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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 108-103 victory over Toronto Raptors


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan documents the Lakers' struggles on the boards in their 108-103 victory Friday over the Toronto Raptors.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr noticed the Lakers initially lacked effort.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen explains how the Lakers managed to win despite getting outrebounded.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford highlights the Lakers' inconsistency.

--The Toronto Star's Frank Zicarelli examines the Raptors' mental toughness.


--The Times' Bresnahan reports former Lakers center and special assistant coach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar likes the Lakers' chances in three-peating.

--The Orange County Register's Carr highlights Matt Barnes' progression.'s Bryan Chu focuses on the Lakers' inconsistency.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Lassen details Luke Walton's return to the lineup.

--Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus breaks down a few nuggets from the Lakers-Raptors game.

--The Daily News' Teaford details the heavy load Lakers forward Pau Gasol has had to carry during the first part of the regular season.

Sidebars's Steve Aschburner ranks Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on the top of the league MVP list.

--Bloomberg Businessweek Ira Boudway breaks down where the money for a Lakers-Heat ticket is distributed.

--The Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk points to the Raptors' 21 turnovers as making a difference.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin presents some interesting nuggets from the game.

--Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears highlights Gasol's heavy minutes.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz breaks down the Lakers' offense.


--Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine showcases some interesting details surrounding Bryant's Call of Duty commercial

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' win, while ESPN Los Angeles Brian Kamenetzky shares post-game video.'s Mike Trudell provides a running diary of the game.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore argues the Lakers appeared disinterested in the game.

--Lakers Nation's Ramneet Singh breaks down each quarter.

Tweet of the Day: "If you saw bad Laker defense tonight, so did Phil J: "We have to get that in order. We’ve been giving up 100 points almost all the time.”" -- Mike_Bresnahan (L.A. Times Lakers beat reporter Mike Bresnahan)

Reader Comment of the Day:"This game was a defensive flop. Most disappointing was the ease with which the Raptors penetrated the paint. The starters have not yet demonstrated they can defend the paint well enough to handle either the Heat or Celtics without Bynum!" -- ross

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers starters Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher congratulate reserve guards Steve Blake (5) and Shannon Brown (12) in the closing moments of a 108-103 victory over the Toronto Raptors at Staples Center on Friday night. Credit: Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times

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ross - congrats on RCOTD!

Gooooood Morning Lakerland!

So the Lakers haven't turned the screws on defense just yet? I can understand that. The season is LONG, and if they are pacing themselves, I get it. Gasol and Lamar logging heavy minutes, the team managing Kobes' minutes, and incorporating Blake and Barnes into our scheme.

I'm with Edwin. Let's just enjoy the games and not read too much into each development. We knew coming into the season that we were short on big men. Ratliff logging 4 minutes isn't going to help Lamar and Gasol stay fresh. Can you imagine either of them getting hurt right now? Think about it. If Lamar or Gasol pull a hammy the rotation gets a little nuts.

So I'm with the idea of pacing themselves and not pushing it. I recall the fast start the Celts had in 2009. The first half of the season they scorched the league. When the injury bug bit, they were toast. WE don't want that. We want a healthy Gasol, a healthy Kobe and a healthy Lamar.

If this means our defense isn't the juggernaut it could be in the first half, I can live with it. I think we all know that they have all year to develop the perfect defense for the playoffs.

Heck, when Bynum can play, if he can manage even 20 minutes, our rotation becomes a monster. I really like the addition of Barnes and Blake. When Bynum returns, what weakness will we have? NONE! Complacency, boredom, overconfidence. There are much worse problems.

@ross - Good observation on your RCOTD about slowing the Heat. But Miami's task of defending LA in the post will be even more daunting.

Good article by Mike Bres on Kareem's thoughts on the Heat. You tell em Capt...

"Miami doesn't have a team yet. They're still trying to find their identity. They've got a long way to go before they establish themselves."

Happy Birthday! Lamar Odom. Thanks for a great start.

Here's a tune for Saturday morning..

Posted by: Noah | November 06, 2010 at 07:36 AM
@Noah - Good tune for a Saturday morn. Always good to hear JT's soothing voice "Another Day"...

Why Pau Gasol still playing a lot at this moment???? 44 min. is crazy in this season moment.

What you think guys about the number of Lakers bigs? Take that numbers:

Boston Celtics Bigs: KG, Perckins, Shaq, Jermaine O´neil and big baby
Lakers: Pau, Ratliff, Bynum (if healthy) I don´t count Odom b/c he is not a legitimate big in comparation with the Celtics bigs. He cant guard any celtics bigs. I think we have the same problem last year (Rasheed, KG, Perckins and big baby vs. Pau) Without doubt, Perckins injury in game 7 bring the ring to L.A. For that I think Pau is playing a lot. My suspect is Bynum could loss another season b/c he cant play the same playing time that Pau.

Conclusion: Lakers has only 1 big vs. 5 celtics bigs.

What you think about???

44 min. of Playing time for Pau???? oh ohhh

Wow, so you think the Lakers have a problem....really. NO problems at all they're the best team in the associate hands down, the D will be there when they need it.

Luke's the man, taking minutes from Ebanks, Thriller on the bench looking confused. What a waste, maybe the plan is to get Luke up to par and trade him with the machine as a pack. There's a stupid GM somewhere, you think.

Ricky, Ricky - No worries. It's all about quality not quantity. We have (quality) Gasol, Bynum and Odom. They have (quantity) KG, Perkins, Shaq, Jermaine and Big Baby. Only two can play a a time. And if the Lakers have to throw Theo out there for 3-4 minutes they'll survive it.

Phil want's Pau to be the MAN, at the rate he's going in minutes . Were talking completely beat down by allstar break. The man is buildt like a pencil, no muscle anywhere.

ross - with the RF Award! Congrats - good points.

It was what it was, and hopefully they'll get chewed out and do something about it. Pau was looking tired, and NO ONE was communicating. Also, in the first there were a lot of "happy hands" and lane jumping for tips and steals, and I think the Lakers got complacent because of that. I'll be curious about Portland, as they can REALLY drive to the rim if they want to.

My Saturday song is dedicated to my childhood, kids shows and punk:

LRob- If Pau goes down, and WHAT?

I love Magic (the "cute" Beatle), but bless Kareem (the "quiet" Beatle) for backing the Lakers on the 3-peat and not going overboard on the Heat. (I guess that makes Jerry the "logo" Beatle and Luke the "luckiest Beatle of all for getting such a great contract").

As for Pau's minutes - first off youngsters... I used to have to walk to school in the snow UPHILL both ways, so don't tell me about minutes. Back in the day (Jerry, Wilt, etc.), they'd frickin' AVERAGE 40+ minutes a game. Wilt did 48.5 minutes per game one year. Stop yer yabbering.

Besides, Pau came in out-of-running-shape, and because of Drew's outage, he's going to work bigger minutes and his wind and legs will ramp up accordingly. When Drew comes back and get acclimated, Pau will be able to drop his minutes for the second half of the season (knock on wood), and he'll be fresh for the post-season.


lol... Fabulous children's programming...
young man on Ritalin braying into a banana..


Another tune I hadn't heard.. thanks.
Did you say awhile back that you were new to Neko? If so, she'll be on this evening's Prairie Home Companion..

Noah - back in the day we didn't have no fancy-shmancy Ritalin; we had to make do with Corn Flakes with TONS of sugar on top (oh, and speed, had to have the speed).

I don't think I said I was new to Neko (but... well, there are NO brain cells left by now), but I'll have to catch PHC. Thanks.

Noah - oops, intercepted a pass meant for LRob (still focusing my eyes), but good to hear about PHC anyway. (Oh, by the way, I may have intercepted LRob's pass, but I hit the shot, so it's all good.)

63 was kind of a hail mary, so --nice catch..

Here's my related "cornflakes w/ sugar" anthem..

Noah - you NEVER saw Cream whine about too much playing time. (Great version of the song by the way.) Love all those players: epic. The ultimate Big Three (gee, you think we've used THAT one too much?).

This was how they were going to do arrange it, then went to the version you came up with:

Ich leibe Ruths Stimme!

Wow! Chili con Cello! und cigarello..

ross: a well stated Friedman award.

- - -

Ricky: How are things in Espana my friend? Seems like you're english is improving.

I think you understate the Lakers size vs the Celtics. 1-vs-5? It is safe to say that Bynum, Pau and Ratliff all are big bodies, L.O. too. Assuming Caracter is deactivated, that makes 4 bigs.

LRob has it right, the Celtics might have quantity (Ainge knew what they needed to do in the offseason to contend with the Lakers - get bigger) the Lakers have quality. In the NBA, it is quality that wins titles.

- - -

63 Footer: I too love how Kareem kept it real, he knows just how much work and how good a team must be to win a title, and it should be comforting to Laker fans to see Cap doesn't see them having a title-winning mix.

But I just wonder who Ringo would be?


My god, they are actually looking at real production, and not stats at, linked by MM above:

3 Lakers in the top-10 in the MVP race:

1) Kobe
8) Pau
10) L.O.

not a South Beacher on the list! Good to know that at least Steve Aschburner hasn't fallen victim to the BSPN hype machine!


Hey Cyber, well in "España" we have a lot or problems (job, economy, inmigration......) but I think my country is a nice country. Can you visit us some day man?????????

Dont underestimate the Celtics Bigs quality. KG is a amazing player (the Pau´s dark side), Shaq is "Diesel", J.O. is a beast, Big Baby is a great player too and obviously, Perckins is tough, really tough. I think Celtics has great quality and quantity. We have the same problem last year. Celtics are more depth this department, but you can said that last year, Lakers win and this is O.K., but Pau playing a lot of minutes right now cant be the best laker scenario.

Saludos desde Barcelona. We have a great wealth yet and we can go to the Beach.

Not hitting the panick button by any means, but could the Lakers sighn Rasheed later in the year if they needed him? Wouldn't that be something. He would finally get a ring against the Celts of all teams.....the team that couldn't deliver one for him. Just wondering.

Epi: Hola mi amigo! Your english is very good. My grandfather was born in Malaga (and my grandmother is from the Canary Islands) so I have some Spanish blood in me :) I have never been to Spain yet but I definitely plan to make it there one day. My mom says it is a beautiful country, similar in climate to California.

I really love your description of KG as being 'Pau's Dark Side,' that is great. Can we also say 'Pau with less skill'? lol

This year they have some more depth in the frontcourt, so it would be interesting because the Lakers wouldn't have as much of an advantage as they did this last Finals, however Pierce/KG/Allen and Shaq are all a year older. I just think that Pau, Bynum and Lamar are better than their collection of bigs. We all saw that KG was dominated by Pau, and when Drew played center, even with a bad knee, the Celtics were really having trouble scoring/rebounding.

Pau's minutes are a concern, I would like to see Phil ease back on playing him so much. However, since he really hasn't shown to be injury-prone I think it's not too bad. The Lakers really need Bynum back so that the frontcourt minutes could be more evenly distributed, and Phil should let Ratliff see a few more minutes so that Pau could rest more.

Hope you become a regular on the blog Epi!


To CybercosmiX

Canary Islands is amazing place. I love Lanzarote, really... really a beautiful Island, Tenerife too, but for my, Lanzarote is the best Canary Island. You can see the sea in every corner. The food is very special ("papas arrugas" or "old potatoes", mojo picón - a sauce -) and obviously, beautiful beaches (Famara, Playa Blanca, Caletón Blanco, El Golfo) I have spend 7 summers of my life in this Island and believe me, I think is like Hawaii Islands, but more quiet (sorry, I never been in Hawaii)

Catalonia (1 Spain Comunidad Autónoma- State -) is similar to California. The rest of Spain is more like Texas and some places (Castilla, Extremadura...) like Arizona.

You should visit Spain but if you lives in California not forget that this State was the "NUEVA ESPAÑA" 4 centuries ago.

Thanks for your comments about my english. No, I think my english is worse than my countryman Ricky´s English. Ricky lives in Castelldefels (a beautiful village near to Barcelona and I live in Badalona, a litle village near Barcelona, too.)

Mark, please look up the difference between "disinterested" and "uninterested." Thank you. :)

weee. nice post.. Go Lakers!!

I still remember Ricky saying lakers couldnt win last championship cause Pau had to fight vs 4 players more physical than him hehe. Was funny to see how he didnt say a word after that.. :).



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