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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 112-95 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details the Lakers' successful three-game trip, concluding with a 112-95 victory Friday over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding focuses on Matt Barnes' team-leading performance against the T-Wolves.

--The Pioneer Press' Ray Richardson reports T-Wolves forward and former UCLA product Kevin Love offers a personal apology for his play.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford highlights Barne's spectacular play.

--The Star Tribune's Jerry Zgoda reports that Love described his scoreless performance as the "worst game" of his life.


--The Times' Bresnahan explains why Ron Artest isn't worried about his low offensive numbers.

--The Orange County Register's Ding focuses on Phil Jackson's dig at Minnesota forward Kevin Love.

--The Daily Breeze's Teaford focuses on Artest's contention that he'll be an NFL player once he retires.

--The Star Tribune's Kent Youngblood how Odom mentored Love on Team USA in the 2010 FIBA World Championships.


--The Times' Broderick Turner focuses on Lamar Odom's impressive defense on Love.

--The Pioneer Press' Tom Powers argues Minnesota's patience in Darko Milicic is paying off.

--The Star Tribune's Patrick Reusse looks at how Jackson tweaks various players.'s Bill Simmons argues the Lakers are playing their best basketball ever.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz argues too much has been made regarding Kobe Bryant's participation in the Call of Duty commercial.


--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' victory.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin offers his 10 nuggets to take away from the game.'s Mike Trudell breaks down the win with a running diary and postgame numbers.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Phillip Barnett breaks down performances from Barnes, Odom, Love and Bryant.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore breaks down Barnes' effort.

--Lakers Nation's Ramneet Singh each quarter of the Lakers' game against Minnesota.

Tweet of the Day:

"They just played "Brown Eyed Girl" when Shannon Brown got stripped by Sundiata Gaines. Weak jab when your team's down by 19." -- mcten (ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin)

Reader Comment of the Day:

"The feel of the team, the bench's play, the starters' teamwork, there was magic in the air. Right now I feel a veteran team that, barring injuries (knock on wood), feel like they can win it again. But more, they feel like their burden has been lightened because they actually got better from the previous two Championship seasons. There's more joy on the floor, and more joy on the bench (except for Sasha, of course). But it's not historic yet. Too many variables and the season's still young" -- 63 Footer

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Timberwolves forward Corey Brewer and Lakers guard Kobe Bryant scramble after a looe ball in the third quarter Friday night. Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn/US Presswire.

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Apparently I have Justa's powers this without further ado, the dreaded re-post:


CornerJ -

The Bulls game should be some fantastic basketball; perhaps it is one of the internal measuring sticks the team uses to gauge themselves throughout the season (since it is a very long season). The Bulls play as a unit, and they have some ferocious talent on that team. I won't live or die by that game, but it will be interesting to see how the team responds for sure. It will be also interesting to see how they respond after that game when they have to play Utah in Salt Lake. The beginning of next week should be some great ball to say the least. Too bad games come on here at roughly 1:30 in the morning though.

BTW - who would have thought that Cleveland was higher in their division standings than Miami at this point?

Hope you are having a great start to your Saturday!

Posted by: Caliphilosopher | November 20, 2010 at 09:33 AM

63 Footer -

Congrats on the RCOTD!


The Daily Breeze article today really made me smile and happy that Ron and Shannon are both Lakers. You should check it out if you haven't already.

63 Footer: Beautiful, well-deserved RCOTD. This comment is worthy of printing out, dissolving into our coffee and drinking it down. Maybe that way it could permeate into some people's thought-processes...


Good morning CRUE!!

Cali - wuttup with that? Sooo not cool.... :)

63 FTW!! Congats on your Friedman Award. Very well said and I agree 99%. (Can't do 100%... gotta keep you humble...LOL)!

I very much enjoyed the game last night. Especially the work LO did on Love. Everything was challenged - every single thing. No easy looks, no easy moves allowed - a perfect defensive effort. I loved it! I think I enjoyed that more than Matty's perfection.... or Fish's perfection.... Yeah - lot's of good stuff done right last night. I hear the hooplah on here about Kobe's shooting percentage and my response is a loud, resounding MEH. Kobe's still recovering from knee surgery, still getting used to the new "splinting' on that finger... I don't care right now about his percentages. I only care about him continuing to get healthy. That's it. Cuz a healthy Kobe Bryant is a very bad man.


Let the hunt for 6 begin - DFish
Nothing but another title will suffice - KBryant
WE GOT THIS - justa

@63 Footer - congrats on your RCOTD. And I honor of the key phrase that won the award for you....

MM - thanks for the tip of the hat. I am not worthy, but I do love this year's team.

LRob - what a crazy clip (and great song)!

justa - you are like some lovely Jiminy Cricket that sits on my virtual shoulder, keeping me hones.

Also, very nice summation on last night's game. (I'd make it very, VERY nice, but, well, gotta keep you humble.)

I have no rhyme or reason for this cut, but:

justa - oops, "honest" not "hones". I'm not sure I want you sharpening a knife anywhere near my shoulder.

Corner J,

I agree with you that Pau is what he is...a highly skilled player with a terrific attitude. However, there was a couple of things you said I didn't quite understand. You said...

Phil is attempting to "thug up" Pau.

You also inferred that someone was trying to make Pau into a gangsta type when you said, "There are enough tattooed gangsta types in the league."

I don't see how asking Pau to be more aggressive is akin to being a thug or a gangsta. Please elaborate.

Back for a moment to that commercial for "Call of Duty", the more I see it, the more it totally encapsulates our quest for #17. Kobe firing away from every angle, and under heavy fire from all directions for doing so. And ALL of Laker Nation - bakers, lawyers, accountants, justa-as-a-kid on shotgun, MM-as-short-order-cook bringing justa her ASG tickets - ALL of us providing ground cover for Kobe and the team.

"Call of Duty" indeed. We've got this.

LRob - yeah, I think Phil just wants Pau going hard and finishing strong, like that great reverse dunk against his brother in the Memphis game. Or, when the D starts shading Kobe, Pau demands it and demands it again, and forces the D back to him, or he eats it alive. It's an attitude of "causing pain" with aggressive scoring, that makes the opposition to react, not always just "taking what's given," but forcing the issue. Doesn't mean he's gotta be a thug.

And stronger D, I would think, too.

CornerJ - I will never be able to watch that commercial the same way again!

Justa -

Totally didn't mean to borrow your powers today. I'd actually you prefer to keep them at all times, but for some reason, I had the magic touch today...but it's not like I've had that on a consistent basis.

i really love how this team has multiple guys who can go nuts. previously, it was just Kobe, but now Shannon and Barnes are threats to go on a rampage at any moment. this alone make this one of the best Laker teams in remembrance, since there are plenty of dependale guys like Pau, Lamar(yes, even when called inconsistent, he's really been dependable. why do people think the team has gone to the finals three years in a row, anyway?), Fish and Artest. the whole thing now is just staying reasonably healthy. last night were two potentially disastrous injuries.....

hobbitmage and MVP-two great posts in the last thread, very nice....

as to Vick, while i agree that cruelty to animals is bad, it's nowhere near cruelty to humans in importance. eating is also not a crime, although cruelty to one's food and being a pig about it are. humans are omnivores for a reason, although that isn't necessarily a happy thought. i've spent 20 years not eating meat and i can tell you, that's not always a good idea, body-wise. i depends on the constitution and the quantity and quality of the protiens available in the diet. here in the USA, meat is definitely a double-edged sword since it is so badly treated and yet the rest of the food is so poor quality that it's a nearly vital source of nutrition. in any case, while it's fine to talk about these things, neither Vick nor meat have anything to do with the Laker's season.

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"I don't see how asking Pau to be more aggressive is akin to being a thug or a gangsta. Please elaborate.

Posted by: LRob | November 20, 2010 at 10:26 AM"

LRob, there was a particular quote by Phil (that I wish I had copied and saved) that particularly irked me and crossed the line from simply encouraging Pau to be more aggressive (something I agree with), and toward SHOWING aggression as a kind of new posture, along the lines of a Rodman overtly hammering people coming down the lane just to send a message.

It's just not in Pau to do that and to be that kind of guy. He's a really intelligent guy and he calculates when and against whom (Celts, for example) he needs to be more physical. One other thing he calculates, I believe is the consequences of getting fouls, and in particular, getting them early. Unlike Lamar, or Ron, or even Kobe, how often have you seen him get into early foul trouble? Answer: almost never. Check that: never.

Put me down as satisfied with his style of play, and with his calculated choices of exactly when and against whom to ramp up the aggression.

RCOTD = 63 FOOTER = OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neither Vick nor meat have anything to do with the Laker's season. Posted by: mud | November 20, 2010 at 10:40 AM
I think that about sums it up...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is injustice to 63 footer only on RCOTD, there should be full acknowledgements on his songs for the day.

I agree with you 63 wholeheartedly that music make the savage blogger calmed down. Make it simple to last your whole life long - Lakers win even if Kobe FG% is not good enough, so let's just sing a song.

I could see the face of Rosita on your aforementioned comment.


A good morning to you sir! I hoped you enjoyed the game yesterday. It was unfortunate that you didn't get a chance to be on the live chat; there was a lot of humor flying around (and not only from Justa, which means it must have been funny).

How is your Saturday going so far?

@CALIPHILOSPHER, Hey Cali! My day is going very well sir thank you. Cali not only was I not on chat but would you believe I missed the game? Yep...OH THE HORROR!!! Yeah i closed my eyes for one moment and the next thing I knew it was the next morning. Crazy!!! But it's all good, thank God for TIVO!!! LOL! Glad you guys had a fun Game and Game Chat! Also glad you got to see the game all the way thru! LOL! Hope you're having a beautiful Weekend so far my brother.

63 - LOL indeed! Picture me (as a kid) with my shotgun & honing my knives... you'd better start giving me a LOT of "very, very's" in your praise of me HAHAHAHA!!!!

CornerJ - I'm still waiting on MM, but I think it's over. It's a shame really. He has no idea how much fun we could have had....

Mud - I agree on the whole 'having multiple guys that can go nuts on any given day' thingy this Lakers team has. It makes me positively giddy just thinking about it. I've said the same thing before, and I think most of us are thinking the same thing. This wasn't the case in the past, but now? YeeeHawww this team really is something special.

Like my BFF says - enjoy this season people. Your grandkids will be asking you about it!

And lest we forget - MORNIN' McFLY!!

Finally - music CRUE: No morning commute on a Saturday normally, but I had to run in briefly so here you go. I'm posting the live version, even though it's not the one on my iPod. This reminded me of someone on here, but I won't go there....


Edwin - thanks for the musical props... and the great Sesame Street clip. I love the Muppets! One of my favorite Muppet Show moments was on the Bob Hope show and the Japanese Pole Vaulters kept coming through scene. Couldn't find that clip, but did find one with the Swedish Chef (gotta love him) singing:

Nice job 63! Couldn't have said it better.

Great offseason job by Mitch. My only question is are Barnes and Brown both both holding player options for next year? Oh well, it'll be a great use of the Sasha money coming off the books and (hopefully) a retirement by the blog's last lightning rod who shall not be named.

Can't wait to see what happens once Andrew comes back. Just like LakerTom says, it's scary to think what this team will do with All-Star caliber play at the 4 & 5 for a full 48 minutes. We're practically operating at an all-star level now at the 2-3 for 48 most nights, depending on which of the Killer B's shows up big.

80-2 Bandwagon still running strong.

htj - can't remember the contract situation at the moment, but Barnes took a pay cut to come here, so I could see him staying if we wanted him longer term, and Shannon, both sides took a chance, and if he pays off, again, the market will dictate. Not so worried about either I guess.

@63 Footer - congrats on the RCOTD...well deserved my broham..

@Derek Fisher - 5-5 FGA , 2-2 3PT, 4ST...Great job by the Bulldog...

@Matt Barnes - 7-7 FGA, 5-5 3PT, 5-5 FT, 7 RE, 6 AST, +28...Can you say 'perfecto'....Great job Barney!!!

@LRob - I agree with Old School not giving the New School consideration...Remember the new artists get inspiration from previous greats...Here is my example...


@MVP888 - No worries...if you are not happy with this current team, you're a hard person to please...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation,,,

#17 Coming Up!!!

KobeMVP888- Thanks for the insightfulness from the last thread, never visioned it that way.

Mamba24- Whatz-up with the Godfather today, everythings Crackin?

LEWSTRS - spinnin' the music for a Lakers Saturday, nice set Mr. Lew.

As long as we're on the DJ tip...
Congrats on the RCOTD 63 Footer!

63 Footer - you are getting to know me too well...Bowie is one of my favorites, and his concert at Dodger Stadium was memorable...Best was when the stadium goes pitch black...fog and hazy lighting...then a Space Capsule descends from above...some pyro technics...and Bowie comes out the door signing Space Oditty...frikin AWESOME...I had no voice left that night...a very sore throat from screaming my lungs out...Thankfully I was saved by a couple of Qualudes...LMAO

63 footer- congrats on RCOTD, but you always have home whats new?


"i.m.h.o. he forces to many difficult shots WHEN THERE IS NO NEED. As someone who has played through junior college I can tell you that teammates begin to get frustrated with someone who shoots a 20 ft turnaround J over 2 defenders while two cutters to the basket are WIDE OPEN. Kobe's greatest attribute is perhaps his ego, it's also his greatest defect."

~~That is a fair comment. in the other thread. Welcome to the blog and keep on posting. Tell it like it is based on your own experience not based on the usual fancy.

Jefe - great you got me funkin

LEWSTRS - "Thankfully I was saved by a couple of Qualudes."

Ahhh, weren't those the days. Good times, good times.

jefe101 - good stuff, you, too, Lew. Always a pleasure y'all.

Swept under all the euphoria was how we shut down Kevin Love...

0 points and 7 rebounds...PJ definitely covered this in practice...LO shut him down since he got embarrassed the last time they played...Not good to show up the Candy Man....

Just came here to check if everything is "funkyfied"

It is. Good.

Carry on:

@LRob - The Spartys pull it out and win by 1...Congrats...Mich St. with only one loss...

Hope you don't mind I jumped on the Spartan Green bandwagon...They are my pick for this year since USC is out for a couple of years...

What do you feel about the whole Cam Newton drama...

I feel if they let him slide, they should return Reggie Bush's Heisman...

Magic Phil - thanks to you and jefe...I AM getting 'funkyfied'...

I'll keep it flowing:

Da man looks like he is dancing on ice....

Mr. Magic Phil, goin' with the funk. I will now go a little further into that past for our next selection:

Horns and the blues.

In honor of Barnes for last night's performance, let's keep groovin, this time is high style:

@63 Footer - Congrats again on the RCOTD. It's well deserved
@JAMF I hope you understand. It's nothing personal. Again if there are any ASG events open to the general public, I'll definitely share on the blog
There's going to be one more post today that I'm sure you guys will enjoy. The Lakers have the day off today. So this being the weekend, I'll take off as well. Next post should be up fairly soon

Magic Phil this is dedicated for of my favorite current bassist...and he is a HUGE Laker Fan....I think this is one of his best songs...

What is your opinion of this bass player...

Phil, Phil, Phil (he says, shaking his head), that was funktastic! That's a great line-up. My soul is still thumpin' along with that bass. I'm off ta groove, baaahby! (I still, secretly, think keyboard players should play frickin' keyboards that sit on the ground... otherwise, become a guitar player. :) )

MM - thanks again for the Friedman. I read without posting for a long time, and told myself I'd never post... but everyone's pretty great, so I took the plunge. Glad I did.

MM - thanks again for the Friedman. I read without posting for a long time, and told myself I'd never post... but everyone's pretty great, so I took the plunge. Glad I did. Posted by: 63 Footer | November 20, 2010 at 01:02 PM
And so is Laker nation 63 Footer!!!!!!

63 - can't speak for everyone like Mamba24 can, but I'm glad you did too.

There's going to be one more post today that I'm sure you guys will enjoy. The Lakers have the day off today. So this being the weekend, I'll take off as well. Next post should be up fairly soon Posted by: Mark Medina | November 20, 2010 at 12:57 PM
One more Post? That we will enjoy? Could it be, will it be..A profile of the FABULOUS JUSTANOTHER MAMBAFAN? OH SWEET JESUS, MAKE IT SO BLOG GOD!!!!

63 - can't speak for everyone like Mamba24 can,Posted by: justanothermambafan | November 20, 2010 at 01:09 PM
Yes I really must stop that! Thank you for calling it to my attention. Carry ON!

@63 Footer - Those 3 can I say. There's SO MUCH knowledge there...and they groove.

@LEW - Lew, my man...Flea is good, but needs to get out of diapers to be able to sit near Stanley, Jaco, Louis Johnson, Marcus Miller, Bootsy, JJ, Larry Graham, etc...but he has his value.

Here's a jaw-drop video that shows us what bass really is...

Larry - nope - meant that with all sincerity. You can always speak for Laker Nation! I guess I didn't phrase that right.

Another nope - it's not my profile that's going up, but not to worry. I'm almost done with the final draft, so it won't be long now!

MM - don't worry. I never really expected to be able to go anyways.

Overall Lakers' defense seemed stronger the last few games; and their offensive game is superior. With Bynum back, we will even be stronger at both ends of the court.

What the heck is Artest talking about? Playing football, boxing?? Not worrying about his offense? The guy can't seem to jump 6" anymore? He's old by pro sports standards. Even Lamar, is old friend, had to laugh out loud about Ron's football daydreams. Focus on basketball, Ron! How about averaging 12 points a game and 8 boards, and playing better defense. Numerous small forwards, like Beasley last night, seem to score their averages. Hope Ron's back gets better so he can play better.

Barnes and Artest together really improve our small forward options. Barnes was stunning last night. Bravo!!

Eagerly waiting for the game with Chicago next week.

Edwin Gueco,

you wrote: They are not really hating Kobe by commenting on some flaw even on a game where Lakers appeared to be dominant in the end. It is a free flow of opinions some people noticed things that are minutiae and others hate reading minutiae. In the end, it was our difference in thinking with indifferent attitudes in tolerating others that becomes the issue. It happens on Bynum talk, Walton's delight who are lightning rods but there are also defenders and crusaders who will defend them to the hilt as if they represent Vatican. If you look closer, it boils down on opinions, egos, convergence of thoughts, varied cultures and experiences meeting together in the horizon. Everybody has an opinion and a look at a glass of water and make a big deal of it.

my response: When you comment on a "perceived" flaw over the last 10 years
and the one with the "perceived" flaw has managed to play with Scrubs (Smush
& Kwame ), win 2 scoring titles, win an MVP & win 2 Finals MVP along with
5 championships, it's no longer just commenting on a flaw. In my opinion,
feel free to disagree with my opinion.

You seem to be making the argument that every one's opinion has equal
merit. I argue that the facts do not support that argument. Once again, that
is my opinion and you are welcome to disagree with it.

You seem to be of the philosophy that peace is more important than
righteousness. I argue that without righteousness there can be no true peace.
Once again, my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

Keen Observer,

you wrote: How many good teams have we beaten with him taking that many shots?
When we played the Celtics and he was struggling and he started moving the ball, did we not win?
We do have a very good team this year and he needs to learn to play within the offense. Jacking up shots just because you can is selfish and he better recognize that.

my response: This theory has been de-bunked multiple times. The short
version is:

There are a couple of reasons why Kobe shoots the ball as much as he does.
They have been discussed before. Let me know if you need a refresher. In
a perfect world, Kobe would never have an off night. In a different perfect
world, Kobe would always pass to a teammate when he was having an off
night and the teammate would always make the shot.

We don't live in a perfect world. When Kobe is not functioning as a *threat*
the other team plays better defense against all Lakers not named Kobe.
The other players not named Kobe, no longer have the space necessary to
function at the high level on offense that you are taking for granted. Therefore,
there offensive efficiency goes down.

ref: Lakers after Kobe came back from injury last year. Feb./March time
frame wasn't it. The Lakers w/o Kobe won 4/5 and everyone lamented that
the Lakers didn't look like this all the time. Then the typical "it's all Kobe's
fault" surfaced. Kobe came back and fed Pau continuously and the Lakers
lost. Why? Because everyone knew that Kobe wasn't a threat. Because
the other Lakers aren't as good as Kobe is. They don't work as hard as Kobe
does. They don't handle double-teams as well as Kobe does. They're not
capable of single-handedly beating a team as Kobe can.

Last year, when this ridiculous thread started I commented on the numerous
times that D-Fish was 1-7, LO was 2-9, the bench produced 10 pts. The
fact is that you like pretty basketball. The problem is that sometimes our
players play ugly basketball.

You will keep your opinion & there's nothing I can do about it. However, no
other *winning* current/former basketball person actually carps on this
topic. i.e. When is the last time you heard Jerry West say something about
this? What about MJ? What about Dr. J? What about Elgin Baylor? I
repeat, the *VAST* majority of scoring SGs/SFs don't have a problem with
what he's doing long term for a number of reasons.

1. His prodigious talent is undeniable.
2. His shooting percentage is reasonable.
3. Most important of all, the Lakers are winning. At a high rate. In fact,
they have been western conference champions 3 years in a row and are
looking for number 4. In fact, they've been to the NBA finals 3 years in
a row and are looking to win a 4th time.
4. He is one of less than 5 all-stars who are getting the nods on both sides of
the ball.

So. You can harp on his shooting selection all you want. It's a broken record
that is worth little notice in the light of the tremendous number of wins the
Lakers are racking up.

This is my little pearl of wisdom for you today: If it takes Kobe jacking up
25+ shots every now and again, so that he's in a great flow when the playoffs
start. Tell Kobe I said, "Shoot the damn ball". We won't win a championship
without him. We won't make the Finals without him.

Personal note: I have personally checked the box scores of a number of MJs
games and can tell you that there were a number of nights when his shooting
% was similar to Kobe's. If you weren't talking this crap about MJ when he
was winning his 6 championships then you shouldn't be talking about Kobe
when he's going for #6. It's a stupid *aesthetic* desire that means "jack"
in comparison to winning a NBA championship.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

We had 2 players on our team shooting perfect from the floor (Barnes and Fisher). They took 12 shots in total while Kobe shot 28. tell me how that is good for the team. After the game Fisher lamented why they got so few shots.
Kobe shooting 8-28 can never be good for the team especially if other members are making their shots. If he had shared the ball, this game would have been over before teh 9 minute mark of the 3rd quarter.

Yep, Gasol had a weak game. He got outplayed by Darko. It's gonna happen over a long season.

His first quarter was really where he struggled - he was 1-6 (as was Kobe) and Darko was very active and carried his team.

It should be noted that the Laker strategy was to stop Kevin Love and keep him off the boards, so Lamar was not coming off Love to help Gasol. Should Pau be able to play Darko 1 on 1? Yeah. But any NBA big can do SOME damage against single coverage, especially if he moves away from the ball like Darko did, getting some easy baskets on curls where his teammates found him. The jump hooks went in, but they were pretty ugly.

It was a combo of the Lakers not focusing on Darko, Pau losing him a few times too many, and Darko playing over his head.

Pau had an off game. And a double double. And the Lakers won. Next.

Fish is shooting 60% beyond the three point line this year.

And 0% inside the "charging" line.

Magic Phil - Stanley will always be #1 on my list...But who is your current favorite at the moment...By no way I was putting Flea on that list...just saying he is a favorite due to style, stage presence and he is a huge Laker fan to

So the question remains the same...what new blood bass player is on top of your list...(no including your HOF list...)


I would not disagree with what you said. Righting the ship to its path is the correct course to reach a destination. Perhaps, the search for righteousness and truths are hard to discern and everyone has its own interpretation.

Bill Simmons had some neat commentary in the link provided above by MM.

"When you watch Miami, it's like watching a White Stripes concert -- tons of talent, great music, but still just a little bit gimmicky because it's only two people. The Celtics and Lakers are trotting out full bands. You might hear a lead guitar one song, a sax player the next, an acoustic song, a hard rock song, a blues song … you just don't know. They can go big, they can go small, they can play fast, they can play slow. They have an answer for everything. Miami does not.

Wade and his sidekick LeBron were right about one thing: By joining forces, they did affect the Finals. They just won't be playing in it. Not this year, anyway.

Reason No. 14,736 I love the NBA: The rubber match. June 2011. It's coming."

If you weren't talking this crap about MJ when he was winning his 6 championships then you shouldn't be talking about Kobe when he's going for #6. It's a stupid *aesthetic* desire that means "jack"in comparison to winning a NBA championship.Posted by: hobbitmage | November 20, 2010 at 01:22 PM
Yes I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!

I am getting sick and tired of Kobe's attitude. That is one reason we have not beaten any team of note this year.
Posted by: keen observer | November 20, 2010 at 05:47 AM

The Saint has definitely got attitude KO,
but that’s not the reason the Lakers haven’t beaten anyone of note this year.
It’s actually real simple. You haven’t played anybody who is ‘anyone’ yet.
You started out with cushy home games, and 12 games into the season,
still haven’t played an above average team.
Oh pardon me, the Warriors are 7 and 5. I stand corrected.

I don’t think Sir David wanted the Hollywood Troupe getting beat up
so early in the season.
I mean, even I knew that Andrew would be on the bench
when the season started, and that was clear back when
they must have been formulating the schedule!
(I do believe I mentioned as much right here)

Interestingly, the Celtics are 9 and 3 and have already played the Heat twice, Oklahoma twice, Dallas, and Chicago!
Don’t worry KO. As the season heats up (get it..Heats up?)
your comment about Kobe’s attitude may become prophetic after all,
especially when injuries send Pau and/or Lamar to the bench (we already know that Andrew will end up back there).

I keep hearing all this talk about a legendary group in the making.
Be careful. I don't want anyone here getting hurt.
What you have is more likely a bunch of purple and fools gold;
Legends of the Fall.

Hey, great title for a book or movie. Think I’ll submit it.

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go Boise State (clearly the best in the country, but will get screwed by the BCS because they aren't from the glitzy, glamorous, media favored hood)
Go Manny, go! (Show some nads Floyd)


Jordan shot 50% through out his career. He did not take that many bad shots. So lets stop the Jordan comparison. Kobe is no MJ.

@63 Footer – Thanks for sharing that Mother’s Finest clip. Joyce voice is so raw and powerful and the band was good. They’re a good example of how the categorization of music can hurt some artist. Generally speaking they didn’t get the love they deserved from rock or R&B fans.

@Corner J – thanks for the clarification. I’m all for giving a hard foul as long as its not dirty ala Kevin McHale or the Bad Boy Pistons. When the Lakers played Denver in 2008 I just wanted them to survive without Kmart hurting somebody. Kenyon toned it some in the 2009 playoffs. James Posey is another that’s notorious for dirty fouls like hitting after the whistle. Hmmm…there’s a little common denominator with them.

@Lew – nice potpourri of songs. Especially like you old school Carole King & Antebellum picks. Yeah, Spartans had me sweating today down 15 in 4th quarter. What a comeback. Still alive for a share of the Big Ten title. I haven’t followed Cam’s situation enough to give an educated comment. Cool Chili Peppers video. Yep, Flea’s got skills.

Justa - Collective Soul with full orchestra...that was nice.
Jefe–DJ saved my pulled that one out of nowhere.
63 Footer – Blues and Horns...yes sir!
MagicPhil – Tower of Power Horn section was awesome. Stanley, George and Herbie…smooth and funky
Edwin - There's gonna be a rumble

@ LRob - just riffing off of 63 Footer's "I Am A DJ" / Bowie selection!

just a comment on Phil asking Pau to be more aggressive. Last night against Darko & co, Pau could have taken some 6 or 7 foot open shots. Rather he tried to get to the rim and got blocked. Sure Phil hates his 'weenie shots' but maybe save the banging for the defensive end?

What a great weapon the Lakers have, make Artest drive the rim and bang into the defense a half dozen times in the 3rd qtr to soften them up (like a fullback can) then let the quicker guards drive the rim later on. Take the starch out of their interior defense. I love to see Artest play in the paint, that's a baller that knows how to create some space. Wait did Barnes steal minutes from Artest last night?

I didn't sense that LO shut down KLove, but KLove sure did get boxed out a lot. Darko can be a force to be reckoned with, what took him so long to get it?

I am erally loving Artest at the 4, Barnes at the 3, and any guards...must be intimidating for the opposing team's second string.

Is it ibvious now that we need Bynum back? He is much stronger than Pau.

So lets stop the Jordan comparison. Kobe is no MJ. Posted by: keen observer | November 20, 2010 at 02:22 PM Posted by: keen observer | November 20, 2010 at 02:22 PM
You're right let's stop the comparisons. Kobe is no MJ! He's better than that bald headed egotistical freak could ever hope to be. When MJ scores more than an entire team or scores 81 points get back to me. Oh sorry that's right the bald headed, egotistical freak is no longer playing. And before you ask have I ever seen MJ play, yes living in Chicago I've seen evey damn game MJ played as a BULL and before Scottie Pippen came along MJ was nothing but another Princess Jimmy. Carry On!

I think Kobe sometimes treats the games against inferior teams like shooting practice. His 27 shots and only 2 assists last night tells me that. Still Kobe is getting himself back into shape.

Mamba24 with the verve! Let's face it, there will always be Jordan worshipers and even Lakers fans who are overly objective who refuse to see that these 2 guys are basically the same player. Yes, there are some differences. Jordan had those mitts and he was physically stronger. His shooting percentage was higher, but he didn't have Kobe's range. Blah, blah, blah. The reality is that neither one of these guys has a weakness in their game, they're both killers and they're both winners. Both of them continued to improve in some manner as their careers progressed. So when you talk about the great floor players in NBA history, there's Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Bird, West, Roberston, Baylor, Erving and maybe Havlicek. As for LeBron and Wade, we shall see. But when you look at the aforementioned list, the two players with the most similarities are Kobe and Jordan and everyone seems to rank Jordan as the best ever. I guess that puts the Black Mamba right next to him then, doesn't it? In 5 years, the term Jordanesque will be obsolete because people will talk about future players as Mamba-esqe or Kobe-esque. People need to quit being so stubborn on this issue. By resisting the greatness of Kobe Bryant, they are missing out.

I agree with Pau. There are enough tattooed gangsta types in this league.
What I find hilarious about tattoos is they are permanent, but they are just a fashion fad (that is already fading). When people get too many tattoos, it ensures that they look ridiculous and out-of-touch as they get older and trends change.
It's a total lack of self-awareness. (Sorry, Kobe. I at least find your tattoos to be generally tasteful, sort of.)
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

@KobeMVP88, Thanks! I'm not completely blind! Yes I do admit that as of now, either MJ or Magic is possibly the GOAT, I just have this personal thing against MJ for dissing my dad on an autograph. But be that as it may, I predict very soon Kobe Bean Bryant will indead be the GOAT. As for your post, do I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!

Kevin Love did not show up last night, guess he doesn't want that Rookie of the Year or Most Improved player award....

Good read....he had better pick it up.


If Kobe had played with Scottie, he would have ignored him while jacking up 30 shots a game.

Jordan and Kobe the same? You must be kidding. kobe could have been greater than Jordan had he learned to trust his team mates a little bit more. You can't jack up 28 shots and make 8 while 2 players on your team are 12-12. Any player who does that is beyond selfish. Period!!

Taino, Bynum still cannot defend the pick and roll. His impact so far would have been more to give Gasol a breather than anything he can do on the defensive end.

If Kobe had played with Scottie, he would have ignored him while jacking up 30 shots a game. Posted by: keen observer | November 20, 2010 at 03:57 PM
As well he should sir! For who ever listened to no tippin pippen?

KobeMVP888: "Let's face it, there will always be Jordan worshipers and even Lakers fans who are overly objective who refuse to see that these 2 guys are basically the same player. Yes, there are some differences. Jordan had those mitts and he was physically stronger. His shooting percentage was higher, but he didn't have Kobe's range.
. . .
When you look at the aforementioned list, the two players with the most similarities are Kobe and Jordan and everyone seems to rank Jordan as the best ever. I guess that puts the Black Mamba right next to him then, doesn't it? In 5 years, the term Jordanesque will be obsolete because people will talk about future players as Mamba-esqe or Kobe-esque. People need to quit being so stubborn on this issue. By resisting the greatness of Kobe Bryant, they are missing out."

- - -

Very well said. Anyone that argues up MJ, while undercutting Kobe are basically exposing themselves as a 'hata'. Even the most ardent, blindly-loyal, dismissive MJ fan worth his salt has got to admit that Kobe is really very good. To love MJ while hating Kobe just cannot be done without prejudice. They simply are too similar in their games.

I really find the people around that write 'MJ rules - Kobe sucks, he can never be MJ' blahblahblah amusing and annoying.

In reality, those that like MJ should really love Kobe because in many way's he's done Michael one better in certain aspects. He has a better J, a wider range, arguably a better handle. The other day I saw NBA TV show a top-5 post players, Kobe 3. Post-play was supposedly Michael's bread and butter, but there is Kobe listed amongst (and ahead) of most centers as top-3 in the post.

It's just become so easy to see those that really know and enjoy the game, and those that simply hate on Kobe (most likely because their teams have been repeatedly beaten-down by him...)

Great observations, as usual, KobeMVP888!!!


Kobe the greatest player of all time.Keen observer stop hating man just watch and enjoy the game.Lakers all the way to threepeat baby...

It's just become so easy to see those that really know and enjoy the game, and those that simply hate on Kobe (most likely because their teams have been repeatedly beaten-down by him...) Great observations, as usual, KobeMVP888!!! GO LAKERS!!!!! Posted by: CyberCosmiX | November 20, 2010 at 04:13 PM

Kobe the greatest player of all time.Keen observer stop hating man just watch and enjoy the game.Lakers all the way to threepeat baby...Posted by: Adrian Palomar | November 20, 2010 at 04:16 PM
PREACH ADRIAN, PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I for one have issues with Kobe's episodes of "jack-a-rama." He is surrounded by vets who can shoot the ball; he needs to begin taking advantage of the double teams and pass the ball more often, utilizing the triangle that will find the open man while running out the clock and causing their opponents to expend energy on defense.
For those of you who say he needs to "feel out his splint," I argue that's what practice and scrimmages are for. When you wind up shooting 16%, a lot of shots were lost by not getting your teammates a little more involved and that's more valuable than practice, but it's a process and obviously, we are still in the very early stage of the season.

Repost from Earlier:
Pau is simply wearing down at the 5. We've got to get someone in there ASAP so we can go back to the normal rotation allowing Pau to go back to the 4 and LO coming off the bench. Then you have to be able to bring Caracter off the bench to cover the 5; we won't blow out teams but we won't necessarily lose that many more either. We've got a killer bench and aill it means is that they'll have to come in a litte sooner which is why you would want LO as part of that 2nd unit. Pau needed locker room action for his ankle and he allowed Darko to look like an All Star tonight. Enough talk about MVP and trying to make him a tougher player because he isn't. It doesn't mean he's a scrub - goodness knows that couldn't be farther from the truth. He's being pushed outside of his comfort zone and in doing so, he just might go down with an injury and then we're
_ _ _ _ed! Bynum won't be back until next year so until then, PJ has to adjust this team accordingly. I'm sure they're working on it but it has to happen sooner rather than later.

Posted by: frmkt | November 20, 2010 at 12:38 AM

frmkt - agreed with all of it.

Caracter's definitely a rook, but he's getting a little more comfortable, definitely likes to rebound, is starting to rush less on his shots (great footwork, not always with the finish; which is changing), and only got completely lost on D once. So, little minutes here and there are going to add up right now.

Also, because we have some new vets who actually know how to play, the whole team is enjoying being an offensive juggernaut. Sure, they'll slowly have to tighten up their D over the course of the year, and slow the O down, but it's a great way to gain team familiarity and trust when they have this kind of fun on offense. The more Kobe trusts, the better it is when post season hits.

Posted by: 63 Footer | November 20, 2010 at 12:45 AM

darn it: 29%... I gotta stop drinking!! Well, that might be a little too harsh.

Kobe vs Michael GOAT.....i'm not sure if the two mentioned are'nt more like 3 or 4, Kobe is so equal right not to mike if his career ended today ...he's separating from Mike now with every season, every game...Nike just did it...ya know

It's hard not to argue russells rings, and wilt was better than him....

If kobe hits 7 or 8 rings, he is the best ever no arguement...I say you can't argue where someone is until they retire...Kobe should end up with the all time points lead and ...2 or three more titles with this group...all said and done, when it's over....Kobe is the greatest of all time.....

Bottoms UP! Ahhhhhh

I'm the biggest Kobe Fan around, and though I don't like to see him jacking up shots like he did last night, because his shot wasn't falling and he put up a bunch of attempts in the 4th quarter, (hobbitmage I hear what your screaming and your right about the side effects of Kobe shooting) But he looked tired during the 4th quarter.
Did his shooting affect the results of the game? Absolutely not. It was a blow out and it continued to be a blow out. What I do know and what so many others have tried to express is when its winning time, Kobe shows himself strong. He'll be there making the winning shot or making the right pass or getting several crucial rebounds to secure the win. Is Kobe perfect, absolutely not! Is he one of the greatest of all time, absolutely.

What I like about him most is he's not afraid to fail and he'll keep working at it until he has perfected it. During the regular season, there's always the next game. The Minnesota Timberwolves were just target practice so Keen Observer get over it.


Oh so Pau and Lamar are gonna be on the bench huh? The Lakers haven't played anybody of note, but the Celtics have and the Heat are gonna heat up. hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Wow! talk about be a hater and practicing wishful thinking.

The Lakers will be fine, and come back when they beat those teams you think they can't beat, the Celtics, Heat, Spurs, New Orleans, Magic, Bulls, Utah. When they beat the Bulls and Utah in Utah I want hear what you have to say.

Sorry to burst your sour grapes but the Lakers will be champions again and the Saint will be MVP of the finals.

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Good read....he had better pick it up.

Posted by: jung | November 20, 2010 at 03:45 PM

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Posted by: staceymarcus | November 20, 2010 at 09:24 PM

- Who let these people past the velvet rope? Who are these wierdos? Sweet Jesus, someone get security!



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