable shot selection. 

5. The Lakers' turnovers remained an issue.

Their 18 turnovers created 12 points for Phoenix, disrupted the team's chemistry and came at crucial moments of the game. As much as the Lakers' offensive chemistry has clicked, it's almost made them feel too comfortable.

As well as Bryant set up the post, his eight turnovers reflected poor passes. As comfortable as Gasol appears inside, his four turnovers shows his failure to immediately react to pressure inside. And as well as the Lakers have run their offense, their 18 total turnovers revealed an arrogant attitude that they can simply manufacture points whenever they want.

Stat of the Night: 22 -- The number of three-pointers the Suns made against the Lakers, As mentioned above, that's a Phoenix franchise record for three-pointers made in a game and a Lakers franchise record for most three-pointers an opponent made in a game.

Quote of the Night: "I'll just say I have five rings playing a particular way. I feel like that works pretty well. People do other things, and you see the results. That's just my opinion. Obviously I'm biased." -- Lakers guard Derek Fisher on why he doesn't think the Suns' three-point shooting will be a sustainable winning strategy.

-- Mark Medina

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Upper photo: Kobe Bryant, left, and Pau Gasol walk together during the final moments of the Lakers' 121-116 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Sunday at Staples Center. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

Middle photo: Bryant argues a foul call during the final seconds of the game. Credit: Gina Ferazzi /Los Angeles Times

Lower photo: Gasol dunks on a fast break. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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The Lakers are behind Celtics in the HCA chase. This time around the Lakers are more likely to face the 2008 situation if they don't have HCA. Celtics are much better than the Laker's on D. Yes the Laker bench is better this year but still not as good as the Celtics on D, IQ, mental or physical toughness. Celtics seem to be able to play with D-intensity for 4 Qs without worrying about burnout because they limit minutes/player not D-intensity/player. They rotate with intensity on every play. This year the Lakers can forget a 3-peat without is that important. Celtics have a big-4! Rondo's stat line is better than DF, SB & Blake's combined & he gets the most out of the team with low TOs & great on-ball/off-ball movement!

you would think the lakers are 2-8 the way the media is freaking out. the lakers understandably aren't giving 100% every night, they are about 85%-90% effort, but it is Oct and more than likely would be 10-0 if bynum were in the lineup.

The Lakers loss to the nuggets was disappointing, but the loss to the Suns is disgusting. Both games were winnable.
There should be no finger pointing to what player lost the game for us. The Lakers couldn't play defense period. Hopefully the Bucks could teach them a bit how to play defense.
I know it's not the end of the world because the Lakers lost back to back games. Most of the Laker fans are upset that this team could break records and make history, yet they seem not to care. Thats the outline of all this Laker loss hysteria; well at least in my eyes.

No D = No Rings.
But it's way too early for that kind of talk.

Is it my imagination or does Kobe have a bit too much of a mellow attitude.
Fish calling the team out while Kobe down plays the loss?
Isn't it supposed to be the opposite?
Oh well, on to the midwest.
The lakers "should" reel off five W's before going to Utah next week.

Would anyone have bet money that after ten games NO and the Spurs would be ahead of the Lakers?

Defense is an effort thing. It is way early, lots of new guys blending in, Big man Drew missing in the paint, Kobe getting back into shape...etc. I wouldn't get too excited about this yet. Celtics are old, trying to prove something to Miami & Orlando early and will wear down at the end of the year if they keep this up all season. Plus as PJ said last year, "they know how to lose in the 4th Q". Tired at the end of the game with old legs the shots don't fall. PJ will have these guys ready when it counts.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Poor defense early let the Suns get comfy. This morning song is for Phoenix cause they were on "Fire".

When you're hot you're hot
You really shoot your shot.

"most players conceding that they thought the Suns' hot streak would eventually sizzle out"

This is what's known as a gambler's fallacy. It's the belief that things must revert to the mean in the short run.

I saw the Lakers have this same fallacious thinking against the Nuggets last season when Chauncy dropped a carrer high - it wasn't until it was too late that the Lakers tried to adjust.

PJ is not paid 10 million for the equivalent of walking to a roulette wheel and betting black when the board shows the last five draws were red. We can do better than that.

Just a note - Kobe had 14 assists, not 9 as was written.

In fact, 1 more board and 2 more turnovers and he could've had a quad-double.


I tried to wait till my usual pre-dinner time to write this but I couldn't.

I haven't read yet ANY of the things you guys wrote since yesterday and to be honest yet I haven't even read or listened to what MM had to say about the game.

Fact is when I get dissatisfied in my Lakers, my best therapy is pouring out regardless of what anyone else had to say about probably the same elements of dissatisfaction.

I'll read you all and compliment you all about RCOTD later okay?

This is my safety rant post.

Handle it with care.

Okay... I actually am not really doomed or anything.
I am mostly disappointed in myself actually for assuming, wrongly, that we were already in a position when a previous series of downwarding points (see: Denver) could be taken as a push as a global team.

I was wrong.

Of course being this the tenth game, we are all at a different stage of shape, especially considering the differencies among players regarding preparation and way they have approached the pre-season.

I'm not worried about Kobe, because as I was writing in my former enlightened comment, guy hasn't got a preparation like he (and we) were used for him to get and therefore he will still be on a rollercoaster for a while more.

Does this makes me less hurt by the way we GLOBALLY forgot about defense yesterday?


I give myself explanations, but they aren't yet reasons enough to me for heal my biting stomach.

Definitely we were lacking quickness.

But that's what makes me angry the most: just because we did, how the heck we did try to pace along Suns???

If we play THEIR game (see every match up with them in the past 8 years) THEY win.

It's that kinda blind stubborness in our players that dissatisfied me the most.

Lakers will always leave three pointers open and I can also agree with Derek in the long run this will never hurt (he means in a playoff run) because (see billups, Allen, whomever 3 pointer you wanna pick up) you can't EVER sustain that range of efficaciousness in a 7 games run, and once you rely on 3s as heavily as Suns do, for instance, you don't have much else to offer.

I don't feel bad about yesterday on that.

I feel mostly bad for our insane tendency at trying what was clear wasn't yet in our bag: fast transitions that left us breathless and often dazed, so much that we did not know how to apply our play schemes not in D, nor in O.

That was kinda shocking (well, not really: again I can see the dynamics that brought us there, I just don't really get why we were pursuing them so vividly being not yet fit for those play, especially with Drew and Blake out).

There's also another thing that was clear for me and that was quite a departure from my usually light asset when it's about closing games at clutching zone.

Yesterday I was NOT feeling it.

If I were able to be in chat with you all, I wouldn't have said "We can get it".

It was depriving me, to feel that way, but I was feeling so.

Until Kobe isn't back at his fullest (and right now he's about at 80%, but that 80% that means pre-season 80%, not regular season 80%, which would be enough for us to win anyway under every condition), that clutchness in Lakerland isn't there.

I think he knows: that explains why at the start of the season he land the clutch ball to someone else too.

He knows, but he gotta be patient.

And we gotta be patient too.

There's no doom in our Land... it's all a step at time and we will be dominant soon enough.

It's just that this loss, unlike Denver's, itched me because it damaged my perfect mood after Milan beat Inter in derby and got us again the first spot in Serie A.


I would have loved Lakers to maintain the roll.

But we can't have it all, and yesterday the team just chose a wrong way to try to win, memorizing what we can SURELY do well, but we can't afford yet at our state of collective shape and fair merging of new and old talents.

We're just not there twisting enough yet: Suns got it and cooked us.

You can't fool Nash.

Then we can be angry at referees and lots of other ridicolous stuff but if we watch carefully and honestly inside ourselves, we know we did not lose due to it and we did not lose on singular players faults.

We did lose collectively.


It just means that collectively we gotta reach a better point of play.

Just more work to do.

Let's do it.

I'm disappointed but no way depriving my beloved team of my faith and love and support.

We still get it.

My music for the day is Rock from UK:

Klaxons, "Echoes":

And The Hurts, "Wonderful Life" :

I'll catch up with all reading later on.

Now gotta distress by doing a long long swimming time.

LLL, Z. :)

Good morning crew!

Well, not very pretty. I definitely thought there would be a little more energy around defense with two days off. Hmmm.

All I can say is after 10-3's you'd think there would be some distinct movement. After 15, okay something has to give. But seriously 22 and they were still draining them right to the end? Embarrassing.

The only saving grace for me was D-Fish's comment. 5 rings playing a certain way and the coach has 11. Let the Suns have their fun, we know the best sun sets over LA!

Cheers - PLG

what happened to kobe's legendary intensity? he is far too nonchalant for my taste. i love the nasty kobe that would be pissed off after a loss. he needs to get that mojo back for the sake of his team. they feed off of his intensity. it livens up artest, barnes, blake, fish and the other intense players.

Posted by: C. River | November 15, 2010 at 02:13 AM

It's still early in the season and this team has 5 new players still trying to fully understand to system and playing "D".

Kobe's not 100% on "D”, no lateral movement to keep opposing guards in front of him. So he backs off giving them plenty of room to shoot, but he's alway cheated on "D" nothing new.

This team knows it's imperative for them to have home court in the playoffs, if not. No 3-peat, that's a fact.

But I'm not worried that much at this point, knowing once Drew returns they'll play much better. I'm not looking through rose's colored glasses; Drew has his issues with quick guards that attack up the middle, picking up fouls.

But hey... that's what the season for, just enjoy the journey it's early, we have till the trade deadline if we need to make a move to improve. We’ve got trade bite.

Shannon should be the starting pg, hands down, I know he over dribbles sometimes but he brings much more them fish and Blake. Just one mans opinion.

Who cares? The Suns can feel good about shooting like this, but no way they can sustain in during a playoffs series. The Lakers play for rings. The Suns don't pose a threat.

Good morning,

Q. When is an NBA game like racking up frequent flier miles with purchases on your credit card at Home Depot? A. Whenever the Lakers allow a storm of three-point shots like they did on Sunday night.


The Lakers get official credit for minutes played by NBA rules. But it sure looked from here like the players phoned this one in. And phoning it in for a game that's only one of ten played this young season just doesn't cut it.

No excitement. No plot line. No nothin'.

Maybe someone told the players they could sneak in a stinker when so many eyes were on the NFL, BCS, and Chase for the Sprint Cup that no one would notice. Attention, Lakers: We noticed.

To all who post here that doubted the Lakers shut up all of you.Lakers all the way to threepeat.Its the game in mid April- June that is more meaningful more than anything else and I know at the end Lakers will have the last laugh again.So to all the haters and doubters get lost all of you...

Back to Earth for us Lakers fans...

Remember the 2009 Finals when Orlando shot "lights out" for the entire game (like 63% overall, and 74% in a single 1/4) and managed to win that game by a measly 4 points? Well, this game mirrored that one to near perfection. Both games were won in the final 120 seconds. Both games had porous defense. Both games had ridiculous shooting performances, resulting in equally ridiculous point totals and percentages. And finally, both games had furious rallies by the both teams to make things really interesting.

The Lakers continually have a large target on their collective backs, and every team on every night in every city will come out guns a-blazin'. Chalk this up to some soft defense, outside shooting of biblical proportions by the Suns, and a figurative return to basketball mortality.

This loss will mean little to nothing in June.

It was nice to see the "Ron Artest rebound and putback for the win" game from last season's playoffs against the Suns replayed on FSN after the game, though.

Whoever said "you can't win 'em all" was right, but we CAN win most of them!

Last observation: Kobe's shot was a little flat. No lift, and not much arc. 4th quarter take-overs cannot happen when the ball is kissing the front of the rim and not the inside of it.

That is all.


I don't want to believe this, but is it possible that Kobe got old over the summer?
I mean he sure does look it. Fisher is moving around out there better than Kobe and that's sad.

I must take full responsibility for the past two Laker losses. I was unable to see a single game this year, until the loss at Denver. And now that I've seen two games, they've both been losses. The lakers are undefeated when I don't watch, and haven't won once with me looking on.

There's no other answer.

I was considering buying a pair of the Bernie madoff monogrammed underware to break the curse that I've brought to the team, but I can't aford them so I have to consider other memthods to bring back the good forture I'v seemingly driven away.

Any ideas?

I don't kill live chickens or goats, so forget that. There has to be somekind of home remedy I can try, maybe something that involves grapefruit juice and gin?

No. I hate gin.

Any ideas would be welcomed.


I had to stop watching after the first half, but I could smell the loss.

Starters? Almost everyone put up good numbers.

Bench? 7-23 - without Brown it would have been worse - 3-15.

Defense? Standing around watching Phoenix jack up threes will not win a basketball game any time of year.

I am a Lakorholic.

It starts at the top!! Kobe and Pau's defense sucked!! Kobe may want to show he's 100% but his defense on JRich showed otherwise. Pau was not aggressive getting fronted almost every time. Why didnt he fight to get the ball more? I believe if Kobe showed more intensity on the defense end it would trickle down to his teammates. He is playing way too loose on defense!! Why is there no defensive continuity from championship run? Lakers are giving up way too many points per game. Also, why is Luke Walton playing?!! Why?

Steve Nash and the Suns are going with the same regular season fool's gold. Run and gun. Last night it worked because they shot great from behind the arc. They will surprise a lot of people, make the playoffs, and lose in the playoffs.

Playing the Suns requires teams to change what they do, especially defensively. They have to protect the perimiter more than the rim. On a night in, night out basis over 82 games teams don't bother to make the adjustments that the Suns demand. But in a playoff series they do.

The Suns shot 22-40 from 3 point range. If they had made "only" 50% of their 3's, they would have lost the game.


Me, too!

ARGH! The 8-0 explosion out of the gates was witnessed only in print, as I have been very busy lately. Somehow, the two games I was able to watch in their entirety, were both giveaways. It seems as though the games I watch only small portions of result in wins.


@Tom D,

"The Suns shot 22-40 from 3 point range. If they had made "only" 50% of their 3's, they would have lost the game."

Indeed! I agree (see my first comment regarding Orlando in '09).


As for the Lakers, I expected them to get off to a rough start with Bynum out, Kobe at less than 100% and new guys working their way into the rotation. All things that have a big impact on the defensive end - Bynum not guarding the rim, Kobe not as mobile as he will be later in the season, and guys not knowing instinctively when to help, when to switch, etc.

The easy schedule early on covered over all those sins, but teams like Denver and Phoenix know how to score, and how to expose weaknesses.

Still, these were pretty close, winnable games and as the season goes on I expect that, as Shaq might mumble, the Lakers will be fine. If they keep winning 80% of their games, there won't be much to worry about.

5 days of golfing and drinking .... or I should say drinking and golfing .... in the sun in Palm Springs and THEN I shot over to Staples Center last night for my first game of the season in worse shape than the Lakers looked last night. For some reason, I'm always at the games where the opponents rain threes: Chauncey Billups last season, Ray Allen's Game 2 and now this. Some of those threes were contested, but 80% of them were wide open looks. I can't believe Kobe almost had a triple double because he didn't seem to have his head in this one, especially on defense. In fact, nobody played defense. This is no different than two years ago when we came out on fire and then it turned into just another practice season where the goal was HCA. Now Lamar's nursing a sore foot, Ratliff is completely falling apart and we await the return of Andrew Bynum. All is well.

Adrian and others,

To critique the Lakers play on Sunday night is hardly a comment on the Lakers chances to 3-peat, or an expression of doubt.

This game was played in November. I invested 2.5+ hours in watching it. I wanted a rewarding fan experience. I didn't get much of one.

What makes a meaningful game depends on the expectation. Most of the games are played BEFORE that all-important stretch towards the end.

I am fed up with people, including media types, always blaming Laker problems and losses on not getting the ball inside enough! As a past post player I watch this aspect of each Lakers game most of all. The reason perimeter players stop feeding the Laker post is because it ends up with 3 opponents digging at the ball when it gets in there and either it gets stolen or a bad pass ensues. It is mostly a turnover waiting to happen! As a player, you can see the trend or impending disaster when you are on the court! Due to everyone knowing the triangle from a defensive stance, they know when the strong side post is set for Pau, they only need to dig at him a bit and the ball will be theirs. With 3 of them on that side they sit in his lap and it is easier to steal. Also, with his recent reversion to the 2008 version of Pau weak finishes, they aren't so worried about his swing into the 5 foot weak underhand toss at the rim he has been doing lately. Especially since he is unwilling to use glass from inside 8 feet, like any post player knows is the way to go. Frankly not many of this generation uses glass as much as they should, so that is not just a Pau weakness.

We don't have Shaq in the post anymore - our current 4 & 5 post players are much less strong with hands on the ball than Shaq types, so the guards DO NOT FORCE THE BALL IN. Basketball 101, folks!!!

Here's what I'm taking away from this game...and they're not good...honestly, they're infuriating to say the least.

1) The decision by the best coach in the NBA to bench Shannon Brown after he single-handedly brought us back into the game with his own 3's and hustle plays and let Fisher back in who coincidentally let Nash drive straight to the hole on the next 2 consecutive plays is beyond me.

2) The Lakers need to add Dr. Shanti to their payroll if Ron Ron's gonna keep playing like this. Seriously, if he misses any more dead on layups, somebody needs to increase the dosage on his medication.

3) The Lakers got used to an easy starting schedule which allowed them to pull out wins without having to play defense. I could not believe that the Suns actually played much better defense than we did last night.

4) How many times did the Suns have to knock down a 3 before any Laker had an inkling of motivation to run out on these 3pt. shooters???

5) A matchup of Pau on Nash is the most ridiculous one on one matchup I can imagine...yet, he somehow ended up on him about half the plays on the floor only to watch Pau watch Nash fly right by him. Seriously??? Just unacceptable.

I know this is only loss #2 but we better get out ish together and fast as the toughher road schedule comes down the pike. We need to find out D and execute it dammit.

That's all I gotta say about that horrendousness. Ugh!

Well, that sucked.

But, then again, the Lilliputians did manage to tie down the Gulliver, didn't they? At least for a little while, anyway.



The bottom line is that the Lakers just had a can of wup .... opened on them. Comfort yourself with your whistling past a graveyard 'its not the playoffs' mantra, but don't forget who you played for the Western Conference championship. You've just been served.....

Good morning my laker friends!

Well, this win feels really good, I won't lie. Nothing makes a SUNS fan feel better than to topple the highest-spending team in the league on their own court. Sending LA on its 1st losing streak of the season is icing.

Last night also represents a turning point in the season for PHX. The SUNS have had their interior power removed by a thrifty owner, so we SUNS fans have been scratching our heads wondering what kind of team this is. Especially after Lopez went down last night, it's basically Nash and a lot of SF/SGs. Not exactly a recipe for domination in the paint. You would think the SUNS are through.

Yet through teamwork, the SUNS proved they can dismantle the top-10 teams in the league such as LA. Smart coaching, stellar PG play, and superior passing is becoming the recipe to defeat the lakers. Denver started it and PHX expounded on the theme. Team USA-style.

While LA has cruised so far with their usual cake early schedule, it's only when facing the better teams like DEN or PHX that LA runs into trouble. Not hard to understand but it does put some perspective on the hot start.

And I'll say it again - LA will regret signing Matt Barnes. That dude blew so many clutch plays for the SUNS, made so many boneheaded decisions that it was a total relief when he left town. You will come to loathe seeing him on the court when a game is on the line, especially if he's inbounding the ball.

Enjoy the road trip, and we'll see if PHX can handle big bad DEN. Another B2B..

I'm just not seeing the need to panic, get concerned, speak out about, reminisce, or even notice last night's loss. PHX nearly broke the all-time record for 3-pt shooting. If that is what it takes to beak a Laker team dealing with some very key injuries, I find no hook to hang a hat of worry onto.

I just don't see it.

So, what's the scouting report gonna read?

"So, we have to play small all game. Then, all we have to do is drain 20 three-pointers and we might win by 5. Goooooo teaaammmmm!"


"4. The Lakers' frontcourt bounced back, but they weren't used enough."

Mark Medina,

Did you watch the game? First of all the Lakers problems were on defense not offense. Secondly, part of the problem of the bigs especially Gasol getting touches is his inability to establish position and score in the post against one on one defense down the stretch.

Did you see the feed Gasol had in the post when he was doubled and he should have kicked it back out for a wide open shot for Kobe...........instead Gasol went against the double team and his shot was rejected back in his face??

Did you watch the previous game against Denver when the ball went into the post to Gasol against Al Harrington? Harrington effectively kept Gasol out of the paint and Gasol couldn't establish any position or score one basket to curb the momentum by Denver late in the 3rd and heading into the 4th quarter?

So please stop repeating the tired verbiage of the "stat" people.............."Gasol or Odom should have got more touches"

Maybe Kobe should have upped his shot attempts that has a much better track record than feeding the ball to Gasol..........especially during crunch time.

"I'll just say I have five rings playing a particular way".
That's an awfully cocky quote from a guy who just got burned by Nash on both ends of the court.
Granted, the Suns probably won't play another game like this the rest of the year, but it doesn't erase the fact that a little better 'D' would have changed the outcome last night.

"I'll just say I have five rings playing a particular way. I feel like that works pretty well. People do other things, and you see the results. That's just my opinion. Obviously I'm biased." -- Lakers guard Derek Fisher

DAAAAANNNNNGGG! Fish! Don't hurt 'em like that. That was pretty nasty! Playground, in fact.


Eli, you are correct, Fisher's comments are cocky. But, I am correct, too, because they are true. But, maybe the Suns are satisfied with hinging the perceived success of this season on this one win. On that score, woo hoo to you!



Stop watching the games.

The Lakers have said all along that their goal is not to break the regular season wins record. If any of us doubted their sincerity they've gone out and backed it up the last two games.

All I have to say is, are we ever winning again this season?


5 Things?

2 things: D - Fense

To pfunk36 & Nuggetscountry,

Thank you for finally telling the truth about dumping the ball into the post.

To LRob,

re: the Lakers goal. Nice. I find myself in complete agreement.

To everyone else,

right about now, LakerTom will post about how things will change once Bynum
comes back. How his length will make a difference. etc. etc. etc.

Also, hmmm .... we seem to be missing the Spanish contingent lately.
Odd ... Do they only show up when the Lakers win and Pau has a good game?

Coulda, shoulda, woulda!

Not the best Pau game but... ¿28 points? ¿17 rebounds?

Spanish contingent here again...

The Spaniard are the Lakers player who has to play more minutes each game and so is very hard... and impossible to be at the highest level always.

Hey Hobbit,

28-17, no bad game my friend. Maybe the Lakers has another problem (perimeter defense, maybe.???????...... 22 , 22, 22, 22 ...... buffff)

right about now, LakerTom will post about how things will change once Bynum
comes back. How his length will make a difference. etc. etc. etc.

Posted by: hobbitmage | November 15, 2010 at 08:42 AM

Why would you BAIT LakerTom after last night's statistical fluke of a game? He's a much more EXPERIENCED and WISER fan than you and I promise you that he won't press any panic buttons or come up with any excuses for last night's MEANINGLESS practice season loss. The only EXCUSE is piss poor perimeter defense led by Kobe's lazy effort, not an injured center. 22 threes? 1 short of tying an NBA record? LakerTom's a little smarter than that and shame on you for throwing out this ridiculous BAIT.

Go ahead an bait ME instead. The degree of importance that I place on Andrew Bynum's return is proportionately accurate compared to your disproportionate utter lack of appreciation for Bynum's role on the Lakers. The way you BASH him, you'd get rid of him for the Cavaliers' trade exception.

So this is your way of dealing with a loss, is it? Transferring your post-practice game grief to another fan. I am truly amazed of the number of fans in here who want anything to do with you.

Oh boy...please at least compare the talent between the two teams! The Suns have to play that. What else are they going to try with their lineup? power ball? Fish is so shortsighted, he has 5 rings cuz he played with Shaq Kobe Gasol..A few years ago, before the Lakers offered a big mac trio for Pau Gasol, the Suns were consistently smoking LA (no contest was close). Why? better talent's all Wes's fault!
Yesterday sucked...first, the Ram's lose another game in the last minute, The Pat's & Brady win, then the Laker's loose...thank God the rib's and scallops were at least tastey!

Need more inside play? Let Artest post up more than Kobe (especially in the regular season when Kobe doesn't want the pounding). Artest taking 6 or 8 footers with LO and Pau rebounding misses? Money. (much more than artest "spacing the floor").

LO got robbed, he got hit in the face, maybe more plays in the last 2 min of a game should be reviewed?

@pfunk36 - I did watch the game. I dissected I think in detail the Lakers' problems on defense as the main item. I make it clear in item No. 4 that the Lakers shouldn't just throw aimless entry passes, which is sometimes what they did. But they need to be more judicious with the offense in looking for high percentage shots. Ron Artest comes to mind

Lakers what a joke team

The Lakers defense is porous or just plain poor. For my fellow Laker fans let us not count our three peat before it is hatch. It seems that some of us think it is automatic but it is not. The Lakers have a lot of work to do mainly actually stopping people. There are lots of teams that can knock us off in the playoffs with our present non commitment to playing defense. I want to see Kobe stop roaming and stay in front of his man.



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