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Five things to take away from Lakers' 118-112 loss to Denver Nuggets


1. The Lakers' loss knocks them down to earth. Maybe the Lakers' 118-112 loss Thursday to the Denver Nuggets will temper the talk about the team surpassing 72 wins, set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls and surely end the 82-0 bandwagon considering the team's first regular-season loss gives them an 8-1 record. I found the Lakers' 99-94 win over the Timberwolves Tuesday to be more egregious than the loss to Denver (5-4) considering the Nuggets' talent level and because the Lakers manufactured runs, including a 7-2 spurt to end the first half and responded to Denver's 16-2 run to open the fourth quarter with a 10-2 run, creating a 105-103 lead with 4:52 remaining. The Lakers clearly appeared engaged in this one, but the game presented too many peaks and valleys. The Lakers managed to reduce deficits, but only have spending most of the game failing to execute properly.

2. The Lakers became too trigger happy. The Lakers couldn't finish off theatrical plays because they settled for way too many three-pointers. In fact the final 4:52 resulted in the Lakers going zero of five from downtown. The only warranted three-pointer came from Kobe Bryant when he recognized his shot could form enough of an angle on Arron Afflalo to create contact. Subsequently, Bryant's three converted free throws cut the Denver lead to 114-110 with 1:27 remaining, but the other shots became costly.

Bryant's three-pointer at the top of the key over J.R. Smith featured poor lift. Though Pau Gasol grabbed the offensive board, his pass to Shannon Brown immediately led to another missed shot from long range. After Anthony's turnaround jumper widened the gap to 110-105 with 3:28 remaining, Gasol and Bryant ran a series of pick-and-roll until Bryant drove into the lane along the right block. Once Bryant drew a double team, he kicked the ball out to Derek Fisher, whose three-pointer would've been warranted had Ron Artest not been open inside for an entry pass.

With the Lakers trailing 114-110 nearly three minutes later, Gasol set a pick for Bryant at the top of the key and Bryant used the small separation to launch a three-pointer before giving Gasol time to roll to the basket. On the next possession, Artest fired a corner three-pointer despite 12 seconds remaining on the shot clock. Clearly the Lakers couldn't squeaked out a win had they avoided attempting 29 three-pointers.


3. The Lakers' defense still has issues. This isn't because Denver scored 118 points, marking the sixth time in nine games the Lakers have allowed at least 100 points. The tempo resembled a track meet and both teams were willing to following that pace. This isn't because Anthony scored 32 points on 14 of 25 shooting. Artest mostly guarded him well, but Anthony still found ways to score at a prolific rate despite the limited space Artest afforded him. And this is also isn't because the Nuggets shot 48.9% from the field. The most egregious parts of the Lakers' defensive effort pointed to their failure to get back on transition defense and deny penetration in the lane. The Nuggets cashed in on 10 fourth-quarter fast break points because of the Lakers' poor shot selection and failure to get back on defense. The breakdowns in one-on-one defense also didn't receive much help from the paint, allowing Denver to drive at will.

These two variables have remained problems for the Lakers for quite some time. It might be hard for the Lakers to dial down the offense considering how efficient they've run it, but the team has to ensure better shot selection or else the game will reach a pace the Lakers can't match.

4. The Lakers' frontline struggled. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom should've had a field day considering the Nuggets have had to absorb absences to Chris Anderson and Kenyon Martin because of off-season knee surgeries. But Gasol and Odom combined for seven of 23 from the field. Odom played only 26 minutes and absent altogether in the fourth quarter. And Gasol's post play and interior defending appeared tentative and exhausting. Allowing 54 points to the paint shouldn't happen. They've been the team's most consistent players this postseason, but it clearly shows they need everything they can from them until Andrew Bynum returns around Thanksgiving.

5. Bryant becomes the youngest player to eclipse 26,000 points. With one dribble, one spin and one dagger over Afflalo, Bryant became the youngest player to eclipse 26,000 career points, a mark previously held by Wilt Chamberlain, who accomplished the feat in 32 years, 114 days. Bryant, who wore a determined glare after achieving the milestone, reached that mark in 32 years and 80 days. With a milestone that speaks to Bryant's penchant for scoring at a fast rate, it's fitting that he scored 34 points on 11 of 32 shooting. I can't assess Bryant's zero of six first-quarter clip since the Miami-Boston game ate up nearly the TNT broadcast. I only found issue with Bryant's late-game three-pointers, but his 13 third-quarter points at least kept the Lakers in the game.


 --Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, left, is fouled by Denver guard Chauncy Billups during the first quarter of the Lakers' 118-112 road loss on Thursday. Credit: Rick Giase / EPA.

 Photo: Denver center, Nene, left, puts up a shot as Lakers center Pau Gasol tries to defend during the first quarter of the Lakers' 118-112 loss Thursday. Credit: Chris Schneider/Associated Press

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MIAMI (AP)- Kevin Garnett said after the game against the Miami Heat that Zydrunas Ilgauskas told him that he was undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer. Garnett said that he did not bring up the subject, but somehow Ilgauskas felt comfortable talking to him about it.
Garnett went on to say that Ilgauskas described an outside tumor as the source of his cancer. A tumor so rare that it takes the form of royalty in a unsuspecting host. The tumor feeds off itself in a narcissistic way. It goes unrecognized for a period of time, even giving the sensation of hope and euphoria, "but make no mistake about it, it is malignant" Ilgauskas told Garnett.
Ilgauskas was contacted by the AP, but declined to comment, saying only that he was on his way to Cleveland. The AP contacted David Stern, who said that such claims are unfounded and did not warrant an investigation. However, an anonymus source close to the commissioner reported that the league will conduct tests on all current and former Cleveland players. The source went on to say that Miami players will be observed during the course of the season for symptoms of this rare disease. When asked if the tumor had been identified, the source said, "no comment".
In Detroit, when Charlie Villanueva was informed of the breaking news, he expressed sympathy for Ilgauskas and said that he was cancer free despite rumors to the contrary. He insisted that he has had minimum exposure to the source of Ilgauskas disease. Garnett on the other hand, felt a sense of vindication by these latest developments, saying that many other players may be affected but are possibly in denial. When asked if he was referring to Villanueva, he responded, "you be the judge". But later admitted, that perhaps the source of the cancer "has taken an unsuspecting appearance."
Pat Riley, who refused to comment on the report, was observed wearing gloves during a recent meeting with some of his players. For now The Decision to win a championship at any cost, may come at too high a price for some vulnerable players and the Miami organization. More on this story as it develops.

MM- some IN-SIGHT (or as always you prefer OUT oF SIGHT, especially regarding some members of the team like Fishy and Gassy)

yes, some IN-SIGHT how our Philip, a.k.a. PJ was watching Denver going on a 16-0 run

or you did not SEE THAT????? - OVER-SIGHT??????????? - or just too busy counting Kobe's missing shots. You got very good at that.

how about some IN-SIGHT regarding the clutch plays of the LEADER of the TEAM. THE best BIG man in the NBA: Porous Gassy.

that great one hand turn-OVER. inspired maybe about UPS's dunk with one hand?

how about that layup when he was by himself with the rim and because of the SOFTNESSSSSSSSSSSSSS he was blocked by a "midget nugget"?????????

that pass was from KOBE.

did Pau SABOTAGED Kobe's assists total for the game? i'm asking you that because during the Live Chat the other day you suggested, actually you stated that Kobe sabotaged Gassy's triple-double.

i know that the sarcasm font was not ON, but coming from you does not need sarcasm font. it is the "regular" one. the little Kobe -bashing everytime you get a chance.

should be go back to some games when Kobe was close to a triple - double and Gassy missed the layups. like tonight?

did Gassy SABOTAGED Kobe's triple-double? i do not remember being your concern at that time?

or, in Gassy's case, you even designed a play for Gassy to get his 3x2. you were so anxious. like KB Blitz, expecting the 3x2 by the best BIG man in the league. i guess we have now the future coach of the Lakers after PJ retires.

will you ask PJ, why LO did not play in the 4th? our world champ and ALL Star?

it's funny your 1st POINT. maybe we should ask Cali and his brilliant LOGIC.
is that something WE TAKE AWAY FROM THE GAME or is a side effect or post game UNSATISFying conclusion of Justa's 82-0 bandwagon.

i'm waiting to be enlighted

ohhhhhhhhh, forgot. how come LUKE did not help?

how come LUKE did not help?

very good question. especially that KobeMVP888 and our ONE and ONLY, LTLF are always mentioning some game of Luke against the Nuggets.

if he is the X-"nugget"-Factor, how come Luke was a bench warmer????????

don't the "coaching" team do their scouting???????????????????

who missed the potent "presence" Luke has against the Nuggets?

who was the coach scouting the Nuggets???????????????????


on a scale 0f 0 to 10, please tell us, ALL OF YOU, how silly and stupid Fisher's speech sounds NOWWWWWWWWWW

do they care about HIMMMMMMMMMM?

is he really that "INTANGIBLE VOICE" in the locker room. definitely he has no voice on the court. or he just mails it IN.

looking forward for a new, refreshed, and kewl speech: Gassy and the Lakers as a TEAM. and more TOUCHES.

at the end of the game, any TOUCH by Gassy becomes at least 2 points for the OTHER TEAM. but denver also has 3's.

Clutch Gassy= Mr. Fizzle

or just POROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looking forward for some push around by Phoenix and especially Tuesday for the Bogut crapping on Gassy. now that will be ……………………………… "amazing".

I have to agree with ouchhhhhhhh.

Why did Phil Jackson not call a time out earlier? When the game was tied at 103 all? When he saw the lakers throw up countless unnecessary three point attempts? Where was Lamar Odom in the last quarter? Yes, Shannon Brown and Ron Artest had both been playing well but Lamar is that driving force to the basket that we need against a team like the nuggets. I am also surprised Fisher wasn't substituted with Blake to be honest, I think (and I hate to say this because I am a HUGE Fisher supporter) but I think Blake is a better 3 pt shooter than Fish, which he showed against the rockets!

I think that PJ was letting the lakers lose for some odd reason.. like he wanted it. As much as I love Kobe, and I do, he's phenomenal. But I think he needs to work in practices more with the rest of the team, in fact, I think the whole team needs to start practicing harder.

I know it's "only november" but do we really want to be unprepared going against the heat? No, we've got egos to crush!

Also where the hell was gasol? was he sleeping in the last quarter?

sorry, i've never really posted on this blog before, as I've felt like I had nothing to say / would be bitched at or something ahahah. im probably going to go back into lurking mode but being from canada and all it's nice to talk basketball once in a while. night all!


justanothermambafan or a.k.a. JUSTA is also from canada. if he have players from spain and slovenia, i'm sure we r happy to have FANS from Canada.

I've been a lakers fan for 16 years and counting, always have been my favourite team.. always will be.

unless the grizzles come back to vancouver that is ;)

Is it coincidence that the Lakers play sub par when Kobe jacks up plenty shots?

I live on the east coast and knowing we were on our way to losing that game i went to bed at half time.
Posted by: island priest | November 12, 2010 at 02:14 AM

another preaching fraud

at halftime, the lakers were NOT LOSING. they were up by 5.

also they were up by 8th after the 3rd qt.

and why do u comment if you did not see the game. U WERE slipping????????


looking back at Kobe's game against DENVER, and especially the playoffs, he HAD THE BEST SERIES AGAISNT DENVER. and especially in DENVER.

"another preacher"

i forgot the FAMOUS lien

THERE IS A PECKING ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the lakers will be OK, when Fishy and Gassy will learn their position in the pecking order, their ROLE, their importance to the team and the tactlessness of going to the media to SHARE their IMPOTENT TOUCHES.
rmember the last play of Fishy in the Minny game before he went to the media.

i will try to re-make IT. Fishy ISO in the left corner, PUJIT, nothing BUT ………………………AIT.

yes, Fishy tried to be a HERO, to CREATE for himslef and AIRBALLLLLLLLLLL
(now imagine that with a Latino soccer commentator)

maybe Epi, Ricky, karmaniac, hiltontown and our Medina will help us translate that in Spanishhhhhhhhhhhh

air ballllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

and let's not forget our OWN (also) Cyber-"Comic"-"Tenerife"-Bleacher Report-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

how do they say AIR BALL in Spanish??????????????????????????????

i know it rimes with Gassy

my galss is half-full. not with Lakers victories. with red wine: tonight is called "The Prodigal Son" from Paso Robles. is that named in memory of Luke????????

before we continue this program, to pay our bills, some music:

something fitting: some mourning music from Shostakovich

has Spanish subtitles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a little propaganda and indoctrination

Wow. Pau and the bench mob really stunk it up tonight. Kobe shot poorly, but it was when he was out and Pau was running with the Killer Bs that the Lakers defense became a complete sieve and gave up the lead.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | November 11, 2010 at 10:30 PM

"Wow. Pau and the bench mob really stunk it up tonight."

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | November 11, 2010 at 10:30 PM

sorry, previously above, i forgot to add quotations marks.

but if you don't believe my CRAP, i'm sure you will respect's LTLF's.

i'm waiting for Zaira's post to tell us that Gassy is a Classy guy. if it is coming from the GOD-ess, has to be true.

and it even rimes:


Gas-less (could not finished a layup by himself in CLUTCH)

so what do the REAL LAKERS FANS prefer?????????

a classy guy missing a layup in crunch time?


a tattooed thug dunking for AND 1????????????

Looking at the break down of minutes, it's kinda strange. Gasol playing 40+, Lamar sits the entire 4th. The DNPs don't bother me...except Ouchhhhhh seems to think Luke can insert himself into the game. Hard to critique a guy who did not get to play. Don't hate the playa, hate the giz-ame.

But really, if Phil was indeed trying to make a point, what in tarnation was it? Pau should be ready to play 40 minutes/game? I think he can. That Ron can play power forward? Sure, I guess. That when he senses the will of his team fading in a regular season game, Kobe will try to take over? I'm surprised he forced as many passes as he did. That 30 3s are too many? Doy.

But...why no Lamar?

Curiouser and curiouser.

my thoughts

Kobe wanted to do everything, in some way prove that he still runs things for the lakers. Maybe he was reacting to some chat from anthony. Instead of properly sharing the ball he would do some overblown unnecessary turnaround fadeaway early on in the game when they should have been trusting the offence.

However i do think that phil jackson in some way wanted the lakers to loose, it may be important in the 2010-2011 journey for them to experience a loss early on in the season. for the rookies to see what the locker room is like after an L and also how tough the practices are the next day.

Ouchhhh, wow!

You have 10 out of 14 posts, you are shooting at a good clip.
So Gasol didn't do so well?
I didn't see the game so how about a player by player review of how each of the other Lakers did.

Outscored 33-19 in the 4th quarter?
What happened there?

is it a coincidence?

as soon as PJ mentioned that as soon as Bynum comes back, LO will start on the bench.

did he lost his mojo just thinking of it?

it sure did show in the last 3 out of 4 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LO the leader of/off the Bench?????? i don't think so. his little self-esteem (as a player) that got a bust during this summer, just got crushed. he was not a LEADER in the past 2 years with the bench. why would anyone think that he WILL JUST DO IT. skittles don't help. and Saturn will be in his way again.

Art - FL Laker Fan

that's a question you need to address with "His Master's Voice" a.k.a. Mark Medina. he is the objective one. and the neutral one as a moderator.

and the ABSOLUTE VOICE of the Lakers Blog.

ps. gald to know that you keep score of my stats/posts.


u really buckle up today to entertain the troups.

check your playlists and remember the best you can offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to send the blog in a high energy positive mind set for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phil Jackson has 11 rings. He didn't call time out when Denver went on a 16-0 run early in the fourth quarter. He wanted his bench to feel the pressure. If the bench lost the 10 point lead that half the starters got; it was going to fall on the bench players.
I Am pretty sure PJ and his coaches told the Lakers that they better play defense and to show everyone else in the NBA that they are the real deal. BUT, the schedule is easy and they are the 2time champs. They can turn it on any time. They can play defense anytime the team thinks they need to play it.
Thats why Phil didn't call time outs. If the Lakers know how to win; show it. Don't depend on his game calling.

Pau Gasol lost the game for us. I am not a Pau Gasol hater, but it was obvious that he was not into the game

Good time Fam.

Coming way sooner than usual cos this evening our wedding planner lands in Milan from New York and no way in the world I'll have time to surf or read or write.

In fact even without her coming, I probably wouldn't get a chance anyway, standing the absurd troubles in connection that i am having at home (reason for which I couldn't chat this past night: the only working connection had to be spent on NBA pass, and only when we were 3 minutes shy of the game end I could reconnect iPhone and iPad... and by then you know what was going in the game... so no way I would move away from my position on the couch).

We lost.

I am not shocked, not trashed, not worried.
Naturally, I am not amused at all either.

But my prediction on that poll of the other day was correct.
Yes, I was voting for our streak to end exactly against Thuggets.

You know they are a fix of mine since a few years; they are the team that mismatches us the most in the West; the whole of past year I preyed that we didn't find them in playoffs (even though by then they were so disrupted I was not really seriously concerned anyway) and the fact they don't have that clown which is Anderson actually makes them stronger against us than weaker, because they move the ball more smartly than they used to.

Thuggest beat us.
I am glad they did because unlike what was happening against Timberkittens, this time we didn't lose on complacent card; we didn't lose because half of the team was sleeping.

We did lose because the other team did a better job in preserving safely every zone of the playgame.

We didn't.
We were completely detached at times from Oto D to O; transitions were ranging from being way too fast and chaotic to be extremely slow and predictable.

Sure, shooting was a trouble too; but bad shooting just happens at times; a work of connectivity among players which fails in timing for the most part of a game instead shows a thing we must work over.

It's a mattering minus that we can finally enlighten and work over: here is why I am happy it surfaced.

It means it's gotta be healed and then I'm fine with it.

We were still close NOT losing the game, and this also makes me confident because Denver did his best and they HAD to win against us, so we faced not only a good team which can beat any other team in a good night, but we faced also a committed beyond normality team.

A good test.

We grow stronger with these tests.

I have been entertained in reading comments so far (all expected...) and especially those about PJ not coaching in the 16-0 run.

You think for real that Kobe, Pau, Derek, Ron, Lamar need a time out to understand tehy're doing all wrong?
Or do you think for their egos is worst (therefore a better wake up call) to see the span of the points getting widely awful in favor of their facing opponents?
What do you think it's more "bring me down to earth so I can do things better" factor: a coach who tells you what you already know, putting a patch over a cut-bleeding wound, or some well visible blood mark around your persona, that suggests you to put stitches in?

Sometimes you gotta face a big wound and call it as it is to grow the will to surface.

Experienced and great players aren't your kid team to be coached.

I guess PJ knows better than you guys.

Results, and not player, prove him right.
The trust his players have in him prove him right.

It's hilarious how people who clearly don't love (because they just cannot grasp the concept, being far away from the educational resource that it's needed to get it) class are generally the first bashing PJ.

It's all natural, logical, consequential.
And hilarious.
But ehi... Cave Age doesn't need to be past for everyone? Variety is a good thing.
Amusing one for sure.

I still give my two cents to PJ, as much as I have no problem in feeling totally okay with this team STILL and maybe even more openly now that we've lost.

This is a healthy loss.

We'll grow better THANX to this.

The jackin troubles are not a problem... we are used to that; we will adjust to that.
Our players past this phases numerous times in the past two seasons and no matter the "sky fell down" comments here and on other press, and other blogs, and other places, they always found their way to be consistent when it was due.

But it isn't magic: it is that push that makes you realize that you gotta do better not as a single merely player, (which is requested as basic factor) but as a TEAM.

This past night we did not lose on singular gamers, we did lose out as a collective discouraged linking between players, plays and ryhthms, which showed in that rubber-bended switchin on/off that I was describing above.

I also saw Celts trashing expectedly the 3Hyped and I'm not surprised either(in fact I bet over the game even and won a good 230 dollars... I avoided to bet on our game because my fan heart refuses to bet against us... but if I had as I was feeling... I would have won an additional 530 dollars. Sigh).

Celts won because they are better than Meat at any rate (and also Utah and Orlando is, actually); but they also won because their key-locked defense was supported by a very oiled and running movement of the ball inside and outside.

Yesterday instead we lacked all connections in the floor zone, so much that it went way too easy for Thuggets to reach spaces and good looks and solutions way before to hit the basket or even the lowpost zone.

That wasn't a single player's fault: it was a team fault in their cracking and failing to be connected as a unit.

Non ball play by the Lakers yesterday was fragmented and frustrating.

But this will get totally worked out and over, so I really am not concerned AT ALL.

I always try to watch games beyond point and often even beyond stats, and there's really nothing worrying about this game that itches me.

It would be if our players did not know and feel one another since a long time; but since we are a team that really knows about one another and feel everyone else well, this is just a push that it's gonna make us flourish later on.

Without a single doubt.

To put it clearly: even losing, we still the best team in the NBA and BY FAR.

No rain on my Parade.

Sunshine only, true.

Oh.. I was forgetting: CONGRATULATIONS Edwin for your beautiful and deserved RCOTD :)

My music selection for the day is related to the game we lost and the way some of the press is gonna eat our hearts off with lame criticism.

i'm serving you.

Let's start with Leftfield, "Dusted" (nothing brings us down, baby...):

Then Stereophonics (awesome voice, Kelly Jones') and Mr. Writer (a subtle take on BSPN venom...):

Let's go on with Incubus, "Dig" (no way anything will stop us from Threepeat):

And then some beautiful Swedish music mixed with French lyrics, that celebrates the "take me away and bring me to a better place" type of feeling, which is good today.
This is Kent, "FF":

I end with a French spoken happy song that lately I really like in a light and swaggering way.
Swagger is what I feel like if I think of us still... but in a classy way.
We're just better. They can hope not, but we are, so it's all okay.
Shake along In-grid, and her Vive Le Swing:

I gotta get back working.

Catch you later Fam ;)


I have been entertained in reading comments so far (all expected...) and especially those about PJ not coaching in the 16-0 run.

You think for real that Kobe, Pau, Derek, Ron, Lamar need a time out to understand tehy're doing all wrong?

Posted by: ZairaAmaterasu | November 12, 2010 at 04:54 AM

i'm entertained myself: i did not know that TO are for "aristocratic" and "classy-crême de la crême - players like "Pau, Derek, Ron, Lamar".

time out 4:

a. the above case

b. Gassy needs tobe slapped to wake up
c. Derek - ???????????? he can have a short speech
d. Ron - he has to be reminded that he can't create. neither can UPS
e. Lamar - has to be reminded that he is out of control.


f. how about a breather?????


g. to DISRUPT the opposite team's momentum?

i guess a 16-0 run works well with case g, does it???????????

and it is not the time out to remind "for real that Kobe, Pau, Derek, Ron, Lamar need a time out to understand tehy're doing all wrong?"

or for the sake of the TEAM and TOUCHES, all of the above.

now, you can have your own time out. sorry, can't be classy. i have no education, no resources. quel domage.

wowww ouchhhhh... u hate gasol ...deeply, u r the biggest hater ive ever seen...futhermore...u dont know too much about basketball man! staye calm!!! is just 1 defeat...gasol didnt play well for one day...have been the best laker this year... Lakers are a team. kobe , gasol, LO, fisher..i dont like this kind of bad feelings...I like gasol and i like not the way man :D

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Oh well, so much for 82-0. So who do we blame…Kobe, Pau, Killer B's, Phil? Let’s just blame Shelia…

What’s good for the goose is always good for the gander…lol.

@ms - excellent pre-game selections. If only the Lakers were on their game like you.

@diandra - don't be a stranger. Your post are definitely welcomed.

@ouch - entertaining post as usual. Yep, DFish rant had no effect. Neither did Kobe's, Pau's and PJ's counters. Anyway the crew is fine. Like Lakers...getting knocked down a notch is cool. Humility is always a good thing.

@Zaira - you're throwing my clock off checking in early. Yes, swag still in effect. No problem. Leftfield, Stereophonic and Incubus...yep I'm feeling your vibe.

Boy, was this game frustrating. I had to go to bed shortly after the start of the 4th quarter (I'm in the midwest right now and had to get up early this morning) when we were ahead, so I thought we'd very likely pull this one out. And lo and behold, this morning I find out the offense went completely cold and the defense got even worse. Not a great way to start the day.

The natives are getting restless. Despair and ennui (yes, I know what it means) has set in. It's time for a friggin roll call!

@Zaira - and since you're meeting with your wedding planner today. I'll play GWSOAT for you (okay I'm a little biased) but it's definitely "Wonder"-ful. And the lyrics absolutely sublime.

Hi there, my name is carlos, i´m writting from mallorca,spain, first of all a´m not an english spoken person, so i apologyse because my english. IN connection with Lakers,we fallow them since Kareem, Magic era. Yesterday we loss, but not because Gasol ( not gassy, is a lack of respect), because they simple play very bad, a terrible defensive game. The 1er lost , not the end of the world. Thanks for your time.


Q. Why are you losing your mind about the first loss of the season?

re: PJ & his coaching. You're right. He's not perfect. On the other hand,
he's going for his 12th ring. People have been complaining about his
style, on and off, for years. Maybe we should trust that he knows what he's
doing right about now?

re: Gasol. Yes, he didn't play well. You could decide to vent your frustration.
Check that. You've decided to vent your frustration. Ok. We've been to
3 NBA finals with this guy and won 2 out of 3. Most people would consider
that grounds to cut him some slack. & Before this goes any farther. No,
I didn't think he played very well. Yes, I've said that he plays soft before.

re: Kobe's shooting. People have been talking about his shooting for years.
Kobe is still shooting. Kobe is still winning. At some point, the rantings
become: "blah, blah, blah".

Here's the real deal: The Lakers are in the top 3 teams from a winning
perspective. Everyone is focused on winning the championship. Isn't the
rest so much garbage?

Consider what is left of the "regular season":

71 games.
Can Bynum come back?
Do the rookies get playing time and get better?
Barnes & Blake become more familiar with the offense/defense/Lakers.
Kobe refines his shooting touch.
Does LO become 6th man?
Do the Lakers make a trade?

This is the first chapter of a long book, and you're losing your mind like it's
the last 5 minutes of Harry Potter.

If this was happening in March, I'd be telling you to preach. It's not even
December yet.

My suggestion to you is: settle down. This is just act 1. Of course, you're
welcome to keep spewing like a fire hose. *I* am going to go get some
nachos. Want some?

Yo Everyone check out the homies GOLD AND PURPLE REMIX!! Laker Nation Stand UP!!

It looked a little like the Lakers pre Pau - maybe because Pau wasn't hitting. Kobe was taking way too many shots (especiallybe cause he was only hitting a third of them), Lamar was taking the night off, and the team seams really slack on defense. Without Artest and Brown it could have been a lot worse. I got the feeling Phil wanted to take the loss. He left the bench in there and let them loose the lead. Maybe he just wanted to get it out of the way. They have been playing sloppy lately and winning anyway, so hopefully this will be a wake up call. I think he should play Sasha. He annoys the crap out of people on defense and when he is hitting the three it changes the dynamic on the court. It is not like Blake is putting up great numbers. Give Sasha a chance! Also, that is two games in a row that Artest hasn't really shown up on defense. Melo had a great game with Artest on him. If Chauncy was hitting, this game would have been a blow out. JR and Lawson really hurt them. When the Lakers play defense it is very hard to beat them. They have the offensive weapons. I was thinking with Barnes we would be much better defensively, but I haven't seen it yet. Still, it is early in the season. I hope it happens soon!

I am a Lakorholic.

Good morning crew!

Okay, I accept responsibility for the poor team performance last night. I forgot to wear the purple shirt which has been worn since the season started. Go ahead, blame me.

But I take comfort in what Kobe says: "on to the next game".

The Lakers have to listen to 3 days worth of media questions. I feel like Laker J: a Laker pounding is on the horizon and Phoenix is coming to town. Poor things.

Cheers all - PLG

Welcome Carlos68 and Diandra to the blog!

We love to hear new insight and be in touch with fellow Lakerholics around the world.

Cheers - PLG

I thought I'd find some interesting comments here--instead, I'm bombarded with serial postings and inane rants from some tool named ouuuccchhh.

Medina, clean up your board. This place reads like a grade-school playground, but less sophisticated.

Well that was good dosage of reality.

Just because the EURO is down doesn't mean Gasol has to play down (last 2 games). I'm sure he gets paid in American dollars.

I am the happiest that I passed on attending last nights game. I saved my cash money for the weekend.

Colorado still loves our World Champion Lakers!

Can we put that STUPID 82-0 bandwagon to rest now.

Over the last couple of years what team in the west has the best record against the Lakers?
Is it the Nuggets?
Seems they give the Lakers more trouble than anyone, except maybe Portland.

Please no 81-1 bandwagon, OK put me down.

Wow! Suddenly, almost everyone here became expert coaches with this Laker loss... all of sudden Phil is a moron and an idiot and doesn't know how to coach.

Terrible, just terrible swing of affection for the game we love...

Go lakers!!! Go Kobe!

It's the IRS's fault. LO hasn't been the same since...

I think it's Denver's fault.

It's the Lakers' first loss since June 13, 2010. Let's not overreact on this. The Lakers had a bad 4th quarter last night..Even 72-10 Chicago Bulls had 10 bad games. Now it's 8-1. Next game, please!

ouchhhhhhhhhh, with his tetraplejical basket intelligence is desperate since Gasol leads NBA statistics in this principle of season...

The number One in the troupe of Gasol haters is here but... seems to be something about excess with alcohol. It is impossible to accumulate as much hatred toward Gasol as the one that has Mr. ouchhhhhhhhhhh.

Less alcohol and more books please !!

hobbitmage - "This is the first chapter of a long book, and you're losing your mind like it's the last 5 minutes of Harry Potter."

This is funny and sad in so many ways, but so true. First laugh of the morning.

Ouuuuch (dang, I never know how many letters in your name) - I'm giving you the "Relentless Award" and when I'm in a street fight, I want you on my side with the machine gun. I dedicate this to you:

Wow. What's going on in here? Ouchhhh - it's ok man. It's just 1 game - in November of all months. It's not like we just lost the championship. You should collect yourself, share some nachos with hobbit and get ready for Sunday. Ok? Breathe.......

2Phatt - I'll have you know that the 82-0 bandwagon cannot be retired. It's been totalled. I'm in mourning and you're calling it names. However, I have saved the best parts (jacuzzi, wet bar, disco ball - sorry but the stripper pole was too badly damaged) and am going to be installing them in the 81-1 bandwagon later today. I'm going to save a seat for you right beside me - ok? You'll like it. It's close to my secret stashes of vodka and percoset, and I'll share with you. I'm really generous like that.

Meh. Forget about getting upset over this loss. The players and coaches will be upset and/or irritated about it enough for all of us. As long as a lesson is learned, and no losing streak follows (perish the thought), I'm cool. I'm more concerned about what's going on with Lamar. For him not to play in the 4th must mean something - right? Hmmmm...

So my morning commute got me out of my funk from last night. It's put me in the mood to party, but I gotta take care of the new bandwagon first. Think I'll install the dance floor first and hang with the material girl for awhile....

Enjoy your day peeps. It will be alright - chillax!

Let the hunt for 6 begin - DFish
Nothing but another title will suffice - KBryant
WE GOT THIS - justa

PS - welcome Diandra! Always plenty of room for another Real Laker Girl. And especially one from Canada - we're the coolest! LOL!!

justa - not bad enough that we lose but now we have to listen to Madonna?! The horror... the horror....

(Just kidding... sorta. I mean I'm serious about the loss.)

Joe-Corad said:

"Pau Gasol lost the game for us. I am not a Pau Gasol hater, but it was obvious that he was not into the game"

¿Who was into the game last night? No ONE. All the team was out.

ouchhhhhhhhhh...dude, carefulllllll not to falllllll out of your highchairrrrrrrrr and spilllllll allllll your peasssssssss!!!!!!! Mommmmm says no more Jack Danielsssssssss in yourrrrr Binky Cupppppp....

I'll take an 8 to 1 winning percentage any day. This truly is spilled milk. Of course, to the lactose intolerant, this has greater ramnifications. Let's relax, enjoy the weekend and wait for Phoneyx. I think ouchhhhhh is more hurt that his name implies!


Jo també soc de Mallorca.

Una abraçada

Laker J - "Of course, to the lactose intolerant, this has greater ramifications."

So, you're blaming the loss on the milk last night, right? I'm with you... too much, or too little milk is NEVER a good thing. And so, I send out this song to all the milk lovers of the world:

island priest,

Everyone and their grandmother already knows that the Lakers' most efficient offense is when Kobe brings the ball down the court, gets a pick form Gasol or Bynum or Odom at the top of the key and does his thing, which usually, but not always means a shot by him.

But, no offensive scheme works 100%. Also, that style of play works real well in the regular season, but very poorly in the playoffs (just ask Cleveland when the had LeBronz). So, your criticism has little merit.

The problem with that style isn't that it doesn't work, but that too much of it tends to make the rest of the team lazy and complacent. The Laker quandary is about balancing Kobe-time, not eliminating it.

The second problem is that we don't have "the" Kobe right now. We have only about 80% of him, so everyone must adjust their expectations of success accordingly.

Also, some games REQUIRE lots of Kobe-time. Some games require none. And all the rest require something in between. Their success rate tells me that most nights, PJ, Kobe and Fish get it right. So, I trust in them. But, I never expect perfection, so I don't get overly emotional when it doesn't work, you know, 1 out of 9 games.

MM, BTW, loosing last night does not put to rest those who think the Lakers can break the record. They may have fallen off the 82-win pace, but they are still on a 73-win pace. (Not that I think they would ever come close). The sky is definitely not falling as yet.

Ouchhhhhhhh, though the two of us typically spar in this forum, I kinda have to admit that most of what you've said this morning is spot on (*grumble*).


ouchhhhhhhhhhhh said:

...maybe Epi, Ricky, karmaniac, hiltontown and our Medina will help us translate that in Spanishhhhhhhhhhhh

So far is sufficient with that it translates to spanishhhhhhh your virtual name: "Sonido que hacen los cerdos al comer"

or the same in english:

ouchhhhhhhhhh is the sound pigs make eating.


"To put it clearly: even losing, we still the best team in the NBA and BY FAR.

No rain on my Parade.

Sunshine only, true."

Poetic. Lyrical. True. I am glad to hear from you so early. Your words are music to my ears. I don' t need a musical selection to set me right, just your thoughts.


For those who got upset about last night's game:

63 - hey - don't bag on Madonna. She's got some great stuff and you know it.

(I was gonna guess what your fav song is by her, but when I got to Like a Virgin I stopped & decided I wasn't going to go there. You can thank me later. When I take your pic at the ASG in LA with MM. Make sure add a little blurb to your profile about how all of that wouldn't have been possible without me.)


PJ to the team: "OK guys... We allowed you to play your way, now you will all do it our way!" The entire team was "grounded" last night. Losing is a part of winning, simple as that. It's now up to the coaching staff to whip the team into shape and it's up to the team to execute the coaching staff's game plan. In other words: the team must do their job and they will. It's horrible to see your team lose especially to a team that you feel is "beatable" to begin with. Truth be told, we're having a very decent run since Andrew is out and eventually the team will have to pace itself in order to remain healthy and energetic come playoff time. Lets just hope that the team will be up for Miami; if there ever is a statement game, that will be it along with Boston, Orlando, N.O., San Ant & Utah. Lots of fish to fry and don't forget: we still have a trade deadline to watch; we know that Mitch and Buss have been brainstorming and if nothing comes out of it, then we play what we have. Boston & N.O. are kicking butt because they have a PGs that is averaging 15-17 assists per game and Boston is playing defense w/o their Perkins. The Lakers are a much better team when they're passing the ball - PERIOD! Looking at the stats from yesterday's game, we simply lost at shooting percentages. We actually had a higher percentage on 3 pointers last night! I suppose it's all boiling down to the interior defense - We Need A Reliable & Capable Center! It is our missing piece and either Andrew fills the void, the GM finds a suitable replacement or we play with what we have. Gasol is no 5; I'd rather see LO at the 5 - he won the FIBA playing the 5 so maybe that's the adjustment that has to be made because I have an awful feeling that Bynum will not last long once he returns. I hope to goodness that I'm wrong.


What up with "Fishy" and "Gassy"? This is a Laker board. Have some respect.

I am a Lakerholic.


I take exception to your charecterization of Kobe's performance in last night's game. Everyone knows that Denver (and incresingly OKC) is the one team that in order for the Lakers to prevail on a regular basis REQUIRES large doses of Kobe-ball. They are our kyrptonite, always have been, always will be. They simply match up well with us.

We didn't loose because we went to Kobe-ball to much in the fourth. We lost because Kobe-ball isn't Kobe-ball right now. It's only about 80% Kobe-ball, which will be enough against most, but apparently not against Denver. You failed to temper this criticism with the fact that the Lakers have gone to the Kobe well much less this season so far than they have in a long, long time.

Kobe needed to take that game over last night. That is a fact. He just couldn't sustain it. That is also a fact. But, there is no "fault" to be found on this night.

Listen to Zaira, she has a bead on what ails us against the Thuggets.

I would be interested if you would admit the same and not start bell of doom just yet. I think your article is just a little too dark than what is warranted. Seriously MM, 9 and 0 was too lofty a goal, as lofty, realistically, as was 82-0.



Eight and Oh is dashed
November Mile High Defeat
Suns Pay Come Sunday


Call it like i saw it. One of my favorite players in the league Kobe Bryant set the tempo for this game when he came out playing selfish basketball. Firing up wild shots like he had something to prove. He definitely was not looking to pass the ball to open teammates. Could it be that he doesn't like the fact that Gasol is the leading scorer for the Lakers. I like the way the Lakers play when they share the ball and look for open teammates. Bryant fired up 33 shots and only made 11. Offensively, the Lakers have very talented players but they need to play within the system in order to be successful.

Rick - why are you screaming at us?

Cmon guys, it's the Denver Nuggets - the matchup between these 2 teams is always something to look forward to - the games are usually fun to watch. They have one of the best home records partly due to the higher altitude that requires some adjustments for visiting teams and also because they are a dang good team. The shots Camelo made were insane and Nene was a beast.

When it comes to the Lakers, the Nuggets will ALWAYS bring it up several notches. And, after the thumping they got from the lowly Pacers in their previous game, these Nuggets have chips on their shoulders the size of Pluto! There's nothing to feel bad about losing to the Nuggets. If we'd lost to the Nets then I would be really annoyed.

We'll get the Nuggets when they come to town. In the mean time, this game is already a speck in my rear view mirror.

Although, I share the sentiment that PJ appears to want them to lose this game. He probably feels a loss would jolt his charges out of their malaise on defense. Perhaps now, the Lakers would pay attention to the little things that make a big difference on D.

It's really ANNOYING when I can recognize a particular TROLL'S post within one-two sentences. Then AGAIN, maybe its GOOD, because then I can just skip through them.

Interesting how Denver went three-guard on us and was successful at it: That's when they made their run.

Did PJ keep Lamar on the bench because he wasn't shooting well (though he was rebounding very well)? Or because he wanted a third guard in on defense?

He could have played with two guards, then put Artest on a guard instead of on Anthony, and then brought Lamar in to defend Anthony. Maybe that would have produced a more favorable mismatch on offense?

Expect other teams to go three-guard. If it's an effective way of keeping a Laker big out of the game, they will do it.

The killer B's Need to think about stopping penetration. Great dunks do not win games. Sasha could have helped but he appears to be in the dog house.
Defense wins games.
Tony Sassi

Does anyone know why Sasha is in the dog house so much? Granted, I am not a big fan of the guy.. I think he looks so out of place on the court.. but I am really surprised at his lack of playing time overall to be honest. I would think Phil would play him in closer games as he knows the offense better than Blake.. sure his shot might not be as good but he has a lot more experience with the Lakers?

just a thought..

Easiest part of the schedule and losing a game now could mean no hca!! Bad habits creeping in for KB &PG. KB should avoid exposing himself to injury by shooting the 15' jumper instead of forcing his way through 3 guys. MJ never did that & avoided knee injury situations! No excuse for guys averaging <25 min./game not playing D with intensity. Bad shooting nights ok not poor defense in any Q! Can 2 of 3 killer B's approach Rondo's stat line on rebounds, assists & steals? Why is Sasha not being used during Laker 10 min. 25% shooting spells? Go Lakers guard the paint, team-D!!

The lakers only struggle when Kobe Bryant starts the game off taking every shot in sight.. it started with the toronto game, he stopped for the portland game and picked it back up with the minnesota/denver games.. I am a staunch defender of Kobe but also am a basketball purist and when he shares the ball in the begining of games teamates are more involved mentally even if they struggle and he has to take a lot of shots late in games but when starts off firing and clapping his hands for teamates to give up the ball as a former player its deflating.. that will be a recurring theme throughout the season unless Kobe chills out..

Our undefeated record was fool's gold at best, and a distraction at worst. Our fast early start depended on a schedule of weak, beatable teams. Even mediocre play on the part of the Lakers, was enough to beat some of our early opponents. I agree with other posters, that PJ is likely relieved that the undefeated streak is over. Two problems come with it. One- once the pundits and experts start declaring the Lakers a 'super' team, and some of our players begin to believe it. Once they have bought in to the idea, they develop a sense of entitlement, to coast until they decide to turn on their efforts in the 2nd half and the fourth quarter. Two- when you are winning, there is little incentive and motivation to look at each game with a critical eye, with the goal of improving the team. When players get too lazy or bored to play intense defense, they often rationalize getting beat by attempting to make amends with a flashy, crowd pleasing 3-pt shot. For those of us who have followed the history of the Lakers, the excessive shooting of 3 pointers has always been the weakness of our teams, and has cost us dearly. The goal of the regular season, for a team of the Lakers quality, should be to grow as a team, develop the bench, and end the season with home court advantage. Phil has always been an expert at pacing the team for the playoffs. This should include developing the rookies, finding minutes for them to grow for the end of the season, when they become experienced professional athletes. As soon as the season ends the number of total victories becomes irrelevant-except for home court advantages. We are doing OK, we have yet to show what we can do with the better teams. Winning is important, but not more important than being healthy in the post season. More non-starters have to play to spare minutes to our veterans. The consequence of this reality is occasional loses to highly motivated teams. Now that the undefeated monkey is off our backs, it is time to develop the team, not try to be heroes with ridiculous shots, early in the clock, without our great rebounders in position to grab rebounds. Learning to manage the clock seems to be a weakness the team needs to address. At a certain point in many games, we have enough points to win, we need to milk the clock-instead of building up meaningless statistics. Go Lakers

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