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Chat: Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Live Event: "Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Minnesota" by latmedina
Scheduled start: November 9, 2010 at 7:15PM PST

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--Mark Medina

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@LEWSTERS… “I'm still searching for a name for our new bench...Killer B's doesn't justify, for that's only part of the bench...”
The REAL Lakers bench are the Killer B’s. Who cares about the renegades. Once Drew gets back, Phil is going to play a 9-man rotation because that’s how many key contributing players we have and the maximum number you can give meaningful minutes to unless you play two 5-man squads like the Phoenix Suns or LakerTom’s Mt. Carmel Lakers do. I also really consider Lamar Odom to be 1 of 6 starters on the team, especially considering the level at which he is currently playing, which only leaves room for 3 bench guys to play with 6 starters in a 9-man rotation. Since our best 3 bench guys are Blake, Barnes, and Brown, the correct nickname for our bench is the Killer B’s. Period.
When you think about it, classifying Lamar Odom as a starter is really the correct way to view the Lakers lineup. Lamar is more than a 6th man because he also is a starter at critical times like when he filled in for Pau and Drew for 17 games each last year. And considering LO to be a starter gives you a better view of the team’s depth and strength. It means that the Lakers always have 2 starters on the floor for 48 minutes. And just as one of our great advantages is our ability to man all 48 minutes per game at the 4 and 5 with Drew, Pau, and Lamar, now we can man 100% of the bench minutes every game with Blake, Barnes, and Brown. 6 starters and the Killer B’s. That’s why this team is so good.



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