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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 118-112 loss to Denver Nuggets

57575256Game stories

-- The Times' Mike Bresnahan documents the Lakers' defensive struggles in their 118-112 loss Thursday to the Denver Nuggets.

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding reports Ron Artest managed to overcome a bruised left shin.

-- The Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman credits the Nuggets' intensity and Carmelo Anthony's play.

-- The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford argues the Lakers' flaws finally caught up to them in their loss to Denver.


-- The Times' Bresnahan and Broderick Turner highlight Phil Jackson's contention (or motivational ploy) that the Miami Heat have a better chance of surpassing 72 wins than the Lakers do.

-- The Denver Post's Hochman updates Chris Anderson's progress on his right knee.

-- The Daily Breeze's Teaford provides a medical update on Theo Ratliff.


-- The Times' Turner details the Lakers' fourth-quarter demise.

-- The Times' Daniel Siegal suggests the five best L.A. bars to watch a Lakers game.

--'s Scott Howard-Cooper explains Lamar Odom's willingness to play any role asked of him.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin explains why the Lakers aren't concerned with Denver's loss.

-- Sports Illustrated's Britt Robson has some rankings Laker fans will like. The Lakers remain at No. 1 while the Miami Heat drop to No. 4.

-- AOL Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson talks to Lakers assistant Jim Cleamons, who also believes the Lakers won't break the regular-season mark of 72 wins. Jackson and Cleamons also believe the team can't reach 70, which would break the Lakers' 69-13 record set by the 1971-72 team.

-- Fox Sports' Billy Witz highlights the differing moods after the loss between Bryant (laid back) and Jackson (terse).


-- The Times' Bill Plaschke reports it's likely that the next statues in front of Staples Center will be of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Luc Robitaille.

-- The Orange County Register's Ding explains why Kobe Bryant's not sweating the Denver loss.

-- The Daily Breeze's Tom Hoffarth analyzes books from Jackson and Jeanie Buss.

--'s Shaun Powell argues the Lakers can finish with 70 wins.


- The Denver Post's Chris Dempsey breaks down the final moments of the Nuggets' victory.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' loss to Denver.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky details Bryant's milestone in becoming the youngest player to reach 26,000 points.

--'s Mike Trudell examines the ebb and flow of the Lakers' loss through a running diary.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore misses Lakers center Andrew Bynum.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Phillip Barnett describes the Lakers' loss as ugly.

-- Denver Stiffs' Andrew Feinstein breaks down the Nuggets' victory.

Tweet of the Day: "No Lakers championship team ever started a season better than 8-0. Better company than the 11-0 Lakers in '97 that got swept in West Finals." -- ArashMarkazi (ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi)

Reader Comment of the Day: " The entire team was "grounded" last night. Losing is a part of winning, simple as that. It's now up to the coaching staff to whip the team into shape and it's up to the team to execute the coaching staff's game plan. In other words: the team must do their job and they will. It's horrible to see your team lose especially to a team that you feel is "beatable" to begin with. Truth be told, we're having a very decent run since Andrew is out and eventually the team will have to pace itself in order to remain healthy and energetic come playoff time. Lets just hope that the team will be up for Miami; if there ever is a statement game, that will be it along with Boston, Orlando, N.O., San Ant & Utah." -- fmkt

--Mark Medina

[email protected]

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, center, puts up a shot as Denver guard Arron Afflalo, left, and forward Shelden Williams try to block him during the first quarter of the Lakers' 118-112 loss Thursday. Credit: Chris Schneider / Associated Press

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fmkt with the win. See, something good came out of last night's loss. Congrats!

lakers should have used luke walton

82-0 Bandwagon done, let's start the 81-1. I suppose that wouldn't be so bad.

If it wasn't for some very questionable and 1's last night, this bandwagon would've never been derailed.

From Fox Sports’ Billy Witz article comes the funny comment of the day courtesy of Melo (on how Denver slowed down Kobe)

“We made him see some defense that I have been seeing out there for once,” Carmelo Anthony said.
Uhhh…I don’t think there’s any defense that Kobe hasn’t seen before.

Nobody is perfect, one loss is no big deal.

@frmkt – congrats on RCOTD. Very deserving.

@63 Footer – Hmmm, Professor Elemental has on his Fighting Trousers. Well I think he better get out of town by sundown because word back at the ranch is the Duke is looking for him…

LRob - the Rappin' Duke!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Good call.

Yes, we should relax and enjoy this year's ride. Yes, Pau is soft, but that's who he is, an extremely talented softie by the way! He is a Forward, not a real Center. All I know is we have been to the Finals all 3 years with him and Won 2! I am not surprised that PJ didn't call a TO, rarely does in this situation, but it did cost us a win. I am not happy about his decision, but I have come to the realization that he usually knows what he's doing. I think it helps that he has more Rings than he can wear, ha, ha!

On another note, Carmelo sure looked good! I think it would be worth looking into a trade or signing him next season (somehow?).

@Cyber - I think you're preaching to the choir hear about Miami's shortcomings this year. Justa Laker (a Miami fan) a maybe a couple of others were the only ones I recall saying Miami could win it all. Most of us said they would be hard pressed getting past Boston/Orlando.

typo should read...

Justa Laker (a Miami fan) and maybe a couple of others were the only ones I recall saying Miami could win it all. Most of us said they would be hard pressed to get past Boston/Orlando.

"Uhhh…I don’t think there’s any defense that Kobe hasn’t seen before."-LRob

haha! I think you might be right about that. Carmelo swears...Denver needs to get rid of him already

Go Lakers!

frmkt for the win - congrats on RCOTD! (And yes - you're still in my head. You really need to cut it out.)

cyber - there you are. LRob was able to answer my questions from yesterday, but I forgot one: What happens to your waiver status if you get a guy using it? Or do you always have the same status? (cali - that would have been the Q I was going to email you later...) Also - I told you I don't cook, so you'll have to provide your own recipes. I hear a nice charbroiled crow is yummy. Just remember to pluck first.

63 - oh no. MY honor, sir. Can't wait for your profile!

justa - when the statue goes up, we snap the pictures, and the profiles go up. One, two, three-peat!

Quiet. Surprisingly quiet.

Maybe they've accepted what we already KNOW!

utz - "Quiet. Surprisingly quiet."

I bet you taunt the lions at the zoo, don't you? Shhhhhhh... maybe they won't notice.

Naaah Six Tre. I'm a SURVIVOR and an expert in the feeding habits of trolls. It's darn near 2 PM and not an ounce of exterior chaos has ensued. The only drama is the Most Likely To Be Strait-Jacketed In A Padded Room So-Called Laker Fan Ouchhhhhhhh and his drunken stupor of 10 posts in a row.

If they ain't gone hard on us by now, they probably won't. Like I said, THEY know what WE know: our 3rd Annual Figueroa Street Gazing At Giant Basketball Players On Double Decket Buses Tour is already signed, sealed & delivered!

Usually the Lakers lose when they have <20 assists. Last night was no exception. BTW did LO even play? He was on the court for 25 minutes but was darn near invisible (so was Billips). Now that the season (like a new car) has a scratch on it, the Lakers can relax and move the ball around. BTW - Great post moves by Artest , he can def create space! His post play s/b featured more often.

We have a cool news item up in the latest post.

Also, the Lakers have the day off today since they don't have a game until Sunday and they're traveling back from Denver. Since the Lakers don't have practice or a game, I'm freelancing a high school football game tonight for The Times and actually am heading out fairly soon. Since I promised you all that there will be live chats when the Lakers have days off, I will set one up for 4:30 p.m. I won't be able to attend it because I'm going to be on the road, but feel free to join. It'll be up for a while (until later tonight) so feel free to pop in and out anytime you want


utz - I bow to your superior knowledge of der trollism. And I feel for Ouchhhhhhhh; those crank comedowns are a byatch.

LRob: Yeah, you're right, most people round here said that. Perhaps I should have better differentiated and said 'certain people that had obviously drank deeply from the kool-aid cups that runneth over, and who vigorously defended Miami's roster moves and lineup - all but proclaiming them the second-coming and unbeatable'

Actually, I think that for some having an excuse provided for them that they fell for the hype is being rather nice, I think it was more a case to being tone-deaf to basketball and lacking in simple common sense...

- - -

justa: It took me 2 days to realize how to even change a roster, as slow as I am I hope to figure out the waiver rules sometime by midseason lol.

One thing I have learned is that "Clippers" is the antonym to "Fantasy League Success"

- - -

35: Am I missing something or is basketball now a 3-quarter sport? I guess that rule must be in the new 'In Denial Hoop Rulebook' - you know, on the page just opposite from the 'They've never beaten our five starters' entry...


Actually I used to get all upset last season when the lakers played down to the opponent's level...Fish and Farmar were addicted to pujit, kobe would chuck up ill advised shots, pau was/is soft, lo would disappear, etc...but in the end when it counted the Lakers won the ring. Even boston really sucked at the end of last season and made it to the finals. Regular season doesn't matter except for hca. Now I don't stress over the losses - Lakers just need their health in the playoffs when it really counts.



The formula for defeating the Bynumless Lakers is no longer a secret: attack the paint and rim with dribble penetration to get easy layups and dunks, intimidate Pau Gasol with overly physical defense to force weak shots and turnovers, and turn Kobe Bryant into a low percentage high volume shooter.

While I do not believe that Phil Jackson deliberately refused to call a time out during the Nuggets big run last night so that the Lakers would lose the game, I suspect that he likely views the loss as a good learning experience for a team that had grown too cocky and was not playing up to its potential defensively. You almost catch a glimpse of his famous Cheshire cat

And while the 82-0 bandwagon has disappeared in a mile high cloud of dust, the 81-1 bandwagon is ready to go to remind freaked out Lakers fanatics that it’s a long season filled with unrealized potential and a loss here and there, no matter how disappointing, means nothing in the context of an 82-game season.

Isn’t it interesting how all the prognosticators who coronated the Heat to be a championship team are suddenly starting to regurgitate the same criticisms and observations that we had been listing all summer long on the blog about their lack of a strong point guard and poor interior defense and 3-point shooting.

Steve Kerr said it best last night during the Celtics/Heat game when he remarked how the pieces on the Lakers and Celtics all seem to fit perfectly whereas the Miami Heat are starting to look more and more like a fantasy basketball team with glaring weaknesses rather than potential 7-time NBA champions.

Based on his posted reactions during the first 9 games of the season, you have to wonder if ouchhhhhhhh can keep it together for the entire 82-game season plus playoffs. Talk about a guy with identity problems, you have to wonder in what medium does our self-proclaimed “artist” work because it’s not literature.


Losing a game does affect hca particularly in the midst of the weakest part of the schedule. Three mistakes in a row on defense & offense with old habits creeping in for LO,PG & KB are bad given Celtic consistency on defense. It is OK to have a poor shooting night but not poor 4th Q decisions & lack of defensive effort for guys averaging 25 min/game or less..Blake! Sasha deserved 5-8min. when the Lakers were shooting 25%. Would be good to see how he does against the small fast guards! KB needs to use his skills to get open before the choke point with his 15' jumper & avoid injury!

Can anyone tell us what was the deal with Lamar Odom in the Nuggets game. I don't think he even played the second half? Finished with 3 points and nowhere do I read any comment on his performance or lack thereof.



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